The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Capsicum frutescens

Common Names and Synonyms: Cayenne, Red Pepper, Tabasco Pepper

Background: Found wild in some tropical countries, capsicum is a common food seasoning and medicinal herb.  Typically, it is used as a general tonic and a specific for the circulatory and digestive system.  A close relative to the chili pepper and sweet red bell pepper, Cayenne is the preferred species of capsicum for medicinal use because it is less firery than other varieties of chili peppers.  It is the main ingredient in tabasco sauce and is know by the name Tabasco pepper.  Cayenne is extensively used in Mexican,  Eastern  Asian,  Creole and Cajun cuisine.

Capsicum in the Cayce Readings
  • Capsicum, in its various forms, was typically recommended in the Cayce readings as a stimulant to the digestive system.
  • Capsicum (including capsici and cayenne) was mentioned in 211 readings between 1921 - 1944.  The various forms of capsicum were recommended as ingredients in medicinal compounds between 1921 - 1937 with a peak in 1928 followed by a steady decline in usage.
  • Capsicum, in its various forms was recommended as follows:
      Capsicum 16 readings
      Capsici 174 readings
      Cayenne  23 readings
  • In all but four readings which suggest cayenne, the recommendation is as a dietary supplement and seasoning.  The four readings which prescribe cayenne as a medicine (extract or essence) are for the following amounts:
      1 minim (extract) 2 readings
      2 minims (extract)  1 reading
      15 minims (essence) 1 reading
  • Capsicum was prescribed in the early readings as follows:
      1 grain 10 readings
      2 grains  1 reading
      3 grains 2 readings
  • Capsici was prescribed in 174 readings beginning in March, 1923.  The early readings mention elixir of capsici, fluid extract of capsici, essence of capsici, and tincture of capsici.  Quickly, tincture of capsici became the standard and is overwhelming represented in the readings as a whole.  The various forms of capsici were prescribed in the following amounts:
      1 minim  37 readings
      2 minims 67 readings
      3 minims 48 readings
      4 minims 2 readings
      5 minims 18 readings
      10 minims 4 readings
  • Capsicum was most often recommended as an ingredient in a compound.  Although a wide diversity of  formulas were given, the most common substances mentioned in the same readings with capsicum (or capsici) were as follows:
      Calisaya 159 readings
      Valerian 116 readings
      Potassium Iodide 115 readings
      Potassium Bromide 113 readings
      Stillingia 73 readings
      Sarsaparilla 61 readings
      Sassafras 53 readings
      Wild Cherry 59 readings
      Tolu 48 readings
      Yellow Dock 27 readings
Cayce Quotes on Capsicum

    The Capsicum as a stimulant to digestion and the whole body.

    Those of the stimuli in the capsici, also in that of the oil of sassafras, acting as the stimuli to the nerve reactions as they are stimulated through the manipulation.

... Capsici, will produce especially a stimuli to those secretions in pancreas and in duodenum, for the proper assimilation and ELIMINATION from the system.

... Capsici, a stimuli to the digestive system, and ESPECIALLY to that portion in the lacteal ducts which makes for the distribution of that as is ASSIMILATED by the body ...

... those of an astringent and cardiac that comes from those of Capsici and of VALERIAN.

    Capsici - acts as stimulation to the secretions, as the other forces are assimilated in the medicine chest (as it were) of the stomach, or through the duodenum and its activity upon the properties that are taken as food values into the system.

(Q)  Should there be any change in the diet as previously given for this body?
(A)  No.  Follow those rather as we have given, see.  Keep that of the stimulus that gives the strengthening forces to the body through that of cayenne.

    Also use Irish potatoes that are boiled or baked and seasoned with plenty of Cayenne pepper, especially - if this is not too severe; but learn to digest or handle same, for this will stimulate the activities needed in the body at present.


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