Statement of Purpose:

The goal of Meridian Institute is to expand the meeting ground between science and spirit by conducting and sponsoring clinical and basic science research. We intend to examine concepts about the body compatible with the premise that we are spiritual beings, and to approach the healing process from this perspective.

The body of information that will be researched and used as a guide for directing our work will be the Edgar Cayce health readings. Now over fifty years old, they provide a coherent and consistent physiology of how the body functions in health and disease. These health readings have never been fully researched in a modern, scientific manner that would provide data acceptable to all healthcare professionals and agencies.

It is our intention to conduct research in a manner acceptable to the modern healthcare community.


1.) To conduct and support research that examines physiological, anatomical, and health concepts which help unify the scientific and spiritual world views. This will involve sponsoring clinical and basic research, and engaging in “seed research” through conferences on specific topics and clinical projects incorporating a network of cooperating clinicians.

2.) To support, sponsor and directly present programs educating health professionals, scientists, and the public regarding these spirit-mind-body connections.

3.) To serve as an information network for researchers and clinicians exploring and applying these concepts and methods.