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Pumpkin Seed

Botanical Name: Cucurbita pepo

Common Names and Synonyms: Common Pumpkin

Background: Pumpkin is an ancient food probably native to the eastern Mediterranean.  The pumpkin is a trailing vine with funnel shaped yellow flowers.  The flowering stalks ripen into bright orange fruit which can weigh as much as 25 lbs.  Fresh  seeds, eaten upon arising, are an old remedy for worms.

Pumpkin Seed in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce described pumpkin seed as an eliminant.
  • Pumpkin seed was mentioned in 5 readings between 1935-1943.
  • Pumpkin seed was most often mentioned as an ingredient in Fletcher's Castoria.  Reading 3053-1 gave a formula for an eliminant containing pumpkin seed that was described as a good eliminant for anyone.
Cayce Quotes on Pumpkin Seed

    Here we may give for the body a very good eliminant, from which might be gathered that as would be good for children, babies, and grown-ups.
    Make a fusion of Senna; that is, in the proportions of six to eight Senna Pods to a pint of water.  Boil this, and steep, but reduce to a three times less the quantity.  That is, if the first quantity is a gallon, reduce it down to at least one quart, see?  Let it not boil then, but just simmer, so as to be strained off.  Then, to this quart, add two ounces of Strained Honey.
    Then make a fusion of Pumpkin Seed, these crushed, and prepared in the same proportions as the above, though only one-third of the quantity would be used, see?  To this add (to the third of a quart, you see) one-half ounce of Rochelle Salts.
    Then add, for this same quart quantity that was used, one-half pint of Alcohol.
    You'll have a good eliminant!  This may be used by anyone.  The dosage, for an average adult, would be a teaspoonful - or for this individual, you see.  For babies, use from one minim up to fifteen drops, depending on the age, you see.

    The arousing of the eliminations may be best accomplished for this body through the use of a combination of Fletcher's Castoria and California Syrup of Figs, - or alternate the doses of these, but take them in a manner in which the greater effect is had; which would be small quantities taken often.  In one half hour period take half to three-quarters of a teaspoonful of the Castoria, then the next thirty minutes (on the hour) take half to three-quarters of a teaspoonful of the Syrup of Figs.  To be sure, the active principle in each of these is Senna, but the effect of the rest of the properties in the Figs would be to the activities of the pancreas and spleen, while the pumpkin seed and oils as combined in the Castoria will make all of these more effective for the system.  Continue these for a whole day, or until there is a THOROUGH stirring of the liver and a cleansing of the system.

(Q)  What is causing ammonia odor in the urine?
(A)  The effects of those conditions that act upon the system, as has been indicated from the eliminations in the body.  Hence the use of the properties found in Castoria (the Fletcher's).  For the active principles, of course, are in the Senna - which will work with the digestive forces, the kidneys and the activities in the liver proper; while the Pumpkin and Watermelon seed in this are the active principles upon the kidney activity.

    We would begin with Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic.  Do not take a great spoonful of this, but if one teaspoonful is taken three times each day it would be better - and then every third day take Bromo-Laxative Quinine.  This will act upon the system and should be taken as the best eliminant for the body.  Then follow same with two teaspoonfuls or a tablespoonful of either the Syrup of Figs or the Castoria; for the basis of the Figs is the senna, and the combination in the Castoria is from the gourd and pumpkin seed that is much of the same reaction; or those as we find changeable or interchangeable would be the more effective.

    It would be well that the bowels be kept excessive in their movements; through using - as WE find - a mild laxative, such as may be had in the combination known as Fletcher's Castoria.  Two teaspoonsful may be taken at a dose.  This will tend to allay fever and to make for a clearing of the system.  Also the properties in same - the Senna, of course, being the active principle, with the Pumpkin Seed, the Anise, the Thyme and the other properties - will tend to LESSEN the activity of the infectious forces, and cause a purification.


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