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Ambrosia (Ragweed)

Botanical Name: Ambrosia artemisiifolia

Common Names and Synonyms: Common Ragweed, American Ragweed, Ambrosia Weed

Background: Native Americans used crushed ragweed externally for stings, infections, and skin diseases.  Taken internally as a tea, ragweed has been used to treat abdominal cramps, constipation, vomiting, pneumonia and fevers.  Ragweed is said to cause 90% of pollen-induced allergies in the United States.

Ragweed in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce recommended ragweed (ambrosia) as a laxative and liver cleanser.  In several instances, the readings stated that chewing or eating ragweed could alleviate allergic symptoms.
  • Ragweed was often recommended with other substances in a compound.  Although a wide diversity of  formulas were given, the most common substances mentioned in the same readings with ragweed were as follows:
      Tolu 44 readings
      Sassafras 25 readings
      Garden Sage 16 readings
      Cinnamon  14 readings
      Gin 14 readings
      Ambergris 13 readings
      Sarsaparilla  12 readings
      Senna 12 readings
      Stillingia  11 readings
      Wild Cherry 11 readings
Cayce Quotes on Ragweed (Ambrosia)

    Those properties as will be found in Licorice Compound, Cascara Sagrada, and Ambrosia weed (powdered), as an active principle for the liver.  Those as would clarify the system and as would be active as medicinal properties.

    There are still drosses in the system that at times need the eliminant as may be given through the use of the ambrosia weed, as has been outlined.  This we would take occasionally.

    Gas is formed from the conditions existent in the duodenum proper, and were the properties as were GIVEN in medicinal properties - especially of the ambrosia weed - taken properly, these will be ELIMINATED, PROVIDED the foods - or that taken - does not produce MORE.

    DRAINAGE is the FIRST to be set up.  Keep the system cleansed; that is, through the alimentary canal, even though those properties in the Ambrosia weed were given.  These will reduce the sugars in the system, and would be well to give the plain Ambrosia weed tea.  This would be given, a teaspoonful about once each week.

    Do this, and we will correct these conditions in the physical forces of this body - for these properties are as this:  The Sarsaparilla is as the purifier in the blood stream, aided by that of the Ragweed or Ambrosia Weed - as an emit for the duodenum, and an active principle with these in the digestion from the other properties or roots.

    Then, to assist this, we would now leave off those properties that purge the system (ragweed juice).

    To meet the needs of the conditions at the present, we would first cleanse the system with a mild cathartic; preferably that as would be found in combining the ragweed with senna.

    Keep good eliminations, even though occasionally it becomes necessary to use something as an eliminant.  For this particular body, because it is subject to, or has an allergy to pollen of this particular flower or plant, - use Simmon's Liver Regulator.  This, of course, is made from the ambrosia weed.  This may be used in liquid or the dry flower or leaf itself; but the liquid will be the preferable to take at the present time.  This take only occasionally.

    Have rather plenty of those foods that aid in the better eliminations; as plenty of water cress, plenty of green vegetable salads - with at times small quantities of ambrosia weed, which should be fresh rather than that as may be kept for several days; unless it is preferred to use the dried and crumble it on the salad as a salt, - then it may be used in that manner.

    However, if there is added about two pieces or leaves of Ambrosia Weed [Great Ragweed] with the raw salad occasionally, this should be sufficient for the eliminations - without the necessity of taking other things for that purpose.  Use only the tender vine or leafy portion of the Ambrosia Weed, not the heavy.  This may be used for two or three days in succession, and then left off for a period.

    The correction of these, as we find, will bring bettered conditions for the body; provided there ARE precautions through those periods or seasons when the body is subject to the irritations from the ambrosia weed or ragweed, and the EFFECTS this produces upon the body.  Then, in the diet, - especially as related to those seasons when the body is allergic to the ambrosia weed, - refrain from taking any cereal or any corn product; and we will find it will make a vast difference as to the effect such has upon the body.

    First, it should REST at least three to five weeks, and first we would begin by CLEANSING the system, or alimentary canal especially, thoroughly.  We would use that of a combination of  Senna, Ragweed, and Podophyllum.  These in minute quantities, that will act MOSTLY with the liver and its functioning.  The Ragweed, especially, to PREVENT the strain on the lacteal ducts, as cause the activity of the pancreas - but with the Podophyllum - that will enliven the GLANDS, or the gall ducts and glands in liver TO activity.

    For the eliminations, for this body, and to stimulate the gastric flow, take that called Carter's Little Liver Pills. These are not calomel but are Cascara and Ambrosia.  These combinations would be well to take occasionally.  They are not habit forming and they will be effective for the body.

    We would also gather, in or from the country, those of the green ambrosia weed - just the leaves; not the stem or the seed (as it is seeding time).  We would CHEW this, not retaining any save the juice as comes from the CHEWING of the weed - see?  This would require two to three leaves at a time.  This may be done once or twice a day.  This would be better than the distillation of same, or from the COMBINING of this with others, under the existent condition.
    Those of the ambrosia weed act, with its secretion by the masticating of same, with the gastric juices that come to the system from the glands in the digestive portion of system, to make for the eliminations to be accentuated without carrying too much stimuli to any portion that produces STRAIN, or an OVER force of the lymph and emunctory activity, either in the extremities or through the digestive system.

