Appendix A
The Cayce Readings on the Abdominal Cold Spot in Epilepsy
    The purpose of this appendix is to provide access to original source documents relating to some of the premises underlying our epilepsy research program, in addition to summarizing several key points relevant to specific thermographic research efforts. This is important for understanding the rationale for the research designs of our epilepsy thermographic research.  Essentially we have sought to determine the presence (as described by Cayce) of an abominal cold spot on the right side of the abdomen in all cases of "true" (idiopathic?) epilepsy.  In addition to providing insights into our research process, it is hoped that this documentation will be helpful for future researchers who may wish to pursue this area of investigation. 
    The documents consist of nine Cayce readings that explicitly discuss the abdominal cold spot and its relation to seizures. The summary points are as follows: 
  • True Epilepsy – Reading 567-4 states that “From every condition that is of true epileptic nature there will be found a cold spot or area between the lacteal duct and the caecum.” Naturally, the question arises, “What did Cayce mean by “true epileptic nature?” We have taken this to mean “idiopathic epilepsy” since “true epilepsy” is a historical designation for that category.

  •      This interpretation is reinforced by the use of the phrase “This is NOT true epilepsy.” in reading 2276-1. Cayce seems to be familiar with the category of "true epilepsy" in this instance.  In readings for other conditions, Cayce also used this type of designation (i.e., "true migraine," "true multiple sclerosis"). The concept of “true epilepsy” is covered in detail in the main text of this report. 
         Note that in reading 2276-1 an abdominal cold spot on the right side of the abdomen linked to seizure activity is described, yet the case is regarded as "NOT true epilepsy."  Interestingly, the treatment regimen in this case relied heavily on abdominal castor oil packs to break up adhesions.  In fact, all the details of this case seem to fit the pattern typical for epilepsy in the readings.  It is unclear why this case failed to meet Cayce's criteria for "true epilepsy."  Of course this confusion complicates any modern research project that seeks to identify cases of "true epilepsy" for the purposes of hypothesis testing.
  • Causes of Cold Spot – Several etiological factors were noted as causing the abdominal cold spot in epilepsy:
  • Circulation – In numerous readings, adhesions or lesions in abdominal lacteals were linked to poor circulation in the area which produced the “cold spot or area.” (251-1, 561-1, 1980-1, 2276-1)  Abnormal circulation patterns may be detected with the proper thermographic equipment and protocol, assuming that the circulation pattern is present or reflected on the surface of the body.  The Cayce readings do not discuss the details of how adhesions or lesions in the lacteal ducts translate in to thermal patterns on the surface of the abdomen.
  • Location of Cold Spot – Most of the readings that mention an abdominal cold spot also describe its location.  Invariably the cold spot is associated with adhesions or lesion in the lacteals along the intestinal tract on the right side of the abdomen. When a precise location was not provided, the placement of the hot castor oil pack along the right side of the abdomen to break up the adhesions and lesion provided a general location.  The general location covers an area from the lower portion of the liver (point of last rib) to the hip bone.  This area is consistent with Cayce's remark that "From EVERY condition that is of true epileptic nature there will be found a cold spot or area between the lacteal duct and the caecum."

  •      However, when a precise location for the cold spot was given, it varied from person to person, although always within the general area on the right side of the abdomen.  In one reading (3082-1), the precise location of the cold spot is essentially the point commonly cited for the placement of the wet cell battery plate over the lacteal duct center as described in several hundred readings for that appliance.  With this variability in the location of the cold spot, any research effort to measure it must take into consideration the entire general area.  Here are some links to excerpts describing the location of the cold spot: 
    • 251-1 – "over the caecum area"
    • 561-1 – "caecum and the area about the lacteal ducts"
    • 567-4 – "lower lobe of the liver to the hip bone, or pelvis bone, coming into the caecum area" (castor oil pack placement)
    • 2019-1 – "right portion of the upper abdomen, - as has been indicated, - about the umbilical and lacteal duct center"
    • 2153-4 – "hand's breadth below the point of the rib, or over that area of the ducts"
    • 2276-1 – "lower portion of the duodenum and jejunum"
    • 3082-1 – "hand's breadth from the navel center to the right, and two fingers up on the body from that point"
    • 5333-1 – "just below the gall duct center"
  • Timing of Cold Spot – Apparently the cold spot was not always present, but was linked to changes in patterns of circulation associated with seizure episodes.  The most explicit description of the pattern is contained in reading 3082-1: "First a tremor is caused through the body. At the time a very cold spot may be found at the lacteal duct."  Reading 561-1 also discusses changes in circulation that occur "right after or just before" a seizure.  In that reading a tautness along the right side was present "at times."  Reading 561-1 also recommends placing a hand on the right side of the abdomen during a seisure ("spasm to the head") to feel the cold spot.  These two readings clearly suggest that the cold spot might only be present in conjunction with seizure activity.  See Appendix B for a further discussion of this potentially frustrating problem for thermographic research.
  • Determination of the Cold Spot – As noted in reading 561-1, Cayce sometimes encouraged individuals to locate the cold spot to verify its presence.  Essentially, this recommendation is the basis for our epilepsy thermographic research projects. Reading 251-1 insisted that the cold spot "may be found by holding the hand (when warm, of course) over the caecum area, and SEE the difference in the temperature of that particular area from the lack of circulation."  The qualification that the hand must be warm suggests that the temperature variation may be subtle, but should be easily detected with proper thermographic equipment and protocol.  Reading 2019-1 states that the cold spot should be detectable "upon examination" (presumbably manual palpation) but does not provide explicit instructions for the procedure.

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This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 27th day of January, 1933, in accordance with the request made by father, Mr. [...], new Active Member of the Ass''n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by Miss Esther Wynne. 

P R E S E N T 

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Father of [251], L. B. Cayce, Mildred Davis, Esther and Verlie Wynne. 

R E A D I N G 

Time of Reading 11:30 to 11:55 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., Va. (Physical Suggestion) 

1. EC: Yes, we have the body, [251] and those conditions physically that disturb the body. 

2. While there are many disturbing conditions, the body is eased in the reactions at the present time. 

3. As we find, there are specific conditions that disturb the body. These are aided by, or in the present a result of, a combination of disorders; for in times back - or fourteen months back - there was an injury to the spine, in those centers that are affecting - and do affect - the activity of the eliminations from the system, especially that related to the caecum and to the colon area. 

