The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Lobelia inflata

Common Names and Synonyms: Pukeweed, Indian Tobacco, Eyebright

Background: Taken internally, lobelia is utilized by herbalists as a systemic relaxant, especially for bronchitic asthma and bronchitis.  The American Indians smoked the leaves to relieve asthma.  The entire plant is collected in late summer or early fall after  the seed pods appear.  Lobelia is also added to other relaxing herbs to increase their effectiveness.  It is sometimes used in products to help reduce nicotine addiction.  Lobelia is toxic and should not be used by the layman.

Lobelia in the Cayce Readings
  • Although the precise action of lobelia was not stated by Edgar Cayce, most of the applications suggest that it was prescribed to reduce pain.  Lobelia was most often recommended for external application.
  • Lobelia was mentioned in 8 readings between 1925-1941 with peak utilization in 1941 (3 readings).
Cayce Quotes on Lobelia

    There will be at times the return in greater or lesser degrees of the headaches.  When this occurs, keep quiet, cover the eyes with COLD cloths, and bathe the temple with [GD's note:  An equal combination of?] Camphor AND Tincture OR Oil of Lobelia.  These will aid in lessening the pain.  And have the back massaged, across the sacral and lumbar areas.

    Now, we find the conditions are a great deal exaggerated from those as we had here before and that the vitality and resistive forces in the body have grown, until recent congestion as has occurred in the system brought this resistive force lower, and the lack of the system to be able to coordinate in the blood distribution in the equalizing of blood flow, in the equalizing of nerve tension and tissue in the system, this reducing the vitality in the system.
    We would find, though, that were these properties, with that as has been accorded the system, applied at the present time, we would gain equilibrium and gain resistive forces in the system:
    Let the air as is inhaled by the body (not too strong but the air) be ladened with equal parts of:

    Eucalyptol Oil,
    Oil of White Pine,
    Tincture of Lobelia.

    These be placed in water and boiled, or steamed, in the room.

    Each day we would use oils as a massage; one day the Oil of Lobelia, the next day Pure Peanut Oil.
    The Oil of Lobelia would be massaged only from the base of the brain to the higher point of the cervical area - or to the 3rd, 4th or 5th cervical.  Not too much of this, but gently massaged - so as to be absorbed - to the joint of the shoulders, see?
    The Peanut Oil would be massaged more particularly along the whole area of the spine, from the base of the brain along the spinal column to the end of the spine; gently, thoroughly, all the body will absorb.  Also massage this across the diaphragm and the abdominal area.

(Q)  What can be done to prevent miscarriages?
(A)  The mental attitude of the body towards these conditions is the greatest influence, as has been given to the body, as respecting these conditions.  There has been so long builded in the whole entity that disregard for some responsibilities in this direction, that easily we find the body responding to that as is innately at times felt in the body.  To add physical effects to this condition would be to demoralize, as it were, the inner activity of that creative energy towards the resuscitation of life through the efforts of the body.
    This in the physical sense may be added as that as will induce - through the activities of the physical body - that which would prevent such:  Just after the menstrual period the body use the stupes as this:
    To a gallon and a half of hot water, add:

    Tincture Lobelia..........1/2 ounce,
    Tincture of Myrrh.........1/2 ounce,
    Tolu in solution............1 ounce.

and expose the vagina to the steam or fumes from same.  This will act as the reaction forces to the body to bring about a strengthening of the portions of the genitive system that will bring better conditions through the mental forces and the physical forces of the body.  Do that for at least three periods before there is the act of regeneration in system, and we will find the difference in the condition.

    To 2 ounces of Pure Strained Honey add 2 ounces of Distilled Water.  Let this come to a boil, and strain or skim off the refuse forces as arise.  Do not boil too long.  Set aside to cool.  When nearly cool, add - IN THE ORDER NAMED:

    Pure Apple Brandy....................1 ounce,
    Syrup of Sarsaparilla Compound.....1/2 ounce,
    Syrup of Horehound.................1/2 ounce,
    Syrup of Lobelia...................1/4 ounce,
    Syrup of Ipecac......................1 ounce (This is

rather a large quantity of this, but these combined with the other properties, well shaken together, will work with the mucous membranes to relieve the disturbance; PROVIDED the manipulations are given as indicated).

    We would take at least three folds of flannel, see - wet or moisten same thoroughly in THIS as combined together:

    Cinnamon water, with particles of
       cinnamon in same,...............1/2 ounce,
    Camphorated Oil....................1/2 ounce,
    Tincture Lobelia...................1/2 ounce,
    Tincture of Myrrh..................1/2 ounce.

    Now do not apply heat of too great a strength, but place this over the area just below the rib and over the lower portion of the stomach and upper portion of the liver area - see?  This would be between the right side and the umbilicus plexus.  This we would allow to remain until it has REDDENED the skin perceptibly and relieved the area.


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