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Cocoa Butter
Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao

Common Names and Synonyms: Chocolate tree

Background: The cocoa tree is native to South America and grows from 12 to 16 feet high. The tree usually is planted under the shade of other trees, where it bears bright green  leaves, tiny red flowers, and yellow-red fruits  or pods, all year round. The seeds are ripe when they rattle in the pods. Each pod contains about two dozen seeds, which are generally gathered in June and December.  The pods are split open, and the beans, surrounded by a sweet pulp, are allowed to ferment, and then dry in the sun.  Cocoa butter, a yellow-white solid, is extracted or expressed from the ground beans. The odor resembles that of cocoa.
Cocoa Butter in the Cayce Readings

  • In the Cayce readings, cocoa butter was frequently used in massages for adults and babies.
    • When combined with bromo-quinine its action was to reduce congestion and stimulate lymphatic activity.
    • A combination of cocoa butter and quinine was given to repel mosquitoes.
    • Cocoa butter is given as a salve to be massaged into the surrounding breast tissue to help normalize the appearance of the breast.
    • Cocoa butter combined with benzoin and rosewater is a general skin cleanser and tissue builder.
  • Cocoa butter was sometimes used in conjunction with other substances.  Although a wide diversity of formulas and applications were given, the most common substances mentioned in the same readings with cocoa butter were as follows:
      Olive oil 40 readings
      Camphor 23 readings
      Peanut oil 18 readings
      Benzoin 9 readings
      Myrrh 8 readings
Cayce Quotes on Cocoa Butter
.we would give the body a good hot bath and a massage with cocoa butter in the areas where corrections have been made, so that there will be supplied food for the lymph and emunctory circulation.  These areas will become dried with the corrections and make the body more sensitive at times, while this relaxing with the hot water and the cocoa butter massage will bring good sleep and recuperative forces for the body.

    Each morning, just after the bath, massage with Cocoa Butter; ALWAYS AWAY FROM THE HEAD, in a gentle circular motion, on either side of the spine; from the base of the brain DOWNWARD to the 9th dorsal, and then from the end of the spine UPWARD to the 9th dorsal, see?

    The body would find that massages over the body occasionally of cocoa butter would be well, and to prevent congestion in the body - those of cocoa butter and cocoa quinine - one part quinine to the three parts cocoa butter, rubbed into chest, arm pits and groins, see?

    The taking of properties in system, such as the tonics for such conditions, had best be left off at the present.  Rather massage into the lymphatic circulation those properties of  quinine - coco-quinine preferred, in the cocoa butter, and the absorption in the system will be sufficient to overcome this through this circulation, rather than taking properties into the digestive system that is ALREADY overtaxed to overcome same.

    In the application of the coco-quinine at the present time, this we would rather massage in the system than taking internally.  That would be massaged in the lymphatic circulation - arm pits, elbows, abdomen, thighs, with cocoa butter - coco-quinine and cocoa butter massaged together into this portion will give strength, and will also reduce the circulation, you see, through the capillaries.  The lymphatics taking this up, this will act directly on this circulation, see?  Be careful that the feet are kept dry, especially.  Not over heated, yet allowed to take sufficient exercise that we have a good full capillary circulation, see?

(Q)  Would it be well to rub legs and back with an alcohol rub or some combination with alcohol for strengthening?
(A)  Depends upon whether this is needed or not.  This is a good way to develop them.  It would be better to use Cocoa Butter than alcohol.  If you want to keep them reduced use  alcohol.  If you want to develop normally use Cocoa Butter, or Olive Oil and Peanut Oil or one or the other of these.

(Q)  What is the cause and cure of the excessive cracking in the bones in my feet?
(A)  This comes from lack of proper circulation.  A gentle or thorough massage of the limbs DOWNWARD, especially with Cocoa Butter, and especially through the feet and the bursa of the heel and the ball of the foot, and across the toes, will aid, - this done once or twice a week.

(Q)  What can I do to cure Varicose Vein in right leg?
(A)  Massage with an ointment made from Mullein juices with Cocoa Butter and Oil of Butter.

(Q)  What causes bruise-like spots to appear on legs?
(A)  The thinning of the walls of the circulation.  Thus the vibrations that come by the radiation of hot and cold water, and stimulation of the spinal centers for an improved circulation; followed by the stimuli of the Cocoa Butter rub.  And this, of course, should not be too severely given, - either the rubs or the massaging of the properties into the body.  But these will act as food to superficial circulation, strengthening the walls of the circulating areas.

(Q)  How may I develop my bust?
(A) The natural development as comes from those activities through the better body building will be of helpful force.  But if there is the desire for a greater development, we would massage the mammary glands, - not about same, but under the arm and down the side, you see - with Cocoa Butter, about three times each week; then about the glands themselves about once a week.