4. Then, with a tendency already existent of a strangulation in the area - from pressure produced in the LUMBAR area at presentation or birth of the body, there has been made an adhesion in the area; so that - when there is a filling up or a dilation in the caecum and ascending colon - there is a COLDNESS that exists, which interferes with the coordination between the sympathetic and cerebro-spinal nerve reactions in the lower portion of the cerebrospinal system. 

5. This brings about those spasmodic conditions that produce to the whole system an improper reaction, as to make for the disorder that is existent. See? 

6. As to the activities of this (that is, the incoordination): The pressure exists specifically in the 8th and 9th dorsal area, and acts upon the draining or relieving of the pressure in the lower portion of jejunum and in the first portion or caecum area of the colon. This may be found by holding the hand (when warm, of course) over the caecum area, and SEE the difference in the temperature of that particular area from the lack of circulation. 

7. The condition in the dorsal area may be found by FINDING the alignment in the cerebro-spinal area, and the effects are seen in the nervous system of the body. 

8. With the conditions allowed to become near normal from the present attack, and the system's eliminations increased as to rid the system of the poisons or congestions from the sedatives that reduce the flow of secretions from the organs of the system (and these established to a near normal activity), we would then RELIEVE those pressures in the cerebro-spinal system; the dorsal and the lumbar area, COORDINATING the same with the cervical and the activities to the brain forces. 

9. We would give small doses of Bismuth, or Milk of Bismuth, to cleanse the system and STIMULATE the activities of the nerve forces from the dorsal area disturbed to the congested area; and we will bring a normal condition for the body. 

10. There will be at first some recurrent conditions, or attacks, unless the body is kept in an excess of eliminations through the alimentary canal; but these will be found to be less severe - and in six to ten weeks the body should be rid entirely of that which causes or produces the disturbances. 

11. Ready for questions. 

12. (Q) How is best way to make these corrections? Osteopathically? 
(A) Necessarily, ADJUSTMENTS must be made - but these must COORDINATE with the properties taken in the system to PRODUCE the proper functioning of the membranes in the digestive and eliminating system. To be sure, they should be done osteopathically. 

13. (Q) What doses of Bismuth should be given, or Milk of Bismuth? 
(A) This should be given certainly not until after there is some recuperation from the PRESENT condition, see - but the dosage would be a teaspoonful three times each day. 

If necessary, use enemas to relieve the pressure in the colon. 

The diet, to be sure, must be that EASILY assimilated - but must be well-balanced, that the strength, vitality and virility of the system is kept in normal development; for the body, to be sure, is in the DEVELOPING stages. 

14. (Q) Please outline a diet as it should be. 
(A) In the present there should be given strained oatmeal, with beef tea or juice, dry milk, and that which will act with the kidneys in THEIR proper eliminations - or those properties that will be carried in the JUICES of vegetables rather than too much of the BULK, at first. 

15. (Q) Should the osteopathic treatments begin right away? 
(A) In the next twenty-four hours anyway, as soon as there begins those reactions from the sedatives that are apparent at present. 

16. (Q) How can he be relieved at the present? 
(A) He's RELIEVED at the present. With the CONGESTIONS that come back, from the recurrent conditions - which will be in the next twelve to twenty-four hours, then we would begin with the REMOVING of the pressure in the sacrum, in the dorsal, and ESPECIALLY in the lumbar area as indicated. But, the CONGESTIONS that come - or contractions - are seen in the cervical, and caecum, and lower portion of the dorsal and lumbar area. 

17. (Q) Have the doctors' treatments been of any benefit to the child? 
(A) They have been of benefit for the immediate condition, but not for permanent relief. They have rather hindered than aided. 

18. (Q) How did the accident referred to occur? 
(A) From the child leaning far back when someone was holding it in the arms! and if the body is held in about that position it will be seen as to where the condition occurs - 8th and 9th dorsal area! 

19. (Q) Any spiritual advice to the parents? 
(A) Keep in that attitude that there is and may be done that which will bring coordination in the physical, the mental and spiritual being of this body; and there IS being that aid given through the application of that outlined to bring the best conditions for the body. 

20. (Q) Which osteopath in Norfolk would be the best to treat this body? 
(A) Richardson! [Martyn L. Richardson, D.O.] 

21. (Q) How long should these treatments be given, and how often? 
(A) As will be seen, it will be necessary to follow this rather by how EASILY the adjustments are made - and as to how well the system cleanses itself from those STRAINS it HAS undergone, and that it must for a time still undergo until those strangulations are removed - that are produced by the congestion in those centers, of pulling up on the sides, see? for they are as strangulations. 

As to the number of treatments, this will depend upon how READILY the body responds - and how the BUILDING is required. 

This may be followed best by the one giving the treatments. If necessary, treatments should be given EVERY day - until the body is relieved - which would require a lesser period; than they may be made farther and farther apart - which would cover a period of some thirty to sixty days. See? 

22. (Q) Any further advice regarding this body, or to the parents? 
(A) Be mindful that these are followed in the manner that has been outlined, for the better conditions for this body, [251]. 

23. We are through for the present. 


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 28th day of May, 1934, in accordance with request made by the mother - Mrs. [...], new Associate Member of the Ass''n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by Mrs. [267]. 

P R E S E N T 

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. [561] and his mother, Mrs. [267] and Mildred Davis. 

R E A D I N G 

Time of Reading 3:30 to 3:55 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., Va. (Physical Suggestion) 

1. EC: Yes, we have the body here, [561]. 

2. Now, as we find, there are many conditions in the present that may be said to be almost perfectly normal; yet there are those conditions that, as we find, unless there are corrections made, will make for constitutional disorders of such natures as to make some complications in the body. 

3. Then, in giving that which may be helpful - and in making for the corrective measures for this body, it would be necessary that we give something of the basic causes of this condition. 

4. We find that in times back, or when the body was at that stage or age when - as it may be said - the first solid foods were given, or the more astringent foods; and there was during that period an illness that affected the body through the temperature and - through the properties given - the lacteal ducts; which has caused a stricture there that affects primarily the caecum and the area as in the ascending colon. And when there is the spasm to the head, or when the circulation between the liver and the heart is affected, if the hand is placed upon the caecum and the area about the lacteal ducts it will be found that there is a COLDNESS there - though the body may not be aware of same. 

