The Cayce Herbal
 A Comprehensive Guide to the 
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Friendly Fever

Friendly Fever in the Cayce Readings

  • One reading given in 1937 mentioned friendly fever in the context of the question and answer section (see below).  In responding to the question, friendly fever was not recommended for stiff joints.
Cayce Quote on Friendly Fever

(Q)  Would "Friendly Fever" be of help in relieving condition of the joints?
(A)  As we find, the deep therapy - the superficial circulation increased, you see, by the massage as combined with the effect upon all of the glandular system with the low electrical forces of the Wet Cell Appliance and the Chloride of Gold internally, as well as vibratorially - these would really be more effective than the "Friendly Fever."
    For if the diathermy is given properly, not too high, not too long at a give period but with these other activities, it will produce a better condition in relieving this tendency for stiffening in the joints, and those massages will relieve the conditions along the cerebrospinal system.


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