The spleen is a small organ about the size of the fist, located on the left of the abdomen below the diaphragm.  The spleen consists of two distinct areas, the red pulp and the white pulp, the latter occupying the larger portion of the spleen. The white pulp acts like a large lymph node, being involved in immunological functions, such as the production of antibodies and the maturation of B-
and T-lymphocytes, and Macrophages.  The red pulp's function is as a blood filter to remove waste, including damaged red blood cells and bacteria, through phagocytosis by macrophages and neutrophils. In addition, the red pulp is able to remove foreign bodies from within red blood cells without damaging the cell. As a consequence of its filtration function, the red pulp also acts as a reservoir for various other white blood cells and platelets.

    In addition to these generally recognized features of spleen functioning, Edgar Cayce also often linked splenic activity to organs of the digestive system (especially the pancreas and liver).  Thus, spleen dysfunction can lead to poor digestion and assimilation, particularly with regard to the duodenum (uppermost portion of the small intestine).

    The Cayce readings on the spleen also directly link spleen functioning to brain processes involving cognition and imagination.  These readings make the point that a person experiencing spleen problems may have mal-adaptive flights of imagination in which the person seems to be out of touch with reality (not necessarily psychotic, but more impractical or excessively fanciful).  Or, the individual may become highly suggestible to outside influences (such as suggestions from other people).

    Spleen dysfunction may be linked to mood swings or emotional upsets.  The expression "venting one's spleen" comes to mind in this regard.  Repressed emotions may be a factor in spleen dysfunction.



    Spinal manipulation to relieve pressures on nerve centers which influence spleen function. Edgar Cayce often emphasized the 4th - 6th thoracic nerve centers for persons experiencing spleen dysfunction.


    Abdominal castor oil packs covering the liver and spleen may be helpful to stimulate circulation through these organs of the hepatic system.


    The Basic Cayce Diet will assist with internal cleansing may assist in improving spleen functioning.  Some readings involving spleen dysfunction recommend avoiding meat.   The Jerusalem artichoke is also recommended in readings in which spleen and pancreas dysfunction are cited.


    Options for further assessment include:

  • Manual palpation of spleen,
  • CT scan.

Pain or discomfort on left side of abdomen 4688-1, 4300-1, 3839-1, 1173-1, 494-1, 304-2, 265-3, 87-1, 14-1
Low blood pressure 5445-1, 4769-1, 811-7, 723-1 
Rapid pulse 5616-1, 5445-1, 4769-1, 1853-2, 811-7 
Nausea 4688-1, 4368-1, 761-1, 687-1, 628-4, 623-3
Highly suggestible or overly imaginative 5426-1, 1903-1, 982-1, 761-1, 264-15, 87-2 
Mood swings or emotional upsets 5439-1, 4709-5, 4255-1, 3379-1

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