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Opium Poppy
Botanical Name: Papaver somniferum

Common Names and Synonyms: Opium Poppy, Mawseed

Background: The opium poppy is native to Asia Minor.  The plant grows two to four feet tall. The flowers can vary in color from white to vermilion.   After the plant blooms and the petals fall, the green bulb which remains, is allowed to expand and ripen.  The capsule, which is slightly flattened on the top, is then slit lengthwise along the outer covering, but not deep enough to cut into the interior seeds.  The milky juice collects along the slits. When the fluid  has dried to a brownish gummy paste,  it is scraped from the bulb, formed into cakes, and dried in the sun.  The most important akaloid is morphine, a highly effective painkiller. Morphine is a stimulant, can induce euphoria, and is highly addictive. Other opium derivatives include heroin, codeine, and laudanum.

Opium in the Cayce Readings

  • Edgar Cayce discussed opium and opium derivatives (morphine, codeine, heroin, and laudanum) in approximately 272 readings.  The readings are very cautious about opiate use.  Numerous readings recommend against opiate (narcotic) use in favor of milder sedatives (usually hypnotics).  When prescribed, Cayce tended to recommend relatively small doses of narcotics in combination with other substances.
  • The word opium or opiate occurs in 24 readings, usually referring to laudanum.
  • Laudanum (tincture of opium) was specifically mentioned in 101 readings.  It was recommended as an external application to areas affected by pain, and was not to be taken internally. Laudanum is effective in reducing congestion and easing pain. A warning was given not to apply too much heat to the abdomen after it was painted with aconite and laudanum, or blistering will occur.  The dosage, though it varied at times, generally was a three to one to ratio:  Three parts laudanum, one part aconite.
  • Morphine or morphia was mentioned in 67 readings.  Morphine was most often prescribed by Cayce in the form of small doses of Sulphate of Morphia.  The Sulphate of Morphia was usually part of a compound that was put into pellet form and taken internally to stimulate, strengthen, and rebuild the nerve forces in the body, and also produce a more restful sleep during the time the body is repairing the deeper organs.
  • Heroin (a synthetic derivative of morphine) was mentioned in 68 readings.  It was usually combined with Oil of Eucalyptol, Canadian Balsam, and Oil of Turp.  The compound would be placed in capsules for internal use.
  • Codeine was mentioned in 40 readings, usually for sedation, pain relief, and improved sleep.
 Cayce Quotes on Opium and Opium Derivatives

    First we would paint the area with a combination that will be penetrating, as an opiate; that is, combine one ounce of Laudanum and a quarter ounce of Aconite - using this to paint the body over the areas affected.  Then apply over the same area a saturated hot solution of Epsom Salts in very thick towels or pads.  As this cools repeat the application; not repainting under two to three hours with the Laudanum and Aconite.  Use at least five to six thicknesses of heavy crash toweling for the packs.

    First, we would have those periods of rest for the body in which there would be made an application of a combination of one part Aconite and five parts Tincture of Opium.  Use this solution for painting those portions from the caecum to the lower portions of the liver area itself.
    Then (over the area thus painted) we would apply the Epsom Salts Packs to relax the whole portion of the body.  These should be applied for at least an hour or an hour and a half at a time, during a whole day at a time; that is, with an hour to two hours between each period of the applications - but rest during the whole day these are given.  These are to create in the area a relaxing, and are - of course - to be applied hot.  But the application or painting with the Aconite and Opium solution would only be applied ONCE during the day, you see - before the Packs are begun; just painted - not rubbed on.

. there is the NECESSITY for the body to be in motion - through the acute PAIN as is produced at times.
    These, we find, will be better alleviated by applying HEAT,  LOCALLY, and to BATHE those portions as are IN pain - as across small of back and through the region of the upper portion of the sciatic nerve - with equal parts of those as will BRING the relief to the body - the form of the opium (Only put on not taken internally!) and aconite.  This, added to one another, will BLISTER - will there be too MUCH heat applied, but this added in PROPER proportions will, with heat applied, bring the relief, as temporary relief, but we would then begin with the ELIMINATIONS through the system, stimulating the liver to activity through the application of those exterior applications that will act as counter irritant to the system; using, then, hot packs of the castor oil. Also we would use those of the high enema, or the colonic irrigation, that we may remove the mucus from those portions where the prolapsus has CAUSED the basis of the irritation, and sufficient of the manipulations given - osteopathically - that the COORDINATION of the muscular and nerve forces MAY be relieved, with the reactions that are produced by the exterior applications.

