The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum camphora

Common Names and Synonyms: Laurel Camphor, Camphor Laurel

Background: The clippings, roots and wood chips of the camphor tree are processed to produce camphor crystals and camphor oil.  In addition to the aromatic quality of camphor, it is used medicinally in massage compounds, lip salve and inhalants. The camphor tree is native to eastern Asia and is a close relative of the cinnamon tree.  The sturdy tree has glossy dark green aromatic leaves. When mature, the tree can reach a height of 100 feet.  The wood repels insects, moths, and is very durable against the erosion of salt air.  In days gone by, the wood was used by sailors to moth-proof their clothes.  Camphor is extracted from the wood by steam distillation, which yields transparent crystals.   More recently  an extraction from the leaves has also produced camphor crystals.  The camphor oil is an agent which eases bruises, inflammations, and joint pains.

Camphor in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce recommended camphor in a wide variety of applications, the most common applications were:
    • Spirits of camphor was prescribed for use in a solution jar with the wet cell battery and radial appliance;
    • Camphor gum was sometimes combined with morphia and other substances to produce a sedative effect;
    • Camphorated oil was recommended as a massage oil and camphor was included in various complex massage oil formulas;
    • Combined with turpentine and mutton tallow, camphor was often used for hot packs and rubs;
    • Camphor and baking soda paste was typically recommended to remove warts and corns;
    • Camphor combined with lanolin and peanut oil was suggested for scar absorption.
  • Camphor was typically used in conjunction with other substances.  Although a wide diversity of formulas and applications were given, the most common substances mentioned in the same readings with camphor were as follows:
      Turpentine 321 readings
      Mutton Suet or Tallow 317 readings
      Olive Oil 142 readings
      Benzoin 99 readings
      Peanut Oil 65 readings
      Sassafras 48 readings
      Morphia 45 readings
      Cedar Wood Oil 46 readings
      Pine Needle Oil 30 readings
      Witch Hazel 34 readings
Cayce Quotes on Camphor

    To give the more perfect elimination and to add that vital force necessary to keep this body, [5710] we are speaking of, to its high point and effort or vital forces with these conditions, we would take in to the system, that, that would give the necessary force to the body and take along the whole length of the spine, especially at the 5th to 7th cervical and 1st and to the 6th dorsal, but over the whole length, vibrations from an electric driven vibrator.  As for the tonic for the system -

                  Gum Camphor.............20 grains,
                  Sulfate of Morphia.......3 grains,
                  Muriate of Iron.........30 grains.

    These would be well mixed and made into thirty pellets or pills, one be taken every evening, see.  The vibrations would be kept up until the body feels physically fit throughout.  It is only to assist all nerve centers along the spine to alleviate and to eliminate properly.

The gum camphor is a stimulant to the sensory organism, especially to the mucus coats of all the nasal and eye and ear and throat cavities.  It tends to rise, as it were, to this portion of the body.

(Q)  What would the spirits of camphor cure [when used in an electrotherapeutic solution jar]?
(A)  Nausea and summer complaints.  Any intestinal disturbance.

    Use as an inhalant, that of Spirits of Camphor, see?  for the nostrils.

(Q)  There are two growths that appear to be warts on the ball of my left foot; what is the best way to dissolve or remove them?
(A)  Apply each evening a small amount of baking soda wet thoroughly with spirits of camphor, just sufficient to cover same - and bind on so as to keep over the night.  This will cause some little sharp pain, and a little soreness for a few days, but will dissolve and prevent any irritation following same; for these are as but those eliminations in system being thrown out in improper directions.

(Q)  Are any brain cells weakened or destroyed?
(A)  As indicated.  None are destroyed.  All are under a stress from a weakened condition in the urea in the blood itself from the lack of elements necessary to create a balance.  And the Gold, which will be combined in a solution of one grain to one ounce of distilled water, will act upon the glands of REPRODUCTIVE cellular force in the body and PREVENT any inroads into the destruction of the gray matter in the nerve forces of the body or brain.  And the Camphor (that is, the activity of the VIBRATIONS of same, not the property itself) is to prevent an irritation along the walls of the nerve centers and the internal centers of brain forces and nerve cellular forces themselves.

    When attaching the Camphor [with the wet cell battery] we would make the first attachment in the 3rd and 4th cervical center, the larger plate with the current passing through the regular solution of Spirits of Camphor being attached at the ganglia of the plexus opposite the cardiac portion of the stomach proper; so that we may have the settling from this nausea that occurs at times in the stomach - and the headaches.  This solution would be attached not over thirty minutes, twenty to thirty minutes.

(Q)  Is there any immediate danger of Rickets?
(A)  This is foolish!  If there was, we would have given it! We have given those things for the keeping of the body in its nominal, normal development.  Oil rubs and camphorated oil rubs will DO MORE for the correction of the properties that make for the structural development than all the fish foods that you can ever give!

    We would use the Fume Baths, about once each week.  In the fumes that settle over the body, we would use preferably for this body an equal combination of Spirits of Camphor and Oil of Wintergreen; about half a teaspoonful of each in the pint of water used for the Fumes.  These would be better than taking internal medicines.
(Q)  Kidneys?
(A)  Toxic forces overactive in the kidneys.  Hence the very character and the nature of the Fumes - the combination of the Camphor and the Oil of Wintergreen.

(Q)  Will continued use of Camphorice [recommended in 2015-6, Par. 10-A] gradually eliminate scar on arm (resulting from severe burn 2 years ago)?
(A)  Camphorice, or better - as we find - Camphorated Oil. Or make the own Camphorated Oil; that is, by taking the regular Camphorated Oil and adding to it; in these proportions:

    Camphorated Oil.............2 ounces,
    Lanolin, dissolved........1/2 teaspoonful,
    Peanut Oil..................1 ounce.

    This combination will quickly remove this tendency of the scar - or scar tissue.


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