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Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Botanical Name: Cola nitida

Common Names and Synonyms: Kola, cola

Background: The cola tree grows 40 to 60 feet high and is native to the tropical rain forests of West Africa.  The leaves are about 10 inches long and leathery.  Small yellow flowers produce a brown pod that contains anywhere from 4 to 15 cola nuts.  The nut's aroma is sweet and rose-like.  The first taste is bitter, but sweetens upon chewing.  The nut can be boiled to extract the cola. Cola nut is a breath sweetener and contains three times the caffeine of coffee. The original Coca-Cola contained cola leaf extracts (a source of cocaine prohibited in soft drinks in the U.S. after 1904.) Cola is a stimulant to the central nervous system, it is anti-depressive, and diuretic.
Cola in the Cayce Readings

  • Coca-Cola  or cola syrup was mentioned in 62 readings, usually as a medicinal purifier of the kidneys.  Typically the cola syrup was to be taken with plain water, not carbonated.
Cayce Quotes on Cola

(Q)  Does Coca-Cola aid or deter?
(A)  Coca-Cola for the body is a stimulant, and will aid at times and deter at others.  Taken when tired, very good; but do not gulp - drink slowly.

 . if desirable drink Coca-Cola - a little Coca-Cola; this will act almost in the same way and manner in purifying or clearing the ducts through the kidneys, and thus reduce the general forces and influences there.

(Q)  Are such soft drinks as Coca-Cola detrimental to her?
(A)  Coca-Cola is not harmful; others, or some others, might be harmful.  However, if the drink is prepared with the syrup added to plain and not carbonated water, it would be more beneficial.

    Drink more water; less carbonated waters but more pure water. Milk, ice cream or the like is very well.  When carbonated waters or drinks are taken, either Dr. Pepper's or Coca-Cola may be taken; but let such as these be rather as an extra drink and not too regularly - and of Soft Drinks BEWARE.

(Q)  Is there a kidney or bladder weakness that necessitates getting up at night?
(A) There has been rather the inclination for the eliminating channels to eliminate the poisons or excesses in the system. These are tendencies, but as we find are not weaknesses.  These may be clarified by taking a drink such as Coca Cola occasionally, but this made with plain water - for the body - rather than carbonated water.  Or, once in two to three weeks a lithia tablet in the water will prevent any sediment from such activities causing distresses or weaknesses in these directions.

.a drink as Coca-Cola will be helpful to the kidneys for purification, owing to the forms of combinations in same, this should be made with plain and not carbonated waters.

    The only soft drink to be taken would be Coca-Cola.  This is helpful in the condition through the kidneys, and in the circulation between liver and kidneys.

    Here we find that Coca-Cola will be good, even for this baby. This will act to purify the circulation between the kidneys and the liver.  Preferably use this in plain water, however, NOT carbonated or charged water.  The effect of the tannic forces will be helpful for this condition.  Two to three ounces we would take at the time, not necessarily every day - but three to four times a week would be better.

(Q)  An injury to my head, neck and shoulders (auto accident) disturbs me greatly at times with eruptions on the neck and shoulders.  What to do?
(A)  These conditions should gradually disappear if the Fume Baths are taken with the massages.  Also the activity of the properties indicated for the slowing of the alimentary canal, the heart's activity, the kidneys, will change these conditions.  Take the Coca-Cola as a medicine, not as a drink.

    Do take coca cola occasionally as a drink for the activity of the kidneys, but do not take it with carbonated water.  Buy or have the syrup prepared and add plain water to this.  Take about 1/2 oz. or 1 oz. of the syrup and add plain water. This to be taken about every other day with or without ice.  This will aid in purifying the kidney activity and bladder and will be better for the body.

    Do not take too heavy foods for this body.  Never take any carbonated water, although it will be found that the syrup of Coca Cola in plain water will be well for the body, for this will react with the circulation between the kidneys and the liver, and will clear off much of the poisons which will be more beneficial for the activity of the sensory system.  Do that.

    Keep free from ANY carbonated waters, for the carbonations cause an effluvium in the blood.  To be sure, Coca-Cola is helpful to the kidneys, but if taken, use the Coca-Cola syrup in plain water - and this to the body will not be very palatable.


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