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Garden Sage
Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis

Common Names and Synonyms: Sage, Common sage, Red Sage, Garden Sage
Background: Native to southern Europe and Asia Minor, garden sage has a long history as a medicinal and culinary plant. Historically, garden sage is associated with wisdom (i.e., "sage"). As a medicinal herb garden sage is regarded as a calmative and digestive aid. Taken internally, it has been used as a remedy for inflammations of the mouth, gums, tongue, throat and tonsils. It has also been used externally to promote wound healing. Taken in quantities, garden sage can be toxic and should be avoided during pregnancy.

Garden Sage in the Cayce Readings

  • In the 73 readings in which garden sage was mentioned, Edgar Cayce typically prescribed this herb as an ingredient in a complex formula intended to improve digestion and purify the system.
  • Formulas containing garden sage were prescribed in approximately 15 cases involving diabetes.
  • In at least 9 readings, garden sage was mentioned as an equivalent to clary flower (which may have referred to clary sage - see clary sage for more on this related species).
  • Garden sage was prescribed as an ingredient in "clary water" in 7 readings.  In one reading (1100-17), clary water was suggested as a substitute for Jerusalem artichokes which were frequently prescribed in cases of diabetes.
  • The following substances were most often mentioned as ingredients in the formulas that included garden sage:

    Gin or juniper 64 readings
    Ambergris 63 readings
    Cinnamon 57 readings
    Beet Sugar 35 readings
    Cane Sugar 17 readings
    Peppermint 9 readings
    Stillingia 7 readings
Cayce Quotes on Garden Sage

    Put 6 ounces of garden sage (dried) in 16 ounces of distilled water.  Reduce by simmering to 1/2 the quantity.  Strain. Then add simple syrup 2 ounces, Gordon Gin - or alcohol with the Juniper berry or juice - 4 ounces.  Cinnamon, preferably in the stick, 2 drams.  Cut 10 grains Ambergris in 1 ounce of pure grain alcohol and add to solution; also Essence or Tincture of Stillingia 1/4 ounce, Wild Ginseng - Essence of - 1/4 ounce.  Shake solution together before the dose is taken, which should be a teaspoonful 4 times each day....
(Q)  Is there any kidney, liver or stomach trouble?
(A)  These, as indicated, are DISTURBED - but only functionally at the present time.  The properties as given in this compound - the Sage is for the activity of the lobular forces of system; the Juniper or Gin as an active principle for the kidneys in their clarification; and the stimuli - both in the Stillingia and in the alcohol content, WITH the Ambergris - for the gastric forces of the intestines and stomach.  These, with the manipulations as will correct those pressures in lumbar and dorsal, make for a normal reaction in body.

    To 6 ounces of distilled water, add Garden Sage (dried) 3 ounces.  Reduce this to 1/2 the quantity.  Then add simple syrup 2 ounces, Gordon Gin 4 ounces - or these may be made with those of Juniper and alcohol to the same quantity.  To this, when dissolved, add 10 grains Ambergris dissolved in alcohol.  Add Cinnamon 2 drams.  Shake the solution together before the dose is taken, which would be teaspoonful 3 times each day, about half an hour before the meals are taken. These properties become active with the digestive juices, or to those of the stomach itself; the principles being with those in the gastric forces as an activity with the eliminating channels of the system.  These, we will find, will create - with the alkalin diet, with the corrective
forces made in the nervous system, CLARIFYING the whole of the COORDINATING in eliminations - an equilibrium, and clear up those disorders as have been in the LUMBARS - from heaviness in the extremities.

    16 ounces sage (garden sage) placed into a gallon of rain water or pure water, allowed to steep, not boil, until it is reduced to one quart.  This is strained off and to this is added this

                Cane Sugar...........................8 ounces,
                Gin.......................................1 pint,
                Ambergris (gray preferably)...3 drams,
                Cinnamon..............................15 grs.

    The dose of this will be taken before meals, tablespoonful twice a day morning and evening.  The action of these properties on the system is this:  The sage with the other properties that have been put in the system before this as cleansing forces sedative to the duodenum, a reactive principle through the kidneys through the excitement created by this amount of this sedative taken to the liver.  The sugar acts with the tea or sage to make it palatable and with this sugar as created or manufactured in the stomach reducing the acid state forming an alcohol preferable to that being formed in the system at present.  The ambergris formed a new coating with the mucous lining of the intestine exciting by the stimulation of the gin that is taken that reacts on the kidney to form new blood supply through the hepatic circulation to induce the walls to become stabilized to meet the resistance and will take away all forms of digestion throughout the system.

