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Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Black Haw

Botanical Name: Viburnum prunifolium

Common Names and Synonyms: American Sloe, Camp Bark, Stagbush

Background: Black haw has been used traditionally as a uterine tonic (to aid in childbirth) and for the prevention of abortion and miscarriage.  Native to southern and mid-North America, the root bark of this shrubby tree is also used for the after-pains of childbirth  The reddish-brown inner surface of the bark has a bitter, astringent taste, and produces an antispasmodic effect on the female reproductive system.

Black Haw in the Cayce Readings
  • Only two readings discussed the specific action of black haw.  One reading utilized black haw root for treatment of the spleen; another reading discussed mentioned the therapeutic action to the upper intestinal tract. The most common systemic problem cited in the readings recommending black haw was cardiovascular (usually hypertension), although pelvic disorders and the after-effects of surgery were cited in a few readings.
  • Black haw was prescribed in three amounts as follows:
      2 ounces 28 readings
      1 ounce 3 readings
      1/2 ounce 1 reading
  • Black haw was always recommended with other substances in a compound, never by itself.  Although a wide diversity of  formulas were given, the most common substances mentioned in the same readings with black haw were as follows:
      Tolu 26 readings
      Yellow Dock 20 readings
      Sarsaparilla 19 readings
      Elder Flower 18 readings
      Wild Cherry 17 readings
      Prickly Ash 13 readings
      Calisaya 12 readings
      Buchu Leaves 11 readings
      Burdock Root 11 readings
      Mandrake 11 readings
Cayce Quote on Black Haw

The body need not be in the state of worry of the condition. Only bring about that which will equalize the circulation, stimulating the rebuilding centers of the system, so as to produce that vital force necessary to overcome these conditions in the system, creating the equal vibrations to the functioning organs in the trunk portion of body.
    In this we will find that which would create this condition in the body:  To one gallon of rain water, add:

     Burdock Root......................2 ounces,
     Yellow Dock Root..................2 ounces,
     Black Haw Bark....................2 ounces,
     Red Root..........................2 ounces,
     Elder Flower......................2 ounces.

    Reduce by simmering, not boiling, to one quart, while warm, strain and add:

     Balsam of Tolu....................3 drams,
        (cut in the alcohol) with
     Grain alcohol.....................6 ounces.

(Q)  What is cause of the pain in this body's left side?
(A)  Reflexes from the condition in the spleen force itself and the strain as is produced on the nerve and ligaments or this portion of the body.  With the action of those elements found in the Black Haw and Red Root, will find these pains will gradually be relieved as the condition producing those is alleviated - spleenic action, reflex forces.  Keep the intestinal tract open, but not by purging, but rather by the medicinal properties as given here and diet and movement in exercise for the pelvic organs.  Not necessary that this be purged if these are taken, circular, bending motion of the body.

    This we would apply to this body to bring about normal effects in all portions, in all of the circulation and to the nervous structure and its forces in this body.  First we would take into the system those properties to produce equilibrium to the circulation and to give to the blood forces to carry forces needed to rebuild within the Cellular force itself, and that which will be absorbed which will act with the system, that is acting at present to produce equilibrium throughout.  Take this into the system:

    Sarsaparilla Root (preferably green
        rather than dried).....6 ounces,
    Black haw Bark, dried......2 ounces,
    Yellow dock Rood, dried....2 ounces,
    Prickly Ash Bark...........2 ounces,
    Elder Flower, dried........4 ounces,
    Wild Cherry Bark, dried....2 ounces.

    This will be placed in a gallon of water, rain water preferred, reduced by simmering not boiling to one quart, strain through flannel.  While still warm add 4 ounces of Grain alcohol with Balsam of Tolu one-half ounce.
    The action of these properties combined within the system are to act on the effects acquired in the lung forces within clarifying blood.  The action of certain properties is to rebuild the Hemoglobin within the blood to give more Leukocytes to the blood, as we find in the bark of Wild Cherry and Sarsaparilla.  The action of the Duodenum, pancrean juices to the stomach and the intestinal forces are well applied form those of Blackhaw and Dock root, those to function of the organs of the Pelvis from the Elder Flower and the Balsam of Tolu with its action on those organs.  The alcohol force is to create more of the grape sugar within the stomach itself.
    Dose of this would be a tablespoonful three times a day...


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