The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Mentha piperita

Common Names and Synonyms:

Background: Herbalists use peppermint as a carminative for relaxing the muscles of the digestive tract in the treatment of intestinal colic and flatulence.  Peppermint has also been used as an inhalant for relief of nasal catarrh and to reduce nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy and travel sickness.  Peppermint grows from one to three feet tall and has fragrant leaves.  The purple flowers bloom in spikes at the branch tips.  Sprigs of peppermint are used in cold drinks and the dried herb is used as a tea.  Jellies and candies are also flavored with peppermint.

Peppermint in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce did not specify the action of peppermint in the readings in which this herb was recommended.
  • Oil of peppermint was the most common form used in various formulas containing this herb.  The amounts were as follow:
      2 drops 20 readings
      10 drops 8 readings
      5 drops 7 readings
      3 drops 7 readings
      15 drops 4 readings
      20 drops  3 readings
      1 drop 2 readings
      1 dram 2 readings
      4 drops  1 reading
      60 drops  1 reading
      3 drams 1 reading
  • One reading (102-1) gave instructions for making peppermint water, and several others recommended other forms of peppermint (essence, extract, syrup) to be used in formulas as follows:
      1 drop 3 readings
      10 drops 3 readings
      3 drops 2 readings
      2 drops  2 readings
      1 ounce 1 reading
      1/2 ounce 1 reading
  • Peppermint was typically recommended with other substances in a compound, never by itself. Although a wide diversity of  formulas were given, the most common substances mentioned in the same readings with peppermint were as follows:
      Calisaya  35 readings
      Sarsaparilla 27 readings
      Tolu 24 readings
      Wild Cherry 23 readings
      Potassium Iodide 18 readings
      Yellow Dock 18 readings
      Potassium Bromide 17 readings
      Valerian 16 readings
      Stillingia 15 readings
      Sassafras 14 readings
Cayce Quotes on Peppermint

    Three grains of common salt in two ounces of water and add to this at the time two drops of Syrup of Peppermint with one minimum Wintergreen.  The effect of this is to supply action to the forces of the charged system, produce proper distribution of the blood forces.  This will be necessary to be taken for some time in the system.

    To 6 drams of Wild Prickly Ash Bark, [Simple formula for what later came to be known as Ipsab.] add 6 ounces of distilled water.  Reduce to 1 ounce by simmering, and strain.  Wash the barks before putting in for this reduction.  Then, when strained and reduced, add common table salt until the solution takes up all that it will in producing saturated solution, adding to this 2 minims Tincture Iodine, with 1 minim Essence of Peppermint.  Use this solution by rubbing the gums with finger, not with cloth or brush, getting in the sore or abrasion places, treating locally the condition in the teeth where the air breaks in to exposed nerves.  This we find will reduce the condition.

    Then, to assist and bring these conditions normal for this body, we would through manipulation, osteopathically given, correct those conditions in the lumbar and dorsal region, giving to the body at the same time those properties that will create the perfect eliminations for the system, giving the incentive to the nerve stream, to the blood supply, to come to the normal forces, as which would be found in this:

                  Tincture Valerian.............2 ounces,
                  Iodide of Potassium..........15 grains,
                  Bromide Potassium............20 grains,
                  Elixia Calisaya...............4 ounces,
                  Elixia Celerina...............2 ounces,
                  Oil of Peppermint.............2 minims.
                  Sufficient simple syrup to make 10 ounces.

    To assist the functioning of the system, we would make an inhalant of this:  To 4 ounces of grain alcohol, add:

                  Oil of Sassafras.............20 minims,
                  Oil of Peppermint............20 minims,
                  Balsam of Tolu (first dissolved)................20 grains,
                  Eucalyptol...................15 minims,
                  Creosote......................1 minim.

    Keep solution well corked and in a container twice the size of the solution, see?  Shake well together (rather warm or heat by coming in contact with heat, see) and inhale the fumes into the nostrils and in lungs.  Twice each day at least should this be done.  This, we see, will add to the respiratory system these properties that will become stimulants to the body, without affecting digestive system by taking internally.

    This as the condition for the liver and intestinal tract. Take green ragweed 3 ounces.  Add to this 8 ounces distilled water.  Reduce by simmering (not boiling) to 1/2 the quantity.  Strain off.  Then add 4 ounces beet sugar dissolved in 2 ounces of distilled hot water.  Set this aside as one solution.  Then take 4 ounces of wild cherry bark.  Add to this 8 ounces distilled water.  Reduce this by simmering to 4 ounces.  Strain.  Then add this to the ragweed or ambrosia weed solution.  Add then to THIS 1 dram of Balsam of Tolu cut in 1 ounce pure grain alcohol.  Add then 2 minims Oil of Peppermint.  Shake solution well together, and the dose will be teaspoonful every 4 hours.

(Q)  As the orris root flour suggested in the last Reading does not eliminate the odor and has a tendency to dry up the oils which would hinder the sale of the product, can the Forces suggest some ingredient which would not only overcome the odor, but would add a slightly perfumed odor?
(A)  Oil of Peppermint.  And the proportions of this will be governed by the variations in the applications or experimentations with same.  Not a great deal at first and gradually a little bit less or more - what is necessary for the removal of the odors of the other oils and the additions of the varied preparations.

    To 2 ounces of Russian White Oil as the base, add - in the order named:

                  Rose Water................1 ounce,
                  Peppermint Water..........1 ounce, (prepared by
                     dissolving 1/4 ounce Peppermint in 1/2 ounce Alcohol,
                     shaking together and then adding 1/4 ounce of
                     Distilled Water).

    Shake together thoroughly each time before it is massaged, of an evening, on the face, neck and arms.  This will aid in stimulating better circulation through these portions.


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