5. Unless the flow of lymph and the muco-membrane circulation is increased to the extent as to re-enliven this activity, the spasmodic condition must gradually grow - and rather than being of shorter duration it must necessarily become longer; for more and more is the tendency for the condition to grow. It is more in the form of that which may be called an adhesion, or like a stricture, in the area. 

6. The general circulation is very good, save right after or just before such a reaction. And the reactions do not come by cycles of functioning, but from PRESSURES created there. 

7. In the general activity of the organs and the rest of the body we find near normalcy, save as to the nominal eliminations through the alimentary canal, the liver and kidney activity that is disturbed by the condition spasmodically. 

8. Then, in making the proper corrections for these conditions, we find that there should not be too great an activity of the body-physical until there is the feeling in the body itself that this condition is broken - and by the manipulations that may be had during such periods. For, there is a tautness there of which the body is scarcely aware, save in the right side at times - just below the ribs to a point just above the head of the bone of the leg, or the hip bone, there is the feeling as if it needs stretching; no hurt, but just taut. 

9. We would begin with the applications of heavy Castor Oil packs; three to four thicknesses of flannel dipped in the oil and applied just as hot as the body can stand, over the area from the upper portion of the liver to the portion of the caecum and the ascending colon area. Keep these for at least three to four hours each day, one after the other, until there has been at least six to eight different applications. 

10. Begin with small doses of Olive Oil taken internally, quarter to half a teaspoonful every two hours. Keep this up also for the six to eight days. 

11. Each evening after the packs are given, we would have a thorough massage with the electrically driven vibrator - using the sponge applicator over the abdomen or stomach. Empty the stomach with this treatment; that is, begin with the circular motion just below the sternum over the stomach proper, over the area of the liver, continuing back and forth across the whole of the abdomen; not heavy, but so as to assist in breaking up the tautness there. Apply from five to fifteen minutes. 

12. At the end of the six to eight day period, rest two or three days; that is, leaving off the oils and the vibrator, and during the rest period have a thorough osteopathic adjustment and massage - just one. 

13. That would be one series of treatments. 

14. Then we would begin another series, going through the whole procedure as outlined. 

15. And we would have three such series. 

16. Do these, and we will get rid of these troubles for [561] for we find they have been caused by the condition described. 

17. Ready for questions. 

18. (Q) Can the mother apply the packs and the vibrator treatment? 
(A) They can be given BETTER by the mother, if she will follow the directions outlined. Apply the packs as hot as may be stood on the hands, covering the area from the edge of the rib on the right side clear to the hip joint. Then, after the period of treatment with the packs each day give the general massage with the electrically driven vibrator, you see. Keep such treatments for six or eight days; then rest, and during the rest period have the manipulation or correction along the spine. 

19. (Q) Will you suggest an osteopath to give the correction? 
(A) Anyone that knows his business as an osteopath, who will give a good general treatment and not undo what you are doing! 

It is not necessary that such adjustments be given at first, you see; in fact, they would be injurious to the body DURING the periods the packs are being applied - for the packs are to produce within the area sufficient activity to cause the muco-membrane and lymph circulation to increase so as to remove the troublesome conditions. 

20. (Q) Would it be necessary for the osteopath to know the treatments being followed at home? 
(A) If you desire to tell him! 

21. (Q) Would Dr. Ober be alright? 
(A) He's a very good doctor! 

22. (Q) Any advice regarding diet? 
(A) To be sure, the diet should not be heavy; or of such nature as to make for clogging, or for constipation. Rather citrus fruit and the juices of vegetables during the whole periods that the treatments are given. Not that solid foods may not be taken in moderation, but do not OVEREAT - you see. A diet principally of citrus fruit and vegetable JUICES. 

23. (Q) Would a few weeks of camp life be too much for him this summer? 
(A) This had best be judged by whether or not the body has been rid of these conditions first! It would not be well with the conditions as they are; nor would it be well for this to be had should any irritations be produced - for it would be too strenuous for the body. However, if the corrections are made and there are the readjustments in the system to the conditions, or the spasmodic reactions to the sensory system, the camp life would be well for the body. 

24. (Q) Should any of his physical activities be curtailed? 
(A) As given, during the first portion of the treatment there should not be a great deal of physical activity, else we would strain or irritate the very lesions we are attempting to break up! For strictures, we remember, are as places in the portion of the internal system that adhere or stick, so as to prevent normalcy. Curtail activities, then, that would make too much irritation in such directions, see? Consequently, not too great an activity until at least two or three series of the treatments have been given. 

Do this, and we will correct these conditions in this body, [561]. 

25. We are through for the present. 


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 25th day of September, 1934, in accordance with request made by the self, on Active Membership of his father, Mr. [643], in the Ass''n for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. 

P R E S E N T 

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mildred Davis and L. B. Cayce. 

R E A D I N G 

Time of Reading Sun Air Farm, 10:50 to 11:00 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. Oak Ridge, N.J. (Physical Suggestion) 

1. EC: Yes, we have the body, [567], this we have had before. 

2. As we find, there are improvements in the general physical condition of this body from that we have had before. While there are still those reactions where and when the incoordination between the sympathetic and the cerebro-spinal systems causes and produces the contraction of the nerves and muscular forces as to bring the loss of conscious coordination, these are on the decrease in the number and in their severity. However, we still find these DO react. 

3. While this has grown to be somewhat of a constitutional condition, yet - as we find, if there will be the persistency in the following of the suggestions that may be outlined for this body from time to time, AS CONDITIONS change, it may be met; for this condition is a very subtle one. And while there may be those things that have been and are contributory causes, these changed - the system having adjusted itself to a condition that at times PRODUCES same - there is the seeking to express itself in another way and manner. But the general conditions are on the improve. 

4. Be persistent and be consistent, and we will RID the body of these conditions. 

5. As indicated and shown, there is a condition in the axis at the 1st cervical, or 1st and 2nd cervical, that needs particular attention. This should be more in the form of - not like wringing the neck, but - raising the body by the head, that it may be in an alignment. This, of course, is not as much out of place in the present as it has been. 

6. In making the adjustment in the cervical and in the lower lumbar, as indicated, this would preferably be made with the body lying on abdomen and then standing on the right side of the body the pressure would be TOWARDS the left, see? and down, with the knuckle or with the hand. This is the main adjustment. Why? This radiation from the ganglia and plexus here causes the contraction in the caecum and the lacteal duct area. 

