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    The purpose of this lesson is to help you understand and appreciate the QUESTION AND ANSWER section of a typical physical reading.


    By studying and applying the information in this lesson, you should be able to:

  • identify the QUESTION AND ANSWER section of a typical physical reading.
  • recognize the most common types of questions and answers.


    The use of a question and answer format in the physical readings changed throughout the decades of Edgar Cayce's career.  During the early period, the reading format was highly dependent upon questions to direct the reading itself.  During the middle period, when the format became standardized, the QUESTION AND ANSWER was usually limited to the end of the reading after the treatment plan section.  During the final period, the QUESTION AND ANSWER was often abandoned entirely or cut very short as Cayce sought to give as many readings as possible during each session.  Check readings often allowed more time for questions and answers.

    The QUESTION AND ANSWER section usually began with a simple phrase from Edgar Cayce, "Ready for questions."  The questions asked in this section were usually of the following types:


    Since many readings were given at a distance (without the recipient present), written questions were often sent or telegraphed to Edgar Cayce prior to the reading.  The background documentation for each reading is the usual place to find such questions.

    Sometimes, Edgar Cayce would address the questions in the regular reading format.  Otherwise, such questions would be asked in the QUESTION AND ANSWER section (except for check readings which sometimes begin with questions).

    In reading 4164-1, although many of the written questions were addressed in the ORGAN section, the problem of poor concentration was raised in the the QUESTION AND ANSWER section:


B1. 4/8/32 Letter:  "What is causing the small round swelling of the right side of my neck?  Is it a gland condition?  Would it have anything to do with my constantly being tired and my lack of vitality?  I have had four x-ray treatments in the past month.  Would you advise that I continue these as I feel they have not helped me.  Why do I often have headaches?  Why do my eyes smart and tire so easily, and why do I have such dark circles under them?  Why am I so constipated?  Why am I always sleepy, yet do not have particularly restful nights and do not get up in the mornings feeling rested?  Why do my fingertips, when cold, become numb and white?  Is my circulation bad?  Why do I often have pains in the small of my back?  I am very anxious to receive your report.
    "We are all so greatly pleased with the great improvement in my sister, Mrs. [5640]."

B2. 4/15/32 Letter submitting additional questions: "Why do I get cold inwardly?  It's a shaky cold - not coming from the temperature of the room.  Why do my hands usually get so red?  I don't consider myself too thin but why can I eat everything ordinarily fattening and never gain any weight?  Why is it hard for me to concentrate? - so hard for me to remember names?  Is it nervousness?
"I am anxiously awaiting my reading and am confident that you will be able to help me."


    IN THE FUNCTIONING OF THE ORGANS THEMSELVES - As we find, these show the effect of a form of what may be literally said to be starvation to their necessary elements for normal functioning.  Hence we find these conditions exist at various periods when there is the cycle of functioning of the organ involved to produce the necessary elements, either for eliminations or assimilations, or to assist in the functioning of those that would produce elements for the sustenance and propagation of elements within the body itself:  Dull headaches at times, with the eyes and ears giving particular accentuations of either noises of fullness, dimness of vision, or pain; peculiar metal taste at times in the palate or mouth; at other times the attempting to belch after foods are taken, especially those that are of a starchy nature - that becomes, as it were, rather disagreeable to the body at times; heaviness in the feet, the lower limbs, pains at times - or rumbling, as it were - of the intestines; the draggy feeling as comes for the circulation to the extremities, as indicated by those conditions when either by the lack of circulation or by cold or heat, which is as if the finger points are as dead, turning white, or the nail turning dark and the rest of the finger or hand, or wrist, showing as of no circulation.  These are as of indications where, through various portions of the system, there is an attempting to adjust themselves to the impoverishment, or to this form of anemia that has impoverished portions of the body, and must produce - as through its various activities in the system, centers where the body attempting to adjust itself - those forms of lesions, and unless some changes come about must eventually make those forms of adhesions, or tissue becoming involved as to thicken, and other portions becoming lax, and forms of plethora - as in neck, as in thigh, as in the side - become prominent, and effective to the system...
    Ready for questions.
(Q)  Why is it hard for me to concentrate, to remember names?
(A)  Remember what's all the troubles, and you will not wonder!  The system is attempting to use every facility, or faculty, to meet the needs of a body physically and mentally to prevent a GENERAL breakdown!  The stamen in that as called the white or gray matter in nerve tissue is being used up, as stamen in the nerve building forces in portions of the system, especially in plexus or ganglia.  Hence that that must be warned against is of these ganglia becoming atrophied, or over active, and thus producing centers that make for a cutting off of activity in the system to portions of the body.  (4164-1)

