The Cayce Herbal
 A Comprehensive Guide to the 
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce

Herbs for Health
by Otto Mausert, N.D. (1932)

Key to Abbreviations of Medicinal Properties

ALT. - Alterative - A medicine that alters the process of nutrition and excretion restoring normal body functions.
ANO. - Anodyne Relieving pain.
ANT. - Anthelmintic - A remedy expelling intestinal worms.
ANTI-FAT- An agent that aids in removing excess fat.
APE. - Aperient - Mild laxative without purging.
APH. - Aphrodisiac - Stimulating the sexual passion.
ARO. - Aromatic - A spicy stimulant.
AST. - Astringent - Producing contraction of organic tissue, or the arrest of a discharge.
A-BIL. - Anti-Bilious - Opposing biliousness, acting on the bile.
A-EPI. - Anti-Epileptic - Opposed to epilepsy, relieving fits.
A-LITH. - Antilithic-Preventing the formation of gravel or stones.
A-PER. - Anti-Periodic - Preventing the recurrence of periodic disturbances and irregularities.
A-PHI. - Anti-Phlogistic - An agent reducing inflammation.
A-RHE. - Anti-Rheumatic - Correcting and relieving rheumatism.
A-SEP. - Anti-Septic - Preventing or counteracting decay, or the formation of pus.
A-SCO. - Anti-Scorbutic - Preventing or relieving scurvy.
A-SPA. - Anti-Spasmodic - Counteracting or preventing spasms.
A-SYPH. - Anti-Syphilitic - A remedy for the relief of venereal disease.
CAR. - Carminative - A medicine expelling gases from stomach and bowels.
CAT. - Cathartic - Producing evacuation from the bowels.
CHO. - Cholagogue - Promoting and increasing the flow of bile.
COR. - Cordial - An aromatic stimulant.
C-IRR. - Counter Irritant - Causing irritation in one part to relieve pain in another part.
DEM. - Demulcent - A mucilaginous substance that acts soothing and relieves inflammation.
DEO. - Deobstruent - A medicine which removes obstructions.
DEP. - Depurative - Removing impurities, cleansing the blood.
DET. - Detergent - Cleansing to wounds.
DIA. - Diaphoretic - Producing perspiration.
DIS. - Discutient - Dispcrsing tumors and ulcers.
DIU. - Diuretic - Increasing the secretion and flow of urine
DRA. - Drastic - A powerful purgative medicine.
EME. - Emetic - Causing vomiting.
EMM. - Emmenagogue - Promoting and stimulating menstruation.
EMO. - Emollient - Agent that softens tissues and acts soothing.
ESC. - Esculent - Eatable as food.
EXP. - Expectorant - Promoting mucous secretions from the air passages.
FEB. - Febrifuge - An agent that lessens fever.
F. COM. - Female Complaint - Disease peculiar to women.
F-REG. - Female Regulator - An agent that regulates the menstrual flow.
GAL. - Galactagogue - Increasing the flow of milk.
HEP. - Hepatic - Promoting the action of the liver and the flow of bile.
HER. - Herpetic - An agent useful in diseases of the skin.
HYD. - Hydragogue - Purgative, causing watery evacuations.
HYP. - Hypnotic - An agent producing sleep.
LAX. - Laxative - Producing gentle action of the bowels.
LIT. - Lithotriptic - An agent dissolving stones in the urinary organs.
MUC. - Mucilaginous - Like mucilage, gummy, viscid.
NAR. - Narcotic - A hypnotic inducing stupor.
NEP. - Nephritic - An agent useful in kidney complaints.
NER. - Nervine - An agent calming nervous excitement.
OPT. - Opthalmicum - A remedy for diseases of the eye.
PEC. - Pectoral - A remedy for diseases of chest and lungs.
POI. - Poisonous - Producing death, if taken in improper doses.
PN. - Pungent - Penetrating or sharp to the taste.
PUR. - Purgative - A medicine producing watery evacuations.
SAP. - Salonaceous - Having the nature of soap.
SED. - Sedative - An agent allaying irritability.
SIA. - Sialoguge - Producing a flow of saliva.
SOP. - Soporific - Producing deep sleep.
STI. - Stimulant - An agent increasing functional activity.
STO. - Stomachic - Strengthening and giving tone to the stomach.
STY. - Stypticum - Arresting hemorrhage or bleeding by causing contraction of the blood vessels.
SUD. - Sudorific - An agent causing sweating.
TON. - Tonic - Producing an increase in the tone of the system.
VER. - Vermifuge - An agent expelling intestinal worms
VUL. - Vulnerary - An agent favoring the healing of wounds and cuts.


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