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Botanical Name: Rheum palmatum

Common Names and Synonyms: Pie Plant

Background: Rhubarb is a long-stalked plant with blunt leaves.  The stems are purplish and jointed; the flowers are white. Rhubarb has a long history as a laxative and purgative.  Rhubarb root may color the urine yellow or red.  In small doses rhubarb is a mild stimulating tonic to the alimentary mucous membrane, liver and gall ducts.

Rhubarb in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce recommended rhubarb as a mild laxative and stimulant to the mucous membranes of the upper intestinal tract.  Rhubarb was sometimes prescribed as a food (30 readings) or as a medicine (usually in a formula with other ingredients).
  • Rhubarb was most often recommended as a syrup as follows:
      1/4 ounce 32 readings
      1/2 ounce 23 readings
      20 drops 3 readings
      2 ounces 2 readings
      1 drop 2 readings
      1 ounce 2 readings
      60 drops 1 reading
      1 drams  1 reading
      1/2 teaspoon 1 reading
    • Several of the early readings prescribed rhubarb in dry or powdered form as follows:
      1 grain 4 readings
      1/2 grain 2 readings
      30 grains 2 readings
      10 grains 2 readings
      8 grains 1 reading
      1 ounce 1 reading
  • Rhubarb was most often recommended with other substances, often in complex formulas.  Although a wide diversity of  formulas were given, the most common substances mentioned in the same readings with rhubarb were as follows:
      Wild Cherry 35 readings
      Stillingia 33 readings
      Figs 28 readings
      Horehound 27 readings
      Calisaya 26 readings
      Sarsaparilla 25 readings
      Senna 20 readings
      Capsicum 19 readings 
      Sassafras 14 readings
      Tolu 14 readings
Cayce Quotes on Rhubarb

    With the rhubarb and licorice we add the active principle to the mucous membrane itself in the upper intestines, giving off more of the properties used as a lining to the intestinal tract.

    Now, while those conditions as have been given have not been wholly applied - we would then prepare THIS, for we will find these will materially aid the system in creating that necessary to overcome the inflammation, will the activities of the eliminations through the intestinal system be kept up, or very active, while these are being taken.  Prepare, then, as this:

                  Quinine - Sulfate Quinine................25 grains,
                  Sulfate of Iron..........................50 grains,
                  Rhubarb..................................30 grains.

    Mix well together and make into pellets, or capsules, at least 125, see?  Take 3 of these each day, morning, noon and evening.  Not necessary, then, that other conditions as have been given be changed, with the giving of these properties.
    The iron is to assist the blood through the assimilations, as is being created to ELIMINATE these conditions; the Quinine active with the active forces of the liver; Rhubarb with the active principles of the gastric juices of the stomach, so that the assimilation of the iron may take place.

    That of the rhubarb as the laxative for the activities in the liver, with the lacteal ducts.

... those properties as have been given in those of the iron, the camphor, and those of the rhubarb.  THESE will prevent the heart's pressure ...

    Occasionally we would take a dose of a combination (which is prepared) of calomel, colocynth and rhubarb.  This will LOOSEN the whole system.  Now, do not over STRAIN the body in these eliminations.
(Q)  What dosage of this?
(A)  These are already prepared in pellets - calomel, colocynth and rhubarb.  One pellet as a dose, see?

    Every other day, for at least three to five days, there should be given a cathartic as of calomel, colocynth and rhubarb, [CRC tablets] that the eliminations may be kept at an extraordinary reaction in the whole hepatic circulation.
(Q)  What should be the dosage of calomel, colocynth and rhubarb?
(A)  These are already prepared in tablet form; they come in five grain tablets.  [CRC tablets.]

    Calomel - Colocynth - Rhubarb.  These should be given to [543]; for the mercury in the Calomel will rid system of the poisons from the burn, and the Colocynth will prevent the too great a strain upon the secretions from the liver.  The Rhubarb will tone the activity of the lacteal ducts and thus aid in preventing these great strains at this time.

    Two 2 ounces of Strained Honey add 3 ounces of Distilled Water.  Let this come to a boil; keep stirring at the time it is heating - not boiling too much, but this is just as the carrier.  Then add to same:

                  Elixir - or a FUSION of the WILD GINSENG.....1/2 ounce,
                  Indian Turnip (a fusion or Elixir)...........1/4 ounce,
                  Tincture of Stillingia.......................1/4 ounce,
                  Syrup of Rhubarb.............................1/4 ounce,
                  Horehound (the Syrup of).....................1/2 ounce.

    Add to this 1/2 ounce of Pure Grain Alcohol.  The dose of this would be, not only for the mucous membranes of the throat and head but for the digestive system, a teaspoonful every three or four hours.  Or, if there is a tendency for restlessness of evenings, or tendency more for the cough, this may be taken as often as an hour and a half to two hours apart.

    To 1 ounce of Elixir of Lactated Pepsin, add - in the order named:

                  Compound Simple Syrup...........1 ounce,
                  Saltpetre, well dissolved......10 grains,
                  Syrup of Rhubarb..............1/2 ounce,
                  Tincture of Stillingia........1/2 ounce.