    To 2 ounces of distilled water, add 6 ounces plain Garden Sage (dried).  Reduce this by slow boiling; preferably in an enamel container and not in an aluminum vessel, you see, and preferably with a glass cover; NOT a tin cover.  Reduce the quantity to 1 quart.  Then strain, and while warm add:

    Ambergris (dissolved in 1 ounce pure grain
       alcohol).................................15 grains,
    Compound Simple Syrup........................2 ounces,
    Gordon Gin, re-distilled.....................4 ounces,
    Cinnamon, preferably in the stick............1 dram,
    Tincture of Stillingia.....................1/4 ounce.

    Shake this solution together before the dose is taken; a teaspoonful after each meal, and EAT the meals! ...
    The fusion of the Senna or Garden Sage acts upon the liver and the pancreas in such measures and manners not to increase
the gastric flow beyond that which is of a stimulating nature, and acts with the food properties taken at the time in such a way as to make for better assimilations throughout the activities of the glands and the secretions necessary for the carrying on of the gastric flow in the digestive system.
    And the ambergris acts directly with the activity of the pancreas itself, making for a better association of activities between the spleen, the pancreas and the liver; thus aiding where those pressures in the system have caused a dilatory activity through these, or increased activity of the pancreas and a slow activity of the spleen itself and to the liver for a normal flow and activity.
    On the other hand, the Gin will act upon the hepatic circulation, aiding or clarifying with the combinations to alleviate those tendencies of drosses to act upon the circulation through the hepatics, or through the kidneys; and these make for a more normal activity of the adrenal glands that act directly with the sympathetic nervous system to the circulation in the sensory forces or to the throat, the head, the eyes, and the activities of the sensory system.
    And these making, then, for an alleviation of those drosses and accumulations, with the corrections in the cerebrospinal system, the activities may CONTINUE in such a way as to bring the better conditions to this body of [816].

816-2 [see previous reading above]
    In the preparation of the carrier for those properties that are to act upon the system as a correctant, and as an active force with the assimilating forces of the body, that will eliminate through those corrections as indicated and that may bring about the better forces of this body, this should be two quarts (2 quarts) of distilled or rain water, and reduced to the one quart, with the Garden Sage or Clary Water.
    The active forces of these ingredients are as these:  The Sage or Senna is as an emit activity upon the organs of the digestive system, and toning with the Stillingia, the Gin, the Ambergris, the active forces in the pancreas; especially; as well as a stimulation for the cleansing through the alimentary canal; cleansing also through the active forces upon the hepatic circulation.

    As an active force for the system, use clary water prepared in THIS manner:  To 8 ounces of dried garden sage, add 16 ounces of distilled water.  Reduce by simmering (not boiling) to one-half the quantity.  Strain while warm, then add 2 ounces simple syrup, 15 grains Ambergris dissolved in 1 ounce of grain alcohol, 4 ounces Gordon Gin, 3 drams Cinnamon in
    The dose would be (and shaken together before the dose is taken) teaspoonful half an hour before the meals.

    To 16 ounces of distilled water add the 6 ounces of Dry Garden Sage.  Boil slowly (not in aluminum, but preferably in an enamel container - with an enamel or glass cover; NOT tin), until the quantity has been reduced to 8 ounces.
    Strain, and while it is warm, add:

                  Simple Syrup..................................1 ounce,
                     (but not made with cane sugar;
                      preferably beet sugar)
                  Cinnamon, preferably in stick...........1 ounce,
                  Ambergris (dissolved in 1 ounce
                     of grain alcohol)............................15 grains,
                  Gin..................................................4 ounces.

    Shake this well together each time before the dose is taken.
    The active principles of each of these ingredients will act upon the digestive system in these manners:
    The Cinnamon with the carriers are as laxatives for the system that make for active forces with the upper portion of  the digestion of the body.
    Ambergris in its actions is not for the sedimentations but the active forces to allay the tendencies for the glands that secrete or make for accumulations of sugar to be reduced in its quantity.
    The Gin acts upon the flow for the kidneys, if used in the manner indicated.

