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Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Commiphora myrrha

Common Names and Synonyms: Gum Myrrh

Background: Native to East Africa and Arabia, myrrh comes from a scrubby bush with knotted branches which secrets irrigular masses of hard red-brown or yellow resin.  The resin is tacky and bitter to the taste, the odor, aromatic.  Myrrh is an effective anti-microbial agent used in the treatment of mouth infections and catarrhal problems such as pharyngitis and sinusitis.  Externally, myrrh has been used to treat wounds and abrasions.

Myrrh in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce most often recommended myrrh for external application as an ingredient in massage compounds.
  • Myrrh was most often recommended as a massage oil ingredient.  Other ingredients mentioned in the same readings with myrrh include:
      Olive Oil 336 readings
      Benzoin 54 readings
      Sassafras 45 readings
      Camphor 23 readings
      Russian Oil 20 readings
      Witch Hazel 18 readings
      Wintergreen 15 readings
Cayce Quotes on Myrrh

4382-004  TEXT        F  73
    We would massage into the whole cerebro-spinal system those of equal parts of Olive Oil and Myrrh, and especially across the lower portion of the cerebro-spinal system and in the joints, for this, as we see, has the twofold purpose.  The massage will assist and stimulate all centers from the cerebro-spinal system.  The Oil and Myrrh acting as a lubricant and taken in the capillary circulation, assist in the proper eliminations, and the Myrrh acting as the carrier, while Oil acts as food and as stimulant, same as that in the Myrrh.

    Twice each day massage the body, especially along the spine.  In the evening massage same with Olive Oil, pure Olive Oil,  in each segment, each vertebra, along the spine, massage this well into the body; massaging along the limbs, especially that of the sciatic nerves and along those of the arm that  come from the brachial plexus, or along the portion of the arm in the forearm on the exterior, inside on the upper portion ...  Of a morning, see, massage the body with Tincture of Myrrh, weakened, see?  This to toughen, the other to relax and strengthen and feed the muscular conditions, and to bring about the better locomotion from the effects of the poisons as are being eliminated from the system, and to strengthen the body throughout.

     Then, add this to that for the rest of the body:  Every third (3rd) day, massage the body thoroughly, over the small of back and over the lungs, with equal parts Tincture of Myrrh and Olive Oil.  Heat the oil and add the Myrrh, preparing just enough - just before using - that may be rubbed or massaged thoroughly into the spine and back portion of the body, so that the body absorbs these properties - the oil being the carrier and the Myrrh being the CLARIFIER and that that gives stability, strength, to capillary circulation, and increasing the circulation, and giving more strength to the body.

 (Q)  What can be done to prevent miscarriages?
 (A)  The mental attitude of the body towards these conditions is the greatest influence, as has been given to the body, as respecting these conditions.  There has been so long builded in the whole entity that disregard for some responsibilities in this direction, that easily we find the body responding to that as is innately at times felt in the body.  To add physical effects to this condition would be to demoralize, as it were, the inner activity of that creative energy towards the resuscitation of life through the efforts of the body.

    This in the physical sense may be added as that as will induce - through the activities of the physical body - that which would prevent such:  Just after the menstrual period the body use the stupes as this:
    To a gallon and a half of hot water, add:

                  Tincture Lobelia..........1/2 ounce,
                  Tincture of Myrrh.........1/2 ounce,
                  Tolu in solution............1 ounce.

and expose the vagina to the steam or fumes from same.  This will act as the reaction forces to the body to bring about a strengthening of the portions of the genitive system that will bring better conditions through the mental forces and the physical forces of the body.  Do that for at least three periods before there is the act of regeneration in system, and we will find the difference in the condition.

     At least three to five times - that is, once each day for three to five days after menses period - the body should heat water to the boiling point, pour into a container over which the body may sit with ease, pouring about gallon and a half to two gallons of water, and to this add sweet gum (in the gum) fifteen grains, tincture of myrrh tablespoonful, and let the body - the pubis - be exposed to the fumes as arise from same.  The irritation - as will be seen - will be decreased, and also there will be the more desire for sex relations and the effect as is produced in the body from same; for with this constant aversion (with the individuals as are about the entity), and with this constant drain on the nerve system, the mental forces suffer sympathetically.

     In the distribution also of the energies in system, well were the body GENTLY massaged - especially along the whole of the cerebrospinal system - after the bath; and massage well into the centers along the cerebro-spinal those of equal parts olive oil and tincture of myrrh.  These will aid in bringing stability to the nerve plexus and the functioning of the muscular forces, as the vibrations are changed.

(Q)  Are the itchings on the thighs, legs and vulva separate conditions or all due to one cause?
(A)  Yes or no, and either would be correct - but they are rather the COMBINATION of the conditions.  This may be, in this region, RELIEVED materially were sitz baths of myrrh, aloes, and the liquid of tolu put in boiling water and parts exposed for a few minutes.  This will relieve and heal also.
(Q)  How should solution for sitz baths be prepared, and what quantities of each ingredient?
(A)  To a half gallon of hot or boiling water add one aloe (These ways we would put them), five drops of the tincture of myrrh, forty drops of the balsam tolu or tolu in solution (that the better, in solution).  Duration of the use of these should be from two to ten minutes, but begin with the SMALLER - or with the two minutes first, then possibly the next day two minutes, and the third day these may be used for three minutes - but do not produce too much irritation, for there will be the relaxing of the whole system as these steams ENTER, and as they act WITH the system.

    Well that, at least every other day, there be a massage of the brachial centers, lumbar centers, with equal parts of Olive Oil and Tincture of Myrrh.  These act as foods for centers, allaying the distresses in nerve ends.
    For, the therapeutic value of the properties given to the skin itself is as follows:  As given, as known and held by the ancients more than the present modes of medication, olive oil - properly prepared (hence pure olive oil should always be used) - is one of the most effective agents for stimulating muscular activity, or mucus-membrane activity, that may be applied to a body. Olive Oil, then, combined with the Tincture of Myrrh will be very effective; for the Tincture of Myrrh acts with the pores of the skin in such a manner as to strike in, causing the circulation to be carried to affected parts where tissue has been in the nature of folds - or scar tissue, produced from superficial activity from the active forces in the body itself, in making for coagulation in any portion of the system, whether external or internal.  And, as indicated in the specific conditions referred to in relation to this body, will be MOST effectual.  The Camphorated Oil is merely the same basic force [as Olive Oil?] to which has been added properties of Camphor in more or less its raw or original state, than the spirits of same.  Such activity in the epidermis is not only to produce soothing to affected areas but to stimulate the circulation in such effectual ways and manners as to combine with the other properties in bringing what will be determined, in the course of two to two and a half years, a new skin!

    We will find that the rubs along the spine with equal parts of Tincture of Myrrh, Olive Oil and Tincture of Benzoin will strengthen the body.  Such massage should be done in short, circulator motions, especially across the hips, the sacral area and up to between the shoulders at least - and at times on to the head.


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