7. And we find that, then, the diet and the activities of the body have much to do with the general conditions in the body of [567]. These should be kept in the way that has been given. 

8. THIS we would alter in the present: 

9. From EVERY condition that is of true epileptic nature there will be found a cold spot or area between the lacteal duct and the caecum. Over this area every other day, in the afternoon when the body rests from its physical exercise in the open, apply Castor Oil packs, for a period of at least TWO times every other day applying the pack as hot as the body can stand; letting one remain until it is cool or cold, then apply the other - directly to the skin. This would be with three thicknesses of flannel dipped in Castor Oil, applied directly to the skin; then heat again, or have the oil hot, making the second application at each treatment. Let them extend from the lower portion of the lobe of the liver to the upper portion of the hip itself. We will break up this tendency for the lymph ducts, in the ducts of the lacteals and in the caecum and colon (ascending here), that tendency for contraction and for the activities that help to bring on the conditions that produce incoordination to the nerve forces of the body. 

10. Do this. 

11. Be mindful that there is not too much stimulation either through smoking, chewing, drinking, or anything of the kind; but let the activities be in the open, and work sufficient to get up a good SWEAT. Then the rubdown from same is necessary for the poisons and the combinations of the conditions, and will aid the body. 

12. Ready for questions. 

13. (Q) Do we understand that the right side adjustment to be given - 
(A) (Interrupting) This has been given. When on the abdomen, and standing on the right side push TOWARDS the left - and down. 

14. (Q) Would cold sitz baths be of value? 
(A) As we find, the oil packs will be preferable to the cold sitz baths. 

15. (Q) Would gas pressure cause the turns? 
(A) As indicated, we will relieve this - it is from a form of gas pressure in the caecum and lacteal duct area. This will be relieved by the use of the oil packs, for it strikes in - rather than the cold, which would tend to make for a relief but NOT call the lymph circulation through the area. 

16. (Q) Is my diet correct? 
(A) If the diet is kept as has been outlined, correct. 

17. (Q) Will the cyst at the base of my spine disappear? 
(A) Disappear. We would use an ointment with which to massage this, a combination of Iodex with the Animated Ash. To one ounce of the Iodex add three GRAINS Animated Ash. Mix THOROUGHLY. Apply each evening before retiring. 

18. (Q) Then you would not suggest we try cold abdomen packs at night? 
(A) We would give rather every other day, as indicated, when the body rests in the afternoon, the hot Castor Oil packs over the right side - from the lower lobe of the liver to the hip bone, or pelvis bone, coming into the caecum area. 

19. (Q) How much better am I? 
(A) Thirty-seven and three-tenths percent! 

20. (Q) Any further advice for my better welfare? 
(A) Be consistent and persistent. Don't expect to be cured in a day of that which has been builded for years, for it requires that not only the condition but the impulses be corrected towards normalcy. 

21. We are through with this reading. 

TEXT OF READING 1980-1 M 18 

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 23rd day of August, 1939, in accordance with request made by the mother - Mrs. [...] new Associate Member of the Ass''n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., also by the aunt, Miss [...]. 

P R E S E N T 

Edgar Cayce; Hugh Lynn Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. 

R E A D I N G 

Time of Reading 10:45 to 11:05 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., New York. 

1. HLC: You will go over this body carefully, examine it thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions, also suggestions for help and relief of this body. You will answer the questions which may be submitted, as I ask them: 

2. EC: Yes, we have the body here, [1980]. 

3. Now as we find, there are disturbing conditions which prevent the best normal reaction in the physical forces of the body. 

4. These as we find are hidden, in a nature, and the causes arise from an injury received some years ago, in the coccyx area, and then a contributory cause later in the area above the lumbar axis. 

5. These caused a slowing of the circulation through the areas of the lacteal ducts, thus producing a COLD area there, that has produced a partial adherence of tissue. 

6. With the activity of the lymph through the area, we find that periodically, when there is the lack of proper eliminations through the alimentary canal, there occurs a reflex to the coordination between sympathetic and cerebrospinal system area; that takes the governing of the impulse, as it were, to the brain reactions; OR a form of spasmodic reaction that might be called epileptic in its nature. 

7. If this is allowed to remain, or if there are the attempts to allay by or through the applications ordinarily in such cases, we will not only continue this reaction but cause greater destructive forces in the areas along the impulses to the sympathetic and cerebrospinal centers in lumbar and coccyx area; thus increasing and making more severe the attacks that occur from this deflection of impulse. 

8. As we find, this may be materially aided if there will be first the breaking up of this tendency for the lesions in the area indicated, - by the application of hot Castor Oil Packs. This would be done persistently and consistently for at least two hours each day for a period of three to five days. Use at least three thicknesses of heavy flannel, - having the flannel as hot with the Castor Oil as can be handled, or squeezed or wrung with the Castor Oil in same; then applying an electric pad, after sufficient padding to prevent the short circuiting or destroying efficiency of the electric pad on same. 

9. Then have a manipulative application in the form of neuropathic adjustments to the areas about the coccyx and the sacral and the lumbar axis, and especially in the 1st and 2nd lumbar; gently massaging the area about the lower portion of the liver and the lacteal ducts in the right side. 

10. In the diets beware of too much starches or too much of sweets. The sweets that are taken should only be of honey or the fruit sweets, or the like. Plenty of raw, fresh vegetables each day for the body. No white bread nor white potatoes should be taken. 

11. At least ten of such adjustments neuropathically should be made. 

12. Do these, and if it becomes necessary - to relieve the tensions - repeat the Castor Oil Packs after a week. 

13. It is well that high enemas be given after the series of Castor Oil Packs, - not one each day, but AFTER the three to five days of the Packs, see? to remove the disturbing forces through the colon area. 

14. Thus we will bring the better physical forces for this body, [1980]. 

15. Let the mental attitudes of the body be constructive, - that is, of a spiritual import, - purposeful in its activities. 

16. Ready for questions. 

17. (Q) Is there any neuropath in New York you would recommend? 
(A) Any neuropath that knows how to make the adjustments in the coccyx and sacral and lacteal ducts, should be efficient. 

Such as Taylor, or as one on Long Island near the entity - Fremont. 

