The Cayce Herbal
 A Comprehensive Guide to the 
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Botanical Name: Datura stramonium

Common Names and Synonyms: Jimson Weed, Locoweed, Angel's Trumpet, Thorn Apple, Devil's Trumpet, Mad Apple, Stink Weed, Sacred Datura, Green Dragon, and Devil's Trumpet, Jamestown Weed

Background: Jimson grows wild along highways and at the edges of woods.  It can be found throughout most of the world. The name is derived from the old settlement of Jamestown, Virginia, where the colonists found the plant growing in profusion. The plant grows about three feet high, has long, white or purplish, trumpet-shaped flowers which open fully at night time, and the plant blooms throughout summer. Later in the season, green, spiny capsules appear, each the size of a walnut, filled with dark seeds.  The entire plant is poisonous, especially the seeds.  The leaves contain the same alkaloids as Belladonna.
Jimson in the Cayce Readings

  • There are only two readings where Cayce prescribes the use of jimson weed.  A solution for jimson weed packs was prescribed for an advanced case of mouth and throat cancer, where relief, but not a cure, was indicated.  The second case is one of respiratory difficulty, where the lungs needed the properies of jimson to be inhaled by smoking the herb.
Cayce Quotes on Jimson

    At least three times each week we would apply a strong solution of Jimson-weed tea; this to be put on as packs or stupes along the upper portion of the spine, - from the base of the brain to the 4th or 5th dorsal; that is, from the base of the brain to that area just below the shoulder blades,  see?  See, it is the infection in the throat and mouth, and the scar tissue, that causes the wasting away - which this application will retard.  Put about six ounces of the weed, stalk and leaf, and burr if young, in half a gallon of water and boil down to a pint.  Use this on packs along the spine, from the base of the head to that area between and below the shoulders.  Put it on warm, and allow it to remain about twenty to thirty minutes.

    When the depression is to the lungs and nerves would be well for the spasmodic conditions that arise to inhale through the mouth the fumes or the smoke from Jimson-Weed leaves, dried. Mix with third quantity of the seed from this pod of the Jimson.  This will not be necessary to be taken often, provided adjustments in dorsal regions are made.


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