The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
The Complete Herbalist
by Dr. O. Phelps Brown (1878)

    The several Standard Herbal Remedies described in this article have grown up out of many years of labor.  Their sales at the present time are very large, extending almost over the whole globe.  They are manufactured in England as well as in America, and we have well established agents in Africa, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, and nearly all the foreign ports -- which are too numerous to mention.  But what is vastly more important, they give universal satisfaction, and will cure the diseases for which they are recommended.

    All my remedies are purely herbal, as represented by the accompanying illustrations.  Around the Balsam bottle, Ointment and Pill box are thrown sprigs of the principal ingredients -- twigs of the Acacia Tree, Bittersweet Vine, Green Ozier, sprays of the Water Pepper and Lobelia, and the leaves of the Mandrake, Skunk Cabbage and Ayapana, which form some of the principal ingredients of these remedies.

    These medicines are kept by the principal wholesale and retail druggists throughout the United States and Canada.  Should your druggist not have a supply on hand, he can procure them for you from the wholesale house with which he deals, without extra freight, when ordering them with other goods.  Should he, however, fail to get them, you can send to me for the medicine and your orders will receive prompt attention.  The express business is now so complete that an almost daily delivery can be guaranteed to all parts of the country; while the express charges for small packages have been reduced one-half to all towns where the offices of the various companies are established.  Recollect, all the wholesale houses keep my Standard Herbal Remedies.  A printed list will be sent on application.

    For over twenty years, or nearly a quarter of a century, I have been engaged in gathering herbs and treating patients from all parts of the country who have favored me with their confidence.  Out of this practice has grown my Standard Herbal Remedies, or Specifics for certain defined diseases.

    The first and most important of these preparations is, perhaps, the Acacian Balsam, for all lung affections.  It lubricates all the tubes and air cells, removing inflammation, loosening a cough and assisting the lungs to throw off disease.  Persons far gone in consumption have been kept alive for years and made very comfortable by the Acacian Balsam; others who have inherited weak lungs from their parents, and whose family invariably die at an early age with this disease, have kept consumption at bay during an ordinary lifetime by the use of this invaluable remedy.  Such persons can be referred to in nearly every section of the country.  Send for printed certificates.

    These parties, through my advice (given in various other publications, and my annual Shakesperian Almanac), never allow a cold to settle on the lungs -- but, upon the first indication of a cold in the head or throat, they commence taking the Balsam and rubbing the Ointment night and morning around the throat and over the chest.  In from twenty-four to forty-eight hours the cold is broken up and gone.  Had it been allowed to extend downward to the lungs and get firmly seated, it would have probably resisted all efforts to throw it off; although in numberless cases this remedy has raised people, apparently in the vary last stages of consumption, from their sick beds and restored them to health.
    I have, therefore, unbounded faith in this remedy in this class of diseases, and would strongly urge its merits upon those who dread the approach of consumption, or have any lung difficulty.  This disease is so insidious in its approaches--so flattering in its progress, up today, down tomorrow, that those afflicted do not generally realize their condition until it has become firmly seated in the system; whereas, had a remedy like the Balsam been employed in the outset, the disease would have been driven out ere it could firmly locate itself.  It is as great a folly to wait for a disease of the lungs to disappear of itself as it would be to stand on the bank of a stream waiting for it to dry up to admit of an early crossing.

    We all know that simple herbal remedies are the natural medicine designed by the Creator for man's restoration to health.  This remedy is composed of five or six herbal ingredients that not only work together harmoniously but aid each other in eradicating the disease -- one of these ingredients soothes the irritated surface, another heals, another loosens the morbid secretions, producing free and easy expectoration; another lubricates the parts, another soothes the nerves, producing sleep, another arrests night sweating, another provides nourishment for the body; so that if no food can be eaten, the Balsam, through the tonic provided by Ayapana and the nourishing properties of Gum Acacia and Wild Honey will sustain life, and thus all the conditions of the disease are overpowered, and the system, working together with the medicine, is enabled to throw off the fell destroyer, called consumption of the lungs.

    In addition to this we have the Herbal Ointment, which is our great external remedy; it acts as a blood circulator and a counter-irritant, (See cut on p. 471).  This Ointment rubbed well in over the chest, throat, shoulder-blades, small of the back, stomach and bowels, and up and down the spine, arouses the whole system to action.  It should be applied to all parts of the body where pain, weakness, irritation, or soreness exist.  It circulates the blood, soothes the nervous system, removes irritation, makes active the kidneys, assists digestion and strengthens the parts to which it is applied.

    Where constipation exists, the Renovating Pills are to be taken often enough to keep the bowels soluble and regular; they will act on the liver, and thus this organ will also aid the system in throwing off disease.

    After years of experience this is the only rational and successful treatment I have found in lung complaint.

    One bottle of Balsam will break up an ordinary cold -- price one dollar.  When a cold gets seated, and the first stages of Consumption are presenting themselves, six bottle of Balsam; two large pots of Herbal Ointment and one small box Renovating Pills will be required.  Total, six dollars and twenty-five cents.

    Let me again urge the necessity of breaking up a cold ere it firmly locates itself on the lungs.  One bottle will do this, and save not only money but perhaps a long period of sickness.  Yes, perhaps save you from consumption itself.  The Acacian Balsam is a positive cure for asthma, no matter of how long standing.