18. (Q) What was the nature of the original accident? 
(A) Striking the end of the spine - on bannister. 

19. (Q) Any other suggestions for the body? 
(A) Do these, if we would rid the condition from this body. 

20. We are through for the present. 

TEXT OF READING 2019-1 M 52 (Catholic Priest) 

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 6th day of October, 1939, in accordance with request made by the self - Rev. [2019], new Associate Member of the Ass''n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., recommended through Dr. Thomas Garrett''s article in Health Culture. 

P R E S E N T 

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. 

R E A D I N G 

Time of Reading 10:55 to 11:15 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., Canada. 

1. GC: You will give the physical condition of this body at the present time, with special reference to the attacks the body has at times; you will go over the body carefully, telling me the conditions you find; giving the cause of the existing conditions, also suggestions for help and relief of this body. You will answer the questions which may be submitted, as I ask them: 

2. EC: [After repeating suggestion in an undertone] Yes, we have the body here, Father [2019] - Father [2019]. 

3. As we find the general physical forces are very good in many respects; yet there are disturbances at times which prevent the normal reactions in the body. 

4. These, as will be seen, arise under conditions where strain is brought on the physical forces of the body, - through the very necessity of the period of consecration. 

5. This is a physical condition that, as we find, may be removed or eliminated; and thus removing from the system the causes of those disturbances, also removing the necessity or cause for fear of ANY nature in relationship to same. 

6. In times back, there were periods when there was a depletion of the physical forces through the lack of supplying full nutriment to the system. This caused, in those areas about the lacteal and umbilical plexus, a form of lesion, - a tautness. 

7. Not that it affects, as yet, the liver or the spleen, or even the gall duct's activity; though eventually, without its removal, it may cause disturbances through that area. 

8. But with the periods of activity in which there is the refraining from foods, this becomes a retro-active condition in the physical force of the body; thus producing a spasmodic reaction in the nerve forces about the area, - causing a reaction through the sympathetic and cerebrospinal center, from the lower portion of the solar plexus center. 

9. Thus there is an inclination for the losing of control of the sensory forces; for it produces, from the reaction, a condition at the 1st cervical, or through the medulla oblongata, - an unbalancing, as it were, of the reflexes to the sensory centers. 

10. This as we find also produces in the general eliminating system the inclinations at times for the lack of proper or full eliminations. 

11. When there has been, and is, the better or perfect accord in this direction, there is not such a great stress upon this disturbance in the right portion of the upper abdomen, - as has been indicated, - about the umbilical and lacteal duct center. Here we would find, upon examination, a COLD spot. 

12. In making applications for eradicating the causes, then: 

13. We would apply each evening, for two evenings, the heavy Castor Oil Packs; at least three thicknesses of heavy flannel, wrung out in Castor Oil, as hot as the body can stand same, and placed over the lower portion of the liver, gall duct and caecum area, - this extending, of course, to the umbilical center. Let these remain for one hour at each application, keeping the Packs hot by wringing out of the hot Castor Oil two or three times during the application. 

14. After the two days of applying the Packs, we would begin then with the osteopathic adjustments, - with particular reference to a subluxation as will be found indicated in the lower portion of the 9th dorsal center, or 9th, 10th and 11th. Coordinate such correction with the lumbar axis and the upper dorsal and cervical centers. 

15. There should not be required more than six adjustments to correct the condition. 

16. Two of the Casto Oil Packs should be sufficient, but if in the administration of the adjustments it is found that this has NOT relaxed nor removed the cold spot, then apply the Packs again. 

17. Then, be mindful that there are good eliminations, or a perfect or full evacuation of the alimentary canal each day. 

18. When necessary, use a vegetable compound as a laxative, - such as Inner Clean or that having a senna base. 

19. These done, in the manners indicated, will eradicate the causes of the disturbance, and produce throughout the physical forces of the body a better and a nearer normal reaction. 

20. Keep that attitude of consistent help, aid for others. This is in keeping with the purposes, the desires, the heart of the entity. 

21. Ready for questions. 

22. We are through for the present. 

TEXT OF READING 2153-4 F 12 

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 31st day of August, 1940, in accordance with request made by the father - Mr. [2345], Associate Member of the Ass''n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc. 

P R E S E N T 

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. [2153] and her parents, and Mr. [257]. 

R E A D I N G 

Time of Reading 11:10 to 11:50 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., W. Va. 

1. GC: You will have before you the body of [2153], present in this room. You will inform us as to the present physical condition, showing what improvement has been made, and what should now be done to further the treatments to bring a complete restoration to the health of the body, mental and physical. You will answer the questions, as I ask them: 

2. EC: Yes, we have the body here, [2153]; this we have had before, you see. 

3. As has been indicated, there are some general improvements. While some of those applications suggested have not as yet been administered, we find that these are the greater precautions to be taken, and those that may insure the complete restoration to normal physical reactions in the body. 

4. That there has NOT been any reactions to the mental body is to be considered as a most hopeful sign. 

5. Then, do not allow the administrations of any sedatives or narcotics or hypnotics that would injure or tend to make the greater breaking between the physical and mental bodies. 

6. As has been indicated - and should be noted by the masseur or osteopath - the lesions that cause attacks are in the lacteal duct and those areas about the assimilating system and the upper portion of jejunum and caecum. 

7. There are NO brain lesions, but there is that which at times hinders the coordination between the impulses of the body and the normal physical reactions - or that break between the cerebrospinal and the sympathetic or vegetative nerve system, that coordinates from the lacteal duct through the adrenals and their reaction to the pineal; causing the spasmodic reaction in the medulla oblongata, or that balance at the base of the brain. 

8. Have sufficient periods of the Castor Oil Packs. To be sure, they are disagreeable, but they will break up lesions as no other administrations will. The best time to take these is the evening, to be sure. These should be given in series; applied for an hour each evening for two or three evenings BEFORE each osteopathic adjustment is to be made, see? At least every OTHER series, follow same with at least a tablespoonful of Olive Oil taken internally. 

9. When the osteopathic treatments are given twice each week, the Packs would be given two days in succession preceding each treatment, you see. When only one osteopathic treatment is given a week, then the Packs would be given two to three evenings in succession before the treatment; which would make a longer period between the series of the Packs, you see. 

10. Keep these up until this coldness AND the lesion in the right side is removed, - which is just a hand's breadth below the point of the rib, or over that area of the ducts. 

