Cayce Comprehensive Symptom Inventory (CCSI)
 Workbook and Manual
Version 1.0


Reading 603-3



    The format of this reading given in 1937 for a thirty-four-year-old woman is typical of the middle period of Cayce's career.  The structure follows the standard organization for a typical physical reading:

  • a brief introduction describes the general condition,
  • the blood supply section focuses primarily on circulatory imbalances produced by nerve reflexes,
  • the nerve system section is long and detailed since this is a primary source of pathology,
  • the organ section is brief because the primary focus is on nerve pathology,
  • the treatment section focuses on manual therapy to address the nerve pressures
  • the question and answer section is long and detailed.


    This is the third reading in a series of three.  The first two were "life" readings which focused on past lives and astrological influences.  This is a particularly fascinating reading because the background section states that this woman was experiencing significant mental instability.  In fact, her regular physician wanted to put her in a state mental institution.  She apparently believed that Edgar Cayce was speaking through her and was becoming increasingly inappropriate with others in her study group.  Perhaps the nervous system incoordination was affecting her mental status.  Or, maybe she was experiencing psychic intrusions which she misinterpreted as coming from Edgar Cayce.  This type of phenomenon is not uncommon among persons who allow themselves to become unbalanced during psychic development or metaphysical pursuits.  As Edgar Cayce noted in this case, it is important to keep the physical vehicle (and especially the nervous systems) healthy when attempting metaphysical or psychic experiences.

    Here are some specific observations about this reading:

  • (Par 1-3)  The introduction section notes that this woman is in pretty good health in many respects except for some problems in the abdominal and pelvic areas.  Cayce did not directly refer to any mental instability, he did observe that although this woman was "very good physically in many respects, there are disturbances the correction of which would make for a much better normal condition ..."  Cayce was usually very discreet about psychological problems.  The readings also often linked psychological problems to physical defects.
  • (Par 4-7)  The blood supply is well balanced but there are apparent disturbances in the circulatory system related to the heart.  This is basically a functional (rather than organic) problem produced by poor assimilations and eliminations which are more fundamentally deranged because of nervous system incoordination.
  • (Par 8-11)  The nerve system represents the primary cause of the various problems throughout the system.  An injury to the 9th dorsal (thoracic) area of the spine causes nerve reflexes that disturb the circulation, digestive system, and pelvic organs.
  • (Par 12-14)  The organ section of this reading is notably sparse.  Even though several organs are involved in the pathology, it is primarily a form of nervous system incoordination that needs correction.  Therefore little attention is paid to the organs themselves.
  • (Par 15-21)  The treatment plan section of this reading addressed the fundamental cause by recommending spinal manipulations to relieve nerve pressures along the spine.  Although the initial problem was a subluxation at the lower portion of the 9th dorsal, reflexly the condition affects other nerve centers.  The radio-active (radial) appliance is suggested to improve nervous system coordination and balance the circulation.  Affirmations are given to be used during the meditation period of using the appliance.
  • (Par 20)  Note that enemas are recommended rather than laxatives.  If laxatives are used, a rotation of various forms is suggested to avoid dependence on any one laxative.  This is a common strategy in the Cayce readings.
  • (Par 22-35)  The question and answer section is long and detailed.  In general, the answers keep bringing the woman back to the basic nervous system incoordination that needs correction.  With normal nerve functioning, the body will naturally heal the various complaints.
  • (Par 24) Much of the pathology in this reading is based on the concept of nerve reflexes radiating from the middle area of the spine, both downward and upward.  In paragraph 24, the reflexes are described as affecting the vagus and brachial plexus.  These are the nerve centers in the upper dorsal (thoracic) and cervical area.  In other words, reflexes from the middle portion of the spine, reflexed to the upper spine and affected the sensory system (in this case, the eyes).  Other paragraphs note headaches and thyroid problems also emanating from the nerve centers.  Relieving the nerve pressures via spinal manipulation was recommended for all these symptoms.
  • (Par 28) Cayce often linked the 9th dorsal center to the solar plexus.  Byron Robinson, M.D. wrote about the solar plexus brain in his book, The Abdominal and Pelvic Brain published in 1907.
  • (Par 32) It is worth noting that Edgar Cayce encouraged this woman to get the physical body in proper working order before attempting intense breathing exercises.  This is a consistent pattern in the Cayce readings and among teachers of meditation and psychic development based on the Cayce approach.  Raising energies by breathwork can be harmful if the channels of distribution are distorted.  This woman was already having significant problems in this area as noted in the background section of this reading.
  • This reading had a very favorable outcome as documented by the background information and follow up reports. Apparently, the treatments by the osteopath (Dr. Richardson) were helpful.


B1. 5/11/37 Report by A.R.E. Prayer Group leader, Florence Edmonds:  "About a month ago began having spells of being apparently possessed with idea she was to dictate to groups; saying Edgar Cayce was speaking through her, ordering people about.  Glad Helpers worked with her, meditated over her - sent her to Dr. Richardson, osteopath, for treatments - better now.  Dr. Redfern wanted to send her to State Institution."

TEXT OF READING 603-3   Female 34

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 11th day of May, 1937, in accordance with request made by the self - Mrs. [603], new Active Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by her husband and by the Glad Helpers of the Association.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. [603] and Abbie Kemp.


Time of Reading                                ... Avenue,
3:25 to 4:00 P. M. Eastern Standard Time.      ..., Virginia.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC:  Yes, we have the body here, [603].

2. Now, as we find, while conditions are very good physically in many respects, there are disturbances the correction of which would make for a much better normal condition and relieve those disturbances that arise in the poor assimilation and the activities through the pelvic and the abdominal organs.

3. These then are the conditions as we find them in the present with this body, [603] we are speaking of, present in this room:  First,

4. IN THE BLOOD SUPPLY, this we find is very good in the present, though there are times when there are disturbances in the circulatory system, from the lack of the proper eliminations, owing to the character of digestion and assimilations.

5. Also through the pressures that are produced at such times there tends to be a heart disturbance that needs corrections, as will be seen.  However, this is not an organic condition but of a sympathetic nature.  For the associated connections between the overflow from the arteries to the heart and the liver and the return flow from same become full.

6. Hence that heaviness which arises at periods when indigestion has been or is the cause of same, as well as the poor eliminations through the emptying of the stomach itself.

7. These then lack coordination, owing to pressures that exist in the cerebrospinal system, in the nervous forces of the body just below the 9th dorsal center.

8. IN THE NERVE FORCES OF THE BODY, here we find rather a complex condition.  You see, there has been in times back an injury here; slight at first, the second made for periods when the kidney activities were disturbed at the time.  This just below the 9th dorsal, or between the 9th and 10th, making for a pressure upon the solar plexus center.

9. Thus that reflex activity that is felt at times through those areas about the gall duct area, and the attempt of the system to adjust itself aids in bringing about periods when these disturbances arise.

10. This then partially, as has been indicated, from the circulatory forces as well as the causes in the cerebrospinal system, produces a sympathetic condition which makes for a complex condition at the cerebrospinal center between the cerebrospinal and the sympathetic systems.

11. The organs of the pelvis, the abdominal organs - that is, through the colon, through the lower portion of the spleen's activity - all of these have a part in the condition, from the pressures indicated just in the lower portion of the 9th dorsal area.

12. IN THE FUNCTIONING OF THE ORGANS THEMSELVES, these as indicated are functional, owing to conditions as produced by a subluxation, and a tendency for a jamming of the plexus in the area as indicated.

13. Hence with the removal of the pressure and the proper stimulation to the circulatory forces as related to the activity there should be brought near normal forces for the body.

14. This will also remove the tendencies for those lower portions, or the lower extremities, to become cold, clammy at times, and as deadened or leadened, owing to the disturbances that arise.

15. THEN, AS WE FIND, IN MAKING THE CORRECTIONS:  First we would have at least ten to fifteen manipulations osteopathically given, not only to make correction in the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th dorsal, but to coordinate the upper portions of the cerebrospinal system and also the lower axis or the pelvic axis at the 4th lumbar center.

16. These treatments as we find should not be given right straight along, but two to three weeks have them two to three times a week; rest a week, then have another period.

17. During these whole periods - the treatment periods and the rest periods - we would have those activities from the Radio-Active Appliance.

18. And in the use of the Appliance, as it aids in making for an equalization in the sympathetic or vegetative nerve system, use that as a period of meditation.  For as there is created a balance in the flows through the circulatory system and the coordination is being created, we may make for greater constructive experiences as well as the manifestations of same in the emotional as well as the physical forces of the body.

19. In the matter of the diet, keep to those foods that tend to make for a reducing of the body as to avoirdupois.  Let most of the bread ever consist only of Ry-Krisp or Rye Bread, but principally the Ry-Krisp.  Let grape juice be a part of the diet.  Refrain from any drinks that carry carbonated water.  These not only make for an irritation to the distressed areas but tend to produce that slowing of the emptying of the stomach and disturb the proper eliminations.

20. Use rather enemas than cathartics, but when cathartics are necessary use a combination.  One period use a vegetable compound, as may be had from Inner Clean or from the ragweed found in the combination known as Simmons Liver Regulator, and at other periods use only the fruit salt - or Eno Salt.  In either of these periods take same for a period of two to three days in small doses, then rest periods between that allow the body to adjust itself - these are much more effective.

