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Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Lemon Juice
Botanical Name: Citris Limonum

Common Names and Synonyms: Lemon juice

Background: The lemon tree is a small, spindly tree with oval-shaped green leaves.  The white flowers have five petals and their exterior is dark pink. The fruit is bright yellow, about three inches long, and the pulp is pale yellow.  The aroma is sharp, with a pungent, fragrant odor.  The juice has a stringent, acid taste, and is of value to insure adequate intake of vitamin C. It has protected sailors on long sea voyages from scurvy.  It is a good astringent for a throat gargle, and a cooling drink to reduce fevers.  Artificial lemon juice should not be used therapeutically instead of real lemon juice because it contains tartaric acid, sulfuric acid, and only is flavored with oil of lemon.
Lemon Juice in the Cayce Readings

  • The primary use of lemons in the Cayce readings was to alkalize the system.
  • Several readings recommend eating half a lemon upon arising in the morning, walking for exercise, and then eating the other half with salt.  This was said to increase circulation, improve internal cleansing, and decrease insomnia.
  • Lemon juice combined with the beaten egg white was part of an expectorant preparation.
Cayce Quotes on Lemon Juice

(Q) Is lemon juice, as being taken now, helpful?
(A) It is a good alkalizer.  Squeeze a little lime in with it also, just two or three drops in a full glass of the lemon juice taken.  Best to mix the lemon juice with water, of course.  Use half a lemon, or a full lemon to a glass of water, depending upon how soon the lemon is used after it is fully ripened or prepared for the body.

    First we would, as the body at times suffers from insomnia, when the body awakens of morning IMMEDIATELY arise!  Do not become restless by thinking, worrying, or of the activities mentally or physically, but immediately arise.  Roll a lemon, cut in half.  Squeeze the juice of same and drink without water with this, but take water afterward.  Then walk just as far as the body is sure that it will be able to return without too much fatigue.  Returning, rest for three to five minutes, then a good pinch of salt on the other half of the lemon and suck this, or get the juice with the salt for the system.  Then rest until the morning meal, which should consist principally of those food values that carry those of the building for nerve energy, rather than blood building at this meal.  Those things preferably as in cereals that are well cooked, or that are dry, or these may be alternated. Enough just to satisfy the body without producing hunger.

    When orange juice is taken, put a little lemon juice in same; say have half to a quarter of a lemon squeezed in a glass of the orange juice.  This will make it much more palatable.

(Q) Give immediate relief for cough.
(A) The white of an egg beat very stiff, with a half a lemon in same, taken at night.

(Q) What can I do to clear up the congestion in my vocal cords and the hoarseness or foggy condition of my voice?  It seems not to have improved under the above treatment.
(A) Use a compound prepared in this manner:  Beat the white of an egg very stiff, add a little sugar (very little), and the juice of half a lemon.  Stir this, and take about half the quantity just before there is to be the lecture.  After such a lecture, take the rest.  This should create a clearing influence for the mucous membranes of throat, larynx and also contribute to betterment of purifying all the passages through which there are the activities of air as well as foods.

    We would keep a well-balance in the alkalines and acids; not too much now of the lemons but more of a combination - lemon, orange, lime, about half of each at one period during the day.

(Q) What can body do to help increase circulation?
(A) Would be well that soon of a morning, EARLY, the body gets up and takes a good long walk.  Eat half a lemon before going out for the walk, and eat the rest when you get back! This will increase eliminations and circulation!

(Q) Should I take more exercise, such as long walks, or should I rest more?
(A) The exercise should not be so much, - that is, not such LONG walks, especially through the early portion of the applications indicated; but the body should be in the open as much as possible, and gradually - as more strength is gained - the exercise may be greater.  Walking is the better exercise; and when taking walks, before walking eat half a lemon; and then after walking, eat the other half - with salt.  The first would be without salt.  Then drink plenty of water.

    Upon arising of morning, take a lemon, roll it, squeeze the juice from one-half of it into a glass (strained).  Then fill the glass with water that is about ninety-eight temperature. Drink this, about thirty minutes before the meal is eaten.  Do not eat unless this has been in the system for at least thirty minutes.  It will tend to make for an alkalinizing of the system in a very thorough manner, and will aid in overcoming the general tendencies.

    When the body first awakes of morning, whether light or still dark, get up!  Immediately on arising roll a lemon and cut in two.  Eat a portion of it - without salt - half of it - all the juice from same - then walk just as far as possible, AWAY FROM THE HOUSE - not so far that the body is not sure of making it back, see?  When the body has returned, sprinkle salt on the other half of lemon and eat it.  Then drink ALL the water POSSIBLE following same. Not before, but AFTER the last half is eaten.  Then sit down, or lie down, and rest until the body feels entirely relaxed before the first meal is taken.  Add only that.  We will find this acid, combining with that as is created in system and as is being eliminated from system, will reduce not only the pulsation as caused from the reaction to the heart's forces, but will assist in CLEANSING system of the poisons from same.
    Do that for at least twenty to thirty days.  Then further instructions would be given.

    Also, as the corrections are made and these activities are undertaken, the Knox Gelatine will be found to be a strengthening force for the vital forces of the body.  This would be taken in combination with orange and lemon juice, of course, much more of the orange than the lemon, but about half a teaspoonful of Knox Gelatine once each day for the first ten days, and then twice each day for the next twenty to thirty days.

    Occasionally - once or twice during a month, or oftener if the stimulation is such as to give better exercising of the nerves and muscles of the head, the neck, and ESPECIALLY across the areas of the throat and along the glands on either side of the throat, extending to that area back of the head and behind the ear - we would have a rub for the circulation, to aid the nerves and the activities to the eyes. This may be done by self, and use a compound for such massaging, prepared in this manner: To one-half gallon of water, put the juice of half a lemon, and a handful of oatmeal.  Massage this into the face and those areas indicated.  Of course, this is not to be rubbed IN the eyes, but those nerves and muscular forces that stimulate a better circulation TO same.


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