Headache Research Report

Headache Research Report

David McMillin, MA
Meridian Institute
October, 2001


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Introduction [12.0KB]

I.  Classification Of Headaches (Past And Present) [34.3KB]
A. Modern Classification of Headache
B.  Historical Approaches to Headache Classification
1. Organic and Functional Distinction
2. Classification by Symptoms and Presentation
3. Classified by Etiology and Pathophysiology
a. bilious headache
b. gastric or dyspeptic headache
c. reproductive system headache
d. uremic headache
e. nervous headache
f. constipation headache
g. anemic headache
h. sinus headache
i. nerve reflex headache
j. eyestrain headache
k. uremic headache

II.  Edgar Cayces’ Perspective On Headaches [58.5KB]
A.  Causes of Headache
1.  Nerve  Reflexes
2.  Visceral Dysfunction
a. toxic bowel and autointoxication
b. torpid (Sluggish) liver
c. menstrual and pelvic dysfunction
d. gastric dysfunction
3.  Psychological Factors
B.  Headache Classifications
1.  Nervous Headache
2.  Migraine
a. toxic colon
b. liver/gall bladder
c. gastric dysfunction
d. glandular dysfunction
e. psychological factors
C.  Treatment of Headache
1. Manual Therapy
2. Medication
3. Diet
4. Hydrotherapy
5. Electrotherapy
6. Mental/Spiritual Healing

III.  Clinical Applications for Modern Practitioners [31.8KB]
A. Simple Protocol
1. Manual Therapy
2. Diet
3. Hydrotherapy
4. Attitudes and Emotions
B. Comprehensive Algorithm
1. Initial Assessment
2. Interpretation of Assessment Data
3. Development of Treatment Plan
4. Implementation of Treatment
5. Monitor Progress
6. Adjust Treatment Plan (as needed)
C.  Headache Algorithm Flowchart

Appendix A: References and Additional Resources [11.0 KB]
Appendix B: Headache Case Summaries from the Edgar Cayce Readings [1.74MB]
Appendix C: The Abdominal Brain and Enteric Nervous System [1.07MB]
Appendix D: An Integrative Model of Migraine Based on Intestinal Etiology [76.5KB]
Appendix E: Traditional Osteopathic Treatment of Migraine [763KB]
Appendix F:  Early American Manual Therapy Perspectives on Headache [169KB]
Appendix G: Historical Botanical Medicine Perspectives on the Treatment of Headache [40.7KB]
Appendix H: Historical Medical Perspectives on Headache [71.0KB]
Appendix I:  Basic Cayce Diet [14.0KB]
Appendix J:  An Ideal Attitude for Healing [12.9KB]
Appendix K: Medical History and Lifestyle Overview [30.6KB]
Appendix L: Cayce Comprehensive Symptom Inventory [29.9KB]
Appendix M: The Constipation Scoring System [6.18KB]
Appendix N:  Gastrointestinal Symptom Rating Scale [11.8KB]
Appendix O:  Elimination Diets [8.23KB]