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[NOTE: The following article titled  THE BODY IS THE TEMPLE by Gladys Davis Turner was originally published in THE SEARCHLIGHT (July, 1957)and was based on a talk delivered at the A.R.E. Sunday Forum, 4/7/57.]


    Edgar Cayce said, in reading No. 470-22:

    "Within the human body - the living, not the dead one - within the LIVING human forces:  we find every element, every gas, every mineral, every influence that is outside of the organism itself.  Indeed it is one with the whole.  For it is not only a portion of, equal to, and able to overcome or meet every influence within; but in the third dimensional force, man hasn't the ability EVEN TO IMAGINE anything that isn't a part of the living physical organism's activity!"  Nearly every one of the physical readings given by Edgar Cayce was divided into five parts; as follows -

1. A general description of the condition to be met by that body.

2. A description of the BLOOD SUPPLY.

3. A description of the NERVE SYSTEM.

4. A description of the ORGANS.

5. A description of methods for relief.

    The material chosen for presentation to you today has been collected for use as an introduction to a class in PHYSICAL BALANCE, to be given at the June Congress.  Extracts have been taken from individual physical readings dealing in a general way with physiology and anatomy, to illustrate all five of the headings given above.  Illustrations for Number 1, however, are implied throughout the others; and, as will be seen, extracts illustrating Number 5 treat of the physical-mental-spiritual entity as a whole.


    First, then, let us consider information about the BLOOD SUPPLY:

    "There is no condition existent in a body, the reflection of which may not be traced in the blood supply.  The blood stream not only carries the rebuilding forces to the body; it takes the used forces and eliminates them through their proper channels in the various portions of the system.  We find red blood, white blood and lymph all carried in the veins.  These are separated only by those very small portions that act as builders, strainers, destroyers or resuscitating portions of the system.  For always in the blood stream there is seen the reflection or evidence of that condition being enacted in the physical body.


    Twenty years later, Dr. Laurence H. Snyder of Ohio University, speaking at the New York Academy of Medicine, told a large audience:  "It would be possible for me to take a drop of blood from each of you in the audience tonight; then five years later I could return here, gather you together and take another drop of blood.  Without knowing the source of the bloods, I could then assign the correct sample to the proper person."

    This was a striking statement at that medical meeting; it gave some idea of the enormous gain in knowledge about human blood.  It was also brought out that more facts had been gathered in the 48 months prior to that meeting than were collected in the previous 48 years.  Yet Edgar Cayce, twenty years before, had predicted such a development.

    Another reading (No. 108-1) stated:  "The blood is the CRITERION by which conditions existent in the system may be found."

    In regard to blood cells, this statement was made (1548-2): "Opposite effects exist in a system, of course, with regard to tuberculosis and cancer.  For one is a separation, the other is a segregation."

    A man who asked if he should take injections for prevention of colds was told:  "Rather let there be created through regular activities and those things we have given for creating virile red blood, that which will combat and prevent colds, than attain such a state in another way or manner." No. 279-14

    A woman recuperating from an operation was told that a balance must be kept in the metabolism and catabolism, and explained the balance thus:  No. 564-1

    "But what do these terms mean?  That there is proper rhythmic activity of the organs as they function for creating the elements necessary for the body's resuscitation.  That is: there are certain forces in the divisions of the blood supply - red blood cells, white blood cells, lymph or leucocyte - that must increase if there is to be recuperation or building up.  Metabolism, therefore, means keeping that BALANCE necessary for supplying same.  Catabolism means keeping the internal and external activity of the circulation, in and to the organs, in harmony and rhythmical activity, in relationships one to another.  If that is done with this body ... then the improvements will be of a permanent nature."

    A rather humorous remark was made to one man who asked if it would be all right for him to make blood donations:  "These would not be very good for the one you gave them to, unless there are some corrections made - although this would not affect you much."  No. 3629-1


    This general statement comes from No. 1447-1: "Nearly all derangements, except those of mental forces, result from some center being separated by pressures, so that some other functioning portion of the body becomes deranged either by lack of nutriment or by over-stimulation and production of another character."