    The Restorative Assimilant and Herbal Ointment are better known throughout the United States and Canada than any of my other remedies.  The Restorative Assimilant is designed for all diseases of the stomach and digestive organs; it assimilates the juices of the stomach, gives strength and tone to this organ, and removes any unnatural condition that may exist.  Many thousand people can testify to its curative qualities in Epilepsy or Fits.  Experience has taught me that this disease is caused, in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, by a peculiarly disordered condition of the stomach.  The Restorative Assimilant removes this peculiar condition, thus curing the disease.  Many epileptics never have a single attack after the first dose of the medicine; the majority of cases require three bottles, which we consider a fair test in any case.  While taking the Restorative Assimilant, the Herbal Ointment and Renovating Pills should also be used.  The Ointment is to be well and freely rubbed in twice a day, night and morning, up and down the spine, around the neck, across the small of the back, and sparingly over the stomach and bowels, to soothe the nervous system, strengthen the parts and assist digestion.

    The Renovating Pills are to be taken often enough to keep the bowels gently open and regular.  They will emulge the liver and thus this organ will aid in throwing off disease.  A confirmed case of epilipsy will require three bottles of Restorative Assimilant, price Five dollars; two large pots of Herbal Ointment, One dollar; one small box of Pills, twenty-five cents.  Total, Six dollars and twenty-five cents.  Sent by express, securely packed, if the remedies canot be had of the local druggist.

    The Restorative Assimilant especially is valuable in all female irregularities.  It removes internal inflammation, heals ulceration and tones up and strengthens the system generally.  It is one of the best and most efficacious tonics in existence for general and local debility.

    Nervousness and sleeplessness (from each of which so many persons suffer at the present day), in nine cases out of ten arise from a disarranged stomach.  A few doses of the Restorative Assimilant will set the digestive wheels in motion, thus relieving the system from nervousness and irritation, and soothing the nervous system to rest.

    In diarrhoea, or even dysentery in its worst form, the Assimilant acts promptly in disinfecting the stomach, healing all inflammation of the bowels, and checking the disease without leaving any bad effects behind.  I have known a man tottering feebly along from chronic diarrhoea, to be set upon his feet with renewed life and vigor in less than forty-eight hours, from a few doses of this medicine, so astonishing are its results.  One pint bottle will cure any case.  I have never known it to fail in a single instance.

    Next in order comes my Rock Rose and Stillingia Blood Purifier, and the Liver Invigorator.  The names of these preparations indicate the diseases for which they are intended.  Each is prepared with great care to meet the requirements of Blood and Liver Complaints.

    To change the condition of the blood from an unhealthy and impure condition to one of health and purity is a work of time.  A bottle or two of the above remedy will accomplish but little good, but a course of six bottles will make one feel like a new creature.  It will cleanse the complexion, cure eruptions of the skin, give buoyancy to the step and brightness to the eye.  The price of Six bottles of Blood Purifier is Five dollars.

    Two or three bottles of the Liver Invigorator will emulge the liver and remove the many feelings of distress attending the torpidity of this organ.  In all cases of liver complaint I also advise the use of the Renovating Pills, as necessary to carry off all morbid secretions from the system.  The Liver Invigorator is One dollar per bottle.

    I will close with a few remarks about my Male Fern Vermifuge and Herbal Ointment Suppositories.  (See cut on page 474).

    There is not a case of Piles or Fistula in the United States that the Suppositories will fail to cure provided they be used a reasonable length of time, if used in connection with a course of my Blood Purifier in scrofulous constitutions.  The Suppositories here represented are to be used for internal piles, and the Herbal Ointment is to be used for external piles.  Both are to be used when the piles are both external and internal.  If the patient is not particularly scrofulous, the Blood Purifier may be omitted and the Ointment and Suppositories will do the work.

    The Male Fern Vermifuge is decidedly the most reliable Vermifuge ever manufactured; it not only removes every variety of worm (even tape worms) from the body, but their nests also.  It is as pleasant to the taste as aromatic syrup -- children never refuse to take it, and being equally effectual among adults, it proves an invaluable remedy.

    The Woodland Balm, for the hair invigorates the scalp, causing a new growth of hair, while it cures all eruptions, and removes unnatural heat from the head.  Space will not permit a farther description, as I do not wish to say much about my Standard Herbal Remedies in this work, as it is intended to give formulas for the benefit of the public.  Those who wish to know more about them, have but to address me and procure half a dozen copies of my Shakesperian Almanac (for themselves and friends), which is published annually about the first of December, and can be had at any time of the year -- free!

    This almanac contains a large number of certificates of cures wrought by my Standard Herbal Remedies in all parts of the United States.  Many of them are from persons who had been given up as incurable by various physicians.  Being thus thrown upon their own resources,they sought for themselves a remedy, and my preparations being brought to their notice through liberal advertising or friends, they had faith enough to procure and give them a fair trial, which resulted in their being restored to health.

    My standard Herbal Remedies embrace nine preparations.  Should any one be in doubt as to which of the remedies are adapted to his or her individual case, I may be addressed on the subject, with a short description of case, and will promptly give the required advice and my opinion by return mail, free of charge.  Remittances may be made safely by P. O. Order or
Registered Letter.


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