    Sometimes if the recipient was present for the reading, numerous questions would be asked directly, as in reading 243-11:

    Ready for questions.
(Q)  Why the burning sensation in joints and sometimes in the fleshy part of body?
(A)  Too much acid.  Hence those absorptions as are given in that of the Milk of Bismuth, with those of Citrocarbonates that will act upon the LYMPHS of the system and the emunctory circulation; while those properties of the Magnesia will make for better eliminations.  When these occur, we find there has been the tendency for the alimentary canal to be somewhat choked, and tendency for acid in system.
(Q)  How often should these be taken, and in what manner?
(A)  Take 'em in the mouth! Take 'em every day, one or the other of them - alternate them!
(Q)  Why the enlargement of joints in the hands?
(A)  Most of it is hard work and worry, and acid in system!  The LYMPH PRODUCING those - hence the vibrations to carry these AWAY FROM the central portion and distribute them to their NORMAL eliminations, see?
(Q)  Why the catch in left knee at times?
(A)  This has been strained.  Hence the tendency or weakness in that direction.  With the removal of these, as has been outlined, and with the care and attention as has been given for the system, we will find bettered conditions.
(Q)  Why the blur over my eyes at times?
(A)  Those pressures in the secondary cardiac plexus area; that, and remember - the body ISN'T as young as it used to be!  In the eliminations, we will find that those carrying away of the used forces will assist in clarifying these conditions.  Would be well, too, that occasionally - once or twice each week, before retiring (and be sure it's after a thorough treatment with the vibrator so the body won't wake up!), apply a poultice of OLD Irish potato, well scraped, bandage over eyes and let remain until morning - see?  then wash same with a weak solution of an antiseptic for the system.  THIS will clarify same.
    Also we will find that these properties used as drops occasionally in the eye will ASSIST in clarifying same:  A little soda and a little salt in about three times the quantity of water, see?
(Q)  Why the tight feeling in head at times?
(A)  This, as has been given, is from those centers in the dorsal area that have tightened up by the pressures, and that bringing to the STOMACH of an ACID condition in the blood, and those forces in the LYMPH that make for that in the head and soft tissue of face - see?  The snuffing of Dobell's solution would be well, into head, to clarify head.
    That is all the questions.  (243-11)


    Sometimes treatment instructions required further explanation.  Some of the best information about the purpose and function of treatments are found in the QUESTION AND ANSWER section.  For example, reading 480-44 contains an excellent discussion of the importance of coordinating the nervous systems using traditional osteopathic treatments.  Interestingly, this reading also recognized that chiropractors were using a valuable assessment tool for measuring coordination of centers along the spine:

(Q)  Are there any specific manipulations that can help to relieve the haziness?
(A)  As indicated, the 9th dorsal and the 4th lumbar or the lumbar and sacral axis.  These need to be kept or brought not only to an alignment but to a coordination in their interrelations.
    For not only is the 4th lumbar, the axis of the pelvis, from which the pressure has been in part at times as we have indicated heretofore, the cause of an activity upon the glandular forces of the system, but the 9th dorsal is that plexus or center from which the solar plexus receives its impulses.
    Then these reactions brought to perfect alignment, then coordinant in their activity, would remove the pressure from the system.
    Now that those areas in the lumbar have been corrected more than we have had heretofore, then stimulate same for coordination with the 8th and 9th and 10th dorsal areas, for coordinant activity...
(Q)  The nausea and tingling sensation has reappeared since confinement.  What is the cause and how can that be stopped?
(A)  That's just what we have been referring to, in producing the coordination between the lumbar axis (which is the brush end of the cerebrospinal as related to the vegetative or sympathetic nerve system) and the 9th dorsal center as related to the sympathetic system.  These are the great centers - save the vagus itself, in the dorsal and upper portion of the cervical areas - but these are the great centers from which the cerebrospinal and the sympathetic system coordinate in their activity with the body - or the impulse AND reaction from the brain centers themselves.
    That's what is meant by keeping COORDINATION between the plexus of one ganglia or center and those in another, that the ATTUNEMENT between same is such that their rate of pulsation, their rate of vibration, coordinate one to another.
    How may we use same?  Well, these are not osteopathic terms, but there has been perfected or used in the chiropractic association a thermometer, or a gadget that run along the spine shows WHEN they coordinate one with another, see?
(Q)  Where may same be procured?
(A)  From the chiropractic school in Des Moines, Iowa. [Palmer School, Davenport, Iowa?]
(Q)  Could the chiropractor do that in Detroit?
(A)  We would rather give the osteopathic than the chiropractic.  Because to make an adjustment even in these conditions for the body, without giving the MUSCULAR forces the proper reactions - well, it's not always good, and their reactions are not always the better.  (480-44)