11. To be sure, there may be many questions as to the exact area of the ducts, even according to some anatomists for they have changed their ideas of people, and yet people haven't changed a very great deal! 

12. There are, to be sure, lacteal ducts. There are the strings or ducts all through the upper portion of the alimentary canal, or jejunum; but the larger patch or area is that lying just below the lower end of the duodenum, and where same EMPTIES into the jejunum, see? THIS patch is not only an INTERNAL activity but an EXTERNAL, that makes for the production of assimilation. 

13. The adhesions in these ducts here were produced by an excess temperature, which the body suffered at some period when there was too SUDDEN dropping of the temperature (which they may check and find to be correct), and NOT sufficient water, or manipulations, or activity, through the alimentary canal. 

14. This has gradually caused the disturbances to the general breaking of coordination in the nerve systems, and brings about - for this body - the SOURCE of the attacks. 

15. These CAN be - these will be eliminated, if these applications here suggested will be followed. 

16. Hence DO these! 

17. The osteopathic manipulations, of course, are to adjust those coordinations through lumbar, sacral, lower dorsals, AND at the vegetative center - or the brachial center. These are the areas for activity. The frequency of these treatments should vary, and also the length of treatment, according to that desired to be accomplished BY each treatment! Have the administrations made by one who is not only in sympathy but who KNOWS the suggestive forces through these channels! The idea of the treatments, of course, is to correct those subluxations, or tendencies, which exist; deep in some areas, superficial in others, along that area given; but mostly to eradicate causing the system to assimilate - the tautness, coldness and the lesions in the right side of body, in the areas indicated. Not that such an adjustment or corrective treatment would be done at each treatment, but WHEN such is done - that is how long the treatment should be, you see; and about once to twice each week. 

18. Do that. 

19. Ready for questions. 

20. (Q) How long should the Mayblossom Bitters be taken? 
(A) Take periodically. Take regularly for fifteen days, as given. Then leave off for five to ten days; then take again. Do this consistently until the quantity that has been indicated has been used. 

21. (Q) Would Jerusalem Artichoke Flour take the place of the sweets she craves? 
(A) It might take the place, but would be too violent a reaction upon the pancrean system, and to the kidneys themselves. 

The sweets should be rather in the nature of honey and the honeycomb. Once a day, early of morning, take a teaspoonful of honey (teaspoonful, not a tablespoonful), and there will not be the desire so much for other sweets. 

22. (Q) Should she be allowed to have a lamb chop, steak or other meat occasionally besides the fish and fowl? 
(A) Fish, fowl or lamb, - but NOT fried foods! As to beef, this is not so well - unless it is very, VERY thoroughly cooked; and then well, WELL masticated! 

23. (Q) Who is the best osteopath to treat this case? 
(A) Dobbins we would give as the BEST! 

24. (Q) Would she be able to live in New York, to her best advantage, to obtain these treatments? 
(A) In such considerations, others are to be considered as well as the body, and as well as the conditions FOR the body. 

As we find, if there would be a period of some six weeks in New York following the treatments, and then at home for some three to five weeks, and then another six week period of treatment in New York, we should HAVE NO MORE! 

25. (Q) How much rest does the body require, and what hours should be observed? 
(A) This depends a great deal upon the physical activities of the body. To be sure, the body should take as much physical exercise - and in the open - as is practical each day, not to be overstrenuous. Calisthenics, or ANYTHING that has to do with the general movements of the body in the open is well. Walking is one of the BEST of exercises; walking, swimming, ANYTHING that has the calisthenics; tennis, handball, Badminton; ANY of those activities for the body. 

26. (Q) Should she be protected from excitement, or allowed to meet it normally? 
(A) As conditions progress, - that is, the lesions removed and coordination established in the cerebrospinal system, NORMAL reactions should be the order for the body. 

27. (Q) What effect will puberty have upon this condition, when it is definitely established? 
(A) Depends upon what is done about making the corrections before that time fully comes about. If corrections are made before then, then we may expect this to be MOST beneficial. If corrections are NOT made, we may find periods of such frequent attacks that the resorting to Luminal or such would keep them down but make for mental reactions - which do not occur in the present. 

28. (Q) Could dry ice be used in any form to keep a cold pack handy for use at any time at base of brain, as last Reading suggested? 
(A) Ice in ANY form may be used to allay or stop an attack. But why prepare for attacks? Why not ELIMINATE the causes? 

29. (Q) Would it be best for the body to have the constant attention of a private tutor, nurse and companion, such as [Miss [1204], ... St., N.Y.C.? 
(A) It is best to have the mother for the first series, at least. But be sure there is sympathetic companionship of those near the body's age and ideas, thoughts, and the like. Hence it will require one of very high ideals. 

30. (Q) Would the college training, dietetic knowledge, as well as the medical training [Miss [1204]] has had, be of assistance in the education of this body? 
(A) It's not needed in this particular period. In the second series it might be beneficial, provided it becomes agreeable to the body itself. It has a mind of its own, and knows how to use it! 

31. (Q) Is there any way one could be prepared for the attacks, to prevent the falling? 
(A) ELIMINATE THE CAUSES! It's just necessary, to be sure, that there be those close to the body, or with the body, to prevent those activities that would cause injury to the body - when or should such reoccur. 

32. (Q) Has her stay so far at Va. Beach retarded the attacks? 
(A) They have! 

See, the sands and the radiation upon same are such as to be most beneficial to the general nervous system of ANYONE; and as for this individual body, these we find are most helpful. 

33. (Q) Would Florida be advised for this winter? 
(A) If the west coast is chosen and not the east. 

34. (Q) Would Virginia Beach be a good permanent place for aid to this body? 
(A) The best for this, as indicated, is in that area suggested. If you could bring Dobbins to Virginia Beach, it would be fine - but you can't! 

35. (Q) If all treatments are followed, what length of time should be required for results and complete restoration of her health? 
(A) Results? A CURE should be had in six months! 

36. (Q) Any suggestions for mental development in the meantime? 
(A) As given, there should be the associations of individuals near the body's own age, - but UNDER the supervision or the eye of the mother, especially through the first period. 

See, there should be a period of six weeks, and then a rest period of four to five weeks. There may be a reoccurrence, but the change of scene and environ is needed for the body. Then there may be more social activities, and others more about the body during the NEXT period of six weeks. 

