The Cayce Herbal 
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Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Plantago major

Common Names and Synonyms: Common Plantain, Greater Plantain, Rat's Tail

Background: Native to Europe, plantain is now widespread over the world. This plant can be found growing wild on roadsides, lawns,  and in fields.  Used as a leaf poultice, plantain is used to speed wound healing.  In Latin America, plantain is used as a folk remedy for cancer.

Plantain in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce recommended the plantain as a tea, poultice or stupe, (and most often) as a lotion for healing abrasions and reducing pain.  One reading insisted that plantain could make a notable contribution in the treatment of cancer.
  • Various parts of the plantain were specified for individuals cases.  Generally, fresh plantain was emphasized.  Cutting the tender leaves with scissors was recommended in a couple of readings.  In certain readings, the leaves, stem, seeds and roots were to be used.  In other readings, only certain portions (such as the leaves) were to be used.
  • When used as a lotion, combination with butter (unsalted) or sweet cream was usually recommended (see excerpts below).
Cayce Quotes on Plantain

    We would apply Plantain Salve over the areas where the sarcoma nobules are indicated as being a part of the experience.  Cut the tender Plantain leaves in strips; not the heavy leaves of the Plantain weed but the tender portion of same.  Cut up about half a pint of these, and pour over same about half a pint of sweet cream.  Heat until it almost comes to a boil.  Apply this as a salve over the affected areas.
    These will bring ease.  These will not cure, but are sources of help - and if studied - the juices of the Plantain weed and the keeping away from certain food values - help may be brought even to many individuals suffering with the same.

    We will keep into the system that which we have for the present, that is the medicinal properties we are taking in.  We will apply to the limbs here, you see the muscles have grown taut, and drawn, the body is thin and emaciated, and we have poor circulation, and will apply here to those particles here, that of amadou fungus, that of Plantain.  Take the roots and leaves, form into a jelly, cook to a jelly, with equal parts of that of fat, or milk, without anything in it, the butter.  Apply to those portions of the body, and rub into the circulation.

    Take Plantain, the leaves and the root, six ounces, reduce by simmering to a very low state, you see, that is six ounces of this added to one pint of water, simmer until it is almost turned into a jelly.  Add oil of butterfat until we do make the solution jelly.  [Note:  This means butter without salt and the water and milk cooked out of it.]  Apply this to the abrasions.  These we find on the limbs here and the effect of some that were over the groin and lower portion, you see.  We are through.

    The washing or cleansing of the abrasions should be of an alkaline rather than an acid solution.  Keep more and stronger solution of the plantain and butterfat for the abrasions itself, so we may have the effect, both direct and influenced by the reaction of these over the system.  Use rather the plantain in its original state rather than the dried.

For the body itself here, to soften and to assist to remove the cyst, see, apply this:  To one-half pint
of plain water, distilled, add:

    Plantain Root..............6 ounces, only.

    Reduce this to almost a jelly by boiling open, then add:

    Oil of Butterfat...........2 ounces.

(Q)  Has the sarcoma germ become revived?
(A)  Not revived in action in itself, for the growing in the enlivening condition in the system is produced from toxins within, as we gave.  As we have in the correction we should have more of the deep manipulation to enliven the liver and the excretory system, and the plantain should be of the force to destroy that [as it] presents itself.  Prevent external infection and internal infection, if we bring the best to this body.  It may be done if properly followed.  Do that.

    For condition where the abrasions are, those massage with equal parts of Plantain Root Tea, and oil of Butter-fat, in and about the place, not direct upon the abrasion until the inflammation is reduced.  Do that.

    For the specific condition in the forearm, or wrist, apply this for the local condition.  Take of Plantain Root (not leaves or seed save just the portion that is now showing in the growth) and six ounces, and add eight ounces of water. Reduce to the very low state by constantly mashing or chopping up the roots and particles.  When this is reduced to nearly the jell state, remove from the heat and add the oil only of butterfat.  Apply this to the tissue that shows inflammation, rubbing well into the arm and elbow, and even the shoulder.

