The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Formula 5450-3: Detoxifier Herbal Tonic

    Formulated as a tonic to improve eliminations, this formula contains extracts and essences of wild cherry bark, sarsaparilla root, yellow dock root, dogwood bark, prickly ash bark, dog fennel, tolu balsam, sassafras oil and capsicum preserved in alcohol.  In reading 5450-3 Edgar Cayce said that "this would be good for everyone as a spring tonic."  Its specific use in reading 5450-3 was to increase eliminations and detox the body in a nineteen-year-old girl with pimples and boils.

    Although the action of each ingredient was not given in reading 5450-3, other readings provide information on these herbs which may be provide insight into action of this formula:

    "The active principle from the wild cherry bark with the other ingredients is a stimulation to the lungs, throat and bronchials, and those organs above the diaphragm." [2790-1]
    "The ... wild cherry bark, is a direct activative force upon the pneumogastrics and the pulmonary system."
    "The sarsaparilla works with the gastric juices of the stomach, and the eliminations in the peristaltic movement through the intestinal tract." [1012-1]
    "The yellow dock root is an emit and blood purifier, an active principle with the secretions of the liver." [643-1]
    "The prickly ash bark acts directly with the activative forces in the liver itself, in the gall duct, and as a stimulant to the pancreas and spleen's activity." [1012-1]

    Used as a spring tonic and aid to eliminations.

    No known contraindications.

    The adult dosage is one half teaspoonful four times each day, before the meals and before retiring.

    Formula 545 - Baar Products
    Formula 545 - Heritage Store

Liquid, 8 oz. bottle.


    Yes, we have the body here, [5450] - this we have had before.  Improvements are seen in the general conditions of the system.  Still there has not been sufficient change in the character of the eliminations to prevent those forces manifesting themselves in the form of the coagulations or localizations in pimples, boils, and such.
    We would cut out all sugars from the diet.  Increase the salines.  Keep up the manipulation.  Use, as the eliminant, more of those of the colonic irrigations.  Give equal parts of Salts, Sulphur and Cream of Tartar as a purifier.  Also prepare as this for a tonic - (and this would be good for everyone [who needs a] as a spring tonic).  To one gallon of distilled water, add:

    Sarsaparilla Root.................1 ounce,
    Wild Cherry Bark..................2 ounces,
    Dogfennel.......................1/2 ounce,
    (These are the common names)
    Yellow Dock Root..................1 ounce,
    Dogwood Bark......................1 ounce,
    Prickly Ash Bark..................1 ounce.

    Reduce this by simmering (not boiling) to half the quantity.  Strain, and while warm add 4 ounces of grain alcohol, with 3 drams Balsam of Tolu cut in same.  Oil of sassafras 20 minims, Tincture of Capsici 10 minims.  Shaking solution together (though this may be bottled and kept), whenever the dose is taken shake the solution well together, and the dose would be half a teaspoonful four times each day, BEFORE the meals and before retiring.  This will assist in clarifying the whole system...
(Q)  Are the correct osteopathic treatments being taken?
(A)  These are VERY good, very much in accord - and KEEP them very much in accord, is that as being attempted to be accomplished with the medicinal properties being given.  Medicinal properties may be given and manipulations given so that either one would be harmful, but they may be given so they will coordinate one with another; that is why we are stimulating eliminations.  Don't stimulate the eliminations with the osteopathic treatments as to cause those organs that are especially of the eliminations to be OVERTAXED, but stimulate the whole system sufficient that COORDINATION through eliminations is kept, see?

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