    The readings seemed always to lay great emphasis upon the nerve system; and no condition was ever dismissed lightly as "just nerves."  For instance, we have these statements: "Nerve force of the body is an attribute of the mental-man; just as circulation is of the physical-man."  No. 34-5  "A strain between the physical and mental and the spiritual attributes of the individual finds expression not only in the brain itself, but in the sympathetic system.  FOR THE SYMPATHETIC SYSTEM IS THE BRAIN-MANIFESTATION OF THE SOUL FORCES IN THE BODY."  No. 4566-1

    "Activity of the mental or soul forces may entirely control the whole physical body, by keeping a balance in the sympathetic system.  For the sympathetic nerve system is to the soul and spirit forces, as the cerebro-spinal system is to the physical forces of the entity."  No. 5717-3

    In nerve conditions, it was often recommended that rebuilding properties be carried vibratorially into the body rather than taken internally; for this would "aid in producing the particular vibration necessary not only for coordination of the glandular system, but for rejuvenation of the ability in the nerve itself ... This (vibration) works directly upon the glandular system - the thyroid, the adrenals and the thymus - all of the glands of the body.  Thus it enables them to react in their assimilating forces.  FOR THAT IS THE PROCESS OR THE ACTIVITY OF THE GLANDS:  TO SECRETE THAT WHICH ENABLES THE BODY, THROUGHOUT THE PHYSICAL, TO REPRODUCE ITSELF!" No. 1475-1

    In one woman's reading it was explained that the properties of gold, when assimilated vibratorially, "feed directly to the tissue of the brain itself and, when given properly, silver and gold may almost lengthen life to double its present span."  No. 120-5

    To Group One of the A.R.E. which was working on the fifth lesson of A SEARCH FOR GOD, Book I, this information was given:  No. 262-20

    "In the body, we find that which connects the pineal, the pituitary, the Leydig may truly be called the Silver Cord; or the Golden Cup which may be filled by a closer walk with that which is the Creative Essence in physical, mental and spiritual life.  For the entire destruction of either gland will cause disintegration of the soul from its house of clay.

    "From a purely material-minded standpoint: if an anatomical or pathological study were made for a period of seven years (which is a cycle of change in all the body-elements), in respect to one acted upon through the third eye alone; we would find that the individual fed upon spiritual things would become a light that shines from and in the darkest corner.  One fed upon the purely-material would become a Frankenstein - without a concept of any influence other than material or mental."


    A man sixty-four years old, who complained of lack of energy, was given this explanation:

    "The batteries of the nervous system are running down.  That is, the activities of the heart, the lungs, the liver, the kidneys may be called the batteries of the body.  With changes in the chemical forces of the system, these activities may become so reduced as to cause stress to be put upon one or the other; thus gradually building a functional disturbance.  With the distress or disturbance thus produced, one or the other organ gradually becomes organically dis-ordered."  No. 4007-1

    Another man was given this significant explanation of liver and kidney functions in the body:

    "We have two poles acting to the living body: the kidneys and the liver.  Their active principles are the same as two poles of electricity in the body - those which give life to the body.  The liver is the stronger pole, being excretive and secretive.  The kidneys, secreting, take the impurities from the system.  Those are the uses of these organs."  No. 4909-1

    Again, a woman with kidney trouble was told:  "There are few individuals who don't at some time or another have indications of stones; just as there are few who don't at almost all times have indications of infections or spots in the lungs.  These conditions come and go, depending upon the method used to relieve or correct the causes producing same."  No. 1472-16

    A young woman was told to use her imagination in visualizing the healing force working in each part of her body to accomplish what was desired, and to do so while she proceeded to make practical application of the treatments suggested.

    "This requires the necessary knowledge of the body and of the mind, in respect to what is desired by the body.  With that knowledge and with proper visualization, understanding then comes.  Knowledge is not power unless it is that which may be applied by the body having the knowledge, see?...

    "Then SEE THESE (parts of the body) FUNCTIONING in a way which will bring about that desired...in circulation of the blood supply through the throat, head and neck, as it passes through those affected portions in the throat or tonsils. The blood is carried immediately from these to those portions of the system where eliminations must take place.

    "How often does the blood pass through the lungs?  Every time it must be clarified...the liver does not take other than that which may be acted upon by its secretions.  The lungs take that which will act upon same to heal...