(Q)  About a year ago this body had a small breaking out on the left wrist.  He applied a solution which apparently healed up the place, but if left the skin red and very ugly looking.  It becomes itchy at times.  Please tell what he should do to heal up this place and remove the scars.
(A)  Apply this to these:  Take Plantain root and stem (not leaves, [GD's note:  In some instances the Plaintain leaves WERE recommended to be used.  See 5161-1, for example.] but that bearing the seeds) three ounces.  Preferably in the green state.  Place this in six ounces of water.  Steep until this is reduced, until solution would be thick or until we have only two ounces of the solution.  Strain and thicken to a soft paste by addition of oil of butterfat.  That is, butter without salt that has had the water and milk removed by heat.  Apply this once each day, massaging it into the parts showing the condition.
    This will remove this.  Do that.

    To two ounces of butterfat add the same quantity of Plantain, with the leaves, the root and the stem or blossom, reduced until nearly jellied; take six to eight ounces and reduce until almost jelled.  This with the oil of butterfat and apply directly to these abrasions, changing this at times with the milk from milkweed, as will be found about the farms of this district.  This we find will heal these places, these abrasions; that is, we will use the Plantain and butterfat three days, one day use the milk from the milkweed; that is, the ground creeping weed, and the vibration is opposite to that of the Night Shade.

(Q)  What can be done to relieve the pain in the boils on the leg?
(A)  Remove that from the system as is causing this condition and these will disappear.  As for specific, add as an applicator for the condition equal parts of plantain and thick cream, as a lotion or salve.  This will relieve the pain.  But remove from the system those properties in their right channel, that are causing the conditions, and the body will be rid of these eliminations issuing through improper channels.

(Q)  What should be used on the eruption to sooth and heal?
(A)  These may be used with plantain and cream - will be effective in healing.  Better start the eliminations from within before such is applied.

    Also, if there would be used a compound prepared in this manner as a massage, the breasts may be made - the one to develop, the other to remain more firm - both in better proportions; this, of course, being USED with the proper stimulation from the plexus from which these receive their impulse of circulation:
    To 2 ounces of cocoa butter (heated sufficiently to become liquid), add - while in the liquid state 4 minims of juice from bruised plantain leaves (these bruised until there is extracted 4 drops of the juice from the plantain leaves, in the raw - to be sure).  Stir this in thoroughly.  Then add 20 minims of Russian White Oil and 2 minims of Cedar Oil.
    Use this as a massage AROUND the mammary glands and to the portions of the system that receive the nutriment of the glands that run parallel, or crosswise and parallel, with the side muscles under arm - see?
    This we would use about twice each week.

    Also we find that Plantain Stupes applied ABOVE the area where the swelling is indicated would be helpful.  Not as an ointment, but bruise the leaves and put in hot water - then apply as a poultice.
    If a tea is made from the Plantain Seed it will also aid in REDUCING the possibility of the blood poisoning.  Put a teaspoonful of the Plantain Seed to a pint of water and steep as tea.  Take about a good swallow of this, or a jigger, about three or four times each day.

    First we would give that there be prepared an ointment from the leaves of young Plantain, at this particular season of the year, growing in the vicinity where this body lives.
    Yes, it is this herb that you desire oft to get rid of, in the yard, garden or walk.  But do not use the seed, so much, in the ointment.  Gather the tender leaves, about the quantity that may be crammed, not too tightly, into a pint cup.
    But to purify these from the body-force, we would also take internally a Plantain Tea, made from the tender top leaves of the same plant, with - at this season, especially - the seed of the Plantain - about half and half.  Fill half a pint cup with these, and add to one quart of Distilled or Rain Water - using only an enamel or glass container, not metal.  Cook until reduced to about half the quantity, or half a pint of the liquid.  Take this as a tea, a teaspoonful four times each day; after each meal and at bedtime.  Keep this where it is cool, and if the quantity tends to turn a bit sour, discard it - but this whole quantity should be taken before it would sour.  It is not so good to add a preservative for this particular material, for it changes this.


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