The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Hydrastis canadensis

Common Names and Synonyms: Golden Seal

Background: Native to eastern North America, goldenseal was used extensively by Indians as a treatment for ulcers and arrow wounds.  Modern herbalists used golden seal in the treatment of congestion and chronic inflammation of the respiratory and urogenital tracts.  Golden seal also is also reputed to strengthen the immune system.
    The rhizome with its rootlets,  is brownish on the outside and bright yellow inside. The rhizome produces a single hairy stem from which two, five lobed serrated leaves sprout.  The small flower with green sepals, produces a raspberry-like fruit in the fall.  The name Golden Seal is derived from the yellow scars left on the rhizome after the stem breaks forth in the spring.  The scars resemble the imprint from a letter seal. Golden Seal  is sometimes found growing in rich shady woodlands in northern or north-eastern America,  but is most often cultivated for its medicinal properties.

Goldenseal in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce recommended goldenseal externally with massage and internally as a tea and as an ingredient in complex systemic tonics.  The internal action of goldenseal was for the lining of the stomach and as an aid to eliminations.  Certain readings also indicated that goldenseal could enhance immune functioning (resistance to disease), support the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems, and increase vitality.
  • When goldenseal was included in tonics, the most common substances mentioned in the same readings were:
      Tolu  4 readings
      Yellow Dock 4 readings
      Yellow Saffron 4 readings
      Calisaya 3 readings
      Camphor 3 readings
      Elm 3 readings
      Sarsaparilla 3 readings
      Sassafras 3 readings
      Wild Cherry 3 readings
Cayce Quotes on Goldenseal

    Well, too, that occasionally that of Golden Seal be given in a mild form.  The active principle of this, as seen, is as an astringent and as an effective issue for conditions as exist in the lining of the stomach itself proper; is to PREVENT temperature, or to intestinally produce better reaction with the blood supply, as is called there through the condition as is existent.

    We have the body here.  Conditions are serious.  The sepses have advanced some.  The vitality is low.  The resistance is low; yet we find the WILL, the determinations, are strong with the inner forces of the body, and that those administrations being made very good.  We would give that, as a stimuli - through tomorrow, especially - Golden Seal or Life Everlasting, in small quantities, will aid.

    The activities of these properties with the system - in those of the herbs as are given:  The Life Everlasting [goldenseal] is for that tendency of the creation in system of those elements in the system that create a high vibration in the blood supply, both as to the respiratory and heart's action ...

... the properties from Golden Seal is to turn the affect of elimination toward their proper channels of a local condition.

    To meet the needs to make the resistive forces, through the system, to regain recuperative powers within this body, instead of giving medicinal properties in the system, we would massage the body well, and equalize the circulation, and assist in the elimination, and stimulate the solar plexus center, so as to gain stimulation from the foods given the body.  We would massage well into the body from the solar plexus, down, and lower across the abdomen, GOLDEN SEAL. This is placed on the body and then massaged in.

    Give as a mild tea those properties either of Golden Seal or of Yellow Saffron, the proportions being one to forty.  Do that.  This may be given whenever water is desired by the body, see?  given warm, however.  Let the body drink as much as it cares for.

    R E L I E F - To give the relief, and the permanent relief for this body, for the present condition, there must be treated for the local effect, and for local conditions, as is found in the first, second cervical to fourth and sacral region, fourth lumbar and sacral region.  We would massage well into this portion of the body those properties as found in Golden Seal, and give the vibrations of the Violet Ray forces over the whole portion of body along the spine especially, in the sacral and lumbar region and the upper cervical region.  Give that twice each day.  Massage well first with the hands, then giving the Violet Ray forces to the body for the condition in the intestinal tract, the liver, and for the hepatic circulation ...

    We would massage into the tissue, where the lymphatics and emunctories take up the circulation, those properties as found in Golden Seal.  That will assist the body in the assimilation and elimination.

    We would, then, add with manipulations - that would be osteopathically given - deep every third treatment, and gently throughout the whole system with some corrections every day, until forces are changed in the body; giving these as properties as would bring about better vibratory forces with that set up by a general treatment:  Golden Seal, or Life Everlasting, in the form of added to those of that that is being used as the reduction for temperature and added system reduction of the achey feelings that come from the poor circulation.  This would be given in a tea that would be added to the water, as of one to twenty - that is, to one ounce of saturated solution add TWENTY OUNCES of water,  or one drop to twenty drops of water, see?  This added TO that being used in medicinal properties for the reduction of temperature and for the enlivenment of the excretory system.

(Q)  Should this body be massaged with the hands?
(A)  Be well if this was massaged into the body at least each time when the temperature is very high and until this is reduced.  Be well also to rub well into the groin, across the abdomen and the liver and spleen, you see, that is higher up here, you see, equal parts of Golden Seal and Balm of Gilead.

    We would also make a tea in this manner:  To 16 ounces of distilled water add 1/2 ounce of the mullein leaves or the dried mullein, and 1/4 ounce Life Everlasting.  Steep this as a tea and take sips of this three or four times a day, about an ounce during the day, preferably warm, see?  While insipid in taste, if sipped when it is warm it will add that vitality in the circulation.

    Take Life Everlasting one dram and dried mullein one dram. But these in one quart of water and steep; (not boil) as tea, for twenty-five to thirty minutes.  Strain off and keep in a cool place, so as to prevent it from souring.  Do not take any when it is sour, or when it becomes sour, but use as a tea to drink - see?  Little sips of this.  If it is found to be too strong, add plain water.  Little sips of this two or three times a day; not big swallows but as much as a quarter to half a teaspoonful as a sip two, three, four times a day. Take it AS water, see?  but it may be followed with water, that will be found better half and half; that is, carbonated water and plain water, as the drinking water.

(Q)  How often should body take Life Everlasting Tea?
(A)  As has been outlined, when there is that necessity of adding to the strength or vitality of the body, then it may be taken in the manner as has been outlined.

    And massage into those regions of the dorsal (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, see?), and across the abdomen, those properties of Golden Seal or Life Everlasting - the essence of this, see?  and WEAKENED about twenty percent (20%), see?  of the essence, warmed and massaged into these portions of the body....
(Q)  Should the limewater and cinnamon water be given together, or separate?
(A)  No!  Taken separate!  These may be ALTERNATED, as given, to meet the needs of the conditions, see?  but the Life Everlasting, THIS is as to STRENGTHEN the secretions from absorption, as well as the massage to the right side, or across the abdomen, see?

    We have the body here.  Conditions are serious.  The sepses have advanced some.  The vitality is low.  The resistance is low; yet we find the WILL, the determinations, are strong with the inner forces of the body, and that those administrations being made very good.  We would give that, as a stimuli - through tomorrow, especially - Golden Seal or Life Everlasting, in small quantities, will aid.


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