The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Juniperas communis

Common Names and Synonyms: Juniper Berries

Background: Although native to Europe, juniper is now distributed worldwide.  A distinctive ingredient in gin, juniper also has a solid history of medicinal usage, primarily for its tendency to stimulate and flush the kidneys in conditions such as cystitis, urethritits and gout.  Juniper is a slow-growing evergreen bush or tree, with silvery-green needles and berries.  It takes two years for the berries to mature. The ripe berries are picked in the fall and dried in the shade to avoid losing the essential oil; they turn dark brown.  The name Juniper is derived from the Dutch word  jenever, which means gin.  At one time gin distillers added the hand-picked berries to flavor the spirit.

Juniper in the Cayce Readings
  • Although Edgar Cayce typically recommended juniper for its stimulating effect on the kidneys, he also sometimes commented on its effects upon the entire hepatic system.
  • Juniper was usually recommended in the form of oil of juniper, with a wide range of dosage:
      1 drop 12 readings
      1/2 ounce 4 readings
      1/2 dram 3 readings
      3 drops 2 readings
      5 drops 2 readings
      20 drops 2 readings
      10 drops 2 readings
      1 ounce 2 readings
      1 1/2 ounce 1 reading
      2 ounces 1 reading
      60 minims 1 reading
      2 drams 1 reading
      50 drops 1 reading
      3 drams 1 reading
      15 drops 1 reading
      20 grains 1 reading
      30 drops 1 reading
      24 drops 1 reading
      1/4 ounce 1 reading
      1 dram 1 reading
  • Because gin contains juniper, Cayce sometimes prescribed small amounts of gin (either in a formula or to be taken separately) to produce the effect of juniper.
  • Juniper was also a common ingredient in "clary water," along with other key elements of this formula (garden sage, ambergris and cinnamon).  The following substances were mentioned in the same readings as juniper:
      Garden Sage 27 readings
      Ambergris 25 readings
      Cinnamon 24 readings
      Beet Sugar 17 readings
      Sarsaparilla 9 readings
      Sassafras 5 readings
      Tolu 5 readings
Cayce Quotes on Juniper

(Q)  What would you suggest to do now?
(A)  An ounce each of rectified spirits of turpentine, oil of juniper, sweet spirits of nitre, balsam of sulphur; eleven drops of this every four hours until we have a reaction from the kidneys.  Cleanse the body thoroughly.  We will have to follow it as we go along, won't get well in a day, but will have to relieve him mighty quick.

    We must get the kidneys to act by small doses of Oil of Juniper to stimulate its action.

    Cleanse the stomach first.  Drink plenty of water at all times.  Drink more water, more than you have been doing, pure water when we drink it.  And then we will take something to reach this trouble that we have through the kidney, to help throw off this discharge until we can equalize the secretions that gather from the secretions of the liver:  Sweet Spirits of Nitre, Oil of Juniper for the kidney.  That is, after we have cleansed the stomach, not with it in the present condition or we will have a reaction from the inflammation within.

    For the condition through the larynx, through the lung forces we would inhale gases as produced from this:
    To half gallon of GRAIN ALCOHOL in a container, preferably charred, and twice or three times as large as the amount put in, add to that two ounces of OIL OF EUCALYPTUS, one and one- half ounces of OIL OF JUNIPER, and two ounces of RECTIFIED OIL OF TURP.  Inhale the gases through these, as you would inhale naturally into the mouth through a tube.  Should be corked and heated just a bit before it is inhaled, once each day.  Do that.

With the Juniper the element with the stimulus to produce the perfect elimination through the kidneys.

For the effect on kidneys and bladder, small doses of Juniper - that is, rectified ...

Well were it that the medicinal properties be given as soon as possible, for the stimuli as comes from the Juniper and from the Gin will MATERIALLY aid in correcting and assisting an equilibrium in the assimilation of those foods for the system, as well as for the condition or pressure in blood towards heart's action or the upper circulation, and also in the lower hepatic circulation.

Then, we would begin with that of very small doses of Oil of Juniper, that that condition in the hepatic circulation, in the mesenteric system, in those of the pelvic organs, may receive that stimuli as will aid the activities of the kidneys, relieving the pressure from that of the improper vibratory rate between kidneys and liver.  This should be kept up only for three days, beginning on the third day of the citrous fruit eliminant with manipulations to REDUCE those pressures in the system.

Also those activities in the Juniper, which come from the properties themselves that are carried IN the alcohol, in the forces that make for an OVER activity, REDUCING this pressure and this fullness about the kidneys, aiding the endrenal [adrenal?] glands to become nearer normal in their funtioning.

    To 32 ounces of distilled water we would add 6 ounces of Dried Garden Sage.  Reduce by slow boiling (preferably in an enamel container with an enamel top; not a tin) to 16 ounces.
    Strain, and while warm add:

    Ambergris (cut in 1 ounce grain alcohol).......15 grains,
    Strained Honey (in 2 ounces distilled water)....1 ounce.

    Let the Strained Honey in the distilled water come to a boil; not BOIL, but just come to a boil, before adding to the solution.  Also add:

    Gin (active principle of same being Juniper;
       such as Gordon's Gin or Lachmer's [?]).......4 ounces,
    Cinnamon, preferably in the stick...............3 drams.

    Shake the solution together before the dose is taken, which should be half a teaspoonful before the meals and at bedtime.

    Also we would find helpful those activities as indicated heretofore for better coordination of the kidneys with the hepatic circulation to keep a well-balance - with occasionally Gin; but this should be very good, for it carries sufficient of those reactory forces of Juniper for the kidney cleansing; which with the hepatic circulation and the activity between the liver and the kidneys and the liver and the heart need to relieve stress; though this should be taken, of course, in moderation, or in the manner as has been indicated - only when there are those feelings of the necessity for same.

    First, we would obtain some good, clean watermelon seed.  For each preparation, pour a pint of boiling water over an ounce of the seed that have been crushed or ground - or they may be put in a cloth, see, and the boiling water poured on same.  Do not attempt to boil, but let it set and steep as tea, or at least until it is cool enough to drink.  Drink at least two ounces of this each day.  Keep on ice that quantity not used; only making a pint at the time, see?
    Also, about three times a week, take about a jigger of Gin made from the Juniper Berries; Juniper Berry Gin, you see, or Sloe Gin.  Because it makes you feel better, don't take it oftener than this!


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