The Cayce Herbal 
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Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Botanical Name: Solanum tuberosum

Common Names and Synonyms: Spud, Irish Potato

Background: The potato is native to South America and was introduced to Spain from Peru in the 16th century.  The potato is closely related to the nightshades. Those parts which grow above ground and which are exposed to light, posses poisonous and narcotic properties of the nightshades.  These portions are the stalks, berries and leaves. The fleshy portion, that we eat, does not contain poisonous properties. Only when young, green potatoes are exposed to the light do they become bitter and poisonous. The tubers, which grow below ground, are the enlarged portions of underground stems that become thickened in places where starch is stored. The tuber is composed mainly of starch and large quantities of potash salts. The raw juice from a mature potato contains a certain amount of citric and phosphoric acid.

Potato in the Cayce Readings

  • As a medicinal herb, potato peel scrapings were recommended in the Cayce readings as poultice to reduce inflammation of the eyes.
  • Eating the peelings of potatoes was sometimes recommended to improve the color and health of hair.
Cayce Quotes on Potato

    The peelings of potatoes don't of themselves make hair grow if everything else is done to prevent it!  But it tends to stimulate, to keep the activities in such a manner as to be beneficial. For this body, or any other body - if it desires to use it - though it's rather late for this body to undertake to grow back hair, when it might have followed this procedure some twenty years ago and prevented the loss of the hair; but for most bodies, about an ounce of the potato peeling juice taken every few days is beneficial.
    It also carries the salts that are helpful in stimulating an activity for better assimilating forces in the body.  For it tends to keep a balance.
    But remember, much depends upon the manner in which such potatoes are used, - where and how they are grown, and how prepared.  But in general, these are beneficial in the manner indicated.

(Q)  How can I keep my hair from turning gray?
(A)  The citrus fruit juices and the regular weekly use of the juice from the Irish potato peel.  Peel the potato and make a soup of the peelings, see.  Take this weekly.  This, with the character of the dressing for the hair, should correct this condition.

(Q)  Is there any real benefit to be gained from the "gray hair" vitamins?
(A)  Upset stomach is usually gained!
    If you desire to prevent gray hair, drink at least once each week half a pint of juice prepared from Irish potato peelings.  Just the peelings, not the bulk of the potato.  This will aid in keeping the correct color in hair.

(Q)  How can I improve texture of hair?
(A)  Better be glad that you have it, but the peelings of Irish potato boiled and taken once a day will improve the texture of the hair.  This will require a long period of about six months.  Two ounces of this fresh juice a day.

    While there are those conditions that still disturb the body with the manner in which there is the inflammation in the eye, or in the lids and the iris, these - as we find - are somewhat on the  improve.  We would use the potato poultice, scraped old Irish potato - not new; put the scraped potato in a gauze and place on the eye (with it closed); not the potato directly to the eye in this particular case, but in a gauze, and sufficient quantity of it to fill the whole socket space.  Let this remain as the body rests, for an hour to an hour and a half; then take off.  It will be found that considerable amount of inflammation will be drawn out.  Do this for two to three days, or two or three evenings; then rest by leaving it off for two or three days - if it makes for too great an irritation, which at times it would, dependent upon the newness or oldness of the potato, you see, that is used. When the poultice is removed each time, cleanse the eye with a weak solution of boric acid.  This will make for a cleansing of the inflammation from these conditions.

    Do not use the new potato; that is, use the potato of the year previous, and scrape same and lay over the eye of evenings, and cleanse same afterward with a weak solution of Boric Acid.

.. we would apply a scraped Irish potato poultice over the eyes; that is, scrape an OLD Irish potato (not new potato) and apply between gauze.  Let this remain on the eye for at least thirty to forty minutes.  Then bathe off the eyes (when this is removed) with a weak eye lotion


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