21. Use the Radio-Active Appliance about one hour each day.  Let the meditation period, of course, be expressed in self's own way and manner, but follow close in these words or thoughts; realizing, seeing, experiencing that given in expression in these words - or like same:




22. Ready for questions.

23. (Q)  Please diagnose the cause and remedy for the nerves and muscles along my spinal column, back of the neck and head, and extending over the top of my head to the forehead, which makes the top of my head feel dead, also the nerves and muscles in my neck and throat tightening and causing a choking sensation.
(A)  These effects arise from the deeper subluxation in the 9th dorsal, and - as has been indicated - with the correction of this, and the coordinating of the cervical area, with the removal of the pressures in the dorsal area indicated, we will find these areas will become more and more relaxed.

24. (Q)  What is cause and remedy for the pupils of my eyes becoming dilated to the extent that I cannot see and the rapid blinking of my eyelids, and dizziness at the top of the head?
(A)  This is the same reflex action from the pressure.  You see, the solar plexus center - 9th dorsal, 9th and 10th - or 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th - 9th dorsal is where the jam or the closeness is.  See, there is a pulling upon the activity to the brachial center, to the vagus center.  From the vagus center and the brachial center we have the coordinating, as has been given, as a reflex between the sympathetic and cerebrospinal, which makes a complex condition in the nervous system.  These are the areas from which the sensory forces - that is, to the eyes, to the throat, to the ears, to the auditory forces, to the sense of feeling - receive their impressions, you see; or the flow of blood to the basic condition must be relieved first, then the coordinating of these will bring about the normalcy in the upper portion.  It will be found also that it will relieve the stomach disturbance that arises by the indigestion, that is a pulling of the condition to the sensory forces as indicated.

25. (Q)  Please diagnose my thyroid condition and inform me whether or not I should continue to take the thyroid and pituitary tablets which I have?
(A)  This is the same diagnosis as indicated.  As we find, the thyroid and the activity of same is NOW near to normal, if there is the correction in the areas indicated; and we find that those vibrations from the Radio-Active Appliance will make for a better coordination throughout the glandular system, which act naturally from the solar plexus center as coordinated with the deeper circulation to the heart and the liver.  The tablets would not be necessary to continue, but rather these are the tendencies for producing too much weight for the body.

26. (Q)  While brushing my teeth in the mornings, quite often I have a discharge of blood from the throat.  Kindly give me the cause and remedy for this.
(A)  Again we would refer to that as has been given, as to the necessity for the coordination of the nervous systems to make for an activity where, rather than being a complex we have a sympathetic and a coordinant reaction between the cerebrospinal and the sympathetic system.

27. (Q)  What is the cause and remedy for the severe headaches that I have during or just after menstruation, which is very scanty and discolored?
(A)  Again those periods of reaction from the pressures that have been indicated; these making for the natural reflex action to the sympathetic conditions to the head and neck and the distresses to the whole of the circulation, through acting upon the organs of the pelvis.

28. (Q)  What is the cause and remedy for the objectional secretion from the navel?
(A)  This is again the 9th dorsal, which has just been indicated as being the solar plexus center, which includes the whole of the umbilicus reaction.  Use the vibratory forces and the corrections as indicated, and we will find the vibrations from the Radio-Active and the negative forces that are set up in self by the meditative forces will become positive in their activity upon the whole of the body.
    Do that.

29. (Q)  Have I any malignant ovarian or womb trouble?
(A)  Only a sympathetic condition from an improper pressure produced by the lumbar and the lower portion of the solar plexus activity.

30. (Q)  Are my lungs in a sound condition?
(A)  These are very good.  The fullness that has been indicated is that the circulation between the heart and the liver, and the return circulation, produces at times a smothering or a heaviness through that portion of the body.  If these pressures are removed as indicated, we will find - with the reduction as should come in the weight - conditions changing.

31. (Q)  What is the cause of the skin eruptions that I have so frequently, and kindly give me a cure for same?
(A)  It has been given.  These are a part of the circulatory disturbance, and as the eliminations are set up and as there are the coordinations between the forces in the body itself that make for a coordinant reaction in all portions of the eliminations, we will find these disturbances being eliminated.

32. (Q)  Would Dr. Thind's [Bhagat Singh Thind] [breathing] exercises help?
(A)  Not until there have been the proper corrections made.  These would tend to make for too much pressure, without the physical body being in perfect accord.  The corrections made, then these gradually taken are very good; but these taken with the abnormalcies in the cerebrospinal system and the pressures in the cerebrospinal nerve system and the sympathetic system are harmful.

33. (Q)  How long after beginning treatment will improvement be noticeable?
(A)  By the third or fourth treatment there will be a feeling of difference.  By the end of the fifteenth to sixteenth treatment we should be near to normal.

34. (Q)  Is my liver functioning properly?
(A)  No, as has been indicated - and how the trouble is to be removed, and what is causing it.  When these pressures are changed and when the activities are changed, in the way as indicated, we will find better eliminations and better activities there.

35. (Q)  Any further advice?
(A)  Much ADVICE, but then this may be summed as has been indicated for the physical conditions, for the mental, material and spiritual forces, and will bring the help needed.

36. We are through for the present.

Copy to Self (Two copies to Self; one for Dr. Richardson)
     "    " Ass'n file


R1. 4/38 Report by M. L. Richardson, D.O:  "The reading did describe the condition of the patient.  My technical diagnosis would be traumatic neurosis.  In my opinion the suggestions for treatment were proper.  She followed directions given in the reading under my care up to time of my last observation, 8/30/37.  She gained nicely under treatment until 7/16/37 when she was in an elevator drop and suffered a setback.  She gradually recovered again under additional treatment.  I have not treated her since 8/30/37 but her husband says she is quite well."

R2. 3/15/39 See 281-40, Par. 28-A personal message.

R3. 7/18/40 She referred Miss [2309] for a Physical Rdg.

R4. 1/30/42 Letter to EC from Mrs. [603]:  "Referring to your letter of the 8th, I shall be glad to have you list my name for the prayer hour mentioned therein [EC's period in a.m. of giving readings]."

R5. 7/11/51 Letter to GD:  "I am grateful for your sending me the information on arthritis [abstract of 59 cases].  I have been suffering with it ever since the latter part of May, not knowing just what my difficulty was, until I consulted a bone specialist a week ago.  At the present time I am confined at home, but I know I'll be alright now, since the information you have is forthcoming."

Reading 1014-1



    The format of this short reading is complex.  The structure follows the general organization of a typical physical reading:

  • a brief introduction and overview of the condition,
  • an uncommonly lengthy and detailed blood supply section,
  • a concise discussion of the nerve systems,
  • a detailed description of the functioning organs,
  • a treatment section which provides several explicit recommendations for therapeutic applications,
  • a lengthy question and answer section.

    Given in 1935, this reading is an excellent example from the middle period of Cayce's career as intuitive diagnostician.  The formal structure, comprehensive and detailed explanations, and generous question and answer section are representative of this period when Cayce's work is mature and yet unhurried.

    Here are some specific observations about this reading:

  • (Par 2) This is a complex case involving a blend of chronic and acute conditions manifesting in systemic effects (symptoms).
  • (Par 4 & 5) Cold and congestion has strained the blood supply resulting in a deficiency of both red and white cells.  General debilitation and systemic aches and pains are the effects.
  • (Par 7) Poor coagulation is noted.  A wrench or strain decreased abdominal blood supply resulting in deterioration of the walls of the peritoneum (paragraph 44), and eventually leading to "superacidity."  The readings often state that hyperacidity compromises coagulation.  It is also probable that the stomach position was affected.  [Note: CCSI Scale 13 addresses abnormal stomach position.]
  • (Par 8) Inflammation in the respiratory system called for more white blood (leucocytes) activity, resulting in decreased red blood.
  • (Par 9) With low red blood, the structural portions (bone marrow) of the body are stimulated to produce more blood cells resulting in the typical aches, pains, and fever associated with such a healing crisis.
  • (Par 12-14) The general depletion in vitality requires that the nerve system draw upon reserves in order to "carry on."  Eventually, the nerve forces become depleted manifesting as sensory system symptoms.
  • (Par 15-19) Amazingly, most of the functioning organs are doing remarkably well considering the condition of the blood supply.
  • (Par 20) The digestive system, beginning with the stomach, does indicate significant problems.  The abnormal stomach position and resulting hyperacidity compromise the other organs of the digestive and hepatic systems, notably, the liver, gallbladder, lacteals, and kidneys.
  • (Par 21) In summary, "the trouble, then, is from a low vitality with superacidity."
  • (Par 22) As is usually the case when systemic problems are noted, one must be careful that treatment of one set of symptoms does not adversely affect other systems of the body.  All treatments must coordinate to produce an effective healing.
  • (Par 22-25) The first element of the treatment plan addresses the "cold, the congestion, and the acidity in the system."  Note that the ingredients of the formula are to be added in the order named!  This is usually the case in the physical readings.
  • (Par 26) Note that paragraph 26 explains the specific effects to be obtained from the medicine.  Some readings actually list the specific effects of each ingredient.
  • (Par 27-28) Abdominal massage with a specific oil formula is recommended to improve coagulation and heal the entire digestive system.
  • (Par 29)  Edgar Cayce often recommended a supportive band or belt in cases involving abnormal organ position (see Scale 13).
  • (Par 30-35)  The diet suggestions are explicit yet only an "outline."  Two food combining suggestions were given - avoid citrus/grain and fruit/vegetable combinations.  Note that certain recommended foods are blood building in nature:
    • egg yolk, apple brandy, and milk;
    • red wine and dark bread;
    • beef juice or steak.
  • (Par 36) To improve eliminations through the bowel and decrease autointoxication, enemas and oil are recommended rather than laxatives.
  • (Par 37) A positive prognosis is given.  Yet the changes will require modifications in the treatment plan to adjust to the healing process.
  • (Par 40)  The question and answer section often includes questions about specific problems (in this case hearing).  Often, the readings simply note that the general recommendations for healing the whole body will address the specific symptoms.
  • (Par 41) Although local dental attention was often recommended in the readings, additionally, the reduction of systemic acidity is recommended in this case.  Checking the saliva and urine with litmus paper was often recommended to monitor systemic pH.
  • (Par 42) The general recommendations (and especially the red wine) will address the erysipelas, a disease with significant skin manifestations.
  • (Par 44) The abdominal support is for the walls of the peritoneum that are compromised by lack of blood supply.
  • This reading had a very favorable outcome as documented in the reports section of reading 1401-2.

