The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Botanical Name: Apium graveolens

Common Names and Synonyms: Celery, Marsh Parsley, Smallage, Wild Celery

Background: Celery in its wild state grows in the northern temperate maritime districts.  The more familiar, cultivated celery has slender stalks, and 3 to 5 segmented pinnate leaves.  Celery grows year-round in mild areas where the soil is organically rich. The flowers are small and white; the seeds are tiny, and have a distinctive aroma.  Celery seeds are used in cooking to flavor salads, coleslaw and soups.  The seeds contain a diuretic substance that increases the excretion of uric acid, and they also have an anti-rheumatic and sedative effect.  Celerina is an extract made from celery and other herbs.
Celery in the Cayce Readings

  • Celery was strongly endorsed in the Cayce readings for its nutritional value and specific use as a nerve building food or medicine.  Celery is rich in phosphorus, silicon, iron, and calcium. As part of a balanced diet, celery can help improve alkalinity which helps ward off infectious tendencies.
  • Celerina was a nerve tonic which is no longer on the market.. According to King's American Dispensatory, 1898, it was a specialty of the Rio Chemical Co., St. Louis, Mo., containing celery, kola, coca, viburnum, and aromatics.  Celerina was included in tonics to build up the system.  It was added to the tonics for alcoholism, general debilitation, and rheumatism.  Celerina's action is diuretic and nerve building.  It is a tonic for the pancreas, spleen, and entire intestinal system.
  • Celerina was mentioned in 22 readings, usually as part of a complex formula.
Cayce Quotes on Celery

    So far as the body physical condition is concerned, the adherence to the use of carrots, lettuce and CELERY EVERY day at a meal or as a portion of the meal will insure against any contagious infectious forces with which the body may be in contact.
(Q)  Can immunization against them be set up in any other manner than by inoculation?
(A)  As indicated, if an alkalinity is maintained in the system - especially with lettuce, carrots and celery, these in the blood supply will maintain such a condition as to immunize a person.

    As to the diet, - each day have at least an ounce of vegetable juices; such as a combination of lettuce and carrots especially, and at times including celery juice - to strengthen the general nerve forces of the body.  These would be the raw juices, of course.

(Q)  Specify foods containing phosphorus.
(A)  The yolk of egg, none of the white.  Those in carrots, celery, turnips, ALL carry a form of phosphorus that are additions, and solubles to the system.

. celery, carrots, tomatoes and the like.  These supply silicon, as well as that needed in other energies to replenish the body.

    Take as food values much that carries the iron, the silicon, the stabilizing condition for the system; such as we find in certain vegetables, as beets, celery, radishes..
   Digestive system shows at the present time very good, though strained of the condition as shown through the kidneys and through the liver, and the whole hepatic circulation, or that of liver and kidney direct.
    In the lower intestinal tract we find the state of the taxation as is produced through the body.
    Then, to assist and bring these conditions normal for this body, we would through manipulation, osteopathically given, correct those conditions in the lumbar and dorsal region, giving to the body at the same time those properties that will create the perfect eliminations for the system, giving the incentive to the nerve stream, to the blood supply, to come to the normal forces, as which would be found in this:

                  Tincture Valerian...............2 ounces,
                  Iodide of Potassium..........15 grains,
                  Bromide Potassium............20 grains,
                  Elixia Calisaya...................4 ounces,
                  Elixia Celerina....................2 ounces,
                  Oil of Peppermint..............2 minims.
                  Sufficient simple syrup to make 10 ounces.

    The dose of this would be teaspoonful three times each day.  Shake solution well before properties are taken.  We will find these properties acting in this manner with system:  The Valerian as the sedative to the digestive system, and especially to the pyloric forces in the stomach proper.  Iodide acting with the nerve system, especially in that of the functioning of the sensory nerve forces, and especially those in the pelvic organs.  Bromide acting in that as a strainer and restrainer of nerve supply and producing the normal inclination of the functioning of the kidneys.  Of the Calisaya as the restrainer in blood and as acting upon by the lacteal ducts and giving the liver, spleen and the hepatic circulation the cleansing, as it were, necessary in the blood stream.  The Celerina acting as the tonic for the pancreas, for the spleen and for the whole intestinal secretions. The action of all combine then that necessary to produce nominal eliminations, so that assimilations, when the corrections are made in the dorsal and lumbar regions, will become a normal condition in the body, [3732] we are speaking of.
    Now, we find in the general physical forces there is little to build upon, and the body continues to use up the vitality without restoring sufficient from the assimilation to replenish the physical forces, and gradually there has grown, then, within same, the lack of the incentive from various portions of the organism to function sufficient to recharge or resuscitate even the cells that are necessary to replenish those used in functioning in the system.  This then produces a general debilitation.  This is of existent condition, and this is that which must be met first before we would begin to add to the rebuilding within the system sufficient that the vitality will store up energies within the body to replenish same.
    We would then prepare first for the body as this:
    To one-half [1/2] gallon of distilled water we would add:

                  Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla........1/2 ounce,
                  Tincture Wild Cherry Bark.................1 ounce,
                  Tincture of Stillingia............................1/2 ounce,
                  Essence of Yellow Dock Root............1/4 ounce,
                  Essence of Black Snake Root.............1/4 ounce,
                  Oil of Sassafras...................................20 minims,
                  Elixir of Calisaya.................................1/2 ounce,
                  Essence Celerina.................................1/2 ounce.

    Then we would reduce this by slow boiling.  Keep the cover over this while boiling, else - with evaporation, through the heated alcohol in which many of these are dissolved - there would be lost much of the strength of the properties.  When reduced to half the quantity, add - after cooled somewhat -  one-half [1/2]  ounce alcohol with one [1] dram Balsam of Tolu cut in it.  Shake solution together before dose is taken. Take half teaspoonful every three hours.


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