Cayce Comprehensive Symptom Inventory

Version 1.0

 Copyright © 1998 by David McMillin, all rights reserved.

    CAUTION: The CCSI is a research and education tool.  The CCSI should not be regarded as a guide to self-diagnosis or self-treatment.  The cooperation of a qualified health care professional is essential if one wishes to work with the CCSI.  See the CCSI ADMINISTRATION AND INTERPRETATION MANUAL for instructions on the use of this instrument.

    The following form may be printed out and filled in by hand for educational purposes only.  It may not be reproduced in any form for commercial purposes.

  Name:   Age:  
  Date:   Sex:  
    SCALE 1 SCALE 1  
    Cold extremities     
    Itchy or dry skin    
    Skin blemishes (eczema, psoriasis, rash, acne, etc.)    
    Hands or feet are numb or fall asleep    
    Lumps or tumors under skin    
    SCALE 2 SCALE 2  
2X   Kidney or bladder problems    
    Cold, clamminess over body    
2X   Cold area on abdomen    
    Tiredness or fatigue    
    Stomach or intestinal gas    
    SCALE 3 SCALE 3  
    Stomach or intestinal gas     
2X   Indigestion or "sour stomach"    
    Bad taste in mouth    
2X   Anemia    
    General weakness and lack of energy or vitality    
    SCALE 4 SCALE 4  
2X   Heartburn    
2X   Belching    
2X   Regurgitation of food     
    SCALE 5 SCALE 5  
2X   Catches cold easily     
    Prone to severe colds    
2X   Prone to congestion (head, throat or lungs)    
    Irregular or fast pulse    
    Tiredness or fatigue    
    Abnormal appetite (increased, decreased, erratic)    
    Skin rash    
2X   Headaches    
2X   Indigestion    
    Stomach or intestinal gas     
    Chronic muscle pain or diagnosis of fibromyalgia    
    SCALE 6 SCALE 6  
    Dull headaches    
    Pain or heaviness along right side of abdomen    
    Bad breath or bad taste in mouth not directly due to food or drink    
    General dullness or drowsiness    
2X   Gallstones or gallbladder problems    
    Burning or irritation to eyes    
2X   Dizziness    
    SCALE 7 SCALE 7  
    Impaired or distorted sense of taste    
    Impaired or distorted sense of smell    
    Impaired or distorted vision    
    Impaired or distorted hearing or tinnitus    
    Feeling of fullness in throat or face    
    Supersensitive reactions to sounds, actions, smells, etc.    
    SCALE 8 SCALE 8  
    Decreased urination    
    Urine has strong odor    
    Burning sensation during urination    
    Puffy under eyes or burning of eyes or blurred/dimmed vision    
    Swelling or heaviness in lower extremities    
    Aching muscles and/or joints (rheumatism)    
    SCALE 9 SCALE 9  
2X   High blood pressure or palpitations    
    Lower back pain or sciatic pain    
    Tiredness or fatigue    
2X   Constipation    
    SCALE 10 SCALE 10  
2X   Dental problems such as weak enamel or cavities    
    Dry, faded, or thinning hair    
    Finger nails split or break off    
    Poor resistance to disease    
    Low blood pressure or poor circulation to extremities    
2X   Weak bones, bone loss, or bone deformity    
    Underactive thyroid    
    Tiredness or fatigue    
    Respiratory problems    
    SCALE 11 SCALE 11  
2X   Excessive bleeding (lack of clotting) or wounds heal slowly    
    Low resistance to disease or lack of vitality    
2X   Cysts or tumors    
    Blotches, spots or bruises on surface of body    
    SCALE 12 SCALE 12  
2X   Swelling or heaviness in lower extremities    
    Lower back pain (lumbago)    
    Burning or irritation of eyes or dimness of vision    
    SCALE 13 SCALE 13  
    Abnormal appetite (increased, decreased, or erratic)    
    Indigestion or high acidity in stomach, throat, or mouth    
    Stomach or intestinal gas    
    Abnormal heart action (low or high) or discomfort around heart    
3X   Stomach empties too slowly or too quickly after eating    
    SCALE 14 SCALE 14  
3X   Skin blemishes (eczema, psoriasis, rash, acne, etc.)    
2X   Swollen or painful joints (arthritis or rheumatism)    
    Indigestion or stomach or intestinal gas    
    Tender spots or painful areas over the body    
    Nasal congestion (catarrh) or sinus problems    
    SCALE 15 SCALE 15  
    Dry or thinning hair or ends of hair split    
    Nails brittle or thin, nails split or break, or peal around cuticle    
    Chronic dental problems    