Erysipelas - Acute febrile disease with localized inflammation and swelling of skin accompanied by systemic symptoms.

Peritoneum - The membrane of the viscera and abdominal cavity.




This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 4th day of October, 1935, in accordance with request made by the self - through the sister-in-law, Mrs. [413], Active Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mr. [1014], Mrs. [413], Mrs. [1079] and L. B. Cayce.


Time of Reading
3:20 to 3:55 P. M. Eastern Standard Time.           ..., Va.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC:  Yes, we have the body here, [1014].

2. Now, as we find, there are disturbing influences in the physical forces of the body.  These in some instances we find are specifics, in others they are the effects of disturbing factors that have existed for some time, while in others these are reflexes that come and go dependent upon the reaction and the activities of the various systems in their correlating effect of conditions through the body.

3. These, then, are conditions as we find them with this body, [1014] we are speaking of, present in this room:

4. First, we find the BLOOD SUPPLY is not only deficient in the red blood supply but at times deficient in the white blood, in the activity of the coagulations that should take place in the body and do not.  This is a condition that changes at times.  This in the present, though, indicates there is some temperature in the body; while not a great deal, it arises from the attempts of the body to supply the necessary elements for the creating of coagulation.  Hence the debilitation that is felt through the system, the tiredness, the aching in the limbs and through the torso; heaviness through the lower portion of the lungs; heaviness and a dizziness somewhat in the head area.

5. These are effects of cold, congestion, and the attempts of the body - under a very depleted nerve and blood supply - to replenish the condition in the system itself.

6. There is the tendency in the blood supply to be acid.  This is indicated through the activity that has long existed in the area of the diaphragm, through the conditions in the abdomen - which has necessitated the use of those supports to maintain the conditions in the position of portions of the body.

7. These arise primarily (such conditions) from superacidity, strain from (in this particular case) a wrench and a strain, and then the lack of the system making the proper balance to cause sufficient coagulations and the adherence of the muscular forces in the body.

8. Also there has been in the blood supply, as indicated, the condition in the lung and trachea - where inflammation has made cellular forces become clogged.  These being at times encased, or set about by the plasm, naturally call for the activity of the leucocyte or the white blood - and this produces a drain upon the red blood supply.

9. The drain upon the red blood supply calls for the activity in the structural portions of the body; especially in the clavicle, in the rib area, in a portion of the sternum, the organs and the structural portions about the pelvic activity.

10. These then being called upon, with a little cold or congestion, make for a great deal of aching through the bones, through those, particular areas of the body.  This is a portion of that existing which produces temperature, and the attempt of the system to correct same - as indicated in the present.

11. There is the lack, then, of the red blood supply; the lack of that which will make within the plasm itself the better coordinations - there are deficiencies in this particular portion of the system.

12. The NERVE FORCES of the body we find in some respects are very good, and the body oftentimes has been forced - through the activities of the organs and the functioning of same - to draw, as it were, upon the nerve energies to "carry on."  For oft has the body, and does the body force the issue with self, as it were.  Yet this naturally makes a strain upon the nervous forces of the body, especially where there have been indications - as outlined - where structural portions, with the impulses from nerve forces, coordinate with the organs of the system; as in the sensory forces.  Hence we find, with the slowed circulation, with the energies used in the nerve forces of the body, especially the vegetative or sympathetic forces, the organs of the sensory system suffer; as with the conditions in the ear, in the throat, in the soft tissue of the nasal passages.

13. Hence we have a slowed circulation and a congestion that arises in these areas at times.

14. These make for periods of distressed conditions for the specific areas, by the nerve energies - as it were - laxing in their tautness.  And these call upon the vitality and the general system for strengthening.

15. Then, as to the functioning of the ORGANS themselves, we find:

16. Brain forces are very good.

17. The organs of the sensory system, as indicated, have periods of distressed conditions; so that the soft tissue - as in the antrum, about the ear, about the face - at times gives distress; as with noises in the head, as with disturbances in the ability for the sense of odor - or these become, in other periods, supersensitive, and thus the areas from which the drainages from such organs become disturbed.

18. In the throat, bronchi, lungs, the larynx:  As indicated, there have been periods when from the infectious forces there have been distressed conditions through a portion of the lungs; and the trachea and bronchi show a specific disorder in the present.  This, however, as we find, needs only a general building for the recuperation of these, for the better conditions of the body.

19. The heart's activity:  The changings in the pulsations through the attempt of the heart to supply sufficient of the blood flow through the veins for its clarification, to the pulmonary for its oxidization, and through the system for the revivification, create an impulse that is above the normal; though the activity in the pressure itself varies a great deal.  No organic disturbance, purely a sympathetic or at times a functional disorder; but not organic in its nature.

20. In the digestive area, naturally, with a superacidity, there are tendencies for congestions and the lack of the proper activity through foods digesting properly - from the lack of the proper balance in the gastric flow.  Too much acid makes for a soon filling of the stomach, or at other times it is so quickly emptied that it does not digest the food. Hence the activity of the organs that supply elements for digestive force; these become either at times too lax or too active, and thus cause the contributory cause to a general disturbance in the pylorus and through the areas about the lacteal ducts; the liver becoming congested, the gall duct area showing sedimentary conditions - as accumulations from superheating, as it were, of the blood forces and the activities of the whole hepatic circulation.  This makes for a strain at times upon the kidneys to keep an even balance.  And with those distresses from the separations in the folds, as it were, through the peritoneum area and in the ileum plexus and caecum area, these make a strain that at times assists - with the acidity - in producing the heaviness across the lumbar area, and the feeling as if the legs were hollow - the feeling as if they were very heavy on the ends, or the feet become leadened, with a very poor circulation through the lower portion of the body.  These are the effects, then, as seen from disorders.

21. The arising of the trouble, then, is from a low vitality with superacidity, and the conditions that arise of specific and contributory natures from same.

22. As we find, then, in meeting the needs of the conditions for this body, necessarily one portion must not be builded to the detriment of the other - but all portions must be considered and the applications made that will make for the better and proper coordination throughout the whole system; allaying some conditions, stimulating others, and making for a coordination between the sympathetic, the cerebrospinal nerve forces to create a proper balance in digestive and assimilating areas and build up the general influences throughout the body itself.

23. First we would begin with that which will meet or combat the cold, the congestion, and the acidity in the system.  So, we would have a compound prepared in this way and manner:

24. To 2 ounces of Strained Honey add 2 ounces of Distilled Water.  Let this come to a boil, for a carrier.  Then set aside, and add the following ingredients (IN THE ORDER NAMED):

    Syrup of Sarsaparilla Compound.....1/2 ounce,
    Syrup of Horehound.................1/4 ounce,
    Essence of Wild Ginseng............1/2 ounce,
    Syrup of Rhubarb...................1/2 ounce.

25. Shake this solution well before the dose is taken, which would be three, four, five times each day; at least FOUR times, and at other periods if necessary.  The dose would be a teaspoonful, which may be taken before the meals or between the hours for meals.

26. This compound, as we find, will act upon the mucous membranes, stimulating the digestive forces of the system, stimulating the activity of the excretory forces of the kidneys and the secretive forces of the liver and those activities of the pancreas.  These activities will create, then, a better balance throughout.

27. We would each day massage the abdomen and the ileum and the caecum area with a compound prepared in this manner; in the order named:

    Olive Oil (heated)...................2 ounces,
    Tincture of Myrrh....................2 ounces,
    Oil of Wintergreen...................1 ounce.

28. Use this solution for massaging, that the folds of the abdomen and the activity through the areas in the lower portion of the abdomen become more in order that the building up of the system may make for a coagulation and the proper adhesives.

29. We would wear the belt or those supports that make for the ability of the body to walk or stand or become active in the necessary influences.  But these may be gradually loosened as the conditions change.

30. Then, we would be very mindful of the DIET for the body. For this should be the greater healing influence that will aid in building up the body.  This would be as an outline, though these are not the only foods to be taken - but let these be the greater portion of the foods as taken for the body:

31. Mornings - citrus fruit juices; OR whole wheat, that is crushed or rolled, that is not cooked too much but cooked sufficient that it may be active with the digestive forces of the system itself.  About three or four times each week the whole wheat would be used, and at other times the citrus fruit juices - but DO NOT have these both together.  Preferably the drink would be a CEREAL drink, or one where the greater part of the caffeine has been extracted.  Do not use milk in the morning meal.

32. Use milk rather in the meal that would be BETWEEN the morning and noon meals; that is, in a glass of milk there would be added the YOLK of an egg with apple brandy.  Have the egg "cooked," as it were, with apple brandy; then ADD the milk.  This should be at least a glassful, in the middle of the morning between the two meals.

33. Noons - principally raw vegetables.  Not meats.  Not so much of soups; though these may be taken occasionally.  Principally fruits OR vegetables; not both, but fruits or vegetables.  Soups occasionally.