    To ease pain, well were the exterior - along the soft tissue back of ear, over the side of face to the nostril - bathed gently with a weakened solution of, added with, the tincture of opium, or that as is hydrated and then mixed with the alcohol, and this covered with gauze and heated salt - coarse, heavy salt, dried - but heated - applied to same. Do that.  Only use this when the pain becomes severe, which usually occurs two, three to four o'clock in the morning - or same period in the afternoon.
    First we would massage into the areas of the caecum and liver a mixture of one part aconite to two parts tincture of the opiate or Laudanum (opiate solution).  Then lay over the same area the heavy salt packs (coarse salt in bags, heated). When such an application has made for a great deal of perspiration in the area, then apply the Castor Oil packs - three to four thicknesses of heavy flannel dipped in hot  Castor Oil and applied as hot as the body can stand same, letting them extend across the whole of the abdomen.  And apply OVER same the WET packs of very hot water, keeping these changed so as to keep the heat as near a hundred and ten as possible.  Re-dip the flannels in the oil each hour.  Keep the packs on the body for two to three hours at each treatment.  And we would give these in this manner at least  three times each week.

    . we will find that we would apply physically a half solution of a mild opiate, as of laudanum, thinned with water (not alcohol), and spread over those portions of the body - the lower portion of the lumbar, over those portions of the false pelvic area, from that of the cerebro-spinal centers - see?  lumbar, portion of the sacral, and the lower part of the dorsal area. Then apply the saturated solution of Epsom Salts packs.  This will relieve the pain and produce activities that will make for an EASING of the disorders in the system. During such  periods there should not be too much activity of body upon the feet.
    When there are those contractions - as under knee, in ankle, in foot, we would apply to those portions so contracted, as well as to those centers from which that portion of the muscular forces receive their impulse in the cerebro-spinal system (which will be across the lumbar region), a saturated solution of Epsom Salts.  (When the pains are severe, it would be well that the portions so affected be massaged or painted with that which will act as an opiate to the system, see?)  This will make for the relaxing quickly of any congested portions, but there must be the manipulations and corrections - especially while there is the inability of a great deal of activity by the body; though, whenever the body desires to be out or to be moved about, or to be carried for rides or the like, it should be kept out as much as is well for the general condition; that is, change of scene, change of environ, change of surroundings will be well for the body, as this creates not only the quieting of the general nervous system but gives the body other things to think of than self and self's condition.  See?

    We would apply the combination of the opiate influences upon the body; that is, three parts Laudanum to one part Aconite; just below the breast bone, you see - or across a portion of the abdomen AND just below the secondary cardiac plexus; or about the 4th and 5th

    We would find that the bowels should be kept a little more active, and that by giving an enema - with small quantities of the suds, as have been used - castile suds - and following same we would make an injection of about a half a pint of olive oil, with one-half dram of opiates in same, in the form of the relieving of this pressure.  Also we would find that, were this used also in bathing the parts over which the packs are put - and these packs should be kept up, not allowed to just ease - but use those of the laudanum over the portions, and then apply the saturated solution of the Epsom Salts. This, as we find, would reduce the swelling, and enable the conditions to be reduced.  Unless this IS reduced, there will be the necessity for other measures.  DO this.

    She is over-stimulated; the nerve forces need quiet.  Take the forces that stimulate her brain; get the mind quiet, consequently the whole body will be in a state of repose.  The body builds best when asleep.  This is particularly true in this body and we want to keep this condition, if possible, without opiates, unless we are forced to, at times, to resort to them, as they will choke up the circulation and the nerve force will be paralyzed, especially, to the digestive tract, unless nature will take off in the natural channels, during sleep, all these poisons are not taken off properly.

    We find that an application might be made locally of a fusion of three parts opiate to one part acid that goes with same,  followed with the application of heat, to relax the body without the effects of same in the system.  That is:
    Paint the lumbar and the sciatic head (that's across the lower portion of the hip, you see) with a combination of three parts laudanum to one part Aconite.

