The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Botanical Name: Plantago psyllium

Common Names and Synonyms: Fleaseed, Fleawort

Background: Psyllium seed has a long history of use as a laxative and intestinal cleanser.  It has been especially helpful for hemorrhoid sufferers.  Both dark and pale psyllium are used as a bulking agent to regulate bowel movements.  The plant's small seeds contain a muscilage which swells when combined with water.  The mass has gelatinous properties which are lubricating as well as laxative.

Psyllium in the Cayce Readings

  • Edgar Cayce often recommended psyllium seed as a mild laxative.  Typically, it was to be take with meals and used in cycles of 3 or 4 days with an equivalent period of rest.
  • In addition to the use of raw psyllium seed, a product containing psyllium called "Emul-Psyllo" was also recommended in 15 readings.
Cayce Quotes on Psyllium

    Then, we would take more of the Psyllium Seed as an absorbent for the system.  Well that this be taken as has been outlined, for three to four days - then REST from it for three to four days, then begin again, so that the toxic forces are eliminated.

    We will find that, will there be taken those food values - or those that will produce bacilli in the system - that cleanse the walls of the system, either in that of the Lacto-Dextrin (that act with the lymph circulation through intestinal system) or the Psylla, or psyllium (that makes for weight and a tendency of activity of the colon), these drosses will be relieved.

(Q)  What laxative would you advise as being best for this body?
(A)  A rotation of laxatives would be better.  One day the Milk of Magnesia, the next day Milk of Bismuth, the next day that with the phenolphthalein content - or that which is prepared with agar, phenolphthalein and the active forces of psyllium (called Emul-Psyllo).

    When taking the psyllium, take it at the meals, or WITH the meal - a tablespoonful of the seed in FOUR tablespoonsful of hot water, stirring same so that it jellies and is cool before it is taken or masticated.

(Q)  Should the Blond Psyllium be taken?
(A)  The Blond or the Black, either one.  The Blond is more PALATABLE.

    Each day for a week we would EAT - with the morning meal - the Psyllium Seed (preferably the blond).  Stir a tablespoonful in hot water and allow it to congeal or cool, and eat WITH the morning meal.

    Occasionally we would add the effluvia of the BLONDE Psyllium seed, to produce weight through the activity of the alimentary canal WITHOUT making for roughage in same.  The blonde is preferable.  This taken occasionally produces weight in the alimentary canal, and an activity that is helpful toward the eliminations.

(Q)  Do the Forces recommend Psyllium seed for the eliminations?  If so -
(A)  These would be very well, but were these taken they should be taken only for periods - say of three to six days, then a rest period of the equal length of time, particularly for THIS body, but these would be WELL, ESPECIALLY, to relieve those pressures as exist in the caecum region.


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