CEU Exam 12: "The Abdominal Brain
and Enteric Nervous System"

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1.  Historically, the concept of an autonomous abdominal nervous system was advocated by ____________.
  Byron Robinson
  Johannis Langley
  Edgar Cayce
  All of the above

2.  The enteric nervous system (ENS) is an active area of medical research with over ________ articles citing this system on Medline.

3.  Although abdominal epilepsy may be similar to those of the irritable bowel syndrome, it may be distinguished from the latter condition by  the  presence  of ________________.
  altered consciousness during some of the attacks
  a tendency toward tiredness after an attack
  an abnormal EEG
  all of the above

4.  Edgar Cayce stated that almost universally, the cause of migraine could be traced to the ______________.
  circulatory system
  digestive system
  urinary system
  immune system

5.  Edgar Cayce's therapeutic recommendations for neurological conditions with abdominal etiology often included  ________________.
  cranial/sacral therapy
  diet and nutrition
  violet ray electrotherapy

6.  Children with chronic entercolitis and regressive developmental disorder were studied by ________________.
  Monro et al. (1984)
  Hughes et al. (1985)
  Wood (1995)
  Wakefield et al. (1998)

7.  Traditional osteopathic physicians believed that they could influence visceral functioning by manual manipulation of the pneumogastric (vagus) nerve.

8.  Secretin is a natural substance produced in the ________________ by all mammals.
  intestinal tract
  reproductive system

9.  In Byron Robinson's book on the abdominal brain, the "enteric nervous system" is mentioned in almost every chapter.

10.  Based on this article, the abdominal forms of neurological syndromes such as migraine and epilepsy may be more common than is generally conceived.

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