    The QUESTION AND ANSWER section of many readings contains wonderfully explicit explanations of treatment rationale.  For example, reading 4650-1 explains the specific role of each ingredient in an herbal formula intended to bring the circulation into balance:

(Q)  Mr. Cayce, what is the trouble of her left ears, eyes and neck?
(A)  Sympathetic nerve condition as produced by poor elimination.  We have given these for the condition.  Do as we have given if we would bring the body back to a normal condition.  With the diet, you see, as we have given we correct the intestinal condition and set up the correct elimination through the proper channels as we have given here.  We find these conditions, for the condition to produce the proper secretions to the pancreas and to give the correct functioning of the liver these elements are added in those of the Burdock and Yellow Dock root, you see; for that of the liver and to reduce the high hepatic condition is given the Black root and Yellow root, see; for that to assist in the proper elimination from refuse forces being carried in the circulation and to prevent the circulation from attempting to eliminate the capillary rather than the dross or hepatic circulation, that of the Calisaya is given in the system, which acts as the cleanser for the blood, see; for the stimulus and the effect to reduce the kidney action is given in the Buchu and the active principle of the alcohol with the Tolu, see.  With the assimilation of the properties from
Golden Seal is to turn the affect of elimination toward their proper channels of a local condition.  (4650-1)


    Often, a wide range of symptoms could be caused by the same cause(s).  Since Edgar Cayce tended to focus strongly on cure by removal of cause, explanations of pathology and treatment recommendations were usually directed toward the cause.  Rather than waste time discussing everything that was wrong with a person, the reading tended to focus on primary causes and effects.  Thus, in the QUESTION AND ANSWER section, diverse symptoms and problems were often mentioned.

    Ready for questions.
(Q)  Please give cause and relief for pains in lower left side of back and left leg.
(A)  These are from the strain as we have indicated, which is to be removed by the vibrations of the electrically driven vibrator given daily, see?
(Q)  Please give cause and relief for cold and cough.
(A)  This is from acidity in the system, and lack of proper eliminations.  The diet, as combined with the electrical treatments, should eliminate the CAUSES of the disturbance and thus correct same.  These in combination, you see; for all of these as outlined have their part or place in CORRECTING the conditions; not as curatives, but as correctives, so that the body may build to the better resistance.
    The general disturbance is the strain upon the system from the lack of vital energies.  And any little stimulant taken only adds to more dross to be removed.  Thus the body-building foods, as well as the eliminations aided, will add the vital strength needed.
(Q)  What should I do to bring kidneys to a more normal condition?
(A)  Eat those properties as we have indicated for same, see?
(Q)  Would it be well for me to take a tonic?
(A)  We have given a good one!
    Keep the attitude constructive; and keep in line with the suggestions given.
    We are through for the present.   (263-12)


    The QUESTION AND ANSWER section often contains some parting advice or encouragement to motivate the individual to follow through with the recommended treatments:

(Q)  How much better am I?
(A)  Thirty-seven and three-tenths percent!
(Q)  Any further advice for my better welfare?
(A)  Be consistent and persistent.  Don't expect to be cured in a day of that which has been builded for years, for it requires that not only the condition but the impulses be corrected towards normalcy.   (567-4)

(Q)  What mental and spiritual advice for body?
(A)  Keep self in that mental accord wherein the spiritual forces, that continue to manifest themselves through the physical and mental body, may be as near in accord as possible with that being accomplished.  Use physical conditions that exist as an example, when a hindrance or pressure is brought to bear - physical portions of the body suffer.  When the mental and spiritual are allowed to be wavered by exterior influences, then these must suffer in proportion.   (264-11)

(Q)  Any spiritual or mental advice to this body?
(A)  Keep in that at-onement as has been outlined and indicated for this body.  This will aid most in keeping that even keel, and consciousness of the divine within, to bring about the desire of the mental, the physical, and spiritual body.
(Q)  How long before growth will be absorbed or eliminated?
(A)  How long is tomorrow?   (264-8)

(Q)  What spiritual or mental advice?
(A)  Hold that in self as is desired to be accomplished in the physical body.  SEE same BEING enacted, and through the forces of Nature, or God itself.  We are through.   (264-10)

(Q)  Any spiritual advice?
(A)  Keep the mental attitudes constructive.  Let the meditations be that the body may be used for constructive forces in all its environs.  Hold not animosities, grudges nor any feelings of anxiety towards others.  Lose self in the thought of helpfulness to others.  (428-12)

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