(Q)  What can be done to develop the bust to off-set angular line of my body?
(A)  Massaging the mammary glands with cocoa butter; not the bust but the glands.  Massage always upward, not down not around but upward.  This means commence at about the waist line under the arms, and especially the patches where there are the mammary glands, and where the emunctory patches supply nutriment to the glands.

(Q)  What explanation for right breast being larger than left, and how remedy?
(A)  This is a nominal condition that exists in most individuals.  If there is the desire for increasing the lesser, massage the lower portion with Cocoa Butter.  If there is the desire to decrease the other, massage with Cocoa Butter adding the water from alum in same. Do this each evening

    For the mammary glands and around the breast, to make them more firm and not so large - and yet make for a different activity to the whole body, we would massage a compound into the glands prepared in this manner:
    To 2 ounces of Cocoa Butter (dissolved), add:

            Oil of Butterfat..........................................40 minims,
            Alum Water, almost a saturated solution....10 minims.

    Stir this well together.  Once or twice a week massage the glands around the arms and around the lower portion of the breast, upper portion, and massaging thoroughly around the edge - will make these more firm, relieve this strain, the burning sensations that have arisen at times after and during the menstrual periods.

(Q)  What can be done to build up broken down tissues in left side of face?
(A)  A massage with the electrically driven vibrator, followed immediately with a compound massaged through the neck, the side of the face, through the eyes, the temple, and along the vagus centers right at the entrance of the gullet, or at the entrance of the shoulder blade, or corner of the shoulder blade with the breast bone on either side.  Such a compound for massaging would be prepared in this manner:
    To 1 tablespoonful of melted Cocoa Butter, add - while it is  in the liquid:
                        Rose Water..................................1 tablespoonful,
                        Compound Tincture of Benzoin.....1 tablespoonful.

    Keep this to massage these tissues.  The activity of these ingredients will be to ENLIVEN and to make for - Well, this would be a very, very good skin cleanser and skin builder for anyone!

. we would suggest Cocoa Butter that is dissolved or rubbed in with Olive Oil; as this will aid in preventing scars, even, upon  the areas where old sores and injuries have been so disturbing to the body.

    And while we would continue the use of the massage with Cocoa Butter, we would alternate this with a massage using three parts Peanut Oil and one part Witch Hazel, - which would prevent there being so much scar tissue and less apt for any recurrent conditions from same.

(Q)  Will cocoa oil with crude oil and kerosene make a good salve for bald heads, and how much of each?
(A)  This would make an excellent ointment and salve for bald heads.  The quantity would vary according to the specific gravity of the crude oil used, and as to the amount of settling that has been done before it is used, but this  may be used as a basis for experimentation:
    To a pint of crude oil - that's a pound, you see (that the gravity is thirty or twenty-six, to thirty) - this is better  liquid measure - add one ounce of kerosene.  Stir this well together, and sufficient of the cocoa added in the liquid, of course, heated - to make same harden into a heavy paste, or about one and one-quarter ounces.

(Q)  Since diet has not caused hair on lips to diminish, is there anything which will prevent this that can be used externally?  Will cutting or bleaching increase growth?
(A)  Do not shave off, do not attempt to bleach or dye, but use this mixture:

                  Cocoa Butter.........3 drams,
                  Calomel.................2 grains,
                  Epsom Salts...........20 grains.

    Mix these thoroughly, as with mortise and pestle.  Massage this ointment gently in the areas where there are the disturbances from superfluous hair, and after leaving on for fifteen to twenty minutes, rub off.  This used as an ointment will remove hair without injury to the body.  To be sure, mercury is in the calomel, and this is a poison, but with this combination and in this quantity there is not sufficient for a body to absorb enough to become detrimental to the body-forces.

    Occasionally, do massage along the spine with Cocoa Butter; that is, an ounce in which there has been put five grains of quinine, mixed thoroughly.  Massage this along the spine, under the arm and in the groin.  Not only will the mosquito not bite, but there will be no malaria. Use cocoa butter in the massage, using a rotary motion, and  away from the head.

.after each bath (as this) the body should be massaged thoroughly all over, osteopathically, and then have (after the massage) cocoa butter massaged into the spine, across the abdomen, into all of the lymphatic circulation, about the throat and neck, and, as is seen, while this will weaken the body, it will NOT interfere with heart's action, properly done, unless the body allowed to chill, or excess action - physical exertion -  following same, but the capillary circulation must be restored to the equilibrium of the body, so that eliminations are set up properly between the external and internal circulation, see?

    EACH evening let those about the body give the body a gentle massage down the whole of the cerebrospinal system; one day with Olive Oil, the next day with Cocoa Butter.  Take at least twenty minutes to do this, EACH evening when the body is ready to retire.  Begin at the back of the head, on either side of the spine, and in a circular motion massage DOWNWARD to the end of the spine.

