The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Willow Charcoal

Botanical Name: Salix alba (White) or Salix nigra (Black)

Common Names and Synonyms: European Willow, White Willow, Black Willow

Background: Willow is a source of aspirin-like substances and is used by herbalists in the treatment of connective tissue inflammation, especially rheumatoid arthritis.  Another name for the black willow is pussy willow.  Native to the United States, it is found along riverbanks in New York and Pennsylvania. The trees can reach a height of 15 to 20 feet.   Larger trees are found in Mid-America.  The largest of the willows trees, the black willows found in Iowa can reach up to 75 feet high.  On young trees the bark is reddish brown, the leaves are long an thin.  On older trees, the bark is rough and blackish.   The fruit is a small red-brown catkin covered with gray velvet.  The dried bark yields tannin and a white crystalline glucoside called Salinigrin.

Willow Charcoal in the Cayce Readings
  • Edgar Cayce recommended willow charcoal taken internally to relieve gas (5 readings) and as an ingredient in a chemical battery (wet cell battery -  70 readings).
Cayce Quotes on Willow Charcoal

    We would be careful of the diet, as relating to that that causes irritation through the activity of the acidity in the system.  Well were charcoal used for THIS body, as an absorbent in the system - but USE that as is compounded from willow charcoal and honey, or as prepared by Battle Creek appliances, or Company - see?

    Also take once a day, after the heavier meal - whether this be breakfast, lunch or dinner - Willow Charcoal tablets with honey as prepared by Battle Creek Sanitarium.  This character of charcoal would be the most beneficial.

(Q)  What causes me to grit my teeth when sleeping?
(A)  These activities are from purely physical causes, coming from the condition in the digestive system.  Take occasionally those properties that will cause better assimilation, such as the combination of Willow Charcoal with Honey; and a few drops of Elixir of Lactated Pepsin after the heavier meal of the day - and this effect will disappear.

(Q)  What is cause and remedy of excess gas?
(A)  Lack of proper assimilation, or the equalization of the lacteals and the acids in the digestive system.
    As we find, a digestal after meals would be beneficial.  For this particular condition, with other things, we find that the Willow Charcoal would be the preferable.  This may be taken in the tablets or may be taken in measured doses.

    Well, too, for the body to use occasionally the charcoal tablets - preferably those prepared by the Battle Creek Sanitorium, or the willow charcoal with the honey and honeycomb.  This, as we find, will relieve that tendency of gas pressure.

    In making administrations we would first begin by the application of the vibrations from the Wet Cell Appliance, medium strength; that is, to the gallon and a half of distilled water use:

    Copper Sulfate...................2 pounds,
    Sulfuric Acid, C.P...........1 1/4 ounces,
    Zinc.............................6 drams,
    Willow Charcoal................1/2 pound.

    We would carry into the body vibratorially through the Appliance the properties one day of Chloride of Gold Sodium in the proportions of one grain to each ounce of distilled water and the next day Atomidine in the proportions of one ounce to two ounces of distilled water.  Use three ounces of each Solution.
    The Appliance would be attached every day for thirty minutes, one day carrying the Gold Solution, the next day the Atomidine Solution. Recharge the Appliance every thirty days and also change the Solutions every thirty days.
    Do not leave the connections in the Solutions when not in use.  Clean them when taken out, clean them before they are put on; and put them in at least twenty minutes before the Appliance is to be attached to the body.


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