The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Arctium lappa

Common Names and Synonyms: Beggar's Buttons, Thorny Burr, Gypsy's Rhubarb, Fox's Clote, Cockle Buttons

Background: Burdock grows wild throughout much Europe and the northern United States.  Traditionally, burdock was used as a blood purifier and to treat skin sores.  Today burdock is also used as a systemic cleanser and is particularly noted as a liver purifier and hormone balancer, especially in cases of skin, arthritic and glandular problems.  The large-leafed plant bears thistle-like red or purple flowers set in a  round, fruiting head, covered with burrs.  Burdock grows wild along field borders from July to September and the burrs cling to the fur of any passing animal or to a person's clothing.  The idea for the product known as Velcro came from the sticking quality of the burrs.

Burdock in the Cayce Readings
  • According to the Cayce readings, the intended action of burdock was as a digestive stimulant to the stomach, intestines, pancreas and liver.
  • Burdock utilization peaked in 1923 and decreased markedly with a notable increase during 1934-1935.
  • Various amounts of burdock root were recommended with the following frequency:

      2 ounces 74 readings
      1 ounce  29 readings
      1/2 ounce 27 readings
      1/2 ounce 4 readings
  • Tincture or essence of burdock root was recommended as follows:

      1/2 ounce 8 readings
      1/4 ounce 4 readings
      10 minims 1 reading
      40 minims 1 reading
  • Fluid extract of burdock root was recommended in 8 readings:
      1/2 ounce 5 readings
      1/4 ounce 1 reading
      2 ounces 1 reading
      40 minims 1 reading
  • Elixir of Burdock root (1 ounce) was recommended in 1 reading.  "Yellow burdock" was prescribed in three readings (1 ounce - 2 readings; 2 ounces - 1 reading) between 1920-1922.
  • Burdock was always recommended with other substances in a compound, never by itself. Although a wide diversity of  formulas were given, the most common substances mentioned in the same readings with burdock were as follows:
      Yellow dock 142 readings
      Tolu 133 readings
      Sarsaparilla 97 readings
      Wild Cherry 88 readings
      Elder Flower 80 readings
      Buchu Leaves 62 readings
      Mandrake 56 readings
      Prickly Ash Bark  49 readings
      Calisaya 43 readings
      Black Snake Root 31 readings
 Cayce Quotes on Burdock

    The Burdock is an activative force with or in the juices through the hydrochloric area, or in the pylorus.

    We find these conditions, for the condition to produce the proper secretions to the pancreas and to give the correct functioning of the liver these elements are added in those of the Burdock and Yellow Dock root ...


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