The Cayce Herbal
 A Comprehensive Guide to the 
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Remedy 457-13: Mullein Tea For Varicose Veins
    Mullein tea was typically suggested by Edgar Cayce for improving circulation, especially through the urinary tract and lower limbs.  Thus, mullein tea was a standard recommendation for the treatment of varicose veins.

    Mullein tea may be helpful for varicose veins and similar conditions involving poor circulation.

    No known contraindications.

    Take two to three ounces of mullein tea every other day.  For fresh mullein tea follow the directions listed below in reading 457-13.  If fresh mullein is not available, dried mullein may be used as a tea as described in reading 5037-1: Place a pinch of dried mullein between thumb and forefinger, put in a cup and pour boiling water over same, allowing to set for thirty minutes.  Strain off, cool and drink just about two-thirds of a cup, daily.


    If there will be the walking, and not merely standing or resting, and the taking of a small quantity of Mullein Tea every other day, these [varicose veins] will disappear - and this disturbance will disappear.  The therapeutic reaction is to better circulation - through the kidneys, especially as related to the lower limbs.
    Prepare the Mullein Tea in this manner:  Bruise the fresh Mullein Leaves and some of the flower, especially at this period of the year.  Use about two ounces (in quantity, not in weight) to about a quart of water.  Let this steep as tea. Take two or three ounces every other day; it may be taken twice during that day, but this is the quantity to be consumed during the day, see?  Keep it in a cool place, and make fresh almost each time it is used, see?


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