    Then, after the Packs have been given for five days, begin with taking small doses of the Essence of Ambrosia Weed.  PREFERABLY this would be taken green, or NEW; prepared in this manner:
    Put about half an ounce of the green Ambrosia Weed in a pint of water.  Let this come thoroughly to a boil (after the Weed has been bruised and put in the water, you see).  Then take off and strain; and to the quantity that is left - which would be about two-thirds of a pint, you see - add one ounce of Pure Grain Alcohol, that it may be preserved.  [See 369-12 formula on 9/13/34 saying it is better than Simmons Liver Regulator.]
    This is better for the body than taking even the Simmons Liver Regulator; which is of the same, but is combined with licorice and other compounds that, for THIS body, would NOT be so well. [See 6/10/71 letter under 1880-1 Reports saying that Simmons Laxative Medicine was discontinued over ten years ago.]

    As to the eliminations in the present, we find that the Simmons Liver Regulator would be more effective, OR the Ragweed made into a lotion, or this boiled together and with a preservative - which is practically the same; though Senna or Dover's Powder is added in the Regulator.  Hence we would use the liquid Simmons Liver Regulator.

    Only these as medicinal properties, we would take in the system would be a tea made of ragweed in this proportion:  It should be made to two ounces of the leaves, green, we would add one quart of water and let it steep for two and one-half hours on a slow fire, add to this two ounces of sugar, cane sugar and four ounces of grain alcohol.  The dose would be teaspoonful half an hour before each meal.  Do that, we will find with the adjustments it will not be necessary to have an operation, and the body will be able to assimilate foods and gain in weight and flesh.

    Cleanse the system with an eliminant, preferably an alkaline eliminant or vegetable than acid or mineral.  Hence either Inner Clean or the Ragweed, or Podophyllin ...

    However, in the present, we would first begin with the liquid Simmons' Liver Regulator [Simmons' Liver Regulator is no longer available.  Edgar Cayce gave a substitute for it, which can be filled by Ingram Pharmacy under EC formula 369-12 called Ambrosia Laxative].  Take this in broken doses; that is, half a teaspoonful every four hours, - of course, it is not necessary that it be taken through the night, but begin early in the morning and take until there is a good flushing of the alimentary canal. This will act upon the liver, clearing and purifying same, and keeping down those tendencies for the dull, achey, tired out, washed out feeling that naturally arises from the inclination for the strep to produce some temperature in the body.

    In the eliminations, then use - as we find - a stimuli to the activity of the liver through a vegetable compound - or the ragweed or ambrosia weed, or Simmons Liver Regulator, that there be the excess as it were - or precautionary measures.

    EC:  Now, we have here those conditions as regarding the physical condition of [953], and that element of the condition in the physical forces of the body, especially as relating to that of the physical attempt to apply certain conditions for the body, in that of Eksip, or a cure for diabetes.
    Now, in the application of these properties, we find there be three elements that go to make up the basic activity of the properties as contained in these.  That of the Ambrosia Weed; that of the bee comb, or that created to hold the honey, and those of the secretion in the whale, or that known as the properties as has been given to the body.  In the combining form of these, these produce in the system that activity of the digestion, which is as has been applied.  Then, taking these properties in the system, as is outlined in the treatment for same, would, just as has been given in those properties as have been applied to the body heretofore, be beneficial to the body.

(Q)  What particular weed or flower is causing it?
(A)  Ragweed!
(Q)  Since hay fever is usually caused by an allergy, can the Forces describe the particular allergy which is causing this condition to this body, so that the body can stay away from it?
(A)  As just indicated, smell one of the weeds, try it on self and see!  But if you chew it as it is growing, you may relieve yourself from it!  It's a good eliminant, too!  It is one of the best eliminants with a vegetable base.  But it must be chosen very young, and the leaves alone chewed - but don't spit it out because it is bitter!  It's not poisonous, and it is a good eliminant, and it will relieve the allergy - or eliminate that causing the hay fever FOR THIS PARTICULAR BODY!  For it is not
caused by the same in all.

(Q)  What is best for eliminations?
(A)  For THIS body, as given, the ragweed or ambrosia weed.  [GD's note:  I think this preparation is sold also under the name of Simmons' Liver Regulator.]  That is an eliminant that acts with the juices of the system, see?
(Q)  Should this be made as has been given in a former reading?  [See 569-9.]
(A)  As given in a former reading.  To alternate from this, Toris Compound may be used - with simple syrup, to which a teaspoonful or tablespoonful of Spirits Frumenti may be added.  That would be well as an alternative; that is, when one is needed use one, when the next is needed use the other. Both are cleansers from the system.  This will also act as an absorbent for those of phosphates. Phosphates are well in most systems.  Do not overtax THIS one with phosphate - for we become lacking in iodine when too much of phosphate is used, and in ragweed and in Toris we have a combination where both are added in a equalized condition, and are more absorbed by the system.

(Q)  Should I take Olive Oil, say a teaspoonful with each meal?
(A)  This is very well, but what is needed is to cleanse the colon and the secretions of the liver and the gall duct increased.  Thus the form of vegetable forces indicated. For this is ambrosia weed, with sufficient of the licorice and cascara to aid in stimulating and in fitting it for the body - though the better way would be to eat the ragweed itself!

    Take an eliminant for the whole system, to start - as it were - the reactions of the liver through the gall duct, the pancreas, and those activities of the spleen.  Those properties would be better that are found in the solution (rather than the dried) called Simmons' Liver Regulator, which is a vegetable compound including the Ragweed, and Cascara - that makes for an activity upon the GALL duct, the pancreas and the spleen.  Use the liquid; not the dry.  Take in broken doses; that is,
half a teaspoonful about every two hours, until there is a FULL evacuation - or two or three reactions through the bowels.


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