. in the region of the vermiform appendix - we have an impaction that causes the disorder or distention.  This, as we find, may be removed through the application of exterior forces in taking into the system small doses - but all that the system will absorb - of olive oil.  We would apply wet cloths - HOT - over the area and then follow same with hot oil packs, see?  first, to open the pores and to relax the system.  Then apply the oil packs - Castor Oil.  Following THIS, cleanse same with tepid water, and apply equal parts of aconite and of an opiate - or laudanum - that we may distort the pain, but do not eat too much - and do not STRAIN the system before this is relieved.  SHOULD inflammation arise, or should temperature or extreme NAUSEA arise, then it would become operative...
    Hence, each time BEFORE the Castor Oil Packs are applied, we would first paint the area with a combination of the opiate with Aconite; the proportions being three parts Laudanum to one part Aconite.  Use a camel's hair brush or the like in painting the body.  Then apply the
. Prolapsus in the ascending colon!  This the basis or the seat, or the condition that IS to be REMOVED if PERMANENT relief is to be had!  Hence the colonics and the manipulation and the packs. These are to form the basis for the functioning ORGANS to ADJUST themselves to changes as will be brought in system. Hence the body should take the TIME to get the condition in the system adjusted, other than just temporarily being relieved.  The applications of the heat and of the opiates, externally applied, will bring TEMPORARY relief - but that of  the prolapsus in the COLON will GRADUALLY be magnified, UNLESS this is corrected!  DO that. hot Castor Oil Packs, using at least three thicknesses of flannel.  These should cover the area of the lower portion of the liver, the lacteal duct as related to the umbilicus plexus, and extending even to the caecum area.

(Q)  As the gentle massage does not put the body to sleep, what can you give as a sedative that will not affect the stomach or heart?
(A)  This, as we find, may best be given under the direction of physician in charge.  But as we find, the hypnotic rather than the narcotic derivative would be preferable for the body. Luminal, as we find, would be most in accord or in keeping with the general conditions; though those derivatives such as codeine or the morphia are well.  But the Luminal would be less upsetting to the assimilating system.

(Q)  Any mental or spiritual advice for the body?
(A)  Keep FROM the hypnotics or narcotics as much as possible, for these tend to produce a reaction to the whole of the eliminating system that clogs rather than clears. Hence those properties suggested here to be taken internally are given as those influences that will overcome these inclinations.  When the pains become TOO severe, use a hypnotic rather than narcotic; but get away from these as speedily as possible, not to cause too great a distress, we would use that which is of a hypnotic nature, rather than of the narcotic so much. While a hypnotic is a narcotic, it is not as habit-forming as codeine or morphine.

. we would be very careful that there is not added with these administrations ANY drug that becomes habit-FORMING, or that the body-physical becomes dependent upon same for its own responses, or in USING - rather let the hypnotics than those of the narcotics be used; though BOTH must be harmful if persisted in.

    The great  pain that is caused undermines, to be sure, the mental and  physical forces as to resistances.  Hence at times, under the direction of the physician, a hypnotic is to be preferred - not narcotic.

(Q)  What sedative should be used?
(A)  The sedative necessarily should be under the supervision of the physician in charge; as to whether it is a narcotic or a hypnotic or merely a sedative, or bromides.  Bromides, of course, for these general conditions, would be preferable; but it is to be given at the discretion of the physician.

    Use a hypnotic rather than the narcotic to quiet the body. As there is the gradual reaction from its use, taper off onto bromides.  These both, surely, must be given under the direction of a physician.

    We would occasionally, when there is the tendency for disturbance, under the direction of the physician take a hypnotic, rather than a narcotic and it will allay or keep down the spells; like Luminal, see?

    Keep away from sedatives as much as possible, but do use the hypnotic rather than a narcotic if it becomes necessary.

    Yes, we find the body here, and the conditions show somewhat of the improvements and the reduction of those forces as cause the greater distress.  Those that will be more of the general BUILDING, now, we would add for the system.  Those that add iron and the SODAS to the system, or it may be in a stimuli as THIS:  These we would add considerably to the stimuli, but would of necessity be given  in very small quantities, and should be gradually increased until there would be given what would be the division of the whole quantity into thirty pellets.  We would take:

                  Camphor Gum..............20 grains,
                  Muriated Iron...............20 grains,
                  Sulfate of Morphia........1/4 grain.

    Mix this thoroughly together.  Begin with one grain of same, as a stimuli - see?  Then add those in the food values. These will rest, and these will also BUILD the body.
                  Gum Camphor........................20 grains,
                  Sulphate of Morphia................5 grains,
                  Murate of Iron.........................30 grains.

     This to be made into pellets - about twenty-two pellets.  The dose to be one just before retiring.  Let the effect of this  be in the system while the body is gaining its strength and rebuilding through sleep, for this will work with the involuntary forces of the body.

    R E L I E F, to give then the relief to this body, we  would take those properties in the system that would be the stimulation for the conditions in the blood supply and to assist equalizing of circulation through normal channels.
    Take, then, this into the system:

                   Gum Camphor..................20 grains,
                   Sulfate of Morphia............1/2 grain,
                   Muriated Ammonia...........30 grains.