34. Between the noon and evening meals - that is, in the middle of the afternoon - take two ounces of red wine with black bread, or brown bread, or whole wheat bread that is browned.  This should only be taken in such combination, for the iron, the copper, the silicon, the blood-building properties that come from such a combination - especially at this hour.  Do not take OTHER alcoholic DRINKS at other times!

35. Evenings - beef juice, or steak - just so it is WELL-cooked but not hard nor not raw.  Fish.  Vegetables, especially red cabbage, spinach, lentils, beans, and such natures.  These should be the principal foods for the evening meals.  Not too much, but satisfy the appetite.

36. In the eliminations, instead of using cathartics use rather the enemas and OIL.  These will work better with the general conditions, but keep eliminations each day sufficient to prevent accumulations of toxic poisons from fecal forces in the system.

37. Do this, as we find, for thirty-six to forty-eight days; and we will find such a change that we may then give further directions.

38. Ready for questions.

39. (Q)  Should any milk be used with the whole wheat cereal for breakfast?
(A)  NO MILK at the morning meal!

40. (Q)  How may hearing be improved?
(A)  With the general improvement in the conditions.  As indicated, this is rather an effect than a specific cause.  The building up of the general system will gradually improve the activities through the sensory forces.  This will become a portion of the SECOND program!

41. (Q)  Please give needed advice about teeth.
(A)  With local attention and keeping down the acidity in the manner indicated, a great deal of change may be made here.  The use of any of the dentifrices that are less and less acid-forming will make for better conditions.  Many dentifrices that are used by many are acid-producing.  Tests may be best made for acidity by the use of litmus paper in the saliva and in the urine.  These may be used in conjunction, and the body then alter the diet to meet the needs for causing less acidity.

42. (Q)  Has the condition caused from so-called erysipelas been relieved entirely?
(A)  Naturally, this being a lymph disturbance (erysipelas), and the conditions in the body a drain upon the sympathetic nerve forces and a great deal of disturbance in the blood supply, there are - as it were - TRACES; but the general condition builded as indicated will eradicate same, especially through that as will be assimilated by the system from red wine - copperas.

43. (Q)  Can anything be done to overcome the sacro-iliac sprain, other than wearing a belt all the time?
(A)  The rub over the areas indicated, as outlined, will aid - and the general health so that coagulations are better will make for a general strengthening.  The body will put on weight, but let's put it on NOMINALLY - and not too much at once!

44. (Q)  What caused the stomach trouble during the past summer?
(A)  The tendency of the walls of the peritoneum to break down by the lack of sufficient blood supply, and the strain generally upon the system.
    Do these things, as given, for thirty-six to forty-eight days; and then we will give those changes for specific conditions that will need local or specific attention.

45. We are through for the present.

Copy to Self
      "    " Ass'n file

(GD's note at time of reading:  See letter [which was enclosed] to Druggist for preparing compound.)


R1. 1/13/36 See 1014-2.

Reading 1014-2



    This is a check reading that exemplifies the format for this type. Essentially, the structure is loosely organized into three sections:

  • an introduction that summarizes the current condition,
  • a very brief assessment of the current pathology,
  • a brief treatment section which affirms previous treatment recommendations,
  • a rather long question and answer section.


    This is a typical check reading with regard to length, content, and style.

    Here are some specific observations about this reading:

  • (Par 2-4) Although conditions are much better, there is still a tendency for imbalances which can be addressed by the recommendations in the first reading.  In other words, the original treatment plan is still valid.  Note that an emphasis is given to keeping alkaline.  Cayce often used the check readings to point out areas in which the person has not been fully compliant.
  • (Par 7)  The medicine recommended in the first reading is still needed, but less often.  This is a common theme - avoid treatments which make the body dependent or addicted.  Decrease medicines or take them in cycles to encourage the organs to function on their own.
  • (Par 9)  Food combinations are again stressed.  Avoid combinations of citrus and grains, starches and sweets.  Keep toward an alkaline tendency in the diet.
  • (Par 10)  Treatment for the eyes includes direct (local) and indirect (reflex) treatment.  Massage and/or manipulation to the upper dorsal (thoracic) and lower cervical spinal centers was often recommended for the sensory system, in this case, eye problems.
  • (Par 12)  While still on the road to health, compliance with the treatment plan is encouraged to build resistances in the system.
  • This reading had a very favorable outcome as documented by the 1940 report.  Also, note that he benefited from the same treatment plan in 1964 when some of the symptoms returned.


B1. See 1014-1 on 10/4/35.

B2. Report:  Much better; gained six pounds; able to sleep at night; better appetite.


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 13th day of January, 1936, in accordance with request made by the self - Mr. [1014], through Active Membership of his sister-in-law, Mrs. [413], in the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. [1014].


Time of Reading
10:55 to 11:10 A. M. Eastern Standard Time.         ..., Va.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC:  Yes, we have the body here, [1014].

2. As we find, conditions are very much improved throughout the general physical forces of the body.

3. While there are still those tendencies and those inclinations for the disturbed forces in the functioning of organs, it is well that there be kept occasionally the following of the suggestions that have been indicated.  Thus we will make for the continued building up of resistances in the system, and thus make for those activities where the body may keep the better balance.

4. It is well that the eliminations be looked after, or KEEP those activities so that in the activities of the body the ALKALINES (in the diet reaction) are the more prominent.  Not too much in excess, but with the predominant alkaline reaction in the diet there may be kept down those tendencies for cold, for congestion, to affect weakened tissue so that it may become involved in disturbances that may AFFECT a depleted system.

5. Hence the necessity for the caring for those conditions occasionally, so that this resistance may be gradually builded up.

6. Ready for questions.

7. (Q)  Should compound be continued?
(A)  Rather occasionally, as indicated, so as to keep those activities in the system until the body adjusts itself in such a manner that the assimilating forces tend to create that necessary for meeting the activities necessary for replenishing the body.
    The variations here, as may be well to note, are:
    In those activities that have been given, we find we are adding elements that are as incentives for the SYSTEM to create that within the body itself.  While oft we find in the administration of medicinal properties, whether they be of the mineral or vegetable forces, if those things administered are habit-forming, or if they are those things that tend to take the place OF the activities of organs in the system, they eventually prove to be detrimental.  For the body builds with that which is supplied it THROUGH the assimilating system.
    Hence in the administration of factors that may be beneficial to a body, as to this body, [1014]:
    The ministrations in the compound are those elements necessary to supply DEFICIENCIES, but are not of those natures that will require an excess quantity to keep the activities of the body in order for those deficiencies to be carried on in the system - but may ENABLE the body to produce these elements themselves.
    Hence, as indicated, rather than this compound being taken as regularly, these properties would be taken about half as often, or about half the quantity.  Thus we will find the body would conform in its function and in its activity to meet the necessary conditions.

8. (Q)  How often would you suggest the massage now, if that is necessary?
(A)  Once a week, or twice in one week and then skip two weeks, see?

9. (Q)  Any change advised in diet?
(A)  As indicated, keep rather to those things that are tending for alkalinity in the system.  Not an excess; not that there should be NONE of the starches or hydrochlorics or the proteins taken in order for the body fuels and the body activities.  But do not make combinations in the foods in such manners as that they work one with another, or against another.  Not an excess of starches at the times quantities of sweets are taken.  Not an excess of starch when citrus fruits are taken or these things that are of an acid nature but are alkaline in reaction; for these tend to make for combinations that work at variance.  But keep that which is body-building, tending towards keeping the alkalinity.

10. (Q)  What causes the burning and blood-shot appearance in eyes?  What remedy?
(A)  The massages that are given, if they are made so as to correct those conditions in the upper dorsals and through the cervical areas, should be such as to eliminate these.
    These are those tendencies, that have been first indicated in the body, where the weakness occurs that causes a great amount of the lymph flow.  This is an excess of pressure in the area that tends to prevent the circulation from carrying away used forces in the system.  But if the drainages are set up in the upper dorsal and through the cervical area, when the massages or manipulations are given, these would gradually disappear.
    Well, for the local application, that these be bathed at times, or just before retiring, with a little saline solution; about a pinch of salt (between the fingers, you see) to an ounce of water.  Dissolve the salt preferably in warm water; stir well, and then put in an eye cup.  This is the better manner to make for the cleansing of same, and this - of course - with the eye open.

11. (Q)  What causes and what may be done for the headaches?
(A)  These are rather much from the diets.  These are from those tendencies for the wrong combinations in the digestive forces, and the irritations that arise from anxieties to the nervous systems after same.
    When these occur, as we find, a little soda water will relieve these disturbances.  Not quantities, for then it would become the very thing that would be injurious - if taken too much.  But about three grains of soda in half a glass of water.

12. (Q)  Should any other treatments be followed now?
(A)  The whole general treatment that has been indicated, occasionally, to keep the body in those tendencies for its building resistances within itself.
    It is ON the road to recuperative forces and to building resistances.  KEEP it in that way and manner.

13. (Q)  Any further advice?
(A)  Do that.

14. We are through with this reading.

Copy to Self
     "    " Ass'n file

(GD's note at the time of the reading:  See ALKALINE REACTING diet list [which was enclosed]).


R1. 7/22/40 Mr. [1014] reported that his first reading, 1014-1 certainly described his condition accurately - the loss of appetite, loss of weight, tiredness, etc.  He had gotten wonderful results from following the treatments recommended; felt like a different person after 3 months.

R2. 8/5/64 Wife, [1079] reported, via sister-in-law, Mrs. [413] that [1014] recently had been not well at all - especially in the spring and early summer; he told her he thought he would go to Johns Hopkins and get a check up; he just didn't feel like going on living.  She asked him if he would follow his original reading from Mr. Cayce if she got it out and prepared the things for him.  He agreed that he would, since he had some of the same symptoms - loss of weight, appetite, lack of zest, etc.  She got the compound prepared and started him on it, fixed his meals exactly as recommended, etc., etc.  Now, after 3-4 weeks of the treatment he feels like a different person; looks and feels much better, is gaining in weight, eats his meals with interest and has much more vitality, etc., etc.