    Shake the solution well before taking.  The dose would be a teaspoonful just before retiring.  But do not take same unless there becomes more and more a disturbing factor in this direction.  But when necessary, these properties may be used to allay; and yet to act upon the system in aiding a release through the lacteals and those portions of the system where the disturbing conditions have caused and do cause distresses through the alimentary canal.

(Q)  In what condition is the appendix?
(A)  Needs CLEANSING by the use of the Simmons' Liver Regulator, and this will make for clearances there.  Preferably take it in the liquid.  Take a teaspoonful at a dose until there is a full activity of and eliminations through the alimentary canal.  Then take it whenever necessary.  It should be taken rather in series, see?  Take two or three doses one day.  If these act properly, then a small dose of Syrup of Rhubarb combined with Syrup of Figs will cleanse the dregs from same without irritation.

(Q)  What particular diet at this time?
(A)  A general diet that includes those active forces that have a tendency for laxative reaction; as prunes, figs, stewed raisins - all of those activities that include such.  The pie plant or rhubarb, those of such natures that tend to make for not merely weight but an activity to the mucous membranes to the LOWER intestinal system.

    As a laxative we would on the morrow also give equal portions of Syrup of Rhubarb and Syrup of Senna; not more than a teaspoonful of the combination, though this may be combined with other properties if most desirable.

(Q)  Are enemas given correctly?
(A)  These are very good.  As has been indicated, let these be used in preference to so much cathartics, or even laxatives; though vegetable stimulation may be used - such as a little excess of rhubarb or the like in the meals, or the oils as of the Russian Mineral Oils, or even the Simmons Liver Regulator for an exercising of the whole hepatic circulation at times when necessary, when there is not at least one to two activities from the alimentary canal each day.  Do not let a day go by without SOME eliminations; better that there be two eliminations.

    In the use of eliminants, rather than any individual one, keep the vegetable rather than the mineral laxatives and alternate same; though Oil (called Mineral Oil), preferably Usoline, may be a part of that to be used at times.  Change rather than continually taking any ONE, you see.  That is, at one time there might be taken the Syrup of Figs, or the combination of the Syrup of Figs and the Syrup of Rhubarb, or at another time the Castoria (which is a combination with the active principle Senna, with the active forces from other vegetable products), or Inner Clean may be taken occasionally; or the regular Apple Diet would be WELL for the body - but DON'T TRY TO WORK LIKE A HORSE WHEN YOU ARE ON THE APPLE DIET! or else we will find it will be more detrimental than helpful!  But these cleansings will prevent the accumulations of gas, the pressures that make for the neuritis through the portions of the body.  But just be consistent.

    First we would use a vegetable form of eliminant, such as may be had with the Syrup of Rhubarb and Soda - half a teaspoonful of the Syrup with a quarter teaspoonful of Baking Soda; these may be combined or taken separate - but at the same period.  Take sufficient of this compound to produce well eliminations, taking the dosage indicated about every two hours.
    If it is not desirous to take the Syrup in this form (as it may be out of the ordinary to get the Syrup of Rhubarb) then we would take the California Syrup of Figs in broken doses. The Syrup of Figs would be more easy to obtain.  The Soda should not be taken with the Syrup of Figs, only with the Syrup of Rhubarb.  Of course, Soda may be taken alone if so desired - but not at the same time with the Syrup of Figs, or at the same dose, that is.

(Q)  What laxative is best for the body?
(A)  The BEST laxative, of course, is the exercise and the breathing as indicated.  Of course, this and the direction of the raised energies by the breathing exercise.  So when laxatives are NECESSARY, for this body, use rather vegetables than minerals - and NEVER the combination.
Of course, Inner Clean or the like is very well, but this becomes gradually hard upon the colon itself.  Senna or the Rhubarb derivative is the better.

    Rather than taking cathartics, we would use such as Psyllium Seed and Rhubarb as a part of the diet of the body occasionally; once or twice a week.  The Rhubarb may be taken at this period especially as a sauce or the like.  The Psyllium preferably would be taken with the morning meal.
This is to produce weight and to aid in stimulating the activity through the eliminations of the body wastes.

    While conditions show improvement, we would in the present - under the direction of a physician - give a CRC pellet (calomel, rhubarb and colocynth); this to stir the activity of the liver for eliminations of urea as an excess or dross indicated there.

    To correct this condition we must reach higher than has been used in this system.  Give to the system this:  For one dose -

                  Senna.............1 grain,
                  Licorice..........1 grain,
                  Rhubarb...........1 grain,
                  Yellow Saffron....2 grains.

    This is one dose in a capsule to be take twice a day (night and morning for one day).  It is then taken only every fifth day for 20 days.  As this is taken well into the system, this is after it has been absorbed, use an exceedingly high enema to cleanse the descending colon, as well as the transverse colon, so that we give the force in the duodenum, and the pancrean juices proper force and incentive to give off enough to prevent this condition again coming into the system.
    The active principle of the medicinal qualities are these: with the senna we give the active principle to the pancrean juices.  With the rhubarb and licorice we add the active principle to the mucous membrane itself in the upper intestines, giving off more of the properties used as a lining to the intestinal tract.  While the saffron is a sedative and a food for all of the organs throughout.


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