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Concord Grape
Botanical Name: Vitix labrusca

Common Names and Synonyms: Fox grape, skunk grape, purple grape

Background: The wild purple or fox grape is the ancestor of the Concord grape, developed at Concord, Massachusetts.  This grape is native to North America. Wild grapevines can be found from New England to Georgia and to the west through mid-America.  The Concord is a plump, purple or blue purple grape, growing in clusters on a thick, woody vine. The odor is aromatic, with a sweet, musky flavor and several seeds are contained within each grape.
Concord Grapes in the Cayce Readings

  • The Concord variety of grape was most often recommended in the readings to reduce fever and inflammation.  Specifically, Concord grape packs were prescribed for abdominal abscesses, peritonitis, appendicitis, ptomaine poisoning, and other serious abdominal conditions.
  • Concord grape juice was suggested as a dietary supplement to aid in reducing weight in cases of obesity.
  • Grape monodieting was also sometimes recommended for internal cleansing.
Cayce Quotes on Concord Grapes
    At least twice a day have periods of applying three or four (in a series) of the grape poultices;  preferably the Concord variety - because of the activities of these upon the body.  Not only is there the absorption of the juices of same,  but there is the carrying of the acids that act with the digestive forces.  Also there is the absorption of same in the areas of the lacteal ducts from which the body gains food supply - which is strengthening to the body.
    We would also find that a gentle massage, very gentle, with Olive Oil, will be most beneficial; all that the body will absorb - but after there is the cleansing of the body from the use of the grape poultice.  Be sure that the Olive Oil is massaged not only over the whole of the abdomen but especially across the small of the back and the limbs also.

    Keep the poultice, but get the Concord and not the other grapes.  If the Concord grapes cannot be secured, then use the seedless white grapes; though the SEED in the Concord grapes are those that take away the inflammation the most.
    Necessary that eliminations be kept, even though an enema be used each day; for there should be a movement every day.  If  there is not a natural movement, then use the enema.
(Q)  How often should the poultice be used?
(A)  Whenever there is pain across the abdomen.

    Put a poultice of grapes, cool - grapes of any character, preferably Concord but any character, crushed - except those without seed, don't use those - we want those with seed for it's the tartaric acid that we are giving that we want the reaction from.  Crush same, place between thin cloths over the abdomen, extending up to the lower end of the stomach, to overcome this nausea and tendency for the reaction to the head and throat and the irritations that arise.

(Q)  How may I get my bowels to be active as should be?
(A)  Only through taking that which is easily assimilated, and, as has been indicated, massage occasionally with the acid - as grape acid, see?  that is, Tartaric Acid.  This will cause movement of the bowels.  But not too long - not too much!  It is best to apply the Tartaric Acid in a cloth or gauze over the abdomen, this just patted on.  Cover, and then allow to remain for ten to fifteen minutes.  Then remove, and gently massage the bowel with Peanut Oil.  These will cause movement.  If necessary, repeat and let it remain a little longer, but don't get them so they will be started and then not be able to stop.

    Also have the heavy Grape Poultices each day over the abdominal and stomach area.  Leave these on for at least two hours each day, changing them about once during the two hour period, see?  have them at least half an inch thick.  Crush the grapes and apply, raw; the Concord Grapes being preferable.
    And live practically on grapes during that period, or grapes and milk, - with a little curd or crackers in same.  The Concord grapes are preferable to be eaten also, but not the same ones that are used for poultice, to be sure!  Of course, other types of grapes may be eaten also, but preferably and principally the Concord - or the colored grapes rather than the green, see?
    After there have been the Grape Poultices used for at least three to four days, then we would have a colonic irrigation, - very gently given; and do not attempt to do this by self!  Have it done rather by a professional, with the warning as to the disturbance in the caecum area!  Rest during this whole period, you see, but especially remain quiet during the period the colonic is given, - just one, gently but thoroughly done, but after the Poultices have been used for three to four days as indicated.
    Beware of any temperature, or too much of night sweats, or the poor eliminations through the respiratory system.  Hence we would rub the body down with alcohol - whenever there is any tendency in this direction.

    As we find, an acute condition has arisen from toxic forces very akin to a ptomaine reaction through the alimentary canal.  And this, with the weakness and tenderness which has existed, has brought about some distresses there.
    In ministering for the conditions in the present, we would:
    Make application of a Grape Poultice; raw grapes, mashed in a  form so they will be at least half to an inch thick across the whole of the abdomen; preferably the Concord Grapes.
    Be well in preparation for it that there be taken internally orange juice mixed with the grape juice; the fresh, not that preserved or put up, but the fresh - about half and half.  Take little sips of this.
    Keep the pack on for about an hour, and then change and put on a second one.  Leave the second one on for an hour.