.massage the spine with grain alcohol.  Cut in this Cocoa Butter, and massage especially over the area from between the shoulders to just between the hip bones.  Massage this thoroughly on each side of the spine, not attempting to make any corrections.  This will reduce temperature.  This will keep those activities with that which is the effective activity of the properties given internally, aiding them to correct the eliminations and create the proper flow of the bile, as well as the flow from the kidneys into the alimentary canal, as well as the activity of the kidneys themselves.

.a thorough massage with cocoa butter AND olive oil - over the whole body.  Massage TOWARD the center of the body always, so that the eliminations may be kept the better.

    Also we would massage the glands in those portions where there are the connections to the testes or testicle with a compound prepared in this manner:
    To 1/2 ounce of dissolved Cocoa Butter, add 1/2 ounce of olive oil and then 1/2 ounce of Tincture of Myrrh.  This will solidify again when not in use, but stir together and massage only a small portion of same into the portions of the body and glands that make the connections to this portion of the system, see?

.massage with Cocoa Butter after each application of the Ultra-violet.  Commence about the upper dorsal or lower cervicals, and massage in a gentle circular motion with this all the way to the end of the spine.  Never up and down, but a circular motion coming down always, on either side of the spine; so that the reaction of this is to the sympathetic system, rather than the cerebrospinal.  This will be most beneficial.

    To 1 ounce of melted Cocoa Butter, add - while still hot; not while boiling but while still warm, before it has congealed again:

                  Oil of Cedar............................10 minims,
                  Oil of Peppermint....................10 minims,
                  Carum Oil [Carron].................20 minims.

    Allow this to congeal again.  Take a small quantity and massage just what may be absorbed by the body; not only, then, over the abdominal area, but reaching down low toward the groin, over the abdomen, and especially over the cerebrospinal system - from the base of the brain to the solar plexus center, or the 9th dorsal; and from the end of the spine TOWARDS the 9th dorsal area.  The ingredients are of such a nature that the properties will strike INTO the activities of the lymph and the bursae circulation around each of the ganglia along the cerebrospinal system, if massaged in a rotary motion from the head to the middle - or to the 9th dorsal; then from the end of the spine to the 9th dorsal, in a rotary motion, along each side and over the cerebrospinal system.  This we would do about twice each week; at the same time, of course, going over the areas of the abdomen as indicated to overcome the tendencies for the drawing of the organs of the abdomen during these periods that make for pains, contractions of the organs of the body.

. use Cocoa Butter as combined with Olive Oil to massage INTO the hip, the limb, the knee, the WHOLE of the limbs.  These will, through the absorption and through the very activity of same, with the electrical forces, prevent the portions becoming atrophied, or keep the nerves from becoming deadened.

    In the massage keep plenty of the Olive Oil AND Cocoa Butter, one time with one, the next time with the other.  This will supply food values for the muscular forces of the body, as well as those vibratory forces in the impulse of the nervous system through the muscular forces.
    Especially those areas in the brachial center (for the arms) and in the lumbar plexus (for the lower limbs) should receive  SPECIFIC massage with the Oils, to supply nutriment to the ganglia of the nerve system from which or through which impulses for activity to the limbs are received.

.be sure that the massage is thoroughly given afterward; and this is always better done with a little oil or cocoa-butter or the like.  For to stimulate the extremities especially is to keep more of the flow of the impulse of the blood supply, that is gradually being built up.

. would occasionally use an equal combination of Compound Tincture of Benzoin and either Olive Oil OR Cocoa Butter (so as to make it work the easier).  The absorption of the Benzoin into the muscular forces BY the thorough massage will be a material aid to stimulating the superficial circulatory forces, and thus enabling the body to gain better control of the muscular forces where there has been the inclination for an atrophy or the lack of the vital superficial circulation in the muscular and tendon forces of the lower extremities, especially.  This would be massaged, of course, all over the cerebrospinal system, but more particularly through the lumbar and the sacral and the muscular forces of the sciatic nerves and tendons or ends in the hip and the tendon under the knee, and about the limb, in that way and manner.  This would be done only about once or twice a week, you see; while the others would be used in the regular order as has been indicated.

    After these Packs each day we would have a massage along the spine; this to begin almost at the base of the brain and be made DOWNWARD, NOT towards the brain, see?
    For such massaging, one day use Cocoa Butter; this to be gently, not severely but gently, massaged into the spine and the area upon either side of same.  The next day use Camphorated Oil ... one day using Olive Oil, the next day using Cocoa Butter.  Massage all the body will absorb.  Let this extend on either side of the spinal column, from the base of the brain to the end of the spine; gently, in a rotary motion,  massaged into the body, see?  Rub AWAY FROM the head, always.

    Each evening FOLLOWING the use of the Wet Cell Appliance, massage the body GENTLY - down the whole length of the cerebrospinal system - with Cocoa Butter, - as a food for the respiratory and perspiratory system, to be absorbed in the areas along the cerebrospinal system.  Massage from the head downward, circular motion, either side of the cerebrospinal system.  Take sufficient time in doing this, not to be hurried through, but that there may be a quieting and a relaxing of the body.


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