The Cayce Herbal
 A Comprehensive Guide to the 
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
Remedy 5671-6: Fume Sitz Bath
    The use of a fume sitz bath was recommended in reading 5671-6 for a woman suffering from itching and irritation on the thighs, legs and vulva.  The ingredients for the fume stiz bath were aloe, balsam of tolu and myrrh.  A subsequent reading insisted that the aloe be a whole bud, rather than processed.

    This fume sitz bath may be helpful for relief of itching and irritation involving the genitalia.

    No known contraindications.

    Use fume sitz bath daily as needed.  Begin with two minutes sessions and gradually increase session length to ten minutes.  See excerpt below for directions on making the fume stiz bath.


(Q)  Are the itchings on the thighs, legs and vulva separate conditions or all due to one cause?
(A)  Yes or no, and either would be correct - but they are rather the COMBINATION of the conditions.  This may be, in this region, RELIEVED materially were sitz baths of myrrh, aloes, and the liquid of tolu put in boiling water and parts exposed for a few minutes.  This will relieve and heal also.
(Q)  How should solution for sitz baths be prepared, and what quantities of each ingredient?
(A)  To a half gallon of hot or boiling water add one aloe (These ways we would put them), five drops of the tincture of myrrh, forty drops of the balsam tolu or tolu in solution (that the better, in solution).  Duration of the use of these should be from two to ten minutes, but begin with the SMALLER - or with the two minutes first, then possibly the next day two minutes, and the third day these may be used for three minutes - but do not produce too much irritation, for there will be the relaxing of the whole system as these steams ENTER, and as they act WITH the system.


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