R3. 9/11/74 Mr. [1014] died in a hospital, leaving his wife, a daughter, three sisters, one brother, two grandchildren and a great grandchild as survivors.

Reading 3326-1



    The structure of this short reading is very informal.  Yet, the style is highly focused and concise - which is typical of the later readings.  While providing specific information for the individual, general information about migraine headache is interwoven into the fabric of the reading.  Here are some observations about the format of this reading.

  • it is difficult to tell where the introduction ends and the pathology section begins - they are blended together in the first five paragraphs,
  • the treatment section begins with paragraph six,
  • the question and answer section begins with paragraph 15.

    This reading is extraordinary in that it gives an explanation of migraine headaches.  Keep in mind that migraine can be produced by a variety of causal factors.  Edgar Cayce sometimes used the expression "true" when speaking of the essential or core cause of illnesses.  The technical term is idiopathic.  Thus this reading could be considered as dealing with the causes and treatment of idiopathic migraine as well as providing help for the individual receiving the reading.  You almost get the feeling that Edgar Cayce sensed that his time was limited and he wanted to pack as much general information into the reading as possible.

    Here are some specific observations about this reading:

  • (Par 3) The medical literature recognizes the category of abdominal migraine which is most often seen in children.  Thus, Cayce's observation that the child is in the developing stages, is consistent with the literature on this disorder.  Food allergies are well recognized as triggers for "dietary" migraine.  Numerous articles exist in the medical literature on this connection.
  • Par 5)  Cayce recommends that treatment be focused on causes and effects rather than simply providing symptomatic relief.  Cure by removal of cause is a basic premise in the Cayce approach.  Also, treating a problem when it is just beginning is usually must easier than waiting until it becomes imprinted into the system.
  • (Par 5) A positive prognosis is given.
  • (Par 7) Typically ("universally"), the allergic reaction in the digestive tract that produces migraine is in the small intestine (jejenum); however, in this particular case there is also irritation in the large intestine (colon), especially where the small intestine joins with the large intestine (cecum).
  • (Par 7 - 14) The treatment plan is simple:
    • cleanse the intestines with colonic irrigations,
    • avoid foods which cause irritation to the digestive system,
    • drink plenty of fresh water to assist with internal cleansing,
    • get osteopathic adjustments to the dorsal (thoracic) area of the spine where the nerves provided impulse to the intestinal tract.
  • (Par 8) Note the recommendation to avoid chocolate.  Chocolate is one of the most common food triggers for migraine.
  • (Par 16) Edgar Cayce preferred steel cut oats to rolled or processed cereals.  He said the nutritional value is greater.  He didn't like instant hot cereals but suggested that they be cooked slowly for a couple of hours.  This applies to everyone.
  • (Par 16) Note the other dietary advice in this paragraph.  Each person has to determine what will and will not work for them.
  • (Par 17) The strong physical basis of the disorder is emphasized in this paragraph.  In other words, don't try to think it away or such.  Address the physical aspects of the condition or risk having a chronic illness.
  • We do not know the outcome in this case.  There is no follow up report.

Idiopathic - literally means "we don't know what the cause is" with regard to illness.  Almost all diseases have an idiopathic form which constitutes the core group for that disorder.  In other words, medical science doesn't know the basic cause for most illness apart from the general recognition that heredity predisposition is often involved.  Edgar Cayce never used the word idiopathic.  He used the expression "true" which is a synonym for idiopathic.  Other synonyms are "pure" and "essential."  Thus, Edgar Cayce gave numerous readings where he spoke of "true" epilepsy or "true" multiple sclerosis, etc.  When using this terminology he is speaking "universally" about the condition as he did about migraine in reading 3326-1.

Dorsal - is the old term for thoracic with reference to the spinal vertebrae.  Generally speaking, the dorsal area runs from about the shoulders down to the middle of the waist.  The 6th and 7th dorsal area is between the shoulder blades.

Caecum - is the beginning of the large intestine located at the lower portion of the right side of the abdomen.

Jejunum - middle section of the small intestine.


B1. 5/3/43 Mother's request:  "I should like to know whether you think the pains she suffers in back of the eyeballs are due to a food allergy - and would you suggest her being tested for the various allergies - Will she outgrow this condition, and what can I do to relieve it."

B2. 10/12/43 Mother's letter:  "She has had only one migraine attack since she came home from camp, and only one this summer when she was at camp and ate some chocolate sauce, which makes me think the condition is improving."

    Are the attacks due to some emotional reaction?  What foods other than chocolate should be avoided?  Is milk one of the foods that affects this condition? (She has not had any for about six months, but I would like her to go back to it, if possible.)


This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 29th day of October, 1943, in accordance with request made by the mother - [...], new Associate Member of the Ass'n for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kahn.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. (Notes read to and transcribed by Jeanette Fitch.)


Time of Reading
10:40 to 10:55 A. M. Eastern War Time.            ..., N. Y.

1. GC:  You will go over this body carefully, examine it thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions, also suggestions for help and relief of this body; answering the questions, as I ask them:

2. EC:  Yes, we have the body here, [3326].

3. As we find, while the body is in the developing stages, the sources of the conditions to which the body becomes allergic in the digestive system should be looked for - that deal with all migraine headaches.

4. So, this information might be used universally as to the sources of such, if it would be accepted.  For, here we find such in its beginnings, and it is in the digestive system, causing - through a state of circulation - an inflammation in the connections of the intestinal tract through which blood and nerve supply bring nutriment and activity to these portions of the body.

5. Thus these conditions taken in these beginnings may be eradicated entirely from the system; but the taking of sedatives of any form only adds fire to the condition.  True, it may ease for the moment, but it requires continued excesses of same that involve the gastric flow even of other portions of the system.  However, if the correct applications are made, the causes of the condition may be removed.

6. Here, with this body, it would require sufficient colonic irrigations, scientifically given, to keep the colon cleansed for a period sufficient for reaction of the body energies themselves in supplying nutriment to the folds in the colon itself.

7. This extends and becomes much more active in the jejunum (this is speaking universally now, not in this individual case) but its beginnings are in the area (as in this particular body) of the caecum - where the jejunum empties into the colon for further digestion and absorption by body forces.

8. Hence with this body, to be sure, throughout these periods keep away from excesses of sweets, especially chocolate and any sedimentary forces (such as brans or as raisins).  Prunes will work just the opposite, for these carry another form of activity to the walls of the system itself.  It would be well to include prunes in the diet, if they are cooked - or even fresh.  Plums of all natures, then, are very well to be taken.

9. Certain forms of apples are well, but most of these for this body through these periods should be cooked.

10. Water cress, especially, should be taken - and these raw; including celery and lettuce; at times carrots.  All of these grated and combined with the gelatin would be much better for the body.

11. Do drink plenty of water, at least six to eight glasses of water each day.

12. Do have sufficient enemas, scientifically given, to cleanse all mucous from the body.  This may be done each time the colonic is given.  So put them about ten days to two weeks apart, and there should be required at least four or five of these.

13. During that same period, relax the body osteopathically; with special reference to reducing a lesion that exists between the 6th and 7th dorsal.

14. Do these, being mindful of the diet, and we will correct conditions for this body.  These are the sources of migraine headaches.

15. Ready for questions.

16. (Q)  Is milk one of the foods that affects this condition? (She has not had any for about six months, but I would like her to go back to it, if possible.)
(A)  Depends upon the combinations with which it is taken.  If with wheat germ, - that is, even puffed oats, puffed rice or puffed wheat, and wheat germ with it, - milk may be taken; also with oatmeal that is cooked a long time, not the oats cooked only a few minutes - that isn't very good for anyone. These are much better if they are of the whole grain and not rolled or so treated chemically as to cause them to cook easily.  These whole grain cereals may be taken with milk in same.

17. (Q)  Are the attacks due to some emotional reaction?
(A)  We have given as to what are the sources.  If there will be done these things outlined, you can correct the condition.  If you keep taking shots or pills, you will have it the rest of your life.

18. We are through with this reading.

(For the colonics we would refer you to Dr. H. J. Reilly, R.C.A. Bldg., 1250 6th Ave., N.Y.C.   For the osteopathic treatments we would refer you to Dr. T. R. MacLean, Popham Hall, Scarsdale, N.Y.)



Reading 3906-1



    This reading was given near the end of Edgar Cayce's life and therefore is very focused on basic causes and treatments.   Here are some observations about the format of this reading.

  • the introduction and pathology sections are combined into the first four paragraphs.
  • the treatment section is compressed into paragraph seven,
  • there is no question and answer section, as no questions were asked.


    Pardon the pun, but this reading really is breathtaking in its implications.  The recognition of the psychological (karmic) aspects of the condition is graphic and yet poetic.