    "THEN SEE THAT BEING ACCOMPLISHED, as the heart pumps the blood through the throat, the lungs, the liver, the heart, to the extremities, to those parts affected.  And you will feel the pulsation - see - as in this body through which the information comes (Edgar Cayce); for the increase of circulation to the throat itself may be seen!"  No. 1048-3

    Coordination of organs, for purification of the blood supply, was also explained thus:  "For the liver and the heart work coordinantly.  Lungs and kidneys, though coordinating, purify the blood in different directions."  No. 2091-3

    A woman was told that her condition was the result "of the body's inability to throw off poisons or accumulations that have arisen from those conditions that have existed so long in the body.  As is understood - or should be understood - by the physician as well as the body itself: there are certain activities of each eliminative system.  Some of these (drosses) are carried off, naturally, in the perspiratory and respiratory systems.  Much is also carried off in the alimentary canal.  But other kinds - as from any form of inflammation - produce an overtaxing condition in the kidneys."  No. 1472-16

    A question was asked in reading No. 5016-1 about psoriasis: "Is this always from the same cause?"  The answer was, "No, but it is more often from a lack of proper coordination in the eliminative systems.  At times, there may be pressures in those areas disturbing the equilibrium between the heart and liver; or between heart and lungs.  But the cause is always a condition of lack of lymph circulation through the alimentary canal, and absorption of such activities through the body."

    "The solar plexus, being the brain of the torso, reflects to all organs of the digestive system."


    The most detailed descriptions were given of methods of treatment, ranging all the way from mud poultices to extremely complicated medicinal compounds, depending upon the need in each individual case.  The following extracts have been chosen because of their general nature and possible application to everyone.  They include, of course, methods for relief of mental attitudes which may be burdensome upon the body.  And here again may be found allusions to conditions to be met.

    A young man dying of leukemia was urged to be expectant while he followed the treatments - "not merely as one who may manifest in this material plane in the present; but as one who may be a helpful influence for others, rather than to indulge or gratify self's own appetites."  No. 2456-2

    Another young lady with progressive muscular atrophy was told, in addition to detailed directions for applications: "But know you're only meeting yourself, and as you put more and more trust in Him (for who healeth all thy diseases?), the way may be shown thee.  Then in Him look to the sources for health."  No. 5193-1

    A woman recuperating from an operation and each day waiting impatiently for her husband to come home from work was given quite a sermon on the effect of impressions upon the body: No. 564-1

    "This body and its general attitude...is a good example of this.  From whatever viewpoint any activity is seen or interpreted, the activity itself is the outstanding or more important fact...So it is in regard to a body and its impressions.  For thoughts are deeds, and leave their imprint upon whatever element in which and through which the activity is carried - and thus may be interpreted...

    "To some, the touch of the hand, the smell of the rose, the look of the eye - all are showing forth an energy whose activity is of the forces that are spirit itself, or a manifestation of what men worship as God in the earth ... In every individual soul and every individual body, it is apparent that we build into our system from cycle to cycle those very changes necessary for the vibrations we may create within - by our response to that which is without.  To be sure, it is true that we may not add one whit to our stature, which has already been set by ourselves; but it is also true that impulses may be set so that the body may EXPAND in all its activities.

    "For as the Mind is the Builder - or 'as a man thinketh so is he' - so does that mind, that body, that soul expand to meet the needs of same."

    This same woman asked how she might assist her husband in business, and was told:  "Most of the time it would be keeping quiet; but the greater help is to make things and conditions in the mental atmosphere as pleasant as possible; advising and counseling with him, but not dictating."

    The body's capacity to heal itself or recuperate was pointed out to this woman:  "Keep that attitude which has thus far been a part of the entity's whole being, mien and manner. Know that the body creates, or will revive itself.  Then keep the attitude of optimism and helpfulness to others, and this will make the same environment for self.  Worry more about somebody else than about yourself and you'll be a lot better off!"  No. 540-11

    A man who asked about moving to a farm for his health was told:  "Wherever the body may be more in the open is best for it.  Everyone should stay close to the earth." No. 4007-1

    A young man whose work was indoors and mostly mental was told that he should arrange his activities so that he would have a better balance:  "Take more outdoor exercise, which brings into play the muscular forces of the body.  It isn't that the mental should be numbed or cut off from activities; but exercise would make for a more evenly and more perfectly balanced body, both physically and mentally.