    As we find, there are acute conditions from a combination of disturbances; where there have been adhesions through the abdominal area, the effects from disturbances there, that have caused a great deal of trouble in the circulation of the lymph through the portions of the body, - as to cause neuritic, with arthritic tendencies in same.
    And, with the application of properties, these have been caused to become inflamed; thus causing acute conditions.
    We would have as little as possible of the narcotics or sedatives.
    And we would use the heavy Grape Poultice over the abdominal and caecum area, especially.  Crush the raw fresh grapes (preferably Concord), leave in hull, and apply direct to the body, between thin gauze, about an inch thick.  These would be constantly changed as they become so warm from the body heat as to be uncomfortable, or about every hour or hour and a half.  Keep these up continuously until the condition is relieved.
    Also as the principal diet, for at least a few days, we would use the Grape Juice and grapes.

    These are infectious forces, and unless there is an allaying there must become the peritonitis and the inflammations that arise from same - and disintegration....
    As we find in the present, we would apply over the abdominal area the grape poultice; the raw grapes crushed with hulls, in a thin cloth container and applied over the stomach and abdomen area....
    Of course, the grape poultice is not to be heated.  This  should be changed about every hour, or as soon as the pack becomes heated by the body; that is, renew the crushed grapes, and keep up the packs for two or three, or four to five hours at the time.  Then rest, and then give them again. Just crush the grapes in a cloth, or made so the pack extends over the whole of the abdomen and the stomach, you see.

    As we find, the acute conditions in the present are not a part of the GENERAL condition.
    But owing to the anxieties, the unbalanced condition existent in the assimilating forces of the body, the present effects arise more from an acute attack of congestion from poisons in the system.
    To reduce the temperature, as well as the inflammation through the abdomen and colon specific, we would use Grape Poultices; preferably Concord Grapes.  Crush same and put between gauze, at least half an inch thick, with a heavier cloth on top, and apply directly to the abdominal area Make the Pack sufficiently large to cover the whole area of the colon and abdomen, you see.  Let it remain until warm  from the body heat, or as hot as the body, see?  then change and put on a fresh Pack.  It should  not be necessary, in this particular case, for more than two such Poultices.
    We would also use body-temperature enemas of a saline solution, with a little soda.
    These as we find, with the general precautions and care, should eliminate these disturbances in the present.

    In the present, while the body rests, we would have the Grape Poultice applied over the upper and lower abdomen. Just crush the grapes on gauze, or old cloth, sufficient in size to cover the upper and lower abdomen; covering same so as to keep absorption, with the heat from the body, to  give strength.  Use the Concord grapes, preferably; though if these are not available, use the larger variety (dark grapes, preferably).  Crush the same character of grapes and drink the fresh grape juice.  This will give the body strength.
    Follow these with the oil rubs, - the combination of Peanut Oil, Olive Oil and Lanolin.
    These given about two or three hours apart should soon bring the strength back to the body.

    As we find, while it is not entirely out of danger - the body has been very close to very serious disturbances with the soft tissue about the head and ear, from the inflammation as from the stomach and a general disturbance.
    Now, in the present, we would begin with Grape Poultices over the abdomen.  Crush the grapes and apply in a poultice about an inch thick, directly to the body - but between gauze, see? Do not put in water nor boil or the like, but crush the raw grapes - seed and all - and apply; spreading them about an inch thick between the gauze, you see.  And we will reduce the temperature!  When one poultice is warm from the body heat, remove and apply another poultice of fresh grapes.
    Also we would have a diet, we might say, mostly of grapes - or grape juice; the same character of grapes as those used for the poultice - but not the same, of course, that are used over the abdomen!  But do not eat the seeds.  Of course, the seed may be left or should be left in those used for the poultice, but they should never be eaten - nor in the juice  taken.  The Concord Grapes are the best, if it is possible to obtain them.  If not, use the purple grapes that may be obtained - as the California Grapes, but NOT the white grapes!
    Begin with Castoria in small broken doses.  Keep this until there is a general flushing of the system.  Give about half a teaspoonful every hour, until it tends to make for a drugging as it were of the system.  Given in that manner the body will absorb same, especially if the main portion of the diet - not altogether, of course, but principally - is of the grapes.

    For at least three days (and rest during the period) we would eat only grapes, or fresh grape juice.  Do not eat the seeds in the grapes, of course.
    Also, for at least three or four hours each day, we would apply the Grape Poultices over the stomach and duodenum area,  - or that close to the rib and on the right side and extending to the lower portion of the abdomen.  Crush the grapes (preferably the Concord variety for this) and apply about an inch think between gauze - directly to the skin, you see.  Use the entire grapes for this, of course - the skins as well as the pulp.  Have these poultices at least half an inch thick, and keep over the area for HOURS at the time.  As each poultice becomes warm and disagreeable (from the body heat), remove and replace with a fresh one.  Keep these each day for three days.
    And then after the third day of doing these, take internally at least two tablespoonsful of Olive Oil.


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