37. (Q) How can she play with children, when we are so afraid of these attacks coming? 
(A) As indicated, the companions are to be chosen, - those that are sympathetic and who understand, and who have high ideals themselves as the body has! 

Do these things. Be patient; be prayerful above all. Know that there are obligations, duties, - but let them be not as a DUTY, rather as an OPPORTUNITY; that ye may know the love of the Father as may be manifested through this body. 

38. We are through for the present. 

TEXT OF READING 2276-1 M 39 

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 9th day of June, 1940, in accordance with request made by the self - through his wife, [...], new Associate Member of the Ass''n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by Dr. [2067]. 

P R E S E N T 

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mr. [2276]''s wife and Dr. [2067]. 

R E A D I N G 

Time of Reading 11:20 to 11:45 A. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., Alabama. 

1. GC: You will go over this body carefully, examine it thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions, also suggestions for help and relief of this body. You will answer the questions, as I ask them: 

2. EC: Yes, we have the body here, [2276]. 

3. Now as we find, there are disturbing conditions which prevent the normal reactions at times through this body. The affectation to the nervous system is the cause of same, producing an incoordination between sympathetic and cerebrospinal impulses. 

4. These, then, are the conditions as we find them with this body, [2276], we are speaking of: 

5. First, in the blood supply, - we find very good reactions, yet the indication of the high tension under which the nervous system reacts. Also we find indications of the overtaxation which has existed in the physical and the mental reactions to the body. 

6. These are indicated in the form of the plasm lacking (as it is called) for the revivifying, - or a lack of the element as found in B-1 or B in the vitamin forces, - which is indicated in the plasm activity in the hemoglobin and in the leucocyte factors in the blood stream. 

7. In the nervous system, - here, as we have indicated, is the source, - as well as the reflex or reaction. 

8. Through this lack of the elements or salts, or Activities in the assimilating and blood stream, - combined with a lick or injury to the body over the lower portion of the stomach, or the area over the lower part of the liver area, - there has been caused an adhesion; or a lesion that brought about the reactions which have occurred in this incoordination between the nervous systems. 

9. Their reflexes react through a portion of the solar plexus and to the areas of the nerve forces of cerebrospinal and the sympathetic, through the area of the medulla oblongata; producing a spasmodic reaction to the brain reflexes, - so that there is caused what may be termed a spasm or fit. 

10. This is NOT true epilepsy, - it is a spasmodic condition which may be relieved entirely, with the rest and the corrections in the manner as we find indicated. 

11. It has not engorged nor enlarged into a tumor of ANY nature on brain, or in the cellular forces or reactions along either the cerebrospinal or sympathetic system. 

12. For, as we have indicated, these are comparatively NEW reactions of this system. 

13. Thus, as we have also given, it is the combination of nerve taxation and physical exhaustion, and the lack of the bodily elements or vitamins for creating that as would separate the proper nutriment to the various portions. 

14. It has come as a lesion in the area about the lacteal ducts and their activity in the lower portion of the duodenum and jejunum. By pressure of the hand there it would be found that there is a cold spot, you see, from this slowed circulation. 

15. At times, or when there is the spasmodic reaction to brain, the contraction of muscles, the inclination for the sympathetics to overact, and for the spasmodic action, we find that there may be felt a pulsation there. 

16. But if there are those applications made, as we find, that would aid in supplying the elements necessary, these conditions may be eradicated entirely. 

17. These elements may be given in the beginning by the injections, you see. 

18. Then, - we would apply the Hot Castor Oil Packs over the area; that's the whole area of the liver, portion of the jejunum, and the portion of the system indicated where the adhesion or lesion is formed. Apply these for an hour each day for three days. 

19. Then (on the evening of the third day, following the Castor Oil Packs), take internally a tablespoonful of Olive Oil. 

20. Then rest from these for two days; and then repeat. Continue these in this manners for three days, rest two, then repeat - and so on; in series, you see. 

21. After the second round of the Packs in the manner indicated, begin with the adjustments osteopathically in the area of the 9th dorsal, and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th cervical, and in the brachial and vegetative nerve center - or the vagus center for the throat and head. 

22. We find that a series of these treatments would be required for such, - not a great many at the time. Take about two a week for two to three weeks, then rest from these for a week, and then have another series. And at such periods make the tests; and in the application of the adjustments break up that condition in the right side as indicated. Not by too strong a massage in the first, but gently - until it is seen and felt that the circulation is perfect through this area. 

23. For such treatments we would suggest such an one as Tucker, who is sympathetic to these suggestions and who will test the conditions existent also and compare with these suggestions. 

24. Throughout the period the diet and activities should not be excessive, but sufficient that the assimilating system may be supplied with the B-1 and B elements. The activities should be in the open, - and rest! 

25. Doing these, we should find not even one - or not more than one - recurrence of the spasmodic reaction. 

26. In the rest of the system, as we find, there are those anxieties naturally that come from the mental processes. 

27. Let this be reactive in the body, - the prayer, meditation upon purposes, desires, hopes; and let thy meditation and prayer be, though in thine own words: 


28. Let that be ever present as the attitude in all thou doest, and in all the applications made for corrections. 

29. These may not be in keeping with some of thy thoughts, but know that the Lord in His purpose and in His power CAN, WILL, DOES use EVERY means that man may be aware of His love for each soul! 

30. Ready for questions. 

31. (Q) Will he be able to return to his teaching this fall? 
(A) He will be able, if there is the rest in the open - and the application of those suggestions here given. 

32. (Q) Is it safe for him to drive a car? 
(A) After the second treatment, or round of treatments with the Packs, there may be no fear of a recurrence, - if fear is cast out by that indicated as to the purpose, trust and faith in God and self. 

33. (Q) Should he endeavor to see friends or should no visitors be permitted? 
(A) Visitors should be permitted, and see friends - after the treatments have been begun. For, as he will experience, there is much work to be done. 

34. (Q) Are there any special foods to be avoided in his diet, or any special foods necessarily required? 
(A) As indicated, the vitamins or foods that carry the vitamins. Under the existent conditions, as we find the body - with associates - is a very good dietician. Keep away from fried foods, however. The rest we would follow as might be directed. 

