The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Lavandula officinalis

Common Names and Synonyms: Lavender Flowers

Background: Native to southern Europe, but grown widely elsewhere, lavender has a long history as an aromatic and healing influence.  Medicinally, lavender is regarded as a relaxant, antispasmodic, circulatory stimulant, and nerve tonic.  Herbalists use lavender for exhaustion, depression, digestive upsets, headache and arthritis pain.  The fragrance given off by the light purple-blue flowers can  be used to promote sleep.
Lavender in the Cayce Readings

  • Edgar Cayce recommended lavender primarily as an aromatic for use in fume baths and massage oil.  Several readings address the holistic aspects of lavender use by describing its role in attuning the physical, mental and spiritual.
  • Lavender was mentioned in 19 readings between 1921 and 1944.
Cayce Quotes on Lavender

    The development of brain, or mind, is good.  This body will be especially gifted if trained along musical lines, and especially in connection with the spiritual through musical channels; with the odor of lavender applied to the sense organs of this body, and the shades of green in the development of the mind and the sensitive side of this body.

Also keeping the alimentary canal in order, with the conditions as created by same, see?  FOLLOWING these - just after such - with the massage that would carry with same lavender, or oil of lavender, with the manipulation - as is such that the stimulation of the lower hepatic circulation is brought intact.

    And lavender, odors that come from sandalwood have a peculiar influence upon the body in the present; for these bespeak of something innate within self that bespeaks of the abilities of the soul, mind and body to revivify and rejuvenate itself as to an ideal.

    Well that the entity have the stones or minerals about self when in periods of meditation, or in those periods when it may find itself the more easily attuned to the influences that may use the body, either in the healing forces that flow through - through its attunements, or through the visions and the associations of the entity; the chrysolite or the amethyst.  For the color purple should be close to    the body; and the perfumes or odors as of lavender have their influence - not as in great quantity, but that which makes for attunements.

(Q)  To what colors and musical notes do I vibrate?
(A)  Lavender and gold; to these does the entity vibrate. As to the music or notes, the harsher - yet the idyllistic or the outdoor notes make for the greater influence in the experience.

    (You know, it would be very well for the body to change the odors about the room from almond to lavender, and it would be much better.)

    Also a lotion for the hands, arms or face, prepared in this manner, will be good for this particular body:
    To 2 ounces of Grain Alcohol, add - in the order named:

                  Rose Water................4 ounces,
                  Oil of Lavender..........30 minims,
                  Pure Olive Oil........1 1/2 ounces.

    Keep about the body the colors of purple and lavender, and all things bright; music that is of harmony - as of the Spring Song, the Blue Danube and that character of music, with either the stringed instruments or the organ.  These are the vibrations that will set again near normalcy, - yea,    normalcy, mentally and physically, may be brought to this body, if these influences will be consistently kept about this body.

    As corrections are thus made in the upper cervicals, extending even to the upper dorsal areas and those areas about the right base of the brain, and to the left side of the frontal bone of the brain, it will aid materially.  These should not be given too often, but there should be regular intervals of attending to these for several days in succession.  During such periods use not merely the corrective measures for the structural portions, but do so with oils - that are partially the anointing oils, the sacred oils - in this combination; adding these in the order named:

    Olive Oil......................2 ounces,
    Tincture of Myrrh (heating
    the Oil to add the Myrrh)......2 ounces.

    Beat thoroughly, then add:

                  Calamus Oil....................2 minims,
                  Oil of Lavender....1, 2, 3, 4, 5 drops.

    These if combined in their correct proportions will aid in alleviating any strain in the muscle and tendon forces, and also aid at the base of the brain, by assisting the nerves to be normal in their reflexes - internally as well as externally - and thus gaining control of the locomotory centers (and these will come first in upper portion of body), and the reflexes to the auditory centers; as speech, hearing, vision. For, all are partially hindered in the present - some more than others.

    While the applications formerly suggested here have been only partially carried out, we would suggest that there be relaxations through hydrotherapy.  These should include Fume Baths with witchhazel and Lavender; a teaspoonful of witchhazel and ten drops of Oil of Lavender in the pint of  water that would be boiling in the Cabinet so that the fumes would settle over the body.  This should be a part of the Bath; that is, the fumes of these boiled in a croup cup or an open cup in the dry Cabinet for the body.

    After these have been taken for at least ten days, then have a good, thorough massage.  First there should be given a Fume Bath carrying witchhazel and Oil of Lavender.  This should be in the Cabinet when the dry heat or light is turned off.  Begin with the dry heat, or light, that will cause the beginning of moisture on the body - not perspiration but moisture.  Then turn off the light and put a teaspoonful of witchhazel and ten drops of Oil of Lavender in the pint of boiling water that would be placed in the Cabinet so that the fumes would settle over the body.


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