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Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Olive Oil

Botanical Name: Olea euopaea

Common Names and Synonyms: Oliva

Background: In addition to its culinary uses, olive oil has been used for centuries as a laxative and skin conditioner.  The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean area, with the exception of  Egypt.  The small evergreen tree with lance-shaped leaves is cultivated for its oil bearing fruit.  In spring creamy white flowers appear followed by oval green fleshy fruit containing the seed.  The fruit ripens to a dark purple before it is ready for pressing.  The best quality oil comes from the first pressing of fresh ripe olives.  The oil is pale yellow-green and has a subtle flavor.  Olive oil is reputed to reduce levels of  blood cholesterol.  The olive branch is a symbol of peace.

Olive Oil in the Cayce Readings
  • Olive Oil was one of the most commonly recommended botanical medicines in the readings for various applications such as massage oil, laxative, and intestinal healer.
Cayce Quotes on Olive Oil

    Well that, at least every other day, there be a massage of the brachial centers, lumbar centers, with equal parts of Olive Oil and Tincture of Myrrh.  These act as foods for centers, allaying the distresses in nerve ends.
    For, the therapeutic value of the properties given to the skin itself is as follows:  As given, as known and held by the ancients more than the present modes of medication, olive oil - properly prepared (hence pure olive oil should always be used) - is one of the most effective agents for stimulating muscular activity, or mucus-membrane activity, that may be applied to a body. Olive Oil, then, combined with the Tincture of Myrrh will be very effective; for the Tincture of Myrrh acts with the pores of the skin in such a manner as to strike in, causing the circulation to be carried to affected parts where tissue has been in the nature of folds - or scar tissue, produced from superficial activity from the active forces in the body itself, in making for coagulation in any portion of the system, whether external or internal.  And, as indicated in the specific conditions referred to in relation to this body, will be MOST effectual.  The Camphorated Oil is merely the same basic force [as Olive Oil?] to which has been added properties of Camphor in more or less its raw or original state, than the spirits of same.  Such activity in the epidermis is not only to produce soothing to affected areas but to stimulate the circulation in such effectual ways and manners as to combine with the other properties in bringing what will be determined, in the course of two to two and a half years, a new skin!

(Q)  What treatment to stimulate eliminations?
(A)  These are best stimulated by the diet and exercise.  As has been seen in those given, these in the diet should be that as is a mild LAXATIVE, rather than CATHARTICS, see? and when there is the tendency of this condition to become sluggish, those of oils - PREFERABLY much more of olive than just plain mineral oil, for olive oil - PROPERLY taken - is a food for the intestinal tract.  This would be well to be considered by many:  That, that may be ASSIMILATED by the system - of olive oil - pure - is food value for the system itself, and tends to stimulate peristaltic movements, see?
    Taken, then, in very small quantities - but rather often, and when found to disagree - or a tendency, from the foods or the character of drinks taken - discontinue; for nothing is more severe than rancid, or oil that has become over acted on by the hydrochlorics in the system.  Only that as will assimilate.  So olive oil, or mineral oil - in moderation; but diet and exercise the best.

    We would also add at this time more olive oil, that the muco-membrane in the colon and intestinal area may have more activity or food value for the digestive system itself, as well as aiding the colon in the eliminations and assisting peristaltic movements, which will overcome the tendency for constipation in the system.  This we would take, all the body will assimilate.  Better that same be taken in small doses and as often as assimilation permits.  Take half to a teaspoonful every two to four hours.  Should there become the tendency for regurgitation, then reduce the quantity of the dosage but continue with same.

(Q)  What causes the secretions to seem to stop at times in my body, especially in the mouth?
(A)  The attempting of the system to use all of the vital forces in the secretion of the system to overcome or MEET the needs of that existent in the stomach, or lower portion, and intestines.
(Q)  What causes so much gas in my stomach?
(A)  Same reactions.  Do these as we have outlined, and then in twenty to thirty days we will give the changes as are, or have come about.  These should react with the body in a PROPER manner to assist in ELIMINATING - provided eliminations are kept up.  Well, with the taking of these properties, that occasionally oil and olive oil enemas be used to eliminate from the lower intestines, and use it in half and half of white oil and olive oil - taking possibly a pint as an enema.  This should be at least once each week.


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