    Mix well to-gether, and make into twenty pellets.  One would be taken each evening, and use the vibration of the violet ray over the whole system.  Not only over the centers in the cerebro-spinal system, but over frontal portion of body. Especially those centers that have to do with elimination from the organs that assist in blood distribution.

    Through the hepatic circulation we find the strain at times   tells on the emunctory functioning of the liver, raising then the high hepatic circulation and overtaxes the kidneys in their functioning, hence the effect that stimuli produce over the system and the blood then carries in the circulation that which in times professes their manifested action in the nerve and ligament centers over the system.
    To give the renewed energy and forces to the body, we would take this into the system:  (This is physical reaction and much must by produced by the study of forces and self and their relations to other individuals, see.  Then this:)

                  Gum Camphor................20 grains,
                  Sulphate of Morphia.......1/2 grain,
                  Muriate Ammonia............30 grains.

    The dose would be, these made into twenty pellets or capsules and one take each second day only, and the body exercise sufficient to keep the muscular forces over the body attuned in and about the personal condition, see.  The exercise would be of specific nature to strengthen each muscle and ligament about the whole body.
    R E L I E F - To give the relief, and the permanent relief  for this body, for the present condition, there must be treated for the local effect, and for local conditions, as is found in the first, second cervical to fourth and sacral region, fourth lumbar and sacral region.  We would massage well into this portion of the body those properties as found in Golden Seal, and give the vibrations of the Violet Ray forces over the whole portion of body along the spine especially, in the sacral and lumbar region and the upper cervical region.  Give that twice each day.  Massage well first with the hands, then giving the Violet Ray forces to the body for the condition in the intestinal tract, the liver, and for the hepatic circulation, and to meet the needs of the body take this into the system, after the body has overcome the conditions at present.  Take this:

                  Gum Camphor...............20 grains,
                  Sulphate of Morphia......1/2 grain,
                  Muriated Ammonia........30 grains.

    Mix well, and make into twenty pellets.  One would be taken each evening.  This will be found to give the tingling sensation to the capillary circulation, for it is a stimulus to the system in giving the blood force that property that will make the correlation between red and white blood supply, especially in capillary, and to meet the leukocyte need in body.

    For the inhalations as should be in the system, we would take those as found in this:  To four (4) ounces of pure grain alcohol, add:

                    Eucalyptol.......................20 minims,
                    Canadian Balsam.............10 minims,
                    Rectified Oil of Turp........10 minims,
                    Heroin.............................1/60 grain.

    Keep solution in a container at least three (3) times the size of the quantity, preferably with a glass cork in same.  Shake solution together and take the inhalation whenever it is necessary to retard the coughing, or to reduce the temperature.

(Q)  What medicine would you prescribe for her to take into the stomach?
(A)  Continue the Calcium and Iodine, what we have had here.  Continue that but if it gets very painful put some Heroin; that will open more of the cells and produce more of an action from the heart through the cardiac plexus here; it will force more of the blood from it.

    Then, to bring the better conditions, and to give the best resistance in the system, taking all conditions in the body at present, we would give much of that as we have given here before, yet changed in proportions, and adding to this those stimulus as would be found in this, and in this proportion:
    To 4 ounces of Peptotol, add:

                Eucalyptol........................4 minims,
                Rectified Oil of Turp.........1 minim,
                Benzosol...........................1 minim,
                Elixia Hydrastis..................1/4 ounce,
                Heroin (dissolved first).......1/60 grain.

    The dose of this would be 1/2 teaspoonful 3 times each day.  This we find will give throughout the whole system the alleviation of distresses, of desires, of the system, in functioning organs, to draw on either the sensory system or the sympathetic system to supply that necessary.  Hence the body, through its own will forces, will be better able to meet the resistance in the system.  These properties we find give these conditions to the system:
    The Peptotol the carrier, and that forcing, or giving the system, in the digestive portion of stomach proper, the ability for the gastric juices to assimilate the properties carried in same.
    Eucalyptol, the active principle to the respiratory system, opening all channels of elimination through the respiratory system, giving the better clarified condition for the lungs and the blood supply, and giving the incentive in blood, thus clarified, to rebuild in system.
    Rectified Oil of Turp, active principle to the excretory system, especially in liver and in kidneys, that MUST give the proper elimination, would the body be bettered.
    In that of the Benzosol, again an active principle with the action of respiratory system in stomach proper, giving a clarified effect to the juices as secreted and excreted in pancreas, and clarifying the action of nerve forces through the hypogastric and pneumogastric nerve plexuses of the central portion of system.
    The Hydrastis, acting again as the sedatory forces for the action of blood cell force destroyed in spleen, as to give the eliminations in the correct channel.
    The Heroin, that again of a clarifier, in this quantity, to overcome that condition as is produced in the system by the action of the mental forces in its action with the physical, or the action of the mental with the sympathetic and cerebrospinal centers.
    Take these quantities only as given, only decreasing or increasing as the condition arises in the system.  Should we have over quantity of grease of any character in the system, this will produce nausea.  Should we have over quantity of stimulus, as of caffeines of any variety, this will produce over stimulation to the kidneys.

