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Clary Sage
Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea
Common Names and Synonyms: Common Sage, Garden Clary, Clear Eye, Horminum,

Background: Clary Sage is native to the Mediterranean and Middle East. The plant grows three feet high, has square stems, velvety wrinkled leaves, and light blue or lilac colored flowers.  Clary oil is aromatic, with a lavender-like scent.  It is used as a fixative in perfumes, soaps, and cosmetics.  Clary sage is very mucilaginous.  Herbalists use an infusion, or a sticky paste, made from crushed seeds and water to remove foreign matter from the eyes.
Clary Sage in the Cayce Readings

  • Although "clary sage" is not mentioned in the readings, the term "clary flower" occurs in 21 readings and an alternative spelling ("claraflower") is used in one reading.
  • Clary flower was most often included as a primary ingredient in "clary water." The intended action of clary flower was to settle the intestinal system, to assist in the elimination of toxic forces, and to tone the stomach without excessive stimulation. Its action on the duodenum, pancreas, and gall duct is sedative.
  • Clary flower was most often combined with gin, ambergris and cinnamon in a complex formula.
  • In at least 9 readings, "garden sage" was mentioned as an equivalent to clary flower.  Some experts on the Cayce herbs believe that Cayce was prescribing "garden sage" when he used the term "clary flower."  See garden sage for more on this related species.
Cayce Quotes on Clary Flower

    We would also take this as medicinally given, Clary water prepared in this manner: To one gallon of water, rain water preferred, we would add eight ounces of Clary Flower, dried. This should be steeped until reduced, that is not boiled, until reduced to one quart, strain, while warm add four ounces of cane sugar dissolved in warm water before being added, six ounces of gin with twenty grains of Ambergris dissolved in one ounce of alcohol, and then add three drams of Cinnamon bark.  Follow these, we will relieve these conditions in this body.

    To assist the stomach in its digestive functions, we must use Clary Water, because it is a compound which will increase the digestive powers, and the appetite.

    Then, when the properties are taken in the clary water, we will find that of the clary flower or sage is an active principle with the digestive forces of the INTESTINAL tract themselves, acting PARTICULARLY WITH those of the circulation in the duodenum, pancreas and liver area, giving for the jejunum a better activity with that of the coating as is necessary to prevent seepages in the intestinal tract - as is seen, with those especially of that in the ambergris, is a coating FOR the intestinal tract, increasing - as it were, for it acts directly upon the muco-lining [mucous] of the whole of the intestinal system, stimulated BY that of the stimuli or alcohol, with the Oil of Juniper  - which acts as a stimuli particularly to the eliminations in the hepatic circulation, which will prevent toxic forces from acting in system - as do those vibrations from the ultra-violet to the centers of the nerve system, as particularly to the solar plexus - which, being as the brain of the torso of the body, reflects to ALL the organs of the digestive forces.

    To one-half gallon of rain water or distilled water we would add four ounces of Clary Flower, simmer not boil until reduced to one quart, strain and add to this:  four ounces of plain sugar, dissolved in warm water before being added, see, then add six ounces of Sherry or Gin with fifteen grains of Ambergris dissolved in one ounce of alcohol; add two drams of Balsam of Tolu.  The dose of this will be well shaken before, would be tablespoonful about a half an hour before meals, see.

    To 16 ounces distilled water, add:

                Clary Flower (or dried Garden Sage)......3 ounces,

    Reduce by slow boiling to 1 pint, or 8 ounces.  While still warm, strain and add:

                Ambergris (dissolved in 1 ounce pure grain alcohol).................15 grains,
                Syrup made from Saccharin
                (for the active principles with the digestive forces).....................2 ounces,
                Cinnamon Water, or the dried Cinnamon..................................1 dram,
                Gin...........................................................................................6 ounces.

    Shake solution well together before the dose is taken, which would be a teaspoonful taken right after the meals are taken.
    It would be well, as we find, to take at least three quantities, made in the manner as given, but allowing between each quantity at least a period of six to eight days.  See?
    This would be taken three times each day.
    Ready for questions.
(Q)  Where may she get this prescription filled properly?
(A)  Eimer & Amend.
(Q)  Should all three quantities be prepared at once and kept, or just one quantity prepared at a time?
(A)  Just as is chosen to do, for these will keep, of course, an indeterminate time.
(Q)  Which organ in the body is not functioning properly?
(A)  The pancrean activity, as affected with the liver and spleen, you see.

    To one gallon of rain water, add 8 ounces of Clary Flower, or Common Garden Sage, dried.  Reduce by simmering (not boiling) to one quart.  Strain while warm, and add this:
    Four ounces of beet sugar, dissolved in 1 ounce of very hot water; 15 grains of Ambergris, dissolved in 1 ounce of grain alcohol; 6 ounces of grain alcohol, diluted to make the quantity with 2 ounces of water, with 20 grains of Oil of Juniper dissolved in same, with 20 minims of Oil of Peppermint, with 2 drams of Cinnamon.  The dose would be 2 teaspoonsful before each meal.  DO NOT eat meats of ANY character while this is being taken.

The clary water is prepared for this individual in this manner:  Sage or Claraflower, eight ounces into half a gallon of rainwater or distilled water, simmered, not boiled, until reduced to one quart.  Add six ounces of Cane Sugar, four ounces of Grain Alcohol, three drams Sweetgum dissolved, five drops Oil of Juniper.  This must be shaken well before a dose is taken.  We are through.  -  No operation at all; no operation.

    To eight (8) ounces of rain water, add:

    Clary Flower....................8 ounces,

    Let this steep for twenty to thirty minutes, not boil, then add eight (8) ounces of rain water and strain, while warm and add fifteen (15) grains of Ambergris dissolved in one (1) ounce of grain alcohol.  Dissolve four (4) ounces of Beet Sugar in two (2) ounces of hot water, very hot water, distilled or rain water.  Add this to the whole quantity and eight (8) ounces of Gordon's Gin with three (3) drams of Balsam of Tolu and ten (10) minims of Oil of Peppermint. The dose will be two teaspoonfuls four times each day.

    Take 3 ounces of clary flower to 16 ounces of distilled water.  Reduce by simmering to 1/2 the quantity.  Strain while warm and add 15 grains of ambergris, dissolved in 1 ounce of alcohol.  Then add:

                Simple Syrup......................................1 ounce,
                Oil of Juniper......................................1 dram,
                Alcohol (grain - 90%).........................2 ounces,
                Cinnamon (preferably in the stick)........1 dram.

    Shake the solution together before the dosage is taken.  The dose would be teaspoonful 4 times each day, half an hour before the meals and before retiring.


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