The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare

Common Names and Synonyms: Common Fennel, Fennel Fruits, Fennel Seeds, Sweet Fennel, Roman Fennel; Semen Foeniculi

Background: Fennel is native to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe and has both culinary and medicinal uses.  Herbalists employ fennel for intestinal disorders, especially colic and flatulence.  As a local application, fennel has been used as an eyewash and for mucous membrane inflammations.  Fennel has tiny yellow flowers arranged on  parasol type stems and  the leaves are needle-like.   The plant has a pleasant fragrance.  Fennel seeds have an anise-like flavor and are valued for cooking and baking.
Fennel in the Cayce Readings

  • Fennel (blossom) was recommended in 1 Cayce reading in 1935 for a 72 year old man suffering from general debilitation and toxemia.  The specific action of the fennel was not given.  The general tonic in which it was blended was intended as a systemic cleanser and stimulator.
Cayce Quote on Fennel

    As we find, while there may not be CURATIVE measures to the extent of making for a body NEW, there may be HELPFUL measures to the general condition; making for an aid to the general physical forces of the system, aiding in making for the proper stimulations that would make for the rest and the activities of the body in a very much more active force or manner, and bringing ease and rest and a much more pleasant outlook by the mental activities of the body itself.
    We would prepare, then, a TONIC for the body - in this manner:
    To 1 gallon of distilled water, add:

    Wild Cherry Bark...............1 ounce,
    Sarsaparilla Root..............1 ounce,
    Yellow Dock Root.............1/2 ounce,
    Burdock Root.................1/2 ounce,
    Prickly Ash Bark.............1/4 ounce,
    Blossom of Fennel............1/4 ounce,
    Mandrake Root..................2 grains,
    Buchu Leaves...................5 grains.

    Reduce by slow boiling until when it is stained there is 1quart left.  Then we would add 3 ounces of pure grain alcohol, with 2 drams Balsam of Tolu cut in same.  Shake the solution well together before the dose is taken, which would be 1/2 teaspoonful before the meals - morning, noon and night - and before retiring.


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