    "Know how to apply the rules of metaphysical operations to a corncob, or to a fence rail - to a hammer, an axe, a walking cane - as well as to theories of this or that mind, which in nine cases out of ten has become a storehouse for mental deficiencies of physical energies!  Now understand the difference.  Mental unbalance is not the result; but a mental body may be so over-used that the physical energies are allowed to become detrimental forces in the physical body.  For each energy must expend itself in some direction, even as a thought that takes form brings into being a mental image.  Is that image to be in the position of a BUILDING FORCE, cooperative with the energies of the physical body? Or will it destroy some motive force, in the physical, without allowing an outlet for its activity?

    Then be a well-rounded body.  Take specific, definite exercises morning and evening.  Make the body tired physically as well as mentally; and those things which have been producing conditions of inertia - poisons in the system from non-eliminations - will disappear.  And so the body will respond to the diets.

    "Now, in the matter of diets:  one activity is necessary if there is to be a mental diet; another if the diet is to be or a well-rounded physically-useful, mentally-useful, spiritually-useful body.  But in this body there is the lack of vitamins B and C.  One, the C, is stamina for mental energies that are carried in the white tissue in nerve energy and plexus.  The other, B, is as of calcium, silicon, iron.  These would be well-balanced if foods carrying same are taken.  But unless the physical activities of the body are such as to put these to use, they become drosses; and they set themselves to become operative, regardless of other conditions.

    "Vitamins in a body are elements combative with - or in opposition to - the various activities of a living organism.  They may be termed - and well termed - like bacilli of any nature within a physical organism ...When they are taken into the system they become destructive tissue if they are not put to work by the activities of the system.  For they affect the plasma of the blood supply - or the emunctory and lymph, which is another name for a portion of a blood supply in a system.

    "Then in the diet, be sure that the physical and mental activities are in keeping; and do not do the physical spasmodically.  Be consistent.  For the physical body, the mental body and the spiritual body grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding.

    "As to what you eat:  SEE IT DOING WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE IT DO.  Now the question is often considered as to why there are different effects under different conditions, from use of vegetable, mineral or combination compounds.  The difference is in the consciousness of the individual body! Give one a dose of clear water, with the impression that it will act as salts - and how often will the water act in that manner?  It is the same with impressions to the whole organism.  For each cell of the blood stream, each corpuscle, IS A WHOLE UNIVERSE IN ITSELF!

    "One who fills the mind, the very being, with an expectancy of God will see His movement, His manifestation, in the wind and sun, the earth and flowers - the inhabitants of the earth.

    "And so as the body is built, is the food taken just to gratify an appetite or to fulfill a purpose: make it better and better able to magnify what the body-mind-soul has chosen to stand for?  Thus it will not matter so much what is eaten, or where or when; but just knowing it is consistent with what is desired to be accomplished through the body - that does matter!

    "As has been given of old (Daniel 1:5-17), the children of Israel stood with the sons of the heathen, and all ate from the king's table; and that which was taken exercised the imagination of the body in physical desires: strong drink, strong meats, condiments that magnify desires within the body.  And these, as Daniel well understood, built not for God's service.  He chose, rather, that the everyday common food would be given, so that the bodies and the minds might be a more perfect channel for the manifestations of God. For the Creator's forces are in every force made manifest in the earth.

    "It is just as great a sin to overeat as to over-drink; to over-think as to over-act!  In what thou dost build, do even as He.  Make thy body and thy mind ready for every occasion which may arise in thy life.  Think well on what was given when they asked Him, 'Why could we not cast him out?'  (Mark 9:28, 29)  For such might be done ONLY through fasting and prayer.  When thou prayest, enter into thy closet - that is, within self; not shutting oneself away from the world, but closing self within God's presence, and pray in secret. And the reward will be in the open...

    "So, in conducting thine own life:  make the physical corrections necessary, yes; but also make thy mind and thy body, thy going in and thy coming out, thy activities day by day, consistent.  The reward will be an exemplary life, a goodly body, an open mind, a loving spirit!

    Few may even show forth that which is felt in the heart, if the liver is bad!  For twice does the blood pass through the liver, to once in the heart.  The liver is the clearing house for the blood, both in and out of the heart and lungs.  So, in the conduct of thy life and thy study, think twice before you speak once - for there's only one tongue, but two eyes. There is only one heart, but seven lobes in the liver.  And as for thy hands, use what thou hast and thine eye will be single in service, thy tongue will be loosened in the right direction."  No. 341-31



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