    Then we would give stimulating forces to the supply of the digestive organs of the body, that is, through the stomach. A sedative to the body forces of gin, sugar, sage and cinnamon mixed together.  An active principle for the kidneys, liver; stimulation for the secretions of the intestines.  The body then will be kept in better condition.
    If we have an over-stimulation to these [by the internal stimulus], we would eliminate by the muscular force [of osteopathy] and action onto the blood supply by the manipulation of the body.  Not the two together.
    First the relaxation of the body by the [osteopathic] manipulation, then the [internal] forces in the intestines to keep them like they should be.  But stimulate them both [liver - kidneys?] to act.

    To one gallon of rain water, add eight (8) ounces of common Garden Sage.  Reduce by simmering to one quart, while warm add:

                  Grain Alcohol..........................................................4 ounces,
                  Beet Sugar first dissolved in warm water..................4 ounces,
                  Ambergris dissolved in one ounce grain alcohol........20 grains,
                  Gin, Gordon's Gin preferred.....................................4 ounces,
                  Cinnamon................................................................15 grains.

    The dose would be two (2) teaspoonfuls half an hour before each meal.  Do that, and we will find this:  The sage as a sedative to the intestinal tract, especially in the action of the pancrean and gall duct forces over the body; the gin as the stimulation to the kidneys in their action in eliminating; the sugar, Beet sugar with Ambergris as the force necessary to create that which will produce the healing forces to the intestinal lining, as it were, itself.  Do that.

    Now, we find, we have given very specifically as to how these medicinal properties should be prepared.  We would prepare the sage tea first, while warm, sufficient to easily dissolve the beet sugar, and only use beet sugar.  This should be prepared in the medicinal properties, then adding Ambergris dissolved in the alcohol, then adding the Gin (Gordon's dry), then adding the Cinnamon.  These properties taken in this manner with the system, the sage becomes the sedative, and an active principle with the gastric juices and an incentive to the emunctories in liver, and with the sediments from the Ambergris as stimulated by the alcohol, and beet sugar, will give the action necessary to the pancreas and duodenum to receive the incentive for their functioning.  This we find in the sugar properties, with the mixture in the system, does not become the active principle as that in cane sugar.  Hence the beet or vegetable.
    In the system below the digestion in stomach, the Cinnamon and Gin becomes the active principle with the hepatic circulation.  These properties should be taken in the system in small quantities, as has been outlined.

    To one gallon of rain water, add 8 ounces of Clary Flower, or Common Garden Sage, dried.  Reduce by simmering (not boiling) to one quart.  Strain while warm, and add this:
    Four ounces of beet sugar, dissolved in 1 ounce of very hot water; 15 grains of Ambergris, dissolved in 1 ounce of grain alcohol; 6 ounces of grain alcohol, diluted to make the quantity with 2 ounces of water, with 20 grains of Oil of Juniper dissolved in same, with 20 minims of Oil of Peppermint, with 2 drams of Cinnamon.  The dose would be 2 teaspoonsful before each meal.  DO NOT eat meats of ANY character while this is being taken.

    Take 32 ounces distilled water.  To this add 3 ounces clary flower, or garden sage (dried).  Reduce this by slow boiling
to 1/2 the quantity.  Strain, and while still warm add 10 grains ambergris dissolved in 1 ounce alcohol, 1/2 dram Oil of Juniper.
    Dissolve 2 ounces beet sugar in 2 ounces of distilled water. To this add Essence of Calamus root 10 minims, Essence of Wild Ginseng 5 minims.
    Then add this to the other solution, with 1 dram of Cinnamon (preferably in the stick).
    Shake the solution before the dosage is taken, which should be half a teaspoonful before each meal.
    It would be well that there be added a sufficient amount of gin to the solution to act as a preservative, 2 to 4 ounces.

    The preparation of the clary water for THIS body (the husband [470]), would be in this manner:
    To 6 ounces of Garden Sage add 16 ounces of Distilled Water.  Let this boil slowly, only in a glass or enamel container -
NOT aluminum, nor with an aluminum cover; until when drained or strained there would be 8 ounces of the solution, you see.
To this then add:

                Honey........................1 ounce, that has been boiled in 1 ounce of Distilled Water.

    Then add 15 grains of Ambergris, dissolved in 1 ounce of Pure Grain Alcohol.

    Then add:
                Gordon's re-Distilled Gin..............6 ounces,
                Cinnamon...............................2 full sticks, this would gradually dissolve.
    Shake solution well and take as indicated; a teaspoonful before each meal for a week to two weeks; leave off, and then take again the same way.


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