The Cayce Herbal 
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Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Gelideum cartilagineum

Common Names and Synonyms: Seaweed, Red Seaweed

Background: Agar, or red seaweed, is commonly used in laboratories as medium for growing bacterial cultures.  Medicinally, agar is classified as a hydrophilic (it absorbs water).  Agar soaks up water in the intestine, increasing the bulk of waste material, and stimulating peristalsis which promps evacuation.  The gelatinous substance produced by boiling and drying the seaweed is used as a thickening agent for sauces and soups in the Orient.  Agar gel  is used in the manufacture of some candies, tooth pastes, cosmetics, and as a stabilizer for canned meats and fish.

Agar in the Cayce Readings
  • Agar was recommended by Edgar Cayce as a laxative and intestinal cleanser.
  • Various products containing agar were also mentioned, as follows:
      Petrolagar 125 reading
      Zilatone 83 readings
      Alophen 48 readings
      Emul-psyllo 8 readings
      Agarol 6 readings
  • In addition to its use as a dietary aid and laxative, agar in the form of Petrolagar was also frequently recommended as a solution used during colonic irrigations.  The alkaline nature of this product was often cited as beneficial to the intestinal tract.
Cayce Quote on Agar

(Q)  Is there any definite solution to be used [for the colonic irrigation]?
(A)  This, as we find, would be an excellent one - and few may be better - very few would be better:  In at least the second water as is used, have - to a gallon - at least two ounces of Glyco-Thymoline.  In the last quart to two quarts, put about two tablespoonsful of Agar and oil, or those as are SOOTHING to the intestinal tract - see?

    Take the Petrolagar (the non-acid kind) at least twice each day, for the agar with the oils will reduce those conditions in the duodenum and upper intestinal tract that make the tendencies for inflammation through the colon.

    To indicate that this has been accomplished, we would begin immediately (that is, in each day) with as high enemas as possible to cleanse the colon, using in the slush water a tablespoonful and a half of Glyco-Thymoline for each gallon of water.  The water should be tepid, not too hot nor yet too cold but to act as a cleansing.  In the last water used as an emit (that is, in the last for cleansing), put at least a tablespoonful of the agar or Petrolagar - the alkalin nature.  Stir this thoroughly, so that there will be rather the tendency for the agar to cling to those portions of the colon area that show inflammation by the cleansing so often, that the reactions from the applications to the liver and duodenum area have no regurgitation or reaction from the caecum and transverse and descending colon area.

(Q)  What laxative is best for me?
(A)  As we have indicated through these sources, it is better that changes be made from time to time that there be kept in system no tendency for any portion to become, as it were, warring against certain elements.  Hence, as we find, Milk of Magnesia, Milk of Bismuth, a combination of agar, phenolphthalein and the jelly of psylla (called Emul-Psyllo), are all well - and should be ALTERED; not taken consecutively, any one, often.

    But during those periods when the osteopathic manipulations are being taken, we would find that the use of the psyllium combined with agar (Emul-Psyllo) will make for the enlivening and the dilation of the tissue, and leaving sufficient of the forces that create for better peristaltic movement without too great a dilation, see?

    In the latter portion of such irrigations we would use oils as in the combination of agar with the other that makes for the creating along the walls of the colon itself a more alkalinity.

(Q)  Should I have the colonic or the ordinary high enema?
(A)  Colonic irrigation is preferable.  For where congestion is indicated in the jejunum and lower portion of stomach, and the after effects of inflammation, there is the tendency to make for an accumulation in the colon - especially in the ascending.  So, the colonic would be necessary to cleanse from those areas in the RIGHT side, THROUGHOUT the area of the colon itself.
    To be sure, the solutions used should carry oil or the agar preparations in such measures as to make for elasticity in the activity or the flow of the lymph circulation through these portions of the body.

(Q)  How should I continue treatment of liver and gall bladder?
(A)  Have those regular periods when the Zilatone is used for assisting in creating a better activity through the liver area itself, when there arise any distasteful conditions from the gastric forces of the body itself.  Use same periodically, then.  No activity of such a nature should be used continuously, to be sure, but let the SYSTEM react and then we may have the PROPER reaction from such properties as are combined in such preparations.
    For in this preparation we find THESE elements that may be helpful to the body, for knowing what and how each factor in same acts upon the SYSTEM will aid in making the mental reactions when such is taken into the body, see?
    In this we have an agar, or that which is taken from the seaweed itself.  We have bile salts.  We have caroid as combined with same.  We have a small quantity of a stimulation that goes under the name of the elements that stimulate the circulation, or the deeper hepatic circulation.   And these COMBINED with those influences for making for an activity without producing too great an irritation.  For with the bile salts or the Caroid AND bile salts combined there is directed an activity upon the secretions and excretions of the liver itself, without irritating the lymph flow; and not acting upon the pancreas or the spleen, save in the stimulated circulation as produced by the very small quantity of the heart stimulant.

    In the matter of the diets, - these should consist of not too much of fats, and keep away from too much of the hard drink, though malt - as a beer or wine, if not excessively used - would not be harmful; even if the Agar were used as a bulk to aid the peristaltic movements through the jejunum, aiding also the eliminations from stomach and duodenum.
    The Agar would be taken consistently, - that is, a teaspoonful at least twice a day for ten days, left off ten days and then taken again in the same manner, and so on - throughout the periods when the osteopathic treatments and the vibratory forces by the corrections would be received in the system.

(Q)  What may be done to relieve constipation?
(A)  Use Oils, such as Russian White Oil, Usoline, Nujol or any of these, and this taken of morning, you see, or evening preferably, if this is the better desired by the body; but on the opposite period of the day - whether morning or evening - take Agar as a stimulant for better peristaltic movement.

    We would find beneficial results would be received by the use of enemas to remove those portions of conditions existent in colon, and by the taking in the system of those properties as would be found in the alkaline Petrolagar, to assist the assimilation throughout the upper intestinal tract - for these properties may be assimilated, as agar is seen in these properties to the extent that the viscera is OILED, as it were, or allows the normal secretions by the removal of pressure in the portion of the cerebro-spinal centers that allows the proper incentive through nerve supply, aided by these properties in the system, give the better results.

    Keep those properties for the system of the non-acid forces as are seen in the agar and oil, or Petrolagar - the non-acid, or alkaline.  These will keep down acidity in the system, producing better eliminations.

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