    Here are some specific observations about this reading:

  • (Par 3)  Note that the physical (physiological) and psychological aspects of the condition are emphasized.
  • (Par 4)  Almost any condition will respond better in the early stages before the body accepts the pathological state as normal.  In this case, we are told that early treatment of the asthma is more likely to be effective, rather than letting it continue.
  • (Par 4)  The pressures on the nerve centers are along the upper portion of the spine from between the shoulder blades all the way to the base of the skull (9th dorsal/thoracic to 1st cervical).  Many of the readings on asthma emphasize treatment of the upper spine, as these nerves provide impulse to the lungs and respiratory system.
  • (Par 5&6)  Treatment with drugs will not address the underlying causes of the condition, and may tend to making the asthmatic problem chronic.
  • (Par 7)  A long series of osteopathic manipulations are recommended to completely eliminate the nerve pressures.  Perhaps one or two treatments during a week of each month for six years may be required.
  • (Par 7)  The spiritual aspect of healing is essential.  Often in cases involving karma, Edgar Cayce insisted that the spiritual dimension must be addressed.  The healing power of forgiveness is emphasized for this individual.
  • (Report 4)  A follow up report for this case suggest that the parents eventually had the child examined by an osteopath who provided treatment.  The decrease in asthmatic symptoms may have been produced by the spinal manipulations.  No additional follow up information is available.


B1. 12/2/43 Mother's letter to EC:

 ..., Florida

Mr. Edgar Cayce,
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dear Mr. Cayce,

Thank you very much for your letter of November 24th and for the pamphlet "Edgar Cayce, His life and His work", which we have just received.

Both my husband and myself have read the book with great interest and we feel that we would like to go further into the matter.

As we wrote in our original letter, our son, [3906] has been ill with Asthma since he was three years of age.  He is now past twelve and after a year of comparative freedom from attack he has suffered a relapse of great severity culminating in the present attack which is now in its sixth week.

If thru your powers you would be able to be of some assistance to him, we would be eternally grateful.

Enclosed please find a check for $20.00 for an Associate Membership in the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., with an application for a reading for [3906].  We can understand thoroughly that, with the type of work you do, your appointments must be terribly piled up.  However, we feel that this case has an emergency aspect to it, and we
would appreciate anything you can do to expedite a reading.

Very truly yours, Mrs. [...]


This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 20th day of March, 1944, in accordance with request made by the mother - Mrs. [...], new Associate Member of the Ass'n for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.  (Notes read to and transcribed by Jeanette Fitch.) Harmon Bro.


Time of Reading
3:50 to 4:00 P. M. Eastern War Time.          ..., Florida.

1. GC:  You will go over this body carefully, examine it thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions, also suggestions for help and relief of this body; answering the questions, as I ask them:

2. EC:  Yes, we have the body here.

3. Here we have truly a pathological condition but a psychological as well as the physiological, and it extends to karmic reactions also.  For one doesn't press the life out of others without at times seeming to have same pressed out of self.

4. If these disturbances are corrected pathologically in the early developing years, so that those pressures apparent in the areas from the 9th dorsal to the 1st cervical are corrected, we may allay oft those bronchial-asthmatic reactions that take the life and breath from the body.

5. The administration of other things outside are palliatives and will only bring about or create conditions that will not change.

6. Of course the hypodermics that may be given for such will relieve but will only produce stricture that would make for greater and greater disturbance as the body grows older.

7. It may be corrected osteopathically, it may require even six years - and a week's treatment out of each month during the whole six years, but it would be worth it for the body; provided the spiritual attitude of those responsible for the body, as well as the body, is set in that way of knowing the sources of forgiveness.  For who can forgive sins save those against whom they are committed?  And when one sins, the sin is against the giver of life, God.

8. Ready for questions.

9. We are through with this reading.


R1. 5/15/47 [3906]'s mother's letter:

Mrs. [...]
..., Florida

Association For Research and Enlightenment,
Virginia Beach, Virginia


We were fortunate in obtaining a reading from Mr. Cayce on Feb. 8, 1943 for our son [3906].  We have misplaced that reading and are anxious to have it again.  Is it possible to obtain a copy of the reading.  If there is a charge for such a copy please advise and we will send it to you.  I would
very much appreciate the copy by return mail.

We are also very much interested in knowing what your association is doing with regard to this work.  Would you advise us on this point as well.

Thank you again.

Sincerely, [...]

R4. 7/30/50 Report by friends of parents, Mr. & Mrs. [...] who visited Hdqtrs. & heard Harmon Bro lecture today:  "In 1946 [3906] was sent to school in Arizona, on advice of physician, as climate would be beneficial to his asthmatic condition.  Subsequently, during vacation in Fla. complained of  discomfort in back; parents took him to osteopath who described some malalignment which apparently coincided with EC reading.  Osteopathic treatments were taken which did some good to extent that his asthmatic attacks were cured to extent that he returned to Fla. to live with parents - not necessary for Arizona climate any more."

Reading 4345-1



    The format of this short reading is typical of the middle period of Edgar Cayce's career.  The standardized structure is:

  • a very brief introduction which provides a preview of the causal patterns which will be described in the pathology section, namely that the problem involves reflexes to the organs (in other words, pay special attention to the organ section),
  • a pathology section consisting of:
    • blood supply,
    • nervous system,
    • organs.
  • a treatment section which provides specific treatment recommendations,
  • a question and answer section that was not taken advantage of.


   This reading is an excellent example of a typical physical reading.  Additionally, it is also an excellent example of a reading on hypertension (high blood pressure) as will be described below.

    Here are some specific observations about this reading:

  • (Par 3) The blood supply indicates a circulatory problem between the superficial (venous) flow and the deep circulation (arterial).  These terms will be briefly explained below.  Later lessons will provide greater depth to the explanations.  The point is that the blood leaves the heart easily (arterial flow) but has trouble returning (venous flow) causing increased pressure.
  • (Par 4) Note also that the blood supply indicates a buildup of toxins in the system.
  • (Par 5) The nervous system shows signs of these disorders manifesting as reflexes to the sensory system.  Hence, the sensory organs are not quite functioning properly.
  • (Par 7) Note that the organ section begins with the brain.  It is typical for the brain to be included in the organ section rather than the nervous system section.  Later lessons on the nervous system will provide insight into Cayce perspective on the relationship between the cerebral brain and the nervous systems.  In this case, brain functioning is impaired in a subtle way, making it difficult for this man to properly discern and understand what is going on.  This may be due to the disturbed patterns of circulation or the general toxicity of the body.
  • Note that the review of the organs begins at the head and proceeds down the body as if Cayce were doing a body scan.
  • (Par 8) The fullness in the throat is a common symptom when the liver and hepatic circulation is working to "detox" the body.  Later discussions of the hepatic system will explain this symptom.
  • (Par 9) The heart action indicates serious pathology.  It is as if the heart is pumping against resistance in the blood vessels causing a backup of blood and increased pressure.  If this continues, one could expect coronary heart disease.
  • (Par 10) Digestion is naturally upset.
  • (Par 11) The cause is traced to the colon (large intestine).  Cayce observes that even x-rays will show the pathology (perhaps fecal cakes or other such buildup).  Since this area receives significant amounts of blood supply, resistance here could increase blood pressure.  This is a very significant point.  High blood pressure can be caused by many factors.  One of the most common in the Cayce readings is colon dysfunction as described in this reading.  Therefore, this reading is a wonderful example of the etiology (causation) of hypertension from the Cayce perspective.
  • (Par 13) The treatment section begins by recommending colonic irrigation, a standard treatment for hypertension.  Note that frequent colonic irrigations are to given, but not so often that the colon looses the ability to eliminate naturally.
  • (Par 13) Note the references to constipation and hemorrhoids.  By the way, hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in the venous (return) portion of the circulatory system.
  • (Par 13) The pressures produced in the colon naturally affect the hepatic system (especially the liver and kidneys).  Again, this is a common pattern in the Cayce readings.  When the colon becomes toxic, the liver and kidneys become involved.
  • (Par 16) The osteopathic treatments that are advised are of a "general" nature.  In other words, the manipulations are to relax the system and improve eliminations (thus decreasing toxicity).  The osteopaths new how to give a "general" treatment as it was included in almost all the textbooks of that era.  The idea is not so much to correct anatomical problems as to regulate the physiology of the system.  In this case, to assist with internal cleansing.  The art of the "general" osteopathic treatment has largely been lost.  However, some clinicians associated with the Cayce approach are seeking to revive this technique.
  • (Par 18) The simple dietary recommendations are consistent with physiology.  Fats and greases will only clog up the system and make for a heavier load on the liver.
  • A positive prognosis was given near the end of this reading.
  • No questions were asked.  The reading pretty much covered everything.  The explanations of causation and treatment were explicit and comprehensive.
  • There was a positive outcome in this case as documented in the reports of reading 4345-2: "I wish to report that I am feeling much better, having followed your advice over a period of about six months.  I find my physical condition greatly improved and my blood pressure very materially reduced."

Hepatic - pertaining to the liver.  From the Cayce perspective, the word hepatic is broadly used to include the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and spleen.  Because the relationship between the liver and kidneys is so intimate, Cayce often includes the kidneys as part of hepatic system.  The hepatic circulation is essentially synonymous with the "deep" circulation.  Later lessons will focus on this extremely important system.

Superficial - with regards to the circulation, this is the venous or return flow.  Cayce also identifies the superficial as that portion which comes closest to the surface of the body.

Colonic Irrigation - cleansing of the colon with water and other substances, similar to an enema.  Colonic irrigations are much more thorough than enemas.




B1. 8/2/32 Letter:  "Have been suffering from high blood pressure for a number of years.  Have tried many doctors and various diets without much result."


This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Va. Beach, Va., this 9th day of August, 1932, in accordance with request made by self, new Associate Member of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., through his friend Mr. Harry M. Goetz.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.


Time of Reading
10:50 A. M. Eastern Standard Time.           ..., California.

(Physical Suggestion)

1. EC:  Yes, we have the body, [4345].  Now, as we find, there are specific conditions that disturb the physical functioning of the organs of the body.  These, as we find, are more in the nature of reflex conditions, in the disturbing of the functioning organs, but are of specific nature in their condition.