    Dry or rough skin    
    Tiredness or fatigue    
    Lack of interest in sex     
    Fullness, contraction, or choking sensation in neck or throat    
    Cold extremities    
    Poor concentration    
    Abnormal appetite (increased, decreased, or erratic)    
    SCALE 16 SCALE 16  
    Difficulty thinking or remembering; absentminded; slow to react     
2X   Involuntary or uncoordinated movements (tics, twitches, tremors)     
2X   Difficulty walking or maintaining balance    
    Incontinence or drooling    
    Sensory system impairment (speech, hearing, taste, or smell)    
    Conscious awareness of involuntary process - digestion, bloodflow, etc.    
    SCALE 17 SCALE 17  
2X   History of seizures or convulsions    
2X   Cool or cold spot on right side of abdomen    
    Lapse or loss of consciousness    
    Injury to tailbone or soreness of tailbone    
    Abnormal mental and physical development    
2X   Injury, pain or soreness on right side of abdomen below last rib    
    SCALE 18 SCALE 18  
    Anger or hate    
    Resentment, bitterness, or jealously    
    Anxiety, worry, or fear    
    Hereditary predisposition for illness or prenatal condition    
    SCALE 19 SCALE 19  
    Sensory system impairment (speech, hearing, taste, or smell)    
    Tiredness or fatigue    
    Thinning of hair or loss of body hair    
    Splotches or blotches (white) on skin    
    Dark circles under the eyes    
    SCALE 20 SCALE 20  
    Abnormal blood pressure (high, low, or erratic)    
    Abnormal pulse (quick, slow, or irregular)    
    Fever or temperature at times without apparent cause    
    Feeling of fullness in throat or face    
    Hot and/or cold sensations (flushing)    
    Abdominal pain or aching across lower portion of hips     
    Kidney or bladder problems    
    SCALE 21 SCALE 21  
    Tiredness or fatigue    
    Heart palpitations or rapid pulse    
2X   General weakness    
    Shortness of breath    
    Fever or temperature at times without apparent cause    
2X   Underweight    
    SCALE 22 SCALE 22  
3X   History of irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease    
2X   History of intestinal flu    
    Mucous in stool    
    Intestinal gas    
    SCALE 23 SCALE 23  
2X   Pain along right rib cage, right shoulder or arm, or upper right back    
    Headaches, especially after eating    
3X   Intolerance to fats or greasy foods    
    Bad breath or bad taste in mouth not directly due to food or drink    
    Brown, yellow, or gray colored skin or brown splotches on skin    
    Abnormal pulse (quick, slow, or irregular)    
    Shortness of breath    
    SCALE 24 SCALE 24  
    Shortness of breath    
2X   Cough    
    Feeling of heaviness, fullness or pain in lungs    
    Prone to congestion (head, throat or lungs)    
2X   Wheezing    
    Hay fever or other respiratory allergy    
    SCALE 25 SCALE 25  
    Over or under-reactive to stimuli, or slow to react    
    Lack of discernment or insight    
    Poor concentration    
    Poor memory    
    Difficulty doing analysis or calculations    
    Irrationality or delusional thinking    
    Incoordination of movements or reflexes, or paralysis due to stroke    
    Lack of self control    
    SCALE 26 SCALE 26  
    Slow pulse    
    Rapid pulse    
    Palpitation or throbbing of heart    
    Low blood pressure    
    High blood pressure    
    Erratic blood pressure (sometimes high, sometimes low)    
    Chest pain (angina) or feeling of fullness around heart    
    Fluttering of heart    
    SCALE 27 SCALE 27  
3X   Indigestion 1 to 3 hours after eating    
    Intestinal gas    
    Mucous in stools    
    SCALE 28 SCALE 28  
3X   Excess sugar in urine (sweet smelling urine or high urine test)    
2X   Urination is frequent, excessive, or scant    
    Wounds heal slowly    
    Kidney or bladder problems    
    Impaired or distorted vision    
    SCALE 29 SCALE 29  
3X   Pain or discomfort on left side of abdomen    
    Low blood pressure    
    Rapid pulse    
    Highly suggestible or overly imaginative    
    Mood swings or emotional upsets    
    SCALE 30 SCALE 30  
    Abnormal sex drive (high, low, or absent)    
    Menstrual or menopausal problems (female)    
    Prostate problems or impotence (male)    
    Pelvic pain or discomfort    

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