The Cayce Herbal 
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Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Sinapis alba (White) Brassica nigra (Black)

Common Names and Synonyms: White Mustard, Black Mustard

Background: In addition to its common usage as a food and seasoning, mustard has been used medicinally as a plaster for lung congestion and bronchial problems.  Used externally, mustard can blister and should be used sparingly, in small amounts.

Mustard in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce recommended mustard externally as a bath, plaster or oil to stimulate circulation. Several readings mentioned hot mustard baths of the feet and lower legs to prevent or minimize colds.  Mustard was also recommended in over 70 readings as a green, leafy vegetable.
  • When used as an ingredient in massage oil formulas, oil of mustard was typically recommended in the following amounts:
      1/4 ounce 18 readings
      1/2 ounce 7 readings
      20 drops 6 readings
      1 ounce 4 readings
      10 drops 4 readings
      5 drops 3 readings
      2 drops  2 readings
      2 ounces 1 reading
      4 drops 1 reading
  • When used as an ingredient in massage compounds, mustard was most often mentioned in the same readings as the following substances:
      Olive Oil 51 readings
      Oil of Cedar 47 readings
      Sassafras 32 readings
      Camphor 29 readings
      Peanut Oil 23 readings
      Benzoin 20 readings
      Pine Needle Oil 16 readings
      Gasoline 16 readings
      Turpentine 16 readings
      Witch Hazel 9 readings
Cayce Quotes on Mustard

    Keeping the body from drafts, keeping feet warm.  Well that of evenings hot mustard foot baths be given, until cold and congestion is relieved from system, and corrections made.

    Well if the feet and limbs be bathed in very warm water, to increase the circulation in this portion of system, putting mustard in water when same is done, see?

    Well that each evening, before retiring, the feet - to the knees - be bathed in hot water, to which MUSTARD is added.  To the gallon of water, half a teaspoonful of mustard - rubbing in the sole of the feet, following same, those of mutton tallow and camphorated oil.  This acts in THIS manner:
    This will produce a circulation through the extremities that, added with the stimuli to the hepatic circulation, will aid in EQUALIZING and caring for the conditions as PRODUCE drosses in the body.

(Q)  Which eased the back this morning?  the salt packs or the mustard plaster?
(A)  The mustard plaster.

    Take 1 quart of Russian White Oil.  To this add 1/2 ounce Oil of Cedar, 1/2 ounce Oil of Mustard, 1 ounce Spirits of Camphor - or, better still, 1 DRAM of Camphor Gum dissolved in as small quantity of alcohol as will suspend same.  Mix these together and use about 2 tablespoonsful to massage the limbs and the spine.  This will aid the manipulations to be more easily given in the following treatment, make for suppleness of body - but keep the eliminations through alimentary canal.  Use the irrigations to assist in same, to remove toxins.

    Massage, especially over the left portion of body - from base of brain to the end of spine - with that prepared as this:
    To one-half gallon of coal oil, add:

                  Oil of Mustard.....1/4 ounce,
                  Oil of Cedar.......1/4 ounce,
                  Camphor Gum........1/4 ounce.

Dissolve this thoroughly and massage along the spine.

    At least twice each week we would massage the lower portion of the spine, across the sacral, coccyx region, and to the ends of the nerves - especially that make for the LOCOMOTARY actions in the lower limbs, with this solution:  Take one gallon of PLAIN or ordinary gasoline; to this add one and a half ounces Oil of Cedar; then one ounce Oil of Mustard; and cut up one and one-half drams of Gum Camphor.  Shake the solution together.  Use in the massage for the sacrum, or sacral region, and upper portion of the hips, about one ounce; and about half an ounce in the massage along the limbs, ESPECIALLY along those of the sciatic nerve root and about the knees.

    Keep the body quiet.  Particularly keep the feet warm; and it would be well if the feet were bathed once or twice a day in hot mustard water, a level teaspoonful to about two gallons or two gallons and one half of hot water - as hot as the feet can stand, rubbing the feet and limbs to the knees or above the knees THOROUGHLY when the feet are put into the water.  See?  This would stimulate the circulation to the lower extremities and take it away from the head, until the eliminations have cleansed the system sufficient that there may be started the proper circulation.

(Q)  Would onion packs or mustard packs dissolve the fluid in her chest?
(A)  This may be told more by following those suggested massages and pressures following the light.  And should there still sound the gurgle or the fluid of same, then use the counter-irritant; the raw onions, ground, would be the more preferable, the more penetrating.  While the mustard makes for more of a superficial stimulation, the onion would be penetrating and not as irritating.

    Put the feet in hot mustard water AFTER the Pack has been used, pulling the water up on the lower limbs to the knees, rubbing down thoroughly; and when taken out of the water and sponged off dry, massage with rub alcohol from the knees down.  This will prevent taking cold, or more cold.

    As we find, we would empty first the stomach, either with an emetic as mustard or salt - or with the pump.

    Do not overload the stomach when there is the regurgitation from nervous reaction, or the sick stomach.  At such times we would settle same first by using an emetic - with a little mustard water.

    And then it is necessary that the body keep out of colds, keeping the feet quite warm; and at times rubbing the feet and lower limbs with any good stimulating activity such as mustard water or an equal combination of Mutton Suet (melted), Turpentine and Camphor.

    There will be required a mustard poultice applied close to the base of the brain, and extending to the 3rd cervical.  Before this application, it would be well to sponge off the body with warm or hot water.  Change the poultice sufficiently often to draw from the circulation to this portion of the brain - not enough to blister.  After this has drawn somewhat, or when it has irritated a great deal, remove and let it remain off possibly for four to five hours, see?  Then apply again, and it will not require so long to redden the skin the next time, see, but bathe off each time before the application.  Musterole would be better here, - this will not blister so easily, see?  Heat the poultice, of course, before applying.  Just make a poultice of the Musterole and apply on gauze, to the area from the first to the third cervical.

    For this body we would begin first with Fume Baths or Cabinet Sweats twice each week, using witchhazel.  Each of these treatments would be followed with rather a violent massage, or violent for this body.  Use this combination of oils:

                  Olive Oil.....................2 ounces,
                  Peanut Oil....................2 ounces,
                  Oil of Mustard...............10 drops,
                  Cedar Oil.....................1 ounce.

    Massage these especially in the lumbar and sacral and the sciatic nerves down to the knees, feet, throughout bursa of the feet and the heel, to the center of the toes.  Especially go downward, not towards the body, go away from the body in giving the massages.  Don't just slap this on but do massage it thoroughly into the body.
    If this produces a rash, bathe off with lukewarm soda water.  Then leave off the massage for a day or two and then begin again, reducing the quantity of the Mustard Oil; though we must get this counter-irritation, else we will have nerves that will not respond.


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