CEU Exam 16: "Manual Healing Diversity and Other Challenges to Chiropractic Integration"
2 A.R.E. CEUs

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1.  The minority of osteopaths who practice OMT utilize a broad spectrum of techniques including _______________.
  inhibitive pressure
  soft tissue manipulation
  cranial/sacral treatment
  all of the above

2.  The Balon et al study on childhood asthma was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

3.  Defining chiropractic strictly in terms of the HVLA adjustment fails to accurately describe the practice of contemporary chiropractic.

4.  Which of the following was NOT included in the simulated treatment used in the Balon et al study:
  soft-tissue massage
  direct inhibition to the thoracic vertebrae
  a non-directional push to the gluteal area
  head rotation slightly to each side

5.  The sham treatment in the Balon et al study closely resembled a traditional general osteopathic treatment.

6.  The origins of both chiropractic and osteopathy can be traced to specific cases involving lower back pain.

7.  Nansel and Szlazak reframe the apparent influence of manual therapy on visceral disease as a misunderstanding resulting from ___________________.
  somatovisceral reflex
  viscerosomatic reflex
  organic disease

8.  Sato's basic scientific research appears to support the concept of somatovisceral reflex.

9.  Lawrence suggests that the rural setting is an ideal environment for ______________.
  animal research on somatic dysfunction
  interdisciplinary teams
  chiropractic primary care physicians
  all of the above

10.  To achieve integration into the emerging health care system chiropractic must ____________.
  participate in interdisciplinary teams
  come to terms with manual therapy diversity
  improve research design
  all of the above

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