Vol. 1  No. 4   November, 1997

Health Professionals Symposium Held

 The 2nd annual Cayce Health Professionals Symposium was held at the A.R.E. Conference Center September 27 and 28.  The conference was co-sponsored by the A.R.E. and Meridian Institute and featured presentations by Meridian Institute personnel, Cayce oriented health  professionals and researchers of the Cayce health information.

    The Saturday session began with a presentation by Kieth VonderOhe and David McMillin on “Partners in Healing: A Spiritual Model of Support.”  An informal discussion ensued which emphasized the importance of group support in the healing process.  Kieth and David have worked extensively as facilitators in the various health research conferences sponsored by the A.R.E. and Meridian Institute.

    Douglas Richards, Meridian Research Director, spoke on Edgar Cayce’s approach to nervous system regeneration as it pertains to multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.  Dr. Richards noted patterns of improvement in subjects over a period of several months while using the wet cell battery and other therapies recommended in the readings on these disorders.
    Jeanette Thomas, an expert in the Cayce pharmacopeia gave a wonderful overview of the research that the Edgar Cayce Foundation is doing on the medications recommended in the readings.  Documentation of the various remedies and herbal medicines is an important area of exploration in the Cayce health information.

    Chiropractor Scott Hollifield shared his experience of working with Harold Reilly, the physiotherapist so frequently recommended by Edgar Cayce.  Hollifield’s insights into the personality and methodology of Reilly was refreshing and practical.

    Sandra Duggan, R.N., an expert in the hydrotherapy of Edgar Cayce, gave an overview of hydrotherapy with specific recommendations on doing fume baths and colonics.

    The Saturday session concluded with a brief presentation on the “Healing Journey” by David McMillin.  The lecture covered six forms of healing that are being researched by the Meridian Institute: cure, care, quality of life, empowerment, enlightenment and soul development.

    The Symposium concluded Sunday morning with a manual therapy demonstration by chiropractor Carl Nelson, a clinical researcher with the Institute.

    The Cayce Health Professionals Symposium for 1998 will be held at the A.R.E. Conference Center at Virginia Beach during the weekend of October 3-4.  This gathering of practitioners and researchers will feature reports on Meridian Institute research projects, demonstrations of specific manual therapy techniques recommended by Edgar Cayce for physiological regulation, interdisciplinary panel discussions on the integration of spirituality and healing, a presentation on the physiological effects of gold in healing, and a lecture on traditional and modern aspects of pharmacopeia including a Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) on formulas recommended by Edgar Cayce.

    We are also seeking presentations from health professionals knowledgeable in healing modalities recommended by Edgar Cayce.  If you are interested in presenting at the symposium, please write a brief summary of your topic and submit it to us at our address on the last page of this newsletter.

    Following the symposium, the A.R.E. will conduct a health related conference titled: Belonging to Mother Earth: Indigenous Wisdom and Healing.  The A.R.E. conference is scheduled for October 4 – 9 and will focus on the healing and wisdom traditions of Native Americans and indigenous peoples.

Parkinson’s Support Group Reunion

The Parkinson’s support group held its first annual reunion in Virginia Beach.  Eight Parkinson’s subjects and six support persons attended the four day event which began with a dinner on Thursday evening, October 16.  Although the weather was windy and overcast, the fellowship and peer support were bright and sunny.

    Friday’s activities included follow-up assessments and data collection with Meridian Institute staff and psychic readings by Mary Roach.

    Saturday’s program featured a day-long presentation by David Atkinson.  David’s inspiring story of being healed of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  (ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease) was uplifting and insightful.  He provided numerous specific and practical recommendations for applying spiritual and mental principles on the healing journey.

    The gathering concluded Sunday morning with a planning meeting which focused on future events and strategies for maintaining the mutual support network.  The group strongly expressed an interest in providing support to others who are interested in the Cayce approach to treating Parkinson’s disease.  Persons wishing to contact the Parkinson’s support group may call or write:

 Jan Radtke
 6241 Tamar Drive
 Columbia, Maryland   21045
 (410) 730-5776


 Glen Goessman
 9717 Ne Juanita Dr. #302
 Kirkland, Washington   98034
 (206) 823-0139

The group is to be commended for their hard work in organizing and running the program.

Textbook Chapter

    Meridian Institute is pleased to announce its  participation in an important publishing project titled: Textbook of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  The 1200-page book will be an authoritative resource on the numerous healing systems and therapeutic modalities comprising the emerging medical paradigm.  Edited by Wayne B. Jonas, M.D. and Jeffrey S. Levin, Ph.D., this extensive work will also address the theoretical basis and sociocultural context of complementary and alternative medicine.

    Meridian Institute’s contribution is a 30-page chapter titled: “Edgar Cayce’s Therapeutic Approach.”  The chapter includes information on Edgar Cayce’s philosophy of healing and research projects conducted by Meridian Institute and other researchers.  The textbook is expected to be published in 1998.

Manual Therapy Video

In September, the first phase  of the Manual Therapy Project (see July, 1997 issue of Meridian Institute News) culminated in the video taping of a demonstration and explanation of a general treatment format by  chiropractor Carl Nelson, a research clinician at Meridian Institute.  The content of the video was developed in a series of monthly seminars in which Institute staff and Virginia Beach health professionals explored numerous examples of general treatment from the early osteopathic, neuropathic and chiropractic literature.  After practicing the formats on each other and discussing the similarities and merits of each approach, a typical general treatment format was created.   Edgar Cayce often recommended general treatment in conjunction with specific adjustment techniques in the thousands of readings recommending manual therapy.  The general treatment video will be available through A.R.E. Press later this year.

Appliance Videos

    In October, two new videos were produced featuring appliances used in Meridian Institute research projects.  The Radial Appliance and The Wet Cell Battery will soon be available from A.R.E. Press.  The primary focus of these videos is to provide the basics of how to use these appliances.

    The tapes should be especially helpful for future participants in Meridian projects.  People will be able to review the videos before coming to Virginia Beach.  Education and training resources can then be spent on addressing specific questions and concerns rather than general training.  The videos will also be helpful after subjects have returned home and begin to use the appliances on their own.