2. These, then, are the conditions as we find them with this body, [4345]:

3. First, in the BLOOD supply, this we find shows in its elementals the nature or cause of the disturbance, in the manner in which the circulation takes place; it being rather of the superficial circulation, or slower in its action in the return to the heart than in its flow from the heart to portions of the system.  Hence producing in the heart's action itself a high pressure in the conditions of the system.  This makes for the inability of the full or complete activities that might be experienced were there a normal coordination between the arterial and venous circulation.

4. The elements of the blood itself show there are toxic forces, then, that produce this condition.  Hence a variation may be seen in the constituents of same, as there may be specifically seen the great variation in the specific gravity of the urine itself, and of the manner in which the circulation through the hepatics is altered at times.  The toxic forces, then, must exist in the system that is governed by this hepatic circulation, or in the hepatic circulation.  The condition of the liver itself also indicates this condition, for there is not the proper coordination in the excretory and secretive functioning of the organ itself.  Not so much in the organ as the organ's function, but the FUNCTIONING system OF the organ produces this condition in the system.  Produced in return by the nature of the circulation THROUGH the organ.

5. In the NERVOUS system we find there are hindrances created by this improper coordination in the circulation, and we have a correspondent disturbance between the sympathetic and cerebrospinal circulation.  Hence we find there are reflexes that cause at times those disturbances with the organs of the sensory system, or that are governed principally in their reaction to the senses; so that the eyes at times give disorders, as dull - and not visioning as properly as should; things taste abnormal at times to the body, the appetite not as keen as it should be - even with those diversions that are attempted by the manner of diet that has been outlined for the body at times; the ear at times gives forth those disturbings in the hearing, and a drumming or roaring at times in same.  These are but signs, or the reactions which show that disturbances exist, and are not causes - but the SIGNS of conditions that disturb the functioning system.

6. In the ORGANS themselves, these are affected by the condition:

7. The brain forces at times are not as keen in their perception, and the body at times feels there is not as keen a response to the manner the body would think things out in its way of discernment - and these make for those disagreements, as it were, with self, and the seeking out for the causes of these; and a tendency to feel there should be stimulation in some way or manner for a more keen perception.  Hence throws the whole general system out of balance without being able to say just WHAT is the reason, or the cause, and - as we find - this then is rather of a subtle nature, but - as we shall see - may be removed from the system so there may be a better reaction.

8. In the throat, bronchi and lungs, these are very good considering conditions, yet this fullness appears in all at times.

9. Heart's action shows the condition that exists as of pressure, and must gradually make for - with the manner of the circulation, unless corrected - an enlarged organ itself, in that - attempting to pump the circulation, as it were, when slow in returning - it makes for that often heard, in the tests of same, as a gurgitation; which denotes - as also the other tests - a pressure in the blood supply.

10. The digestive system is rather spasmodic in its activity, so that things that agree at times do not agree at others.

11. The causes, then, as we find, are dilations in the colon itself.  As we would find, an X-Ray would prove this conclusively to the body, were this taken with the manner in which these are classed at the present time or period.  This, as we find, exists in the ascending and the first portion of the transverse colon area, and these make for the toxic forces that appear in the system, and - producing the disturbance sympathetically in the heart's action, and the pressure that exists in the hepatic circulation - making for those disturbances that come and go between the kidneys and the liver themselves, as well as the other conditions.

12. In meeting, then, the needs of the conditions as we find for this body, [4345]:

13. First, we would begin with those irrigations that will relieve those pressures in the colon area throughout.  Continue these, not to the detriment, not so that the activities of the lymph and the peristaltic movement of the colon or the intestinal system are entirely lost, but of sufficient frequency to eventually CLEANSE the colon itself THOROUGHLY, and allow the reactions to come in such a nature as to form normalcy in the eliminations; for, as in times back, the body has suffered from first the tendency for constipation, later the folds or hemorrhoid reaction in the lower portion of the colon and throughout the area of the system in its ejection period, or areas; and THESE are then as effects that CAUSED these conditions (the toxic forces).  These have produced the pressures in the organs of the hepatic circulation, or liver and kidneys and the colon itself, and the signs of same are created in the blood stream itself, or pressure, or improper coordination between venous circulation and arterial circulation.

14. In the manner, then, that these would be relieved - or these applied:

15. First, every two weeks - until four or six such colonics are had.  In using these, there should be plenty of intestinal antiseptics used after the cleansing, so there is as little irritation as may be had.

16. We would also, BETWEEN those periods, have at least two to three general manipulations osteopathically (that is, between each two week period), stimulating the centers of the cerebrospinal and sympathetic that make for activities in the system as related to the digestion.  It would be better to have two of these treatments each week.

17. After the sixth colonic irrigation, or when this is thoroughly cleansed, these need only be taken sufficiently to KEEP this condition from forming again in the body.

18. In the matter of diet, these will be kept in the order that there is sufficient quantity of food for weight, but not the greases or fats that make for a hard digestion - at least not a great deal until there is the better condition established in the hepatic circulation, and until this pressure has been relieved.

19. These, we will find, will aid in bringing about a near normal condition for this body of [4345].

20. Ready for questions.

21.  We are through for the present.


R1. 8/9/32 EC's letter to [4345]:

Los Angeles, Calif.

My dear Mr. [4345]:

We are enclosing herewith the information which was gotten for you at the appointed time.  I hope it will be self-explanatory.  You will be able to locate a physician there, I am sure, who can give you these treatments.  Our experience through the years has been that such treatments are most successful in reducing pressure, when they are kept for a sufficient length of time to overcome the disorder, so as to prevent a return.  Following an operation for myself some years ago I had high blood pressure, which was very annoying for two years.  Then in a reading treatments similar to yours were suggested for me, and I had the opportunity to have them carried out properly.  Since then I have never suffered with the condition.  That is my own personal experience.  Quite a number of cases similar we have had during the years, and most remarkable results have been obtained from following the treatments outlined.  I hope such will be true in your case.

I trust you will let us hear from you from time to time, and if there is anything we can do to be of service please know that we are only too glad to try.

Sincerely,  EC:GD


R2. 8/23/32 Mildred Davis' letter to [4345]:

Los Angeles, Calif.

My dear Mr. [4345]:

We are enclosing your membership card in the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Incorporated, (No. 94, Associate) which entitles you to a year's membership, expiring August 1st, 1933.  We are very glad to have you as a member of our organization, and sincerely hope that we have been and will continue to be of service to you.  That is our sincere desire - to be of the greatest service and bring physical, material, and spiritual to all those seeking.

May we hear from you in regard to the application of the suggestions given in your reading of August 9th and the results you have experienced?  We are interested in every case and desire to follow them up and ascertain the extent of benefits gained.  From our experience through the years with hundreds who have been aided, the best results are obtained where the suggestions are followed most carefully and exactly.  We trust this has been true in your case and that you are now rapidly gaining your desired health and vigor.

We sent you recently some data regarding our work.  We hope this will prove enlightening and interesting to you.

With best wishes, and hoping to hear from you within the near future, I am

Sincerely yours,  [Mildred Davis] Secretary to the Association

R3. 10/7/32 [4345]'s letter to EC:


Mr. Edgar Cayce, Association for Research & Enlightenment,
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dear Sir:

It is about two months ago since I first had your letter and I have complied with the suggestions exactly as you wrote them but do not find any change as my blood pressure is about the same, if anything a little higher that when I first started these treatments.

Would ask you to kindly let me know whether or not I should continue or if you have any suggestion to make or whether you think it would be advisable to have a check reading.

Yours truly,  [4345]

R4. 10/18/32 EC's letter to [4345]:

Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Mr. [4345]:

We have just received your letter of the 7th, for which we thank you.  I am certainly very much surprised to hear that with the applying of the treatments suggested your blood pressure has continued to rise.  We have never had such an experience where the suggestions have been followed explicitly.  I do indeed feel that it would be nothing more than justice to yourself and to our work that you have a check reading.  We are setting the appointment for the morning of Friday, the 28th, between 7:00 and 8:00 o'clock Pacific Time.  If you desire that we get this, and the hour is satisfactory, you can wire us the address at which you will be.

We certainly hope that we may find something that will meet the needs of the condition.

Thanking you for your letter, I am

Sincerely,  EC:GD


R5. 10/28/32 See 4345-2.

Reading 4468-1



    The format of this short reading is simple.  Essentially, the structure is loosely organized into three sections:

  • a brief introduction which describes the general condition of the child and basic cause (etiology),
  • a pathology section which describes how the pathological effects of liver dysfunction and poisons in the intestinal tract are reflexed through the system,
  • a treatment section which provides general recommendations and cautions.
    Note that there is no question and answer section as the reading ends abruptly.  This is typical of the early readings.  Also note the absence of specific treatment recommendations, which is also typical of the early readings.


   This reading is typical of many of the early Cayce physical readings in its directness and lack of formal style.  However, it is more coherent than many of the early readings due to its simple language and sentence structure.  Here are some specific observations about this reading:

  • (Par 1) The basic cause is traced to an overactive and enlarged liver which is creating too much secretion.  One of  the primary secretions is bile which flows from the liver through the gall bladder into the small intestine.  This is upsetting the assimilation process in the intestines producing an accumulation of toxins in the lower bowel.
  • (Par 2) The kidneys are affected by the liver condition.  This is a typical pattern often cited in the Cayce readings.  The liver and kidneys work closely together.  When one of these organs is upset, the other is also directly affected.
  • (Par 2) The effects of the poisoning in the system is producing symptoms in the spine, pelvis, and limbs (especially the right knee).
  • (Par 2 & 3) Failure to address the underlying causes of the condition and simply operate on the knee could dispose the body to more serious problems later on.  In other words, the reading insists that both the causes and effects must be treated.
  • (Par 4 & 5) Therapeutically, the treatments recommended in this reading are:
    • osteopathic manipulation to remove pressures along the spine and stimulate drainages to help cleanse the system,
    • static electricity (probably the violet ray appliance which was readily available during this era),
    • cleansing of the lower bowel (perhaps with laxatives and/or enemas),
    • a mild stimulant for the kidneys (turpentine) with no specific instructions as to dosage.
  • (Par 2) Note the use of the medical term "locomotor ataxia."  Edgar Cayce often used the correct technical language of his day with regard to assessment and diagnosis.
  • This reading had a very favorable outcome as documented by the reports.

