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Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Alum Root

Botanical Name: Geranium maculatum

Common Names and Synonyms: Cranesbill, Dovefoot, Old-maid's-nightcap, Shameface, Wild Geranium

Background: Native to North America, alum root can be found growing wild from Maine to Georgia, west to Kansas.  This astringent plant was used widely during the nineteenth century for diarrhea, dysentary, and hemorhaging.  American Indians often used alum root on mouth sores.   Barbers have used the action of alum in styptic powder for small cuts.  It is also used in the manufacture of pickles to give them  a crisp crunch.

Alum Root in the Cayce Readings
  • In the Cayce readings, the intended action of alum root was to stop diarrhea.
  • Alum root was mentioned in 9 readings between 1921 - 1944.
  • Alum root was recommended in three forms:
      Fusion 2 readings
      Raw (to be chewed) 2 readings
      Compound 4 readings
  • When used in a compound, alum root was typically combined with wild ginseng and Indian turnip (see formulas below).  The amount of alum root in such compounds as 1 ounce.
Cayce Quotes on Alum Root

    Then begin with small doses of THIS as a compound:  to 6 ounces of distilled water, add:

    Alum root..........1 ounce,
    Indian Turnip.....20 grains,
    Ginseng (wild).....1 dram.

    Reduce by slow simmering to 1/2 the quantity.  Strain while warm and add 2 ounces of grain alcohol with 1 ounce of simple syrup.  The dose would be a few drops in the  beginning, every hour, until there is relief through the alimentary canal, and a tendency for the stopping of the diarrhea.

    Prepare this also in a fusion:  Put 1/4 oz. of alum root in 4 oz. of distilled water and let come to a boil, then strain.  Be sure the alum root is crushed.  Add to this, 1/2 oz. of simple syrup and take 1 oz. of grain alcohol or rye whiskey and add.  This is only to be taken, 1 tsp. when there is cramping through the alimentary canal or colon.

    One that is destined to suffer with that condition in early childhood known as the summer complaints, or that of the looseness to the intestinal tract, to detraction of the physical body, unless warned against same.  With this, use those properties as would be found in herbs of alum root, camphor and such natures - alcohol mixed with same.

. there should be taken into the system, is this:  a preparation that is made from this will act as an astringent to the system and will be that which will cause proper adjustment through the system here.  We take - (pausing) - four ounces of alum root.  This is put into one quart of distilled water, reduced by simmering, - not boiling - [GKN:  Yes sir] - to one pint.  To this is
added one dram of alcohol grain - [GKN:  Yes] - while it is yet warm.  This is as a preservative and will make food for the system.  See? .
    Then the evening and morning will be sufficient for some four weeks; with the manipulation as given to the system every third or fifth day, we will find the condition will be adjusted within itself.  It would be well if the body would keep small portions of the alum root, that would chew on it or dissolve in its mouth, just without anything else in itself.  You see?

    We would also take internally those properties that may be compounded in this way and manner, as for a tendency to prevent that activity in the lymph's circulation in intestinal system, as the irritations are allayed, and which do not cause too much of a strain on the body:
Prepare this, to be taken in this manner:

    Alum Root.............1 ounce,
    Wild Ginseng........1/2 ounce,
    Indian Turnip.......1/4 ounce.

    GRIND these herbs until they are well pulverized, either by grinding or by rubbing or beating.  Put this in 16 ounces of distilled water.  Reduce by slow simmering (not boiling), stirring the properties occasionally, until these are reduced to 6 ounces of the juice or water.  Strain, and while warm add Elixir Calisaya 1/2 ounce, Grain Alcohol (85%) 1 and 1/2 ounces.  Shake solution together when the dose is taken, which should be half a teaspoonful, in water or plain, at least twice each day.

    Begin with a small piece of Alum Root (dried) to be put in the mouth and chewed - a little piece of this the size of an English pea - put in the mouth about half to three-quarters of an hour after each meal, and gradually chewed - and the juice swallowed.  This will gradually correct the condition through the digestive system.
(Q)  What causes the tightness of muscles, and how may this be corrected?
(A)  This is a combination of reactions from the overflow of the gastric juices or the lymph through the intestinal system; and is a part of the general debilitation, which will be aided and assisted by the properties from the Alum Root, you see; as well as the help that will come from a better assimilation by the digestive forces from the use of the Alcaroid that will aid in digesting the foods taken.

    We have the body here - [348] - this we have had before.  The general physical forces of the body indicate there have been bettered conditions than exist in the present.  Taxation mentally, and worry - with the activities of the physical forces - show a return of those indications as seen in the intestinal system, and as affect the kidneys directly in their functioning.  Prepare as this, and keep it along with you as you use same, in the activities of the body:
    To 8 ounces of distilled water, add:

    Alum Root.............1 ounce,
    Indian Turnip.......1/2 ounce,
    Wild Ginseng........1/4 ounce.

    Reduce by low simmering, not boiling, to 1/2 the quantity.  Strain while it's warm, then add 1 and 1/2 ounces 85% alcohol, with 1/4 dram Balsam of Tolu cut in same.  Take it - just a little swig - not a mouthful - not a spoonful - two or three times each day.  Then eat anything you want!

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