    First we would give that, rather than so MUCH of the morphia to EASE the body - we would begin with the dosages of this,
which will bring much more restful ease and comfort.  While it will be necessary to gradually decrease the dosages of morphia, these will entirely take the place, will the body respond to the other properties as will be necessary.  This should be prepared, preferably, in capsule - though a liquid. We would give this as the dose in each capsule:

                Oil of Eucalyptol...............1 minim,
                Canadian Balsam..............1 minim,
                Oil of Turp, Rectified........1/2 minim,
                Heroin..............................1/80 grain.

    Give only one of these in sixteen hours.

    In meeting, then, the needs in the present:  True, that sedative measures are necessary under ACUTE conditions, but - as WE would find - were these changed from those of morphia to those that will be more active with the whole of the respiratory system, and with the eliminations as effective through the hepatic circulation, assisting the kidneys and the liver in a NORMAL direction, without producing counter-irritation - these would be more effective, less harmful to the cerebro-spinal system, and less pain to the body.  We would take THESE, preferably, internally.  This as a dose, and after the third day, it will only be found necessary to be given occasionally.  This as a dose, under the supervision of physician - in capsule:

                Eucalyptol, Oil of.....................1 minim,
                Rectified Oil of Turp................1/2 minim,
                Rectified Creosote, or
                PREFERABLY Benzosol........1/2 minim,
                Codeine..................................1/60 grain.

    Do not prepare more than three doses at a time, for they will disintegrate after a few days, even though kept cool and in a dry place.  Do not give more than one dose during any twenty-four hours, but the MORPHIA may be ELIMINATED - and these, we will find - the Eucalyptol active with the respiratory system and a reducer in the blood or heart's pressure; the Turp as an active force with the digestive system, and especially active with the kidneys, as to produce eliminations nearer normal in this direction; and those of the Benzosol as a stimuli to the gastric forces of the assimilating system; Codeine as a sedative in a nature that will act through the PNEUMOGASTRIC, as well as HYPOGASTRIC nerve centers, hence EASING the body in a more normal manner.

    We would continue the sedatives occasionally until there has been the opportunity for the activities from these treatments, but it is better to take three to four aspirins than to take even one dose of the other properties that have been taken.  For those that are so much of the codeine are increasing the activities in the gall duct area.

    These, then, need to be met at once.  Then when we have brought about that condition wherein there may be taken hold of the system, to prevent the body from returning TO this force, or from the condition to continue, or from the condition to be brought about in such a way and manner - we need to prevent now the necessity of operation - We would give, then, as this:  First we would prepare capsules with this:  This to be the dose in each capsule, see?

                Balsam of Fir...............1 minim,
                Oil of Eucalyptol..........1 minim,
                Rectified Oil of Turp.....1 minim,
                Heroin, or the equivalent in that of
                Essence of Morphia......1/80th grain, or
                Codeine........................1/60th grain.

    These to be taken not more than one each day, and apply immediately after the dose is taken, those vibrations of the alpine or the ultra-violet ray, especially over the central nervous system, or nerve system, radiating from the solar plexus.  This we will find SHOULD - will the body respond - bring ease and relaxation to the body sufficient to, within six to eight days, be able to administer properties for the system that will bring about the more normal conditions for the body.

(Q)  Is there anything better than the codeine for sleep?
(A)  Nothing better that is not too much habit-forming and that doesn't require the large quantities to be taken more often.  Do keep the stimulation of eliminations.  These will be better for the body.

(Q)  Should we continue using sedatives such as codeine and pantapon?  Or can you suggest something else which would eliminate the pain and not make her so sleepy?
(A)  Best to continue to administer these, or hypnotics.

(Q)  Is Codeine the best thing to give to relieve pain?
(A)  Codeine, or a hypnotic.  A hypnotic is preferable, if it agrees with the body.


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