Locomotor Ataxia - loss of muscular coordination produced by sclerosis (scarring) of the nerves in the posterior columns of the spine characterized by loss of deep reflexes, disturbances of nutrition, various ocular (visual) phenomena, loss of sexual power, paralysis of the sphincters, seizures, and dementia.  A person with this disorder would be unable to control gait or effectively use the hand.

Etiology - the study of the causes of disease.

Pathology - the study of disease which involves changes in structure or function.  During the middle period of Edgar Cayce's career as a medical intuitive, the "pathology" section of a typical reading became standardized in a threefold format:

  • blood supply,
  • nervous system,
  • organs.




This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce in Anniston, Alabama, this 26th day of July, 1909, of Prof. F. O. Putman's boy.


Edgar Cayce; L. B. Cayce, Conductor and Steno (?).


Time of Reading
Unknown.                                    Little Rock, Ark.

1. EC:  This boy is in bad shape; has dizzy head with nausea.  This is caused from an enlarged liver, owing to which there is an excess of secretion, also, there is an excess of bile. The lower bowels show a deposit of poisonous matter.

2. In an effort to carry off these poisons, the kidneys are overtaxed and have become inflamed.  Through this reflex condition we have this condition which resembles locomotory ataxia.  The third and fourth lumbar vertebrae are effected, producing overstimulation and adhesions.  We have, also, trouble in the lower limbs and the hands.  There is a trouble, also, in the cap of the right knee.  If this general condition continues, it will produce, in time, paralysis.  The same effect is produced by the stoppage of the circulation.

3. The pelvic organs are effected and adhesions would lead to a curvature of the spine.  To right this trouble, remove the cause.  It may take a long time, but never have an operation with the knife.  Eliminate from the system these poisons in the bowel tract; increase the forces in the intestinal region.  Give mild stimulant for the kidneys, which will aid the urine in carrying off the poisons and reduce the acidity of the urine.  A little turpentine will aid nature in doing this.  Keep the bowels open all the time.

4. The whole trouble comes from this engorgment or enlargement of the liver.  The best method to relieve these adhesions and this congestive condition is by manipulation, electricity and, also, manipulation with the hands.  Static electricity to stimulate the nervous system, also, vibration is good in this case.  Hand manipulation would also do the work.  No medicine would be required for continued treatment.  As the conditions change, the treatment must be changed; in other words, what is good today or tonight would not do tomorrow.

5. Give medicine but not too strong medicine for the child is weak.  It needs something to help these kidneys to carry off the poisons; the kidneys do not work or do not secrete properly.  If this is not attended to, these poisons will effect the blood, which is now in a very bad condition.

6.  No treatment will be of any avail or do any good permanently but the removal of these poisons and lesions.  Treat cautiously and carefully.


Report 4. 11/21/10 Affidavit given by the child's father, copied in LBC's handwriting.  Apparently the original was sent to the Boston Research Society or used in some way when a group was trying to promote EC's work:

Anniston, Ala.

    The following is my testimony regarding the illness of my child and the invaluable service Mr. Edgar Cayce rendered in affecting his cure.

    On or about July 17th, 1909, our baby boy 21 months old was taken very sick with a high fever, temperature 103, for 24 hours a physician was summoned and baby continued worse beginning to jerk considerably, which continued several days.  Even after fever subsided, and was unable to hold himself up. Previous to being sick he was a very stout and healthy child walking and running everywhere.  Two weeks went by and he was still unable to sit or stand, although without fever.  Appetite good, but when he would attempt to stand he would fall and cry.  Physician attending him all the time.  After the fever subsided the doctor assured me the worse was over, so I continued my work on the road.  It was after my leaving home that they discovered that baby's inability to walk.  My wife became alarmed and wrote me the situation.  I wrote Mr. Edgar Cayce at Bowling Green, Ky. and asked him to diagnose the case, giving him Mrs. Putmans address in Little Rock Ark.  He immediately sent her a diagnosis and a copy of same to me at Terre Haute Ind.

    At the time the above occurred my wife was visiting in Little Rock and on receiving Mr. Cayce's diagnosis returned to Bowling Green, Ky. and placed baby under the care of Dr. T. W. Posey, osteopath.  After reading diagnosis given by Mr. Cayce, Dr. Posey pronounced it true to his own.  He treated the child nearly two months and dismissed him as cured.  He is now three years old and in seeming perfect health.  I take worlds of pleasure in making this sworn statement in behalf of Mr. Cayce, as it is very likely that our little boy would not be with us today in a bright, happy, healthy condition, both mentally and physically, had it not been through his assistance.  I hope that his testimonial will aid some one else to find as much joy through his assistance as we have.

    Respt. F. O. Putnam,  1600 Park Ave.,  Little Rock, Ark.

    Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21st day of Nov. 1910 [signed] E. R. Ratterres - Notary Public

Report 5. 11/24/10 Dr. Posey's affidavit, following the above affidavit on same paper:

To whom it may concern:

    I am glad to say I can verify the above statement.  I found, on examination, just such conditions mentioned.  I gave the little fellow 22 treatments osteopathic covering a period       of nearly two months.  And to my joy he responded to the treatment readily.  At the end of that time I diagnosed him as cured.  Sixteen months have passed.  He is still stout and well.  I can say that I have witnessed wonders done by Mr. Cayce, in the way of diagnosing.  I endorse his work.  [signed] T. W. Posey, 732 State St., Bowling Green, Ky.

    State of Ky.  County of Warren,  [initialed]  S. C. T.

    Subscribed and sworn to before me by T. W. Posey this the 25th day of Nov. 1910.  [signed] Roy Cooksy  Notary Public

Report 11. 5/30/51 Sister Mildred Forbes' report:


    In about the year 1909 when my brother, Gordon, was 18 months old, he became seriously ill.  The doctors thought there was an infection in the knee joint, for he cried whenever he put any weight on his right leg and finally could not walk at all.  Just before the reading was given it was becoming painful for him to sit up.  His knee was badly swollen and inflamed and the doctors were planning to put his leg in a cast.

    When it was evident that the doctors were not helping him, my mother was in touch with my father, who was in Joplin, Missouri teaching in a summer school, and he immediately contacted Mr. Cayce, asking him to please find out what was wrong with Gordon.  No specific questions were asked.

    Mr. Cayce was in Bowling Green, my father in Joplin, and my mother and the three boys (Gordon being the baby) were in Fort Worth, Texas.  A reading was promptly received by my mother, giving a detailed explanation of what was wrong and how it could be corrected.  There were several closely typed pages.

    It seemed that the trouble originated in the liver and would require osteopathic treatments.  Since my mother had been raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky, she decided to take Gordon back there to Dr. Posey, an osteopath whom she had known all her life.  Upon arriving in Bowling Green, she contacted Dr. Posey and asked him to look at Gordon.  He examined him and said that his liver was just about twice the size it should be.  She showed him the reading and he laughed and said, "Well, Cayce never misses."  He gave him a treatment immediately and continued as directed.  After several treatments, Gordon was almost normal again and was soon walking as wall as ever.

    I do not know whether Mr. Cayce kept copies of these readings, but our own were lost with two boxes of freight shipments of books, pictures, etc. in moving from Fort Worth to Little Rock, Arkansas.



    The format of this short reading is simple.  Essentially, the structure is loosely organized into three sections:

  • a brief introduction which describes the general condition of the child and basic cause (etiology),
  • a pathology section which describes how the pathological effects of liver dysfunction and poisons in the intestinal tract are reflexed through the system,
  • a treatment section which provides general recommendations and cautions.
    Note that there is no question and answer section as the reading ends abruptly.  This is typical of the early readings.  Also note the absence of specific treatment recommendations, which is also typical of the early readings.


    This reading is typical of m

Here are some specific observations about this reading:

  • (Par 1) The basic cause is traced to an overactive and enlarged liver which is creating too much secretion.  One of  the primary secretions is bile which flows from the liver through the gall bladder into the small intestine.  This is upsetting the assimilation process in the intestines producing an accumulation of toxins in the lower bowel.
  • (Par 2) The kidneys are affected by the liver condition.  This is a typical pattern often cited in the Cayce readings.  The liver and kidneys work closely together.  When one of these organs is upset, the other is also directly affected.
  • reading insists that both the causes and effects must be treated.
  • (Par 4 & 5) Therapeutically, the treatments recommended in this reading are:
    • osteopathic manipulation to remove pressures along the spine and stimulate drainages to help cleanse the system,
    • static electricity (probably the violet ray appliance which was readily available during this era),
    • cleansing of the lower bowel (perhaps with laxatives and/or enemas),
    • a mild stimulant for the kidneys (turpentine) with no specific instructions as to dosage.
  • This reading had a very favorable outcome as documented by the reports.

Locomotor Ataxia - loss of muscular coordination produced by sclerosis (scarring) of the nerves in

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