The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Cane Sugar
Botanical Name: Saccharum

Common Names and Synonyms: Sugar

Background: Cane sugar comes from a coarse growing plant which is a member of the grass family.  Stalks can grow from four to twelve feet high and up to two inches thick. Each  above-ground stalk has nodes, or joints every four to ten inches apart at which a leaf and leaf base or sheaf appears.   At these nodes, the sheaf encircles the entire stem.  The sheaf grows upward to surround the next higher node.  A long slender leaf blade and a bud, also appear at each node. The mature cane is harvested, washed, cut into small pieces, and milled or crushed.  Water is added to the plant sap, or juice.  The solution is boiled and the clear juice is drawn off from the top, to then go through an evaporation process.  Further filtering of the residue of brown, or raw sugar takes place, which prepares it for final filtering, or decolorizing.  The final refining process produces white crystallized sweet granules.
Cane Sugar in the Cayce Readings

  • Warnings were often given not to use too much cane sugar. Cayce often suggested honey as a sweetener. For those patients already too acid, a warning was given to use beet sugar, saccharine or honey. Sometimes sugar was eliminated from the diet entirely.  In the tonics, depending upon how much or how little fermentation was needed in the body, the basis, or carrier for the herbs into the system, was often cane sugar dissolved in warm water. Frequently sage, ambergris and gin tonics were prepared in a cane sugar base.
  • Rock Candy is produced by heating water and sugar to a high temperature, which causes the granules to re-form into larger, more pure, crystalline structures. Rock candy was given with pure apple brandy to aid digestion and help clarify the lungs.  A teaspoon or so of horehound and rock candy made into a syrup was another tonic.  This was to aid the lungs and respiration and act as an expectorant. Rock candy and Rye whiskey was also recommended for heavy breathing. Diet was especially stressed, starchy foods were to be avoided.
  • Simple syrup is made by using  a two to one ratio of sugar to water. The mixture is heated until the sugar crystals are dissolved.   Once cooled, the mixture is now a simple syrup. Compound Simple Syrup is the same as Simple Syrup with a two to one ration of sugar to water with the addition of enough alcohol to preserve it.
Cayce Quotes on Cane Sugar

    Naturally, there should be sweets that tend to make for the proper distribution of sugar for the system, for sugars - to be sure - supply not only heat but also the proper balance for proper fermentation, as do starches; but if these arise more from fruits and vegetables rather than the addition of cane sugar into the body, it will be much the better, for then less acidity arises from same.

(Q)  How much sugar daily should the body have?
(A)  Very little sugar.  Let that be beet sugar rather than cane sugar.  Three to four ounces a day is ABUNDANCE.

(Q)  Is raw sugar in small quantities as well as honey for this body?
(A)  No.  Honey is more preferable.  Beet sugar is not so harmful as the refined cane sugar.  Should there be the desire for the sugar, use the BROWN or maple sugars - in small quantities, to be sure.

    Keep the proper balance, keeping from the system any sugar other than that which may be assimilated - or any CANE sugar; and this will make for better assimilation through the glandular forces.  Remember, everything assimilated in a developing body is produced BY the glands.  And this ASSIMILATES same from the foods that are given.

    When we are treating the body in this way by vibration or relaxation through the massage or osteopathic treatment, we would give into the system those properties as we find in this:

                 Yellow Root....................1 ounce,
                  Burdock Root.................1 ounce,
                  Snake Root.....................1 ounce.

    All put together in one quart of water and allowed to reduce to one pint by simmering, not boiling, over the fire.  Strain and add four ounces of cane sugar, or three grains of saccharine.  This in turn is added to one and one half ounces of cordial.  We would have the same effect if put in Wine of Cardui, which is practically the same.  Use these in this way and with this treatment, and the body of Mrs. [207] will be brought to a normal condition by relieving the strain of the muscles of the pelvic organs, caused by childbirth.  By doing these things the body will come to a normal condition.
    In the expectorant as will be used, prepare as in this manner:  First take one ounce of wild cherry bark, add to four ounces of distilled water.  Reduce by slow simmering to one-half the quantity - two liquid ounces.  Set this aside to cool.  Then take horehound one ounce, to four ounces of distilled water.  Reduce THIS by slow boiling to one-half the quantity.  Then dissolve one-half ounce of crystal rock candy, or make into a syrup - not simple syrup, but that that has been crystallized in the purest of rock candy, CUTTING same - in the dissolving in water - with that of one-half ounce of eighty-five percent alcohol.  Add THIS to that of the horehound solution.  Add then to that of the wild cherry solution, this:

                  Oil of Sassafras.....................20 minims,
                  Tincture of Stillingia...............1/4 ounce,
                  Syrup of, or
                  Essence of Wild Ginseng............20 minims.

    Then pour the two solutions together.  The dose as an expectorant will be half a teaspoonful at a time.  This may be taken whenever there is the cough, or the TENDENCY to cough, see?
    We find that a helpful tonic, of course, at times for the heavy breathing, would be Rock Candy and Rye.  This, of course, not too much, but for the strengthening and for the activities.  Or, more preferably still, use the Rock Candy or the Honey in Pure Apple Brandy.  The proportions would be two ounces of the Strained Honey, heated, before it is put in a pint of the Pure Apple Brandy.  This would be shaken well, and the dose would be not more than a teaspoonful - two, three, four times a day.  This will allay the cough and be helpful for the digestion and the activities of the whole system.

    We would ALSO prepare as this, as an expectorant and as an active force in the system, that will give appetite, will give stimulation to the blood supply, will give those proper activities in the system:
    Take 4 ounces Wild Cherry Bark, put this in 32 ounces of distilled water.  Reduce this to 1/2 the quantity.  To this we would add:

                  Syrup of Horehound................................1/2 ounce,
                  COMPOUND Syrup of Sarsaparilla........1/2 ounce.

    Cut 2 ounces of rock candy in 1/2 pint of Spirits Frumenti, until it is all dissolved, and add to the solution - see - 1/2 pint (4 ounces). The dose (and this should be shaken together before dose is taken) would be a full teaspoonful at least twice each day, in the morning and in the afternoon - NOT at mealtime.


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