The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Aloe vera

Common Names and Synonyms: Aloes, Barbados Aloe, Curacao Aloe

Background: Aloe vera is a popular plant well-adapted to dry, sunny climate and sandy soils.  This succulent plant with a rosette of  fleshy, tapering, prickly-edged leaves is valued for the sticky juice in the leaves which promote healing.  Native to Africa and Mediterranean countries, aloe is cultivated in California, Texas Florida and Arizona.  The  bitter, yellow gel found in the leaves is a skin softener.  The plant is often grown in the kitchen as a handy  remedy for scalds and minor burns. The fresh juice of aloe is commonly used for relief from minor burns and wounds.

Aloe in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce recommended aloe most often in a formula used as a vapor bath for the female genitalia.  Other uses for aloe were as a laxative, as an ingredient in a massage oil formula, and as an ingredient in a hemorrhoid ointment.
  • As a vaginal sitz (fume) bath, aloe was most often combined with tincture of myrrh.
Cayce Quotes on Aloe

    Then, to bring the normal conditions to this body would be, first, that the body rest from labors and strain on physical conditions.  Diet to reduce strain on the whole system.  Take those osteopathic treatments that would relieve pressure on all cerebro-spinal nerve system, and relieving the pressure in the lumbar and dorsal regions, keeping the portions in the system of the pelvic organs cleansed nominally with those properties as douches that will give the antiseptics necessary to reduce irritation.  These will be found in small quantities of Glyco-Thymoline in large quantities of water.  Also using those stupes as would be found from putting Tincture of Myrrh and Aloes in warm or very hot water and steaming the rear portions of body to reduce irritation in system.

    Also use those douches in the vagina at least once each three days, or every third day, Creolin, and use in sitz baths those of Myrrh and of Aloes and small quantity.  That is, one aloe with twenty (20) drops of tincture of myrrh in BOILING water, and sit over same, so the steam may enter the exposed regions of the vagina and uterus.  This will take longer but surer, for the blood stream is in poor condition for the operative method.

. massage the whole cerebrospinal system with equal parts . tincture of aloes - equal parts, see?  This will produce stimulation.  After this is massaged, the manipulation should be given to correct the conditions from the 2nd dorsal to the 1st cervical.

    Each day while such periods last, there should be prepared as this, in an earthen or crock container, at least sufficient in size that the body may sit over same with ease:  Place one (1) gallon of boiling water in crock, and add twenty (20) drops of Tincture of Myrrh, with forty (40) drops Fluid Extract of Tolu, with one (1) Aloe; and expose the parts to the steam arising from same, and prepare the vagina in such a manner that these fumes may enter the vagina proper, see?

(Q)  What laxative?
(A)  The giving of the alkalins will aid in this direction. When laxatives are used, best that they be alternated between the combination of aloes or of Alophen in its preparation, and of those of Upjohn's laxative wafers.

    After the changes come about, and it becomes necessary to use cathartics - then we may turn again to these; remembering that there must be something in the system for that stimuli in the aloes or the phenophthalein to act UPON, see? for these excite the gastric juices, especially when the assimilating portions of system are considered.

(Q)  Are the itchings on the thighs, legs and vulva separate conditions or all due to one cause?
(A)  Yes or no, and either would be correct - but they are rather the COMBINATION of the conditions.  This may be, in this region, RELIEVED materially were sitz baths of myrrh, aloes, and the liquid of tolu put in boiling water and parts exposed for a few minutes.  This will relieve and heal also.
(Q)  How should solution for sitz baths be prepared, and what quantities of each ingredient?
(A)  To a half gallon of hot or boiling water add one aloe (These ways we would put them), five drops of the tincture of myrrh, forty drops of the balsam tolu or tolu in solution (that the better, in solution).  Duration of the use of these should be from two to ten minutes, but begin with the SMALLER - or with the two minutes first, then possibly the next day two minutes, and the third day these may be used for three minutes - but do not produce too much irritation, for there will be the relaxing of the whole system as these steams ENTER, and as they act WITH the system.

    Yes, we have the body here - this we have had before. Now, in some respects we find conditions not so good; produced mostly by the improper application of the steam baths - for, instead of the aloes being in the form as in CONFORMITY to the properties as given - that PULVERIZED, or anhydrized, is too STRONG, and irritation has been the result.
    Also, in the steams at the present - use only this:  To the gallon of hot or steaming water, add (in THIS manner) 5 drops of the tincture of myrrh, and the balsam of tolu (in the gum - see?) 1/2 dram.  This solution made about 2 minutes - (of course kept covered before it is used) - not longer, and do not add the aloe unless it is obtained in its ORIGINAL state - for the GUM of same is that as is necessary for the addition to the properties, so that the tendency is to penetrate more into the organs themselves, as the ACTIVITIES of same produce relaxation and contraction.

    LOCALLY [hemorrhoids], apply those properties as would be found in a combination of THIS character; using this as an ointment following the stools, or WHEN there is irritation.  RESTING,
keeping feet up, will also aid these conditions - as well as aid the general HEALTH of body, with the taking of the medicinal properties and the manipulations (which should be had at least ONCE each day).  This salve [Tim], or ointment, would be made in THIS manner:
    To 1 ounce of OIL of butterfat, add 1 dram of very fine POWDERED tobacco, 2 grains or 2 minims of oil of aloe, and 2 minims of oil of the buckeye kernel.  Stir well together and use as an ointment.

    At least two to five days before the periods of menstruation, for two to three moons, we would use a steam sitz bath.  The STEAM; not sitting in the water or bath - but prepare as in THIS manner:
    Two gallons of BOILING water poured into a container, see? To this water (plain water) add a pinch of alum, one aloe bud, fifteen minims of tincture of myrrh, and tolu gum (pure tolu gum) the size of a pea - English pea.
    When this has been prepared, then sit OVER such - so that the puba and the vagina is exposed to the STEAM from same, for five to eight minutes.
    Do this three to give times - that is, from two to five days before (once each day) - before the regular periods.  ONCE after the cleansing, or after period - see?

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