35. (Q) Is there any poison leaking into the system from the teeth, tonsils, appendix, etc? 
(A) These as we find are not a part of this disturbance. We find that there has been a lack of the nerve elements - B and B-1 - in the system. This combined with the injury from a lick here has caused - with the overstrain - the adhering. And these as we find are temporary conditions, if the applications are made as suggested here. 

But to administer sedatives or nerve medicines that would cause strains might bring a permanent injury to same. 

Follow the suggestions we have indicated, if we would bring the normal forces; and, as indicated, when these are once begun, there should not even be one - or more than one - recurrence, and that much slighter. 

36. (Q) How long before he may be perfectly well, if these treatments are followed? 
(A) Six to seven weeks. 

We are through with this Reading, - but keep the prayer close to thee! 

TEXT OF READING 3082-1 M 25 

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 3rd day of July, 1943, in accordance with request made by the self through wife - [...], new Associate Member of the Ass''n for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by a radio review of the book, THERE IS A RIVER. 

P R E S E N T 

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. 

R E A D I N G 

Time of Reading 4:05 to 4:20 P. M. Eastern War Time. ..., New York. 

1. GC: You will go over this body carefully, examine it thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions, also suggestions for help and relief of this body; answering the questions, as I ask them: 

2. EC: Yes, we have the body here, [3082]. 

3. As we find, in many respects conditions are very good. But the administrations that have been made for the reactions through the nerve center to the head, when the body has these convulsions, are gradually building a bad condition through the activity of the alimentary canal - as well as the reflexes in brain, to the activity of glands relating to the pineal. 

4. These, then, are conditions as we find with this body: 

5. In some time back there was an injury to the side of this body, in the right side below the liver, where a lesion has formed in the lacteal ducts - through a portion of duodenum and through the alimentary canal. 

6. The lesions affect, especially, the emunctory and lymph centers that control these in the area just at the lower edge of breast bone. 

7. When these reactions come - which are gradually builded as bursa, and then as a flow through the congested area - a contraction is caused to the center at the base of the brain, where the lymph and the sympathetic and cerebrospinal center activities enter the brain. 

8. Thus we have loss of memory, as a reaction, and then a contraction of the muscular forces about the head and through the upper portion of body. 

9. First a tremor is caused through the body. At the time a very cold spot may be found at the lacteal duct - the main lacteal duct center. Also there may be found then a cold spot at the hypogastric center. 

10. Thus the contractions are caused, as there is the flow of this lymph through the congested area - or the creation of the bursa and the attempt to eliminate same through the system. 

11. As we find, there should be the application of heat, followed by a gentle massage to these bursa, to break up the lesion in the lacteal duct center. This is about a hand's breadth from the navel center to the right, and two fingers up on the body from that point, - that is, the congested area. 

12. Of course, this has something to do with the lack of proper digestion, at times, and the over amount of food that is required at times. 

13. Also the assimilations are being affected by the sedatives that are a part of the administrations in the present. 

14. These may be materially aided, in the relaxings, through the means of a NEUROPATH who understands how to follow these nerves along the frontal portion of the body, as well as along the centers where cerebrospinal and sympathetic coordinate in the spinal area. This would be not so much on the spine itself as at those centers indicated, - the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cervical, 4th cervical, 1st, 2nd and 3rd dorsal, and the lumbar axis, and the coccyx center - especially on the right side of the coccyx areas. These areas relaxed, we should prevent these contractions occurring again in the body, - especially when the lesion is removed, or when the bursa are released - and kept released - in those areas indicated. 

15. About every other day, then, we would first relax the body by applying wet heat, as from heavy toweling or the like wrung out of hot water and applied over these areas, until there is a thorough relaxing of the body - followed by the neuropathic massage, you see, as indicated. After the body is thoroughly relaxed, these applications may be made once a week, until those periods every two or three months, or three to four months apart, when these bursa fill. 

16. Ready for questions. 

17. (Q) What causes severe headaches and stomach ailment which follow and precede these attacks? 
(A) As indicated, it is the filling of those bursa, and then the pressures on the nerve system at such times. 

Do these things as we have outlined. 

18. (Q) Does the climate have any effect? 
(A) The climate is not the cause. 

19. (Q) Does strain of the eyes have any importance in occurrence of a convulsion? 
(A) This, of course, tires the body, but is not a cause. As indicated, the cause is a lesion in the lacteal center - that causes the bursa in the ducts through the areas indicated to become filled. 

Do these things, and we will bring bettered conditions for this body, [3082]. 

20. We are through with this Reading. 

TEXT OF READING 5333-1 M 34 

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 17th day of July, 1944, in accordance with request made by the self - Mr. [5333], Associate Member of the Ass''n for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., recommended by the article in Coronet. 

P R E S E N T 

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Jeanette Fitch, Stenos. 

R E A D I N G 

Time of Reading Set bet. 3:30 to 4:30 P. M. Eastern War Time. ..., N. Mexico. 

1. GC: You will go over this body carefully, examine it thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the present time; giving the cause of the existing conditions, also suggestions for help and relief of this body; answering the questions, as I ask them: 

2. EC: Yes, as we find there are disturbing conditions. These have been a part of a growth, which has come from a subluxation which has existed from youth, and this is in the end of the spinal column or the coccyx end of the spine. Here we find a pressure has been an irritation to the whole of the nervous system. It has retarded the body in many ways of the physical, as well as the mental developments. 

3. These, then, have produced lesions which are affectations in the lacteal duct area, where there will be found a cold spot. These with periods of activities cause contraction of the muscular forces here. These in their reflexes cause incoordination in the medulla oblongata or the lower portion of brain forces which control the impulses to same. These, as we find, keep from or prevent betterment of the conditions in the body-forces. 

4. There would be first a series of Castor Oil Packs over the lacteal duct area, or the cold spot just below the gall duct center, about an hour each day for five days in succession. At end of five days, then take two tablespoonsful of Olive Oil to cleanse the system thoroughly. Rest a week and then do this again. Rest a week and then do this again. 

5. Then we would begin with the osteopathic adjustment for the conditions in the coccyx end of the spine, also the breaking up of the adhesions in the lacteal duct area. These should not be so severe as to bruise or to cause too great an irritation in the areas, but these, as we find, will relieve these tensions on the body and will bring the ability of the body to coordinate at most all times and for building up and replenishing the physical and mental forces of this body. 

6. Ready